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Genshin Lore / Trivia Dump 1.0

2020.10.24 19:26 DeathOnion Genshin Lore / Trivia Dump 1.0

Warning: lots of words ahead! This is kind of a compilation of interesting things I’ve gathered from the descriptions of items, books, voicelines, stories and more. I haven’t included much lore from the main story, and I also haven’t focused on many theories (apart from one of my own), so I'm trying to stick to facts or “implied” possibilities that have some evidence supporting them.
If you have anything interesting that you’d like me to add to the dump, or if I'm completely wrong about something, please let me know! I plan to keep updating this as I keep getting new information. I’ve included excerpts of most of the sources I’ve used, but I’d suggest fully reading the books and stories I’ve included (cause they’re great). Also, please read the webcomic!


Interestingly, hilichurls seem to have a unique ability to manipulate the elements despite their low intelligence and primitive social structure. The ability is most notably manifested in the Shamans. Typically, humans require a Vision in order to exercise elemental control. The question of how Hilichurls are able to do so without a Vision is, therefore, one that requires further investigation and analysis.)
(Just as the inhabitants of the Seven Nations of Teyvat each have their religious beliefs, so too do the hilichurls. However, they worship not a specific figurehead with a presence in this world — such as one of The Seven — but elemental power itself in a more abstract sense. For instance, some hilichurl tribes in Mondstadt revere Anemo just as their human counterparts do, but they do not recognize the Anemo Archon Barbatos. Instead, they worship the power of Anemo itself.

It would appear that the hilichurl possess no concept of either the past or future, living only in the present. They do not intentionally store up food for survival, nor do they commemorate their deceased forebears. Though crude attempts at something like calligraphy have been widely observed within their camps, closer inspection reveals these markings to be nothing more than botched imitations of what they have seen in ancient ruins, possessing no originality whatsoever. Hilichurls do seem to have an inexplicable affinity for remnants of the past, evidenced by the fact that ruins are one of their preferred locations to camp. But investigations thus far have turned up nothing which might hint at the true nature of their connection with the lost civilizations to which these ruins belong.

(Traveler): Do you think that we're too harsh on the hilichurls?
Paimon: Well... sometimes we kinda seem like children who just can't resist kicking the hornet's nest...
(Traveler): I think we're doing more than just kicking it...




Paimon: Mondstadt is full of wide plains and rolling hills.
Paimon: People say that when Barbatos made this land, he used the storm to flatten the cliffs and valleys...
(Traveler): Still, it looks like he missed a few spots.
Paimon: Like Starsnatch Cliff?
(Traveler): Exactly
(Traveler): It looks like a nozzle that wasn't smoothed out in the modeling stage.
Paimon: What's a nozzle?

(Traveler): The "Eclipse tribe..." So the hilichurls have normal-sounding tribe names like these, too.
Paimon: The hilichurls of the Eclipse tribe are really mysterious.
Paimon: All the hilichurls of that tribe can draw an eclipse symbol.
Paimon: But rumor has it that only the Dada Samachurl of the Eclipse tribe knows why the Eclipse symbol is so revered within their tribe.
(Traveler): An Eclipse symbol...
Paimon: Hmm? Did you say something?
(Traveler): Ah. I was asking you what sort of soup you'd like to have tonight.
Paimon: Can't stop thinking about food, huh? Seems like you'd be more at home in the Meaty tribe than the Eclipse tribe. But anyway, Paimon wants boar soup. Thanks!
Traveler and their sibling both landed up on Teyvat 500 years ago when it was under collapse. When they tried to escape, one was trapped by the unknown god and the other was sent forward through time. This does not mean that Traveler's sibling has been alive for 500 years. The abyss order has only recently gotten a new "prince" or "princess" (depending on MC gender) which we know from the main story. This means that Traveler's sibling came through time just like Traveler did.
A boy and a girl stood amidst the tumult, under an unfamiliar sky. You were a pair of traveling twins, passing through countless worlds during your journey. Descending upon a continent named Teyvat, you hoped that you would be able to enjoy your time here.
But as you awoke among the falling stars, you saw the world in turmoil, a cataclysm raging across the land... You sought to leave this place and move on to the next world, but then an Unknown God stood before you, barring the way. This deity was spotless, floating over a world of chaos. Looking down on you.
The god took your only kin away, and you were sealed and cast into a deep slumber filled with nightmares... When you reawakened, the world was changed. The flames of war raged no longer, and nothing was left that looked familiar.

Khaenriah and Time

Kaeya profile: "His biological father squeezed his lean shoulders, but his look stretched through Kaeya, to someplace far beyond. On the other side of the horizon, sat their distant homeland of Khaenri'ah. Kaeya would never forget that look, intertwined with both hopefulness and hatred."

(chunk of aerosiderite: When Khaenri'ah was destroyed, a great sinner created endless monsters with alien, dark blood flowing through their veins. They rampaged across the land, destroying all in their paths. Their lives were mutations, caused by powers beyond this world. The black serpentine dragon Durin that attacked Mondstadt was such a mutation.)
(Breeze Amidst the Forest - Ballad Selection: The Eclipse Dynasty had fallen, and disaster spread across the land. The alchemist known as Gold was corrupted by his own greed and ambition, and created an army of shadowy monsters with his uncanny powers. Durin, a black serpentine dragon, rose from the sea to cast its shadow over Mondstadt...)

(sacrificial sword: "On the cliff facing the eastern sea, the ancestors worshiped the masters of Time and Anemo together. The two are intimately related, as expressed in the saying, "Anemo brings stories while Time nurtures them.")

Kaeya and Diluc

Kaeya Story 3: “The flourishing winery business in Mondstadt has been a great source of prosperity in the region over the years. This prosperity often entices greedy bandits and monsters to the area. They are a motley bunch who hide in the shadows, and their backgrounds, motives, and allegiances are varied and complex.
Kaeya battles against this threat to Mondstadt not only with his sword, but also with his smarts and his wit
A young knight once dedicated years of his life to studying threats in and around Mondstadt, and reached an astounding conclusion: When Death After Noon is out of season due to lack of supply, the number of reported incidents inside and outside the city show a drastic decrease, and this remains the case until Death After Noon returns to the market...
The young knight showed his findings to Cavalry Captain Kaeya in hopes of getting some advice from him.
"Interesting. I'll look into it." Kaeya answered, with a wry smirk on his face.”

(Kaeya Story 5: “Many denizens still remember the two most eye-catching young gentlemen in all of Mondstadt. One of them was the impeccable Diluc, an elegant swordsman who always wore a friendly smile on his confident face. The other gentleman was the eccentric Kaeya. He was Diluc's friend, support, and sounding board, ensuring he got through every challenge he faced smoothly. They were almost like twins, knowing each other's thoughts and intentions without a word, protecting Mondstadt in both light and dark.
...Until that fateful day, now ingrained deep in Kaeya's memory, when the convoy Diluc was escorting was attacked by a huge monster. It was the first and only time Kaeya failed in his duty. By the time Kaeya finally reached Diluc, it was all already over. The power their father had used to successfully fend off the monster also backfired and took their father's life with it.”)

Kaeya Vision Story: There was a side to Kaeya that he kept hidden from the world: In truth, he was an agent of Khaenri’ah, placed in Mondstadt to serve their interests. His father had abandoned him in this strange and unknown land to fulfill his mission, and it was Master Crepus and the city of Mondstadt that had welcomed him with open arms when they found him.
If Khaenri'ah and Mondstadt went to war, which side should he support? To whom should he offer his assistance: his birth father, who had ruthlessly abandoned him? Or his adoptive father, who loved him and raised him?
For the longest time, Kaeya had agonized over these impossible questions, caught between the opposing demands of loyalty and duty, faced with an impossible choice between truth and happiness.
But now, Crepus' death upset this delicate balance. He felt liberated, but also ashamed of how selfishly he was responding.
As an adopted son, he should have saved Crepus, but he had arrived moments too late. As a brother, he should have shared in Diluc's grief, and yet as their father lay dying on the ground he had hung back behind his brother, that ancient plot running through his mind.
Consumed by guilt, Kaeya knocked on Diluc's door. As the rain poured down, the shroud of secrecy was washed away, all lies were revealed. Kaeya had finally come clean.
He had anticipated Diluc's anger.
The brothers drew their blades, this time pointing them at each other. Kaeya felt that this was his punishment for a lifetime of lies.
But as the two crossed blades, Kaeya was overcome by the sensation of great elemental power surging through him. For years, he had stayed out of the way in his brother's shadow. But now, for the first time ever, he was facing his brother as his true self.
Bitterly cold and brittle elemental energy burst forth from the tip of his sword to meet Diluc's searing flames head-on. The clash of crimson fire and azure ice created a sudden swirl of wind that stunned them both. This was the grim moment at which Kaeya's Vision appeared.
Since that day, Kaeya and Diluc have gone their separate ways.
But he never discusses it, just as he never discusses the origin of his Vision
Though it is a reminder of the hard-fought battle, and the prize that he earned in exchange for revealing the unadulterated truth, Kaeya sees it as a stern reminder that he must live the rest of his life under the heavy burden of lies.

Gods and Power

(Bit of Aerosiderite: The coastal nations of Teyvat refer to the region beyond the protection of The Seven as the Dark Sea. It is said many defeated gods refused to live under the new order of The Seven, so they fled to remote islands and became evil gods. However, their powers came from the same source as Rex Lapis, separate from this all-devouring darkness.)
(Piece of Aerosiderite: Rumors of sea monsters are commonplace in Liyue, since the other-shore is an unknown region that lies outside of Teyvat. Without the protection of The Seven, all that lies beyond is unknown chaos. Only power beyond the order of Teyvat is able to stain the power of Rex Lapis black.)

(Decarabian Fragments: The place now known as Stormterror's Lair was once the capital city of Decarabian, the God of Storms. Since this dream of prosperity was created entirely by his divine might, the broken pieces left behind by the shattering of that dream still possess great power. Decarabian, the God of Storms, was content with the capital city he had raised, and accepted the worship of the people from atop his tower. But he knew not that the people did not bow to him out of respect or adoration. The people did not bow to Decarabian out of respect or adoration, but because the harsh winds had laid them low. This was the shattered dream and ambition of the Anemo Archon before the rise of Barbatos. He tried so hard to make his dream come true, and so the fragments of that dream are still mighty. Andrius once declared war upon Decarabian, but failed to even scratch the capital of the Lord of the Tower. If it were not for the song of freedom that shattered the city in an instant, Decarabian's dream would have gone on forever.)
(Teyvat Travel Guide, Mondstadt: Brightcrown Canyon leads to this huge ruin of an ancient city which was built by the cruel King of Gales, Decarabian. The city was built in a ring-shape. It seems that every resident of the city had been arranged their own spot between the inner and outer rings. Right in the center of the city was the tall tower where the King of Gales resided. The ruins of the domain of this cruel king, who once tried to control his people’s lives, are now utterly deserted.)

(Diary of Roald the Adventurer: Sal Terrae: From the scale of this ruin, I suspect it is the temple that provided safe refuge for civilians during the Archon War several millennia ago. I’ve heard that the Goddess of Salt built such a place. Liyue folklore holds that she was the gentlest of the gods. In the brutality and chaos of wartime, human beings were puny and disposable. But the Salt Goddess refused to join the other gods in their senseless battle for dominance, instead choosing to give shelter to those dispossessed by the war. She brought them here to build a new settlement. She showed them kindness and comfort. And even as global upheaval ushered in the end of an epoch, she worked tirelessly to bring about a return of peace between the Archons. The gentlest of the Archons fell not in battle at the hands of the other Archons. She fell at the hand of her own people, the people she had loved so dearly.)
(Diary of Roald the Adventurer: Guyun Stone Forest: I had the most awful night's sleep last night. I dreamt I was somewhere pitch-black and damp. Suddenly, I was a sea monster, and my impaled body was being driven into the ocean floor by the Geo Archon's polearm. I writhed around and clutched at the giant polearm made of rock, trying desperately to free myself, but it was wedged firmly in place. Each movement I made filled me with agony, and with rage...)

Cryo Regisvine: a monster formed from a vine that was imbued with the essence of biting frost within the Ley Lines. Some studies hold that plants are like the world's organs, harmonizing the turbulent elemental energies of the Ley Lines. Concrete examples of this phenomena are Mist Flowers, Whopperflowers, and the like, which brim over with elemental energy.
Pyro Regisvine: A giant vine that has absorbed the ancient flame that rages within the Ley Lines. It is restless, as if filled with an endless fury. Poets, bards, and even some academics believe that elements also contain emotions and hope. If this is true, then one can only wonder what emotions cause the Pyro Regisvine to burn eternally, writhing like one longing to be free of the confines of the earth...
Ley Line Sprout: It is said that there was a great tree whose roots once spread out to every corner of the world, and this branch is said to be part of it. It is almost if it was never broken off and taken far away, for its vitality is such that it still sprouts new leaves even now.


(When I taught Razor how to utilize Elemental Energy, I never expected him to master the technique so quickly. Come to think of it, you're talented too. Maybe I could teach you a few tricks...)
(Razor Story: "Master, what is... 'friends'?" Razor once asked of his new mentor, working at the limits of his vocabulary. His purple-clothed mentor seemed to know it all, from how to make hash browns from potatoes in the ground, to the name of the brightest star in the summer night sky. However, Lisa simply smiled and yawned without answering him. Razor thought about it when the wind blew, when the rain fell — even when Wolfhook berries got stuck in his fur. He just couldn't figure it out.)
(Hi darling, are you going to be Lisa's little helper? What? Me, a grand mage? That was a long time ago, I'm just a humble librarian now. \chuckles*)*
(Ascension 4: \chuckles* If I were to recover my full power, who knows what kind of things just might happen?)*
(\yawns* Good morning, Jean... Oh it's you! Sorry, dear.”)*
(When Lisa is around, I always have peace of mind.)


(The three hilichurl tribes located in this valley are all densely populated. What if we built a huge spinning ball-shaped cell in the center of the valley and threw all of the hilichurls into it? That way we might be able to generate enough energy to power all the mills in Mondstadt for at least five years. If we took it one step further by grinding the hilichurls that are too old or too weak into food and feeding them to the strong ones, we might just build ourselves a perpetual motion machine that can support a huge factory like in Snezhnaya!)
(At the center there is a huge oak tree. It is said that Vennessa ascended there. I searched around the tree for a long time but did not find any launching device. I grabbed some hilichurls nearby to put my theory to the test. Sadly, the longest flying distance was from here to the hunters’ huts around Springvale. How disappointing.)
(This valley I found at the northeast coast of Cider Lake is still guarded by ancient mechanisms, but the soldiers responsible for holding the pass for the King of Gales were nowhere to be found now. All the winds of time had left behind were the unintelligent hilichurls and silent mechanical guards. My attempt to control Ruin Guards with hilichurls failed as well. The guard split into pieces, and as for the fate of the hilichurl strapped onto it… I will spare you the gory details.)


(Oceanid description: "A lifeform created from condensed Hydro elements of incredible purity...it is also said by some that Oceanids were once sea creatures from a home far away who carried the fragments of a long-dead god to the many corners of this world. Perhaps they did this so that the love their god held for this world could be spread through the water to all the land...")

(When the fight starts: "So, murderers from our homeland have come on a futile journey to harass the people of the Qingce waters...very well then. But be warned, her power shall crush any miscreant that would dare pollute these waters. With no place to flow, even the purest of water will begin to envy the forms of living being who can roam about freely. it is this water that will be used to drown you and the pollution you bring.)
(Upon defeat: "We but only seek tranquil waters. Why should we be denied such a thing? However, as long as lakes and streams still remain, then rain shall continue to fall from the skies and water will never truly disappear...")

Thank you for reading everything I’ve dumped so far! I haven’t covered too much of Liyue, so I’ll be sure to add more of that soon. I’ll also gladly include anything I’ve missed out on, if you have something new for me to add!
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2020.10.22 20:58 foen7 The Plane of Ash: We Are Not Shadows

This post is part of the "Atlas of the Planes" Project. Come and stop by our announcement page here to view the full list of planes, the sign up sheet, and links to other posts of the project.
“Wrath is a natural reaction. It commands ‘change’ in roaring defiance of that which time hath delivered.”
Death, as herself
“Ash is the antithesis to Art.
All tablets, arches, scrolls, scribbles, and stages fear the flames. Of that soot-tipped eraser. The greedy flames had a tendency to eat , you see, not only words and deeds, but those who would remember both.
Perhaps this is why literature and other art forms shy from depiction and description of Ash. Sure, they embrace the fire, an analogy for will, or love, or knowledge; but to grip the hard truth of a handful of soot? The after ashes destined for an urn, or a scattering unto the wind? This is a greater talisman of the taboo. Search the libraries, the galleries, the temples, and you will see many vehicles of stories centered round the fire, the furnaces, the fuel, the soldiers… but to the Ash, the soot, the cinders left behind? ‘Tis a rare recognition, indeed.
The dragon in the room boils down to one’s belief, which one carries at will or at heart, and it is this: do you consider Ash to only ever be a symbol of death? Of nothingness? The end of a great blaze, the last rotten chunks of skin to a carbon skeleton, adrift in the wind?
Do embers remain, perhaps even still lit and floating in the air?”

Table of Contents

This post was made using Google Docs. As the post currently exceeds the Reddit character limit (59,841k / 40k), it is recommended to view this content via the link here.

Exposition [Textbook, AKA The Only Floating Star Wars Text] 5
Cast: 6
Flora Table 9
Sports 11
Cannon Monster Table 11
Fauna Rebrew, Monster Manual Table 12
Fauna Rebrew — An Ecosystem of Smoke based Prey 13
NPCs Combat Encounters 14
Factions 22
City-States, Towns, and Villages 23
Sports Rivalries 30
Agendas, NPC Table of Personality Traits 34
Prominent Locations 39
Generic, frequent locations 41
Planar Escapes 42
Flight — Four Final Defog-mations 42
Additional Notes 44
Artifacts 44
Relics 46
Homebrew Class Paths 47
Druid — Circle of Smoky Horizons 47
Ranger — Scorched Earth Archer 49
Rogue — Harbinger of Arson 51
Fin — Dedication and Thanks 53


“When an adventuring party wipes, who's to say the BBEG didn’t whip out a molotov cocktail or Fireball spell at the last minute?”
Death, tapping her nose, or lack thereof
Exposition [Textbook, AKA The Only Floating Star Wars Text]
The place of Ash borders the Planes of Radiance, Dust, Ice, Magma, and indirectly, the Plane of Fire. While this plane is not an eternal resting place, it does transition the souls of the burnt to their next plane of existence. Reaching this plane can be achieved semi-permanently through death by fire, either through arson, cremation, civilian war crimes, natural disaster, or martyrdom, be it holy or a witch-hunt. Travel can be temporarily reached during the vigil and process of cremation, as well as a variety of botched attempts to travel to Elysium.
Objects and beings are not born on the plane of Ash. Instead, they are smoky reflections of what once existed on the Prime Material World. Permanent structures are uncommon throughout the grey wasteland, though settlements and ruins exist, usually through the replication and reconstruction of former buildings reforged with blocks of cinder ash, or cinderblocks. Additionally, many objects such as books, furniture, and relics destroyed by fire are found to have approximate mirrored replications within the Plane of Ash.
When speaking of structures, it is vital to discuss the layers of the Plane of Ash. The foundation of the plane rests on a bed of either ever-burning, smoldering, and / or dormant embers. While rarely in close enough proximity to the surface to provide light or heat, persistent shovelers may easily uncover the ore of living fire — even finding embers the size of boulders, mammoths, or giants. This is the UMBERLAND, the under-embers, and footsteps echo like soft crunches in the snow, as footwear treads on the scorched and fragmented remains of old tree rings.
The middle layer is a swirling vortex of smoke and soot, named ASPHYXIC. Wielders of higher intellects and temperaments are able to fly at will to, from, and within this layer, without flap or engine, simply by pointing their gaze in the direction they wish to persist. While largely free of structures, travelers must beware the sudden spire, cliff-face, or scorched husk and trunk of towering redwoods. Some regions have also reported strange black wires in the sky, though these legends of some sort of steampunk or spectral sky-spider are largely considered ridiculous by scholars. The weather of this layer remains plagued by updrafts, downdrafts, tornados, and oceanless-hurricanes, though never with precipitation. A unique bio-arcane lifeform in this layer, whose association thus far escapes explanation to scholars, is the appearance of sharks in the ashen sky, prowling between the smoke clouds.
The uppermost layer is mostly theoretical. Loss of direction is common in the layer of Asphysic, and external guidance is required to reach the horizon above the smoke. Portrayed as serene and filled with the dim glow of stars at twilight, the layer is conjectured to border a higher plane. Suggestions include Mount Celeste, a likely contender; the plane of dust, a realistic probability; the planes of steam or lightning, according to the world axis of light and heat as proposed by the Sorcerer Dejo Lee; and as an underdog theory, perhaps the intoxicating plane of Elysium. This layer is referred to as SHO ’ EL.


“Hey, hey, easy. You must be dead, for you to be crying out loud, carrying about like this. What did you expect, orientation? Get a hold of yourself. Take a walk. You might find another fallout spirit willing to listen for a spell. But really now, I must be going. As you can hear, someone else has just burnt to a crisp.”
Death, as herself

“Thank the Moon for Darkvision, that’s a start. The spells GoodBerry, Light, and Daylight saw immediate use. Once, we came upon a traveling warlock, whose daemon companion possessed true sight. Pandjed saw this as ingenious, and pursued study of the spell.”
Damakos, Tief. Druid

“Breathing was difficult, even through my helmet’s visor. We tore some cloth from our spare clothes, and fastened them around our mouths and faces. I had to take off my helmet, and in the two minutes it was off, my face was covered in grime, and I felt the layer coat my skin like plaque against my tongue along the metal. The air tasted like a dirty piece.”
Naeris Nailo, half-elf Paladin

“We mistranslated the word apocalypse. It is not the end of the world or plane. It is a great unveiling, a revelation. The world continues.”
Seraphina Hilltopple, halfling translator

“In Brave New Colony, there were many abandoned shops and houses. As we reached closer to the center, we began to see other people among the falling ash. Their very skin seemed made of ash, though they maintained their race and complexion from whence they originated. Some neon graffiti could be seen in the alleyways. One of them spelt “FREE HK,” and it was flanked by two animated suits of scorched armor. I asked a shopkeep about it. Apparently baffled by my ignorance, the racist, he explained they were the initials of the Ashman, that he was imprisoned, and would say no more.
Therai, Teif. Rogue

“COULDN’T SEE A [censored] THING!”
Pandjed, Db Bard

Flora Table

Name Region Abundance (1 low - 5 high) Use
Awakened Redwood RF 2 Sages of Lore, Forest Guardians, Mildly acidic / poisonous bark
Fallout Fern RF, SD 4 Bioluminescent, including underwater
Creeping Spaniard Ivy SD, SB 3 Used in high quality rope, as well as quipo accounting systems
White Ash Cyprus DV 3 It’s bark is said to prolong life among mortals, as well as produce a calming buzz to entities of ash
Conifers of Cinder SC, W 5 Lumber, durable
Black Pine SD 5 Lumber, brittle
Singed Elm SD, SB 3 Makes durable bows, sacred drums, and remains the de facto lumber used in airship construction
Anleaf Bush G, SD, W 4 A long burning wood favored in incense production, highly insect and disease resistant. Mild acidity yields a light pesticide, often dissolved with body fat to produce caulking.
Scorched Shrub SC, DV, W 4 It’s berries come in several spice varieties, and are used as paint. Subspecies include caffeine, cocoa, nutmeg, and hazelnut.
Hollow Oak G, W 2 Acidic to livestock, favored in fences guarding gardens. Makes durable weapon hilts and bows. Favored wood for storing alcohol.
Withered Willow SD, RF 2 Painkiller Bark, Prevent Soil Erosion
Ash Rose SB 1 A rare herb used in many jealously guarded alchemical recipes. It’s use is underplayed to the uninitiated.
Twilight Coral (3-5 sub-species) G, DV 3 A general herb used in alchemy, often as a bonding agent, especially key when combined with acidic ingredients.
Fallen Leaves (mutated flora-insectoid hybrids) G, W 5 Pests of mild nutritional value. Flavors are surprisingly varied, and are a favorite of culinary experts.
Whitecap W, RF 2 A mushroom capable of bio-degrading calcium. It’s known in alchemy to increase one’s resistance to Ice and cold.
Bark-Clingers RF, SD 5 A mushroom mostly used for its edible flavor and nutrition. Many specimens grow to be quite large, some growing as long as forearms.
Snowshroom G 4 A mushroom containing many anti-oxidants. Used in alchemy to soothe nausea, reduce headaches, cramping, muscle bruising and tension. Mild hallucigan.
Needleshroom SD, SC, W 3 Extreme Hallucigan. Mildly toxic to many races. Used in Alchemy for manic insight. Also used by some local religions.
Blackcap DV, SB 1 A mushroom capable of boring through chitan. An extreme pesticide. It is known in alchemy to increase one’s resistance to Fire and Heat.
“What do you mean, there isn't any vegetation on the Plane of Ash? Have you seen all the things we smoke and burn?”


“When a soul incarnated in ash dies, it disintegrates in a cloud of ash. It reincarnates near a token of its identity on the plane, such as it’s home base of operations, it’s most prized possession, or it’s most treasured loved one. An important distinction to make, in understanding this reincarnation, is that the Plane of Ash seems to be a transitional plane from a minor afterlife to a greater afterlife, perhaps only accessible through passing the barrier of Sho’El.”
Please refer to P / R / F / C for sporting rivalries and descriptions.
  1. Ballcourt (PMW Meso-Americana)
  2. Ash Polo (Sludge Water Polo)
  3. Aerial Lacrosse (held in ASPHYXIC layer)
  4. Improv Bowl (Intellectual, Artists)
  5. Cinder Disc Golf
Cannon Monster Table (see doc).
Fauna Rebrew, Monster Manual Table (see doc)
Fauna Rebrew — An Ecosystem of Smoke based Prey Table (see doc) (covers Appendix A, pg. 317-341)
NPCs Combat Encounters -- Table (see doc)
For a table on Locations*, see Travel. Some of these locations are given expanded descriptions in this section.*
Disclaimer: No Ash was harmed in the making of this text. Much, however, was produced in the process of.
Key: (Q): Quest; (E) Explore; (SQ) Sidequest

  1. Black Pyramid (SQ)
“It’s full splendor stays veiled behind smoke clouds. Hints of it’s dark majesty are mirrored in the interior, though even the spirits of the dead dare not study it, for in the near infinite dungeon like depths, that which eternal lies, and it is said that some abominations can not truly die, even by the cosmic inferno that set this plane asunder. What remains of the victims of these abominations is only the anti-matter of the void, conveniently beyond my own jurisdiction.”
  1. Grey Lake (E)
“It is a dead sea. A truly, truly, intentionally dead body of water. Oxygen and light do not penetrate it’s depths. And freed of thirst, the beings of ash will find little incentive for either venture or adventure along it’s shores. This is perhaps less true in the present, with the recent discovery of the Grey Lake Scrolls, and the book of San Waking.”

  1. The Tarred River (E)
“Here you will find no Charon, no ferry. One might say it is a pale reminder of what water was, is, could be, were it not for the singed sentiments polluting it’s purity. Such a reclamation would require legions of druids. And those — thankfully, I suppose — are rare indeed on this plane. For now.”

  1. Sheldon Theater (Q)
“The fiery hearts of actors — I’ve stopped saying actresses — are often found in unlikely places. Most of us are actors, in our own way, behaving according to how our ancestors wrote the lines of the great cosmic play we find ourselves in. This theater itself is in the middle of nowhere, and yet it somehow draws a full house for every show, even though both the audience and actors are a bunch of perceived hill-billies, nomads, and vagabonds. How spectacular; and how tragic, in its fall to the flames of bigotry and hate.”

  1. Throne of the Second Wind (Q)
“It was here that San Waking (San’Wa King), lord of the monkeys, was pinned under a mountain for five hundred years by the Jade Emperor. Following his pilgrimage of redemption with a mortal monk in his Journey to the West, the immortal ape returns to the plane of Ash to judge wanderers he deems commendable. He has been rumored to advise the living on how to return to the Prime Material Plane.”

  1. Burnout Dugout (SQ or E)
“Some monks and clerics perpetuate that it is faith before action that guides one’s path to the Light. If that’s true, these addicts are some of the most holy do-nothings in all the planes. Light it up, I guess, in our so-called den of hippies and thieves.”

  1. Silverwing Bat Colony (E)
“The tribal shaman kindly requests that nothing be burned in the cavern, so as not to disturb their neighbors on the ceiling. Their guano turns rather fiery when they’re annoyed. Best leave the sleeping bats lie.”

  1. The Library of Lex Andrea (Q)
“Little is known of the Lex Andrea Empire, other than their hieroglyphic depictions of the Clockwork Gate, contact with the Netherese, and the Plane of Steam. The Empire fell midway through the second age to an apocalyptic catastrophe, which turned their lands to blackened swamps and radiated deserts. At least, that is what is known to Prime Material Worlders. The location of this legendary library is not yet known, but accounting for the historical records, and the laws governing the plane, its existence is all but confirmed.”

  1. Dragon Graveyard (SQ)
“Leave sleeping Dragons lie. This goes double for a Dracolich.”

  1. Monastery of Ash (E or Q)
“As the cavalry of conquerors crossed the western sea, the ninjas of Torii looked to their grandmaster for guidance. The monastery had heard the news of these wars in years past, and of their exponential, disproportionate violence. Grandmaster Lee brandished a torch, and held it to the walls of his own domain, he said ‘they have not burned their own ships, yet they will not hesitate to burn our own homes — and so we must outdo their determination.’ As the blaze spread, it is known that some monks chose to reenter, and perish among the flames. So began the Great Conqueror's War to maintain our newfound appreciation of independence.”

  1. Circle of the Witch-Hunt (SQ)
“Led by the cries of ‘It’s all just a witch hunt, It’s all just a witch hunt,’ cults of inquisitors form around many a demagogue. At first glance, it’s perhaps ironic that they too fall to the flames. But you must remember, the plane of Ash is not a refuge for the moral or informed, that is, enlightened, but for all who burn. At best, it’s a timeless refuge where one may still attain these traits. At worst, it is akin to Carceri, or Tartarus, where a riot has broken the peace between guard and detainee. On this hilltop, their political ring of stones is occasionally assaulted by specters of these hags derived from their own personal, psionic paranoia.”

  1. Coven of the Wyrd Sisters (SQ) (Terry Pratchet, full animated video available online for free.)
“The Wise Woman Ny’alana Moore taught me several lessons, a few of which I even remember. The first was that the older one got, the less magic they tended to use. The second lesson was that there comes a point where rules must be broken. And that there was a kind of spell that triumphed over magic in a different way, and that was the way of words. She also divined the location of my teenage journal reincarnated on the plane of ash, which my mother the dragon-queen Tethis burned in my youth.”

  1. Vaporized Facades of Wrath (VFW) Post 451 (E)
“If only laying the dead to rest /was as easy as cremation.”“If only peace could replace this battle fatigue /my only sacrifice -- a single burnt offering /Charred bones spread among the ash /Could they, would they, if only, reignite”

  1. Slaughterhouse Six — (E)
“Near an abandoned city lies this building within a meat shipping center. Notable spirits have been disappearing around here for weeks, and unless there’s been some sort of second wave of religion I don’t know about, I don’t think they’ve ascended. I passed a wandering Pilgrim raving about the Cult of the Djinni. Can’t say I’ve heard of them”

  1. Brave New Colony (E or Q)
“BNC is the main hub of the Ashen wasteland — both the Geechago Central School and Sheldon Theater are landmarks there. As far as landmarks can go in a plane of smoke. The citizens there are largely of a decent alignment, with notable outliers. A small faction broke away to form the New Richmond suburb, though recent reports indicate that it’s been pretty much destroyed.”

  1. Redwood Maze (E)
Vermin is a broad term. Many imagine them as only rodents, but it encompasses almost all wild animals, including insects, worms, and parasites. In many societies, the term may refer to people.”
Seraphina Hilltopple

  1. New Richmond Town Hall (SQ)
“They called us what? Dead? Honey, not only has that ship sailed, it was burned by savages on another world. Sure we’re dead, but the jury’s still out on where we’re at.”

  1. Dridma Royal Palace (E)
“No señor cook, you don’t quit, you’re fired! What’s that? The Chief of Staff resigned? But that’s the tenth one in three years! Well get an acting employee to fill the position for now. What’s that? A crystal ball call for me? Oh, hey [REDACTED]. Hey, you had my back with that testimony, right? Oh yeah? Well [bleep] you too, you [bleep] Sonderland!”

  1. Geechago Central School (E)
“‘Who conceived of the attack?’ I bellowed, my bow’s length pinning him to the wall outside. ‘No, fuck that. Who said to torch the place?’ And the little twit had the nerve to roll his eyes. ‘You cannot judge us,’ he self-righteously replied, before looking skywards and somehow slipping from my grasp, as he rapidly launched upwards. With hardly a twitch of effort, he ascended with such speed and precision, on such a straight trajectory, the likes of which I'd never witnessed before.”

  1. Ocean Avenue (E or Q)
“Bartender, another round. Bard, another song. Friends, another hug. Tonight, we feast like it’s Valhalla.”


Professional and Belief-Oriented Factions
Materialist’s Haven
  1. Cinderblock Concrete Alchemists
  2. Artifact Accountants
  3. Newground Engineers
  4. Big D Construction
  5. Bull Market Stock Trade Guild
Academy of Manifests
  1. Circle of Many Pantheons
  2. Alt-left Archaeologists
  3. Theater Troupe Union
  4. Cinderblock Artists of Inscription
  5. Word of Mouth Writer’s Guild
Governing Bodies
(KS) Keepers of the Soot (imperial bureaucrats)
(GD) Grey Deji (grey jedi)
(MCC) Mushroom Cloud Confederacy (indigenous)
(RBC) Raiders of the Burnout Crusade (pastoral nomadic pirates)
City-States, Towns, and Villages Table (see doc)
Sports Rivalries

Rivalry Table (see doc)
“Riots fill the streets. Arson be the smoke signals of the mobs' parades. The Playoffs must be over. Now, once more, the Plane of Ash is filled with Fire — Walk with Me.”
- Therai, Harbinger of Arson Rogue subclass (homebrew)

Agendas), NPC Table of Personality Traits (see doc)

Inspired by Sid Meyer’s Civilization 6, and DLCs
The geography of the plane resembles a crossroads. A misconception of the plane is that the place remains incarnated as pure ash, pure darkness. Not even death wishes life as so easily snuffed out. Are not the planes of lightning and steam at their darkest a dim grey?
As such, the travelers and inhabitants either live a nomadic,diasporic lifestyle, or live subterranean lives akin to hibernation below the smoldering ruins of once great cities. The four regions are as follows:
  1. (U) Umberlands — Default, including four subregions, as follows:
  1. (SC) Sunset Canyon — Borders Plane of Radiance
  2. (G) Greywaste — Borders Plane of Ice
  3. (DV) Duerma Volcana, aka, Ridge of Craters — Borders Plane of Magma
Prominent Locations Table (see doc)
Generic, frequent locations Table
Name Location Category: RPG, Dungeon
Scorched Towers of Lore all both
Razed Theaters SD, SB, RF, G Dungeons, small
Blackstone Amphitheaters DV, W, SB RPG, events, encounters
Netherese Greenhouses SB, G, DV, SC RPG
Firewatch Towers (Stations) (shelters) SB, W, RF, G both
Watchtowers SB, RF, G, DV Dungeons, small
Whitepaint Mineshafts SC, W Dungeons
Ruined Temples all both
Toppled Steeples all both
Singed Sepulchers all both
Ghost Town all Dungeon, surface
Mostly Abandoned City all both

Planar Escapes

“Regardless of how the information is gleaned, there are four logical directions of escape from the Plane of Ash: through the three planar border regions of Sunset Canyon (Radiance), Greywaste (Ice), and Duerma Volcana (Magma); a fourth is thought to exist about the Whitecaps, in the upper atmospheric layer of Sho’El. Of these routes, only two seem survivable to living entities existing on the Plane: travel to the Greywaste by means of expedition, and travel to the Sunset Canyon in hopes of divine intervention. The puzzle of it boils down to one’s thermal resistance to ice and fire. Travel to the Plane of Fire or Magma usually leads to one’s incineration, unless in a spectral form or under powerful Magiks. And travel to the Plane of Ice is often as equally deadly. If there is a fourth escape above the Whitecaps, it seems reserved for the dead.”

“The only escape we knew was through the Greywaste.”

Flight — Four Final Defog-mations

Exhaustion: “All living and spectral entities suffer 1 level of exhaustion for every ten miles they travel this way, refreshing upon a long rest.” [Hardmode: refreshing only 1 level of exhaustion per day.]
Conrad Ungin
Skill Check: “...Comparable to those required to cast Fly. I.e. 5th level wizard, 6th level sorcerer, 13th level rogue, 9th Ranger, etc. Note: fly does not require specific classes to access on this plane. Only “Wielders of higher intellects and temperaments are able to fly at will,” eg. spellcasting modifier (CHA, WIS, INT). Specialists of the modifiers STR, DEX, and CON may still cast flight with approximately a +2 modifier. Final homebrew ruling.”
Eagin Sungerain
Survival: “The largest threats to the living include atmospheric inhalation and encounters. Those, and sudden cliffs or towers. Pay attention, and don’t daydream.”
Encounters: “By the sound of those screams, it seems that little runaway twit forgot about the Ash Sharks and Sky Spiders.”
Naeris Nailo

Additional Notes

Cannon materials from the 5e DMG and Player’s Handbook, with their currently rumored resting spots.
Artifacts (Table) (see doc)
Relics (Table) (see doc)

Homebrew Class Paths (3) Druid, Ranger, Rogue

Druid — Circle of Smoky Horizons

Druids of the Circle of the Smoky Horizon are active conservationists. While other circles may favor a certain environment, or bend to the whims and needs of a species or apex predator, this circle actively attempts to preserve all ecosystems as they are, despite the inevitable change brought by cycles of the natural order. In doing so, they strive for harmony and negotiation before all other recourses.
Not all attempts at pacification are successful — in combat, a CotSH druid prevents environmental harm and sacrifices healing utility in order to end a conflict swiftly. They may invoke spells to repair the landscape and their party outside of combat, though while in the thick of it, they create temporary spectral mutations to their original or wild shape form. They may still wish to cast earth, magma, or root-based spellcasting, though their mutations lend aid to their desires of self-harm before external harm.
DISCLAIMER: This homebrew attempts to compete with the Circle of the Moon and Circle of the Shepherd in terms of tier list rankings covered by Youtubers “Dungeon Dudes.” [citation: youtube.]
Peace Pipe: At the 2nd level — as your party and opposing humanoids roll for combat, you attempt to renegotiate, passing a peace pipe of tobacco to all members of the encounter. You gain a bonus of +5 to your initiative roll, and all non-undead entities within a 120ft radius sheathe their weapons upon a lower initiative roll than your own. Opposing enemies may likewise attempt to coerce their aggressive allies into compliance, or choose to exit the encounter individually. Shapeshifters, such as metallic dragons, may attempt to revert to their humanoid form, based on the DM’s interpretation of compliance.
Spectral Claws: At the 2nd level, you learn to mutate your forearms to replace your fingernails or similar appendage to grow spectral claws, adding 1d5 damage die to successful melee attack rolls. You gain 1d6 die at the 6th, 10th, and 14th level. Spectral claws are only considered magical by DM discretion.
Thick Skin: Beginning at the 6th level, you gain the passive ability to mutate your skin with a scaly, earthly (mud, rock), or crystalline substance. You gain an AC rating of +3. Additionally, surprise attacks against you are made with disadvantage.
Horns: Beginning at the 10th level, you learn to mutate your head with ashen horns or tusks, which vanish outside of combat. You gain 2d12 damage die, which you make seperate attack rolls for, as an additional double-swipe free melee attack. These horns are considered magical weapons.
Wings: Beginning at the 14th level, you learn how to mutate wings, which are granted 20 temporary hit points and can only be targeted with magical weapons. As a bonus action, you may attempt to grapple a target, lifting them up between 5 to 25 feet. Grappled targets may only be subject to successful attempts on targets equal to or smaller than your original or wild shape form.
Circle of Land Update — Table
Environment: Volcanic (Umberlands)
Druid Level Circle Spells
3rd Gust of Wind, Feign Death
5th Scorching Ray, Gaseous Form
7th Dominate Beast, Polymorph
9th Counter Spell, Leomund’s Tiny Hut

Ranger — Scorched Earth Archer

Description: The Scorched Earth Archer hears the sacred drums of war and shoulder their spears, javelins, and polearms to answer the call. These rangers have a predisposition against mages, save for druids and clerics, often seeking justice or vengeance against a sorcerer, warlock, or wizard for a past spellcast gone wrong. As such, they are sometimes nicknamed “mage hunters” by the common folk of the PMW.
In combat, a scorched earth ranger utilizes their proficiencies with long handled ranged weapons, as well as drawing their blade tipped staves as melee weapons. Polearms may become a necessity in situations where a mage successfully calls a barrier or ward to discourage their missiled shots. While refusing to cast direct damage spells, a ranger may still cast spells of utility from the Driudiac schools of magic to gain an advantage. This subclass of ranger additionally draws upon Psionic energies in their secular crusade against harmful magics, though perhaps guided by — or swearing fealty to — a deity of the wild or natural order.
Psionic Missile: At the 3rd level, rangers gain a variant of the Magic Missile spell, retyped as Psionic energy. In opposition to gaining additional darts per expended spell slots, an additional dart is added at the 7th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels. The number of times a SE ranger may cast Psionic Missile is congruent to the number of 1st level spell slots they currently have available at their level, per long rest.
Psionic Enchantments: Beginning at the 7th level, your non-magical weapons may be imbued with the choice of 1 out of 4 augmentations, which you may switch upon a long rest, requiring a 1 hour ritual. Your spears, javelins, and polearms are now considered magical weapons once they are enchanted in this way. Alternatively, you may choose to retype this damage as a sacred fire, causing fire damage against non-magical creatures and humanoids.
Spell Evader: Beginning at the 11th level, gain a passive bonus of +5 to all spellcasting based saving throws, but not against a creature’s legendary actions.
Conjure Shield Guardian: At the 15th level, once per long rest, gain the ability to conjure a shield guardian made of psionic energies, lasting for 5 rounds before dissipating.

Rogue — Harbinger of Arson

Description: The harbinger of Arson rogue specializes in civilian rioting, whether through the instigation, suppression, or prevention of said mob rule. The HoA rogue is not necessarily an anarchist, but rather a political or religious extremist. The leave negotiations to others as a whole, while still utilizing their charisma to recruit the like-minded to their cause. Assuming them to be a one-man army with or against a melee mob would be erroneous, as many policing forces deploy HoA rogues to assassinate the key targets of an embroiled riot, often attacking at a range in the shadows before leaping in to secure the mission.
In combat, HoA rogues observe from the shadowy outskirts and vantage points before announcing their attack with a Spear Banner, perhaps following after a decisive sneak attack. These banners rally or provoke a mob outbreak by the banner’s predetermined coat of arms, inciting others to join in on their political or religious cause. They may continue their attack from a distance or elevation with the Flame javelins, or leap into the battle fray relying on their dexterity. Additionally, they may use their flame javelins to mark or light flammable environmental hazards and boundaries, augmenting their encounter to their favor by means of zoning, smoke signals, direct or collateral damage through a successful arson spread.
Spear Banner: Beginning at the 3rd level, the rogue plants a banner as a bonus action, or launches it from a range of up to 60 feet. While in it’s range, this banner adds 3d6 die to the rogue, which may be expended as a bonus to landing attack rolls. These die are treated similarly to the superiority die of the Fighter Battle Master’s subclass, where a rogue regains these die after a short rest.
Flame Javelin: Beginning at the 3rd level, gain 3 charges of a fire-typed ranged attack of javelins, causing 2d12 damage on successful attack rolls. Alternatively, you may attempt to use your javelins to hold a target in place, replacing your attack roll with a dexterity saving throw and forgoing damage to non-cloth AC ratings (leather, mail, scale, plate). Regain your charges of the flame javelin ability upon a short rest.
Riot Paver: At the 9th level, you ignore all melee attacks of opportunity by tiny, small, and medium humanoids, as well as domesticated creatures (DM’s discretion on the latter).
Mob Maker: Beginning at the 13th level, your Spear Banner forces all onlookers and bystanders within a 120ft. radius to make a wisdom saving throw against joining the fray with bloodlust. Targets of bloodlust gain a +5 bonus to their initiative rolls, and act as conjured minions for the purpose of control by the rogue. After 3 rounds, the minions make another wisdom saving throw, whereby they may break free of the rogue’s commands of control (and go off looting), choosing to flee, or continue to fight of their own volition. Usable once per long rest.
Fireball Finisher: At the 17th level, you may cast the spell Fireball as if you have 2 spell slots of the appropriate level, regaining these charges upon a long rest.

Fin — Dedication and Thanks

This post is made in the memory of Ocean Ian Christophersen (1995-2019), a Prime Material World Filipino-American friend of foen7, who died in a fire circa last thanksgiving. Thank you all so very, very much for reading. May we all play together some time in another life.
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2020.10.14 10:00 throwaway_aneura A bit lost, and having questions

It's a bit long so I structured my text in 3 parts : background, today, questions. Feel free to jump to any part you want.
So for a bit of background :
When I was a child (and teenager), I was a weird one. My teacher put in my school diary again and again that I was "always in my own bubble". I've spent the 3 first years in high school reading books during lunchtime and basically talking to noone, I've had many remarks that I should "go play with the other children". My parents were not amused. I did not care so much, I was passionate about many things such as Russia (and started learning russian at 10, even tho, I only went to russia around 19).
My worried parents sent me to 3-4 different psychologists as well as "alternative psychologists" that I can only call pseudo-shamans. I've had IQ test, and they decided that there was the answer, I did not but whatever.
Today :
I work in AI and I was very annoyed yesterday because the boss had taken my spot (I took it back quickly). One of my coworkers saw me worried and when I explain, I explained to him, and he mentioned asperger (in hindsight, I think it was meant to be a joke, but I have no idea). So I went on wikipedia (in french), and I am really shocked by the similarity between what is mentioned and my idiosyncrasies.
- Pursuit of specific and narrow areas of interest : My interests are borderline obsessive. Right now it's marchantia biology, but I also have a master in hieroglyphic Egyptian. I've had a few very very specific interests like that, mostly astronomy between 10 and 15. I can talk on and on about this, really, It's like a deep fascination. I usually avoid tho, I know it doesn't work to talk too much about mosses and stuff.
- Reading early, reading a lot (yes, everyone reads, by I've read an entire library during my childhood and my teacher in primary school were surprised by this)
- Strange language, bad interpretation, too literal, language acquisition and use is often atypical : My mother loooves to tell everyone all the "joke" I was doing misinterpreting language. Also she says I speak really too fast.
- These interests help them reduce the stress they
- They may stick to inflexible routines, and have trouble changing plans in last minutes : Never understood why my friends won't stick to the plan, maybe I might now.
- They include hand movements such as flapping or twisting : biggest frustration of high school. I made a presentation on logical doors, and got bad notes because my hands flapping was distracting. I don't do that anymore.
- Trouble identifying faces : I once didn't recognize my cousin in the street. She was not happy.
- Hyper-sensitive to touch and sound (don't like being touched, eg. hairdresser) : My parents had to fight me so I accept that I kiss people on the cheeks (normal greeting here), and I can't believe the hairdresser is the literal example on french Wikipedia. I hate that (but I don't like having long hair either). That has always been a big mystery that I hate going to the hairdresser with so much passion. Sound is another obvious one.
- Vivid imagination : I don't even know what else to say than yes. My brother and my best friend can confirm that. "Playing" as a child was me imagining stories and game and then making my brother play them, lol.
- Usually love animals and nature : I volunteer in an animal rescue center, it's my "holidays" from work meetings and lunchtime.
Edit : Seeing the top posts, I also don't understand why my boss wants to call/video me instead of solving the matter in the chat.
Nevertheless, I'm worried about the Barnum effect (this one : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barnum_effect ). In normal time I would just settle for that, but the example are so specific and fitting that I'm worried. So I sent a message to my mom to ask her what she think and she said : "It's crazy that you mention that", "We have to talk" and "can I call you?". I managed to avoid the call, but in short : one of the psychologists I saw as a child said it was very likely but they could not investigate that (because to be honest they had their hands full at the time), and that last weeks she read something about a child with asperger and she went "Hoho, looks like u/throwaway_aneura"

Questions :
I have no idea what to do now. There is only one center doing diagnosis for adults in my country, it's in the middle of the countryside and there is an "up to 2 years" waiting list (and then a big delay for testing and getting results). And it's in a hospital, which I dislike strongly.
On one hand, I reaaaaally would feel better to put a word on my "weirdness", it would be so good to know that it's just a common thing etc. I would finally be able to close quite a lot of questions. So if this is it, I would like to know it.
On the other hand, I don't want to wait two years without answer if it's likely something else.
So I just want to know if it's worth it in your opinion or more likely just the barnum effect?
(Sorry for the wall of text, and for the broken english, not a native english speaker)
submitted by throwaway_aneura to aspergers [link] [comments]

2020.10.14 02:42 akeyjavey [NGWD] A Primer for Warhammer 40k, just for those who don't know much about it

Good evening/morning/night Naish!
I know we're all excited for the return of New Game Who Dis tonight where the boys will be playing Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch. Now I know that Warhammer 40k is a popular game, but it's also one of those kind of games where a lot of people have heard of it, but don't know anything about it. So, as someone that recently dived deep into the series over this pandemic, I felt I should make a summary as brief as I can to introduce people to it as the gang plays the game.
So lets begin:
The Warp
Before I explain the general timeline and Space Marines, you should know about the Warp. The warp is another dimension where the thoughts and emotions of sapient species across the universe go. Inside the warp are four gods; the 4 Chaos gods;
Khorne, the god of blood and skulls ('Blood for the blood God' ring any bells? Yeah, that's him) but also of might and honor as well.
Nurgle, the Chaos god of death and pestilence, but also of promoting life through death and accepting mortality.
Slaanesh, the Chaos god(ess? depending on who you're talking to) of overabundance, pleasure and pain, but also of perfection and achieving perfection.
These chaos gods live in the Warp and are constantly fighting and vying for domination over the warp, they create Daemons as proxies to war against each other, but, more on daemons later.
Earth, BC: Before our current time there were people that were psychically active—not many, mind you, but a few. These psychics were known as Shamans and innately knew about the chaos god, due to their powers coming from the warp. These shamans knew that chaos would eventually target humans and seek to gain more power from the human's belief, because the more people believe in a chaos god, the more powerful that god will be.
So these shamans decided that they must combine their powers and make a perfect human in order to lead humanity in the war against chaos, so they made a suicide pact, died, and combined their psychic energy together in order to make a new human that would have the knowledge and power to lead: and thus, the Emperor of Mankind was born, but he hid himself for millennia, hoping that humanity would be able to survive without much interference from him, but again, we'll get back to him shortly.
Terra, and pre Horus Heresy
So Earth, as it tends to do, became a post apocalyptic hellhole with various techno-barbarian tribes warring for the planer, now named Terra. Luckily, mankind had already discovered space travel and utilizing the warp (in a safe way that also kept daemons and the like from being discovered en masse) to colonize hundreds of planets across the galaxy, however, the birth of Slaanesh around this time (this is an important event, but not exactly important for this summary, so I will skip it) had caused the warp to get shorted out, leaving mankind across their various planets, stranded and unable to communicate for millennia.
The Emperor had been waiting for this time, he had spent the past few thousand years mastering genetics, as well as all other sciences, allowing him to take over Terra with his genetically engineered superhumans known as the Thunder Warriors. Eventually he was able to fully take over Terra and label himself as 'The Emperor of Mankind'.
The Emperor, however, wasn't finished with creating the perfect warriors, and so he started the Primarch Project. The Primarch Project was a bioengineering project that allowed the Emperor to create 20 sons, each with different abilities and strengths in order to lead his armies. This meddlesome Emperor had drawn the eye of the Chaos gods however, so they had decided to mess with the Primarch project and scatter all of the Primarchs to random planets across the galaxy.
Pretty soon after this, Warp travel had come back (after a looooooooong time) and the newfound Imperium of Mankind was ready to go to the stars and reclaim all of the lost planets humanity had taken over, as well as to search for the lost primarchs.
Horus Heresy— okay, we're almost done, just hang in there!
After many, many, many years, the Emperor had found all of the Primarchs and had given each of them a legion of Space Marines—bigger, badder and newer (and less prone to go crazy) upgraded versions of Thunder Warriors who have their genetic materials based off of the Primarch's that lead them.
One of these Primarchs, Horus, was the Emperor's favorite, so much so in fact, that the Emperor had made Horus the Warmaster of the Imperium— AKA the single person that has power over all of the Imperium's military might. Horus was a good son and loved the Emperor and the Imperium...but that all changed when he became corrupted by Chaos, leading him to ally with half of the Primarchs to lead a Civil War between Horus/Chaos Primarchs and the Imperium.
Many Space Marines and Primarchs died during this war, and Horus was winning. Horus had pushed the Imperium back so much that he was able to personally storm the Imperial Palace and fight against the Emperor himself. This battle was bloody, but Horus was able to land a mortal wound on the Emperor before being killed himself.
The Emperor, moments away from dying, knew he would need to stay alive in order continue his plans for humanity, but he would have to be bound to his throne and forced into a comatose state in order to survive, so he did what needed to be done and bound himself to his Golden Throne and its life-support systems.
Post Horus Heresy— Ok, I lied, NOW we're almost done.
After the Emperor was interred into his throne, chaos (not capital-C, Chaos) erupted in the Imperium and everything got out of hand. Without their Emperor, the Imperium had stagnated, nothing ever changed and everything became about serving the Imperium and the Emperor, whom everyone soon believed was a god. The Imperial Cult had grown and the Imperium soon became a theocracy, where everything human is good, and anything not (whether Chaos-based or alien) is considered heretical. Space Marine legions that were loyal to the Imperium fight against the Imperium's enemies while Chaos Space Marine legions retreated to the warp and continue to fight back and to destroy the Imperium. This has been going on for 10,000 years now...
TL:DR: Everyone's killing everyone. Have Fun!
I have skipped a lot of details, and any other 40k fans here will know this, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'm still relatively new to the series, but I think I now have a decent grasp of things enough to answer!
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2020.10.09 18:25 slumcat72 [NM] Spyderco Shaman Knife Joker Cruwear DLC - [email protected]$10

Spots/Price: [email protected]$10
Total Price: $290
Make and Model: Spyderco Shaman - Knife joker Edition
Optional Price Justification/Comparisons: https://www.reddit.com/Knife_Swap/comments/iw6bn2/wts_spyderco_shaman_knifejoker_cruwear_a_trm_atom/
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/yB1Bclg
Description: First owner, never used more than to open a few boxes. Like new condition - it spent most of it's time in my knife case. This is my ideal Shaman, love the green/black combo. Knife is in excellent condition with no discernable signs of wear I can spot. Action is great - drops shut with the lock disengaged. Only thing is centering favors the clip side but doesn't effect performance at all.
Please pay ONLY via Paypal Friends and Family with NOTHING written in the comments. Remember to respond with a PM once spots are given and paid for. If you specify a spot and it has been taken, you will be assigned a random unless otherwise specified in your comment. Shipping CONUS only.

PayPal Info: https://paypal.me/buddhasbelly?locale.x=en_US

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2020.10.08 17:46 aamarketer Story OCs

The Jelton event had multiple factions of nen users: Hunter Association branch of Jelton, the Crimson Dragon Triad, and Chimera Ants in the island’s wilderness.

Crimson Dragon Triad

Sonata, the Black Death

He grew up in a family of hunters skilled in capturing poisonous beasts. From a young age, he digested poisons and built up an immunity to them. His family would add poisons to their meals like how people enjoy hot sauces, peppers, and spices. They enjoy adding all types of poisons to add flavor and enrich their meals like the poison turns the food into a high-class gourmet dish. His parents even hired a Gourmet Hunter for their wedding to prepare a 12-course meal all based around poisons. Growing up, it was a test of manhood for all his siblings to see how much poison they could handle.
His siblings became renowned beast hunters & tamers (one became a tamer of many small and large poisonous snakes). While he was a younger sibling and was bullied and teased by his older brothers, sisters, and cousins; he got caught up in a bad crowd and went to jail for petty crimes. That’s where he met criminal gangs and he joined one. He became their enforcer and uses his poisons to assassinate their enemies. As he rose through the ranks, he was recruited by the Crimson Dragon Triad. His family has disowned him, yet he still carries his childhood anxieties and seeks his older siblings’ respect & acknowledgment, so he doesn’t allow the Crimson Dragon to target his family as he tries to create the ultimate poison to prove his strength to his family.
Equipment: Metal claws and ninja stars Feats: Poison expert w/nigh-poison resistance – Assassin skills (stealth & silent movement) – Ninja weapon proficiency (ninja stars & metal claw fighting style mastery & acrobatic movement)
Malboro King (Transmutation) – His aura takes on the properties of many different poisons that can affect all senses. He coats his weapons with his poison nen. He has built an immunity to his own poisons.
Tactics/Strategy: As soon as a hunter enters the chamber, he opens up with Bad Breath to cause the chamber to fill with poisonous gas. Then he runs + jumps around the chamber and coats his ninja stars with poison and throws them at his opponent. Even small cuts will cause the poison to hurt his opponent. If his opponent tries to get close, he will coat his metal claws in poison and then use Shu and engage in quick strikes like jabs and parry his opponent’s strikes and then counterattack. Any break in combat, he will use Bad Breath to create more poisonous gas.

Nikki, Livewire

His father is one of the eight Dragon bosses of the Crimson Dragon triad. As the first-born son, he was raised to carry on the family business and trained to become a spitting image of his father – who was a military officer from a neighboring country, in the Azian Continent, which broke into civil war. He escaped the war-torn country and traveled to Jelton as an ethnic refugee. He worked to bestow onto Nikki his tough, cruel, and strong-willed nature as well as his native country’s culture & traditions – Nikki, ever since he could walk, trained in martial arts, soldier drills, and guns, while hanging out with the other triad members and their drugs, money, and criminal lifestyle.
Nikki, in his teenage years after watching a musical performance from a Musical Hunter, he rebelled against his family and started a rock band with his friends, other triad members. He plays lead guitar and backup vocals. The band has gotten so popular that they now tour the world.
Thunderstruck (Conjuration) – Nikki conjures an electric guitar. As he strums and plays music, electricity shoots out of his guitar. He has three types of electrical attacks. Nikki must play a song to allow him to use the stronger types of electrical attacks. His ultimate attack finale at the end of his song is a dragon lance made of electrical flame plasma.
  • Shockwave – a wave of electricity shoots out from his guitar like an electrical sound wave.
  • Orbs of electricity – condensed electricity in the shape of a bowling ball shoot out from his guitar + he controls their movements through manipulation.
  • Thunderbolt – it’s conjured high above his target's head and shoots downward.

Grobyc Mk.8

The first successful creation of a robot with a human brain being able to use nen. It was created by the brilliant scientist Shion and her team, code-name Durandel, at Vector Scientific. Project Grobyc was commissioned by the Crimson Dragon when they bought a vested interest in VS. His organs grew out from a vat of magical beast blood + medicinal liquid and has a bionic metal body that mimics human flesh. It was raised through virtual simulations and regards Shion as his mother. While Grobyc was growing in his medical vat, his organs grew at 4x the regular pace but at the cost of his organs having a 4x lesser lifespan, so his organs will deteriorate and fail at age 20. He is currently 10 years old with the mind and worldly experience of a 25-year-old.
The original goal of Project Grobyc for team Durandel is to create a cyborg body for people to download their minds into, so old people can live longer or theoretically forever. When the Crimson Dragon joined the team and added their money and influence to the project, their goal was to create an artificial body that could house their spiritual leader, Mareg, who’s mind has been held inside a magical horn. Grobyc’s personal goals are to please his mother figure, Shion, and master nen and become the strongest by completing missions for the Crimson Dragon. Most recently he fought off a group of hunters to obtain the Horn of Mareg.
Hatsus: His nen type is Enhancement but he has also trained rigorously in Emission & Transmutation, so he has a strong mastery of those three categories. He uses enhancement on his body and guards against major damaging attacks while small wounds, like cuts or bruises, do not affect him. He has the strength to push 150 tons. He uses emission to push nen from his body and make him move faster, like a rocket-powered boost in his feet to jump and run faster (like Pitou’s pounce) and in his elbows to give him a faster, rapid + stronger punch, aka rocket punch. He also uses emission to shoot nen blasts. He can change the focus to become narrow like a laser or wider like a shotgun blast. These emission attacks are like kinetic energy, so the blasts are basically like a ranged punch. He uses transmutation to create a nen sword, like Gon’s Paper. Also, he will try to copy + create any basic enhancement, emission, or transmutation hatsus he encounters.

Yahr, Renaissance Man

He travels the world to experience every culture and meet new people, foods, festivals, tourist attractions, nature sites, etc. While he explores each new location, he visits the local museums, art galleries, and famous artists to gain inspiration and meet interesting people. To pay the bills, he does work for wealthy clientele and rich organizations and creates paintings for them. For his greatest works, he imbues his paint with his nen infused blood to create brilliant colors where the viewer can’t help but stop and stare at the painting and really take in every inch and find out how it personally speaks to them.
When he was younger and poor, he would create counterfeits and sell them off as original or he would create pieces of art that followed the same styles of the old deceased famous artists and sell them like a long-lost piece of theirs. Through this line of work, he met and dealt with the seedy underworld of the black-market art world and he joined a mafia gang to help him sell his counterfeits. The good times were rolling and the gang was making money when one day, a counterfeit of his was recognized by the buyer as fake and his gang had to repay the buyer and bribe off the police to stay out of prison. So, Yahr was beaten by his mafia friends and while he was lying in a pool of his own blood, he saw colors so vibrant and distinct like he never saw before. After he healed up from the superficial wounds he got back to painting. He mixed his blood onto his palette and began creating his own original piece of art. His mafia gang was able to sell it for a nice amount and he was in good graces with the mafia boss & gang again. He began selling more and more original pieces while his counterfeits were never once doubted to be fake. One Crimson Dragon nen user kept buying each new piece from Yahr and they wanted to figure out his secret. After learning that Yahr mixed his blood into his paint, the Crimson Dragon nen user introduced him to a nen master from the Jelton Monster Arena, so he could develop his nen and painting skills ever further. The arena nen master taught Yahr both the basics and advanced techniques of nen and helped develop Yahr’s hatsus.
After spending years honing his nen abilities, Yahr now helps out the Crimson Dragon in vital missions where his unique nen abilities are needed to ensure success, like guard duty for special events, top-secret assassinations, and theft jobs. As a manipulator, he imbues his blood with special powers and uses a paint brush to apply it. He makes sure to always have vials of fresh blood that he uses to activate his abilities at a moment’s notice:
Blood Paint (Manipulation):
  • Body enhancement tattoos:. He paints animal tattoos onto a person, and it will amplify their nen output
  • Stroke of Paralysis: He paints brush strokes onto an enemy and it will block off nen. If the paint wraps fully around a limb, then that part of the body will be paralyzed.
  • Floor designs: He paints a circle on the floor which stops anyone from entering or leaving until a condition has been fulfilled. The stronger the conditions, the longer the prison lasts.
Ex.1 Dueling Pit: Anyone that enters the blood circle will have to face off with another person. The victor is able to leave. This is used to guard the entrance of a compound.
Ex.2 Protective shield circle: He paints a circle around one person(s) and a new space is created where if anyone tries to enter, their body will phase through to the opposite side, so any attacks will harmlessly pass through to the other side. The only way to enter or break the nen space is to get the key, which is painted onto another person.

Tatsuki, Semi-Pro

She is a high schooler with three younger siblings. Her father is the athletic director for the prestigious Mareg University. Her father always wanted a boy, but every child he had turned out to be a girl, so after four years of trying and three daughters later, his wife finally gave him a boy. He was overjoyed and as soon as his boy could walk, he trained him in all sorts of sports and outdoor activities. While Tatsuki watched on and tried her best to help them. She was the first-born child and as she grew up, she saw how happy her dad was when he was playing and teaching her brother and she wanted that same affection, but her dad still focused on his son. So, she grew up with a competitive mindset trying to show her father that she’s a winner. So, in high school, she practiced her best and tried out for the male sports teams.
She was involved in track & field, basketball, baseball, wrestling, and soccer; and was able to make junior varsity, but the varsity teams kept being outside her grasp, either because she wasn’t good enough or her teammate and coaches had a prejudice against having a girl on their team. In her sophomore year, she found out that she had a peculiar talent to convince her teammates and friends into "truth or dares" whenever she won a game or challenge against them. It’s the same if she lost the challenge, she would have an unbreakable urge to answer truthfully or try her best to complete the dare.
Queen of Games – To become the very best! - Request-type manipulation – She challenges a person(s) to some sort of game. They each state their victory reward and play the game. If she wins, then they must follow fulfill her reward/request and if she loses then she must follow theirs which usually is something relating to sex, drugs, or money.
With her victory, their memory is rewritten to where she becomes a good longtime friend of theirs. Then they go out to fulfill her request. She can ask them for an IOU and the request fulfillment will be good for one year. If the person was very good at their game, like a college star or professional player, then they become empowered with nen. She’s found greater success with mind-altering from video game players b/c they feel like they are just playing a video game, so they are willing to do more evil acts. Her greatest achievement was sending a group of gamers to rob a bank.
Here are the basics steps of her hatsu:
1) She and an opponent(s) choose a game.
2) They each state what their reward will be if they win
3) They play the game
4) Whoever loses is now under the command of the winner and must fulfill their request.

Jelton’s Dragoons – City SWAT force

Jointly trains with the United States of Saherta. They are a match for any of the V6 special forces. They take special nen-enhancing drugs that boost their total nen and nen output, but they lose the ability to use zetsu and In. There are twenty-two in total. They always carry their weapons with them to help them bond and grow a stronger attachment to them – “This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless.”
Enhancer squad (10 soldiers)
They each wield an assault rifle, tower shield, electrical stun baton, incendiary grenades, flashbangs, and tear gas grenades. They wear gas masks, night vison goggles, and armored body plates. Skilled with Shu and Ryu, when in combat they focus their nen first on rifle + bullets, then their shields until they get into melee range, and then onto their batons to shock and break bones.
Emission squad (6 soldiers)
They are equipped with a shotgun and an LMG. They do not carry normal bullets; instead, they use nen bullets.
  • The Model 680 pump-action shotgun has a condition the emission bullets are strongest at point-blank and get weaker up till 20m where the nen bullets will instead empower the target and give them nen like Knuckle’s APR.
  • The M249 LMG nen bullets are unique in that they bypass any solid objects and only damage things with nen. They have the condition that for every bullet that hits their target, the nen power is increased by 1%, and this power boost doubles with each consecutive hit. This bonus resets whenever something different is hit.
Transmutation squad (4 soldiers) – They each wield a flamethrower-like weapon that helps them focus their nen into a dragon lance attack but with different elements: fire, wind, electricity, & poison gas. Each has a range of 20m
Commander: He was a Pseudo-coercive Manipulator that helped in hostage situations, but later in life after spending many years and most of his time at the police academy training new recruits, he turned into a Specialist when this new hatsu manifested.
Don't Fear the Reaper (Specialist): From sharing a soldier's bond with his fellow SWAT members, his will for them to win and survive their missions manifests in a life-saving power: All SWAT members' deaths are on hold until he falls asleep. So if a soldier is shot and loses all their blood, he can still fight on. After the battle, he's sent to the hospital to get a blood transfusion. Still, major wounds, like brain damage, will still lead to the soldier's death. The commander tries to stay awake as long as possible for the dead man walking to give his last regards to his loved ones.

Chimera Ant Squadron Leaders of Ligau Island

Due to the deadly wildlife & human hunters of Jelton Island, the queen has chosen quality over quantity for her offspring and does not create any peon ants with only a few officer ants, while focusing on creating strong squadron leaders. These Squadron leader ants have been alive for years and have trained their nen to where their power rivals the NGL Royal Guard.

Volk, the Hunter

Volk, in his human life, was a Jelton monster arena hunter. He wasn’t their strongest, nor weakness, and he did try his best to become a great hunter through planning and quick wit. Now, as a winter wolf chimera ant, his life’s purpose is towards serving his queen and bringing her only the best food. He is fiercely loyal and doesn't back down from any challenge.
Fighting Spirit: Beast of the Frozen Tundra (Enhancement) - Volk fights with all four limbs. He uses punches, kicks, elbows, knees, claws, and bites, like a beastly Muay Thai fighter. He also runs like a wolf and jumps from tree to tree and pounces onto his prey. Volk is an enhancer, so his basic enhancer hatsu is something like Tiger Bite Fist where he uses gyo on his claws or feet and attacks with his sharp nails and dismembers his prey.
Frozen Spirit Fists (Transmutation & Emission): Volk fists emit a barrage of subzero-degree nen blasts. Range = 20ft
Tactics/Strategy: Volk uses his enhanced smell to find his prey. He moves stealthily, with zetsu, into an ambush position. Then, when he’s ready to pounce, he charges, running like a wolf, at his prey. When he’s within ~20ft of his prey, he stands up and runs on his legs and uses Frozen Spirit Fists to shoot ice blasts to freeze, slow down, and disrupt his prey. Then as he charges into melee range, he uses his beastly Muay Thai to overwhelm his frozen prey. And end the fight just as quickly as it started with a Wolf Bite fatality.

Talos, the Guardian

Stone Talus chimera ant. Her main priority is guarding the queen and hive which is inside a mountain. She has used her stone manipulation to create a living fortress.
Army of Stone (Manipulation & Emission) – emits an orb of nen onto a baseball-sized rock to create a boulder nen beast, nicknamed “Rocky,” that has the power to manipulates stone and create a stone golem. These golems are 9 ft tall and weigh 1 ton with Rocky residing in the body (chest or gut). Talos’ nen empowers the stone, so it becomes as strong as metal. The Rocky must be destroyed for the stone golem to stop functioning. If the stone beast’s body gets damaged/destroyed, then Rocky will make the broken stone pieces fly back into the stone golem, repairing itself. Talos is able to have five Rockies (Rocky I-V), active at any time. She can combine them to create larger stone golems. The Rockies as intelligent as a trained dog and they will act accordingly to defend her & friends or guard over an area.

Contessa, the Judge

Drider chimera ant. Contessa, created a web lair deep in the jungle wilderness, at the base of the hive mountain fortress. The trees are covered in webs, with multiple layers of web platforms.
Contessa conjures three types of metal clockwork spiders, up to 200 in total. Each spider can shoot a metal string that is elastic, like a trampoline. They shoot their string onto the enemy and then scurry towards them. If the enemy runs away, then the string becomes taut and the spiders are flung towards the enemy. While pursuing their prey, the spiders can shoot their string onto a faraway tree and then jump backward, which then causes the spring to tighten and fling them forward towards their prey.
  • Bomb spiders – Theses spiders jump onto the enemy and explode. They also explode if they get hit by an attack, so they try to attack stealthily while spread out and then use their string web to fling towards their enemy.
  • Sword Blade spiders – Metal skeleton spiders with eight sharp blade legs. They run, jump, & use their string to get into the enemy’s face to slash and stab.
  • Electrical spiders – The spiders’ bodies discharge electricity like a cop’s taser. When they shoot their web at their target, they can send an electrical current down it like a taser. If they taser another clockwork spider, that spider become supercharged and moves faster. Ex. A group of sword spiders jump and crawl over an enemy/beast and the electrical spiders shoot their webs at the target and taser both the enemy and sword spiders. Now the sword spiders are supercharged and cut and stab in a frenzy.

Jatayu, the Messenger

He extensively plans his hunts and watches his prey like a vulture and when the prey is too strong for Jatayu alone, lets Volk take charge.
Rainbow Feathers: Taste the Rainbow – Jatayu shoots out feathers from his wings. When he shoots them out, he imbues them with different nen to activate one of his hatsus.
Fighter Command – Squadron One, Two, Three, Go. Go. Go. (Manipulation and Enhancement) – Jatayu shoots out white feathers like they are a barrage of steel ninja stars. They fly towards his enemies and he controls their trajectory with his mind, and take sharp turns without losing speed. He shoots them out in groups, around ten in each barrage. The feathers also act like armor, so the more he uses to attack, the more naked he becomes.
Black space feather (Emission & Manipulation) – Shoots this black feather out like a kunai. It allows him to teleport into its place. He can shoot only one at a time. He will shoot this out and let is fly around in a safe area away from his target, so if he has to dodge an attack, he can teleport to it.
Red tattoo feather (Manipulation) – If these feathers hit their target, they will stick to them and not come off unless they move 1000 meters away from Jatayu. When a red feather hits the target, it absorbs itself into the skin and creates a tattoo. It siphons nen from that area and when the victim runs out of nen, they become mind-controlled by Jatayu. The victim can cut off their nen from that body part/area (zetsu-like) and the red feather will stop siphoning nen, but then they run the risk of getting hit in that undefended spot. Also, the red tattoos create a homing beacon for Jatayu to track his prey and guide his white feathers to hit their mark with increased accuracy.
He has three officers that have been mind-controlled with his Red Feathers.

Goro, the Rage

As a human boy, Goro was the son of a great hunter. But one year ago, his father was out hunting in the wilderness and never returned. While Goro was participating in Jelton’s annual "Festival of the Hunt, he encountered Volk and died fighting him. Now as a chimera ant, he has the DNA of a fay boar and gorilla knight that allows him enhanced regeneration and physical strength. Goro’s fighting style focuses on offense over defense as he attacks with a tree branch club, throws rocks, and ko punches. If his enemy does land a blow and injures him or cuts off a limb, his body will regenerate and heal the injuries in mere moments. He currently being trained by Volk to develop his fighting skills and hatsu.

Lynx, the Unbroken

The physically weakest chimera ant of the group, yet still well respected. He teams up with Talos to take down the apex predators that Volk is unable to.
Karma: Body Exchange (Counter-type Specialist) – When someone hurts Lynx, he is able to swaps bodies with them, like Ginyu’s Body Change. The greater the damage, the longer the swap lasts. While in his new body, he either injuries himself or returns to his allies to become captured and then deactivates the body swap. If someone kills him, then post-mortem nen enhances his hatsu and his soul swaps bodies with his killer and he begins life anew in that body.

Jelton Monster Arena Hunters

Hundreds of years ago, a group of Hunter Association hunters started a Jelton exploration team to work with the natives and explore the wilderness of Jelton Island. They captured magical beasts, classified magical healing herbs, and found special metal ores. Over the years, as the Jelton village grew into a city, the Jelton hunters, led by Mareg the Great, broke off from the Hunter Association and created their own hunter group with their own bylaws and company culture. They built their headquarters around an arena to help train new hunters to capture & tame magical beasts, find new magical plants, explore new lands, etc. The Jelton Hunters are not allowed to become HA hunters.

Ganz, the giant beast hunter

He’s an outdoor woodsman that travels the world to hunt giant beasts.
Baloo: Wild man’s best friend (Counter-type Nen Beast) – He summons a bear nen beast. The more damage the bear takes, the stronger Ganz becomes. While the more damage Ganz takes, the larger & stronger the bear grows. It has three forms/levels that it transforms into. The nen beast’s first form is a cute bear. Second form: a regular-sized bear with tribal tattoos. Final form: a dire bear 12ft tall and weighs 4 tons. The bear itself is indestructible in a sense b/c when it gets destroyed, Ganz will reform/regenerate it.

Flower Samurai

He’s a magical plant hunter that travels the world to find the healing herbs, poisonous plants, and plant-animal hybrid beings.
Plant growth (Enhancement): He carries various plants and seeds with him where he uses enhancement to increase their growth.
  • Vine Whip: He uses this whip to swing from tree branches and its poisonous thorns cause paralysis
  • Poison Ivy Seeds: He uses shu on these seeds and throws them at this prey/enemies. When the seeds hit the target, they explode open and jungle vines shoot out and wrap around the target, binding them and causes rashes.

Gorilla Knight Brothers

Two gorilla knights that were raised from childhood in the arena by the Jelton hunters. They understand human speech and help out the arena hunters, ex. training other magical beasts, stop beasts from escaping or hurting the trainers, as well as training the hunters in combat. They fight in exhibition matches against any human challengers in 2v2 fights.
Bamboo Sabers (Enhancement): Both wield bamboo sticks, kinda like light sabers. One wields the bamboo pole as a spear using thrusting attacks and as a double saber (Darth Maul). While the other duel wields two bamboo sticks, like two swords. When they use shu on the bamboo, it grows longer like Goku’s Power Pole, so as they fight, they use its growth to throw off the enemy’s range perception. Also, as the bamboo breaks, they keep growing more.
They have mastered fighting together as a duo and use teamwork in both offense and defense. Against a single opponent, they are able to combo attacks, so their opponent never gets an opening, nor catch a break from their endless assault. Each guard one another and they will use each other’s bodies to jump or dodge away while they use their bamboo to block attacks. Against two opponents, they use their teamwork to isolate one opponent, like trip them, throw them towards the other gorilla, attack from above and below, etc. and then pummel that surrounded person into defeat. So any one small mistake in their opponent’s teamwork can cause them to become separated, surrounded, and defeated.


A race of dragon-like beastmen that have innate fire powers. They are native creatures of Ligau and are a tribal society living near the mountainous volcano part of the island. This trio have joined the Jelton Hunters as comrades. They use their fire powers to help clean out the Jelton Sewers of poisonous monsters (corpse rats, zombies, vampire bats, and slime flans) before they overflow and enter the streets and basements of the city.
  • Spear user: Emitter. With her flaming spear, each sweep leaves a trail of fire and each thrust shoots out a small blast of fire. She shoots her blasts of fire to keep the enemy away and if they get too close she creates trails of fire to block their path.
  • Sword and Shield user: Enhancer. Ignites his dragon-scaled sword and shield on fire. He stands out at the front ready to meet the threat head-on.
  • Shaman: Manipulator. Breaths fire and creates constructs made of pure fire: two fire birds that circle around her and a fire wolf ready to charge. He stays back and uses his two birds to protect him and uses the wolf to help his mates.

Naan, the Fiery Cyclone

She was born and raised in the port city of Jelton on Ligau Island, far to the east of Kakin or any habitable islands. Her father was a local hunter that fought and captured wild magical beasts to then be bought, fought, or even tamed at the Jelton Monster Arena. Tragically, he was killed before she was born in one of those hunting trips. So, Naan grew up with only without a father, but her mother raised her well and while growing up Naan did have some father figures to look up to which were her father’s drinking buddies and fellow hunters. So, she spent most of her youth at the Jelton Monster Arena and that’s where she learned the way of the hunt and how to fight. Now she’s in her mid-twenties and has made a name for herself as a great hunter and beast tamer.
Rinka Enreki-tō: Wrathful Skies (Conjuration) Naan conjures a metal boomerang blade. When Naan uses shu on the weapon, the air around it gathers and focuses around the blade’s edges. She uses this weapon for ranged and melee combat. Whenever she throws the weapon, she can at any time, reconjure the weapon back into her hand. Sub-abilities:
  • Fun with Tornadoes - When she spins and throws the boomerang, like a shot-put throw, the wind forms around the boomerang and creates a tornado. She can also spin the boomerang around herself like a hula-hoop and create a tornado around her.
  • Wind Shuriken – She again throws her boomerang, but with this ability the wind spins around the boomerang and forms into a sharp blade, like a destructo disk or wind shuriken. Its cutting edge has enough force to easily cut through trees, stone, walls, etc.
  • Dance of Knives –She spins her boomerang around, and the wind slashes out like knives. This is used in melee and mid-range combat.
General Strategy: Naan tries to stay on the move. When she throws her boomerang and as soon as it blasts off towards her target, she’s running off into her next move and formulating her next throw as she’s evaluating how her target responses and what hatsus they use. Usually she begins by throwing a quick boomerang attack at her opponent to see how they react, then she’ll throw a tornado boomerang and as the opponent is dodging that, she’ll throw a wind shuriken boomerang at them for the damaging blow. Another tactic of hers, depending on the battlefield, is where she’ll throw the boomerang out and create a tornado and then reconjures the weapon back to herself to then throw again and create more tornadoes, so the battlefield will be raging with multiple tornadoes spinning about as once the tornadoes are formed, they have a mind of their own and can last up to ten minutes. Then Naan will launch her wind shuriken for the grand finale killing blow.
Her close-to-mid range fighting style can be described as a dance. She uses her quick footwork to dash around her opponent as she spins her boomerang around herself while staying just out of reach of her opponent’s melee attacks. With each swipe of her boomerang, slashes of wind shoot out like knives (Dance of Knives). With the enemy being showered by the barrage of wind knives, Naan throws out a wind shuriken to cut her enemy in twain. If her opponent does get within striking distance, then she will spin her boomerang around herself, like a hula-hoop, and create a tornado around herself and fling back her enemy. While she’s in the eye of the tornado, she’ll jump up and uses the tornado’s wind current to leap high into the air where she can either begin her boomerang assault anew or run away.

Jin Kensai, the Sword Saint

As a young boy, he was an orphan in a street gang in Jelton. With the money he gathered from begging and stealing, he bought a sword and would practice emulating the great sword fighters from the Jelton Arena. As a teenager, he started fighting in the arena and became a skilled swordsman against both beasts and human fighters. He chooses to no other weapon than his sword. He has inscribed divine runes, based on each great beast or warrior he’s killed, onto his sword. He also has tattoos of those same runes on his body.
Light Wave Fighting Style (Enhancement): Through countless years of fighting and training with gorilla knights, he mastered his nen style. He focuses RYU, throughout the body to wherever his muscles are moving.
Secret Hatsu: He only uses this ability in a life or death situation. He keeps this hatsu secret to the public and only his close friends know about it from his sparring with them as he learned to master it.
Spirit Sword: Mind and Body Move as One (Emission and Transmutation): Jin uses Shu on his sword and attacks, slashes, thrusts. At the same time, a sword of nen materializes and attacks in the same motion as Jin’s sword but on his opposite side.

Jelton Monster Masks

Long ago, when Jelton was a tribal society, their shamans created a special ritual to bestow their warriors with animal powers. They take a monster’s face and fashion a mask out of it and empower it with their nen.
Mask of the howling moon: Transforms the user into a werewolf (Enhancement type). They gain increased str, spd, and regeneration.
  • Bad Hair Day: As the user takes damage, their body hair grows into a spiked body armor. They also begin to lose their mind and can go berserk from too much damage.
Mask of the blood thirst: Transforms into a bat beast humanoid (Manipulation type). Can only be used at night. They gain bat wings, night vision, and becomes impervious to most nen-less attacks.
  • Bloodsucker: The user sucks the blood out of their victims and gains their life force/nen. Plus they become mind-controlled until the next sunrise. These semi-vampires can suck other peoples’ blood to become impervious to most nen-less attacks.
Mask of mochi desserts: Body transforms into a slime-like metal ooze (Transmutation Type).
  • Magical Metal Ooze boy: Their whole body takes on the properties of metal ooze, like the liquid metal Terminator. Any physical attacks; blunt, piercing, or slashing, against their body is greatly reduced or negated, as their body quickly reforms to its original form. If a limb is cut off, they can grab it and reattach it to themselves. The user is able to change their shape to slide through holes, doors, etc.
submitted by aamarketer to HatsuVault [link] [comments]

2020.10.08 10:06 SardisSailphare [Share] My Collection Index (646GB)

Sharing my library. It's a mixed bag, from some truly atrocious quality to some hi-res titles. I don't have a huge online storage as I'll just be using the free Mega account (It just went down to 15GB from 50GB). Please comment on any specific titles you'd like me to upload and I'll reply with the link once uploaded.

-If there's no quality specified in [], then it's 16/44.1
-Sample rate is only listed when it's higher than 44.1/48
-[16 or 24] is 16-bit or 24-bit
-[When this # is 3 digits] Indicates MP3 and the number is kbps
-[96] MP3 at 96kbps, stay away from these. I told you it's a mixed bag lol

2 Chainz - Based on a T.R.U. Story
2 Pac - 2Pacalypse Now, Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ, Me Against the World, All Eyez on Me, Americaz Most Wanted
8 Mile Original Soundtrack
8Ball - Lost
21 Savage - Slaughter King [320], Savage Mode, Savage Mode II [24]
50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin', The Massacre
112 - 112, Room 112
A Boogie wit da Hoodie - The Bigger Artist [256], Artist 2.0 [24]
A Great Big World - Is There Anybody Out There? [320]
A$AP Ferg - Furious Ferg
A$AP Rocky - Live.Love. ASAP, Long. Live. ASAP
Aaryan Shah - In the Making, The Arrival: Part II [24]
Ace Hood [320] - Studio Album: Gutta, Ruthless, Blood Sweat and Tears, Trials & Tribulations
Mixtape: Ace Won't Fold, All Bets on Ace, Final Warning, Street Certified, The Preview, I Do It.. For the Sport, The Statement, Body Bag Vol.1, Sex Chronicles, The Statement 2, Body Bag Vol.2, Starvation, Starvation II

.hack_Sign OST 1+2 [320]
Castlevania - Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections Box
Curse of Darkness - Prelude of Revenge
Harmony of Despair
Lament of Innocence
Lament of Innocence Limited Edition Music Sampler
Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate
Symphony of the Night
Death Note OST 1+2+3 [320]
Detective Conan OST 3
Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite
Final Fantasy VII OST
Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy X
Gensomaden Saiyuki - OST, Single Collection
Guilty Gear X - Heavy Rock Tracks, Rising Force of Gear Image Vocal Tracks
Guilty Gear XX OST
Guilty Gear XX - Sound Alive/A.S.H.
Hikaru no Go - Theme Song Selection
Howl's Moving Castle - OST, Symphony Suite [320]
Hunter x Hunter - OST 1+2+3, The Last Mission
Joe Hisaishi - Dream Songs/The Essential Joe Hisaishi
Legend of Mana [320]
My-HiME - OST 1+2
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Single Collection
Noir - OST 1+2+3
Ragnarok Online Complete Soundtrack
Rurouni Kenshin - OST 1 [320], OST 2+3+4, CD BOX [320], Director's Collection, Premium Collection, Songs, The Best Theme Collection
Shaman King - Comics Image Album, Melody of the Spirits, Osorezan Revoir ~au revoir~, Osorezan Revoir ~prologue to shaman~, Single Vocal Album, Vocal on Parade!!
Slayers TRY Treasure BGM
Spirited Away [320]
The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time
Tsubasa Chronicle - OST 1+2+3+4
Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme Song Single Collection
Z.O.E. - Zone of the Enders, Anubis: Zone of the Enders
Zenki - Character Song Collection 2, OST 2 Raigou Shourin!!
軒轅劍三外傳:天之痕 - 三個人的時光
風色幻想 - 1+SP+2+3+4+5

Adam Ben Ezra - Discography
Adam Lambert - Trespassing
Adam Lopez - The Popera, Showstopper, Till the End of Time
Adele - 21
Afek-T - Les brumes
Agnes Obel - Philharmonics, Aventine, Citizen of Glass [24], Myopia [24]
Akon - Trouble
Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls [320], Sound & Color [192~320]
Alejandro Fernández - de noche - clasicos a mi manera, Confidencias [320]
Alicia Keys - Songs in A Minor
Aloe Blacc - Shine Through, Good Things, Lift Your Spirit
Amber Run - 5am [320], For a Moment I Was Lost [320]
Amy Winehouse - Frank [160~320], Back to Black [196~246], Lioness: Hidden Treasures [320]
Andrea Bocelli - Romanza, Verdi
Angra - Discography (1992 - 2010)[160~231, except Temple of Shadows in 16]
Anita Baker - Rhythm of Love
Anthony Ramos - The Freedom EP, The Good & The Bad
Ariana Grande - Discography (2013-2019)[24]
Arvo Part - Various works
Aurora - Discography (2015-2019)[24, except Infections of a Different Kind in 320]
AZ - Do or Die
Az Yet - Az Yet [320]
Babyface - The Day
Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel
Ballet Class Music [320]
Banks - Discography (2014-2019)[16~24]
Basso Profondo from Old Russia
Belly [320] - Another Day in Paradise, Inzombia, Mumble Rap
Beyoncé - 4, Beyoncé, Lemonade
Bilal - 1st Born Second
Bill Evans Trio [320] - Explorations, Sunday at the Village Vanguard, Waltz for Debby
Bill Withers - Lovely Day: The Very Best of Bill Withers
Billie Eilish - Discography
Birdy - Discography [320]
Bishop Briggs - EP [320], Church of Scars, Champions [24]
Black Hill - Discography (2014-2019)[16~24]
Stvannyr - Secrets of the runes 
Black Panther - Original Score [24], The Album [24], Wakanda Remixed [16]
Blindspotting - The Collins EP, The Miles EP
Bloom - Sinses
Blue - All Rise
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Creepin on ah Come Up EP
Brent Faiyaz - A.M. Paradox EP, Sonder Son, Lost EP, Fuck the World
Bruno Mars - Discography (2010-2016)
Busta Rhymes - The Coming
Call Me By Your Name OST
Camila Cabello - Romance
Cardi B - Gangsta Bitch Music Vol.1 [128], UnderEstimated - The Tour Album [128], GBMV2 [128], Invasion of Privacy
Carolina Eyck [320] - Theremin, Waves
Case - Open Letter
Céline Dion - All the Way.. A Decade of Song, Courage
Charlotte Cardin - Big Boy EP, Main Girl EP
Charlotte Cardinale - Florescentia
Chase Holfelder - Major to Minor (Vol. 1)
Chet Faker - Thinking in Textures, Built on Glass [320], Lockjaw
Childish Gambino - Camp, Because the Internet, 3.15.20
Chingy - Jackpot
Chloe x Halle [24] - Sugar Symphony EP, The Kids Are Alright, Ungodly Hour
Choral: Aliqua, Chor Leoni Men's Choir Discography, Christmas with The Princeton Singers, Rajaton (Boundless, Tarinoita), The Manitou Singers - Repertoire for Women's Voices, Vol. 2
Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera [320], Stripped, Back to Basics, Bionic, Lotus [320], Liberation [24]
Cirque du Soleil - Discography (1992-2015)[128~320, 3 albums in 16]
Clann - Kin Fables, Seelie

100 Great Symphonies
Bach - Selected Organ Works, The Famous Cantatas, The Six Motets
Beethoven - Complete String Quartets, Piano Sonata No.8 op.13 'Pathetique', Piano Sonata No.14 op.27 'Moonlight', Piano Sonata No.23 op.57 'Appassionata'
Brahms - Brahms on Life and Love, Requiem, Symphony No.1
Bruckner - Te Deum
Chopin Complete Piano Music [192]
Dvořák - Mass in D, Requiem, Symphony No.7+8+9
Fauré - Requiem
Glazunov - Violin Concerto in Am op.82
Grieg - Piano Concerto op.16 in Am
Liszt - 10 Hungarian Rhapsodies, Piano Works
Mendelssohn - Symphony No.4, Violin Concerto in Em
Mozart - Clarinet Concerto in A, Concerto in C for Flute, Harp, Orchestra, Horn Concerto No.4, Piano Concerto No.20, Piano Concerto No.21, Requiem
Paganini - Salvatore Accardo plays Paganini's Guarneri del Gesu 1742
Schubert - Piano Sonata No.14+19
Schumann - Piano Concerto op.54 in Am
Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto No.1, Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture, The Symphonies [192]
Verdi - Requiem
Vivaldi - Concerto in C for Violin and Double Orchestra, Concerto in D for Violin and Double Orchestra, The Four Seasons

clipping - CLPPNG [24], There Existed an Addiction to Blood
Coco OST
Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise
Corey Payette - Children of God, Les Filles du Roi
Craig David - Born to Do It
Curtis Clearsky and the Constellationz - Indigifunk
D12 - Devil's Night, D12 World
Daley - Those Who Wait [192], Days & Night [320], The Spectrum [320]
D'Angelo - Brown Suger, Black Messiah [24/96]
Darren Hayes - Spin
Daveed Diggs - Small THings to a Giant, Seven Nights in Chicago
David Morin - Every Colour
Deen Squad Mixtape 2015 [320]
Destino - Forte, Beginning Again
Destiny's Child - Destiny's Child, #1s
Disclosure - Caracal
DJ Danger Mouse - The Grey Album
DJ Drama - Quality Street Music 2
Dmitri Shostakovich - Symphony No.1+2+3+4+5+6+8+9+12+14+15, Violin Concerto No.1
DMX - It's Dark and Hell is Hot, Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, ...And Then There Was X
Dr. Dre - 2001, Compton
Drake - So Far Gone [192], Thank Me Later [205~280], Take Care [320], Nothing Was the Same [320], If You're Reading This It's Too Late
Dream Theater - Discography (1989-2019)[16~24/96]
Dream Warriors - Subliminal Simulation
Dru Hill - Dru Hill, Enter the Dru
Dumbfoundead - We Might Die [320], Inside/Outside [24]
Dylan Brady - All I Every Wanted [24], Choker [128], Dog Show [128]
Eagles - Discography (1972-1979)[24/192]
Eazy-E - It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa, Eternal E
Elijah Blake - Bijoux 22 [128], Drift [253~276], Shadows & Diamonds [320], Blueberry Vapors [320]
Eminem - The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, Encore
En Vogue - Funky Divas
ES Posthumus - Unearthed [320]
Evanescence - Discography (2003-2017)[16~24]
Fantastic Negrito [320] - The Last Days of Oakland, Please Don't Be Dead
Far East Movement - Free Wired
FKA Twigs - LP1, Magdalene
Flipsyde - Discography (2005-2012)[128~320]
Florence + the Machine - Discography (2009-2018)[16~24/96]
Flume - Skin [24]
For vance - From Muscle Shoals [24]
Frank Ocean - Discography (2011-2016)[16~24]
Frank Sinatra - Ultimate Sinatra
Frozen OST
Fugees - The Score
Future - Beast Mode [24], Future [24/96]
Gallant - Zebra [320]
Game of Thrones - S1-8 OST, Various Orchestra Albums, For the Throne
Ghost - Meliora [24]
Ginuwine - Ginuwine... The Bachelor, 100% Ginuwine
Gorillaz - Gorillaz [24], Demon Days [24], Plastic Beach [24], Humanz [24/96]
Grace VanderWaal [24] - Perfectly Imperfect, Just the Beginning
Guru - Jazzmatazz Vol. 1
GZA - Liquid Swords
Hamilton: An Americal Musical - Cast Recording, Hamildrops, Instrumentals, The Hamilton Mixtape
Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight [24/96], Inception [24][5.1], The Dark Knight Rises [24], Intersteller [24], The Classics [24/96]
Harry Potter OST
Hercules [192]
Higher Brothers - Black Cab, Five Stars
Hozier - Discography (2013-2019)[16~24]
Igorrr - Hallelujah [320]
Il Divo - Discography (2004-2018, except A Musical Affair)(320~16]
In tha Beginning... There Was Rap
Ingrid Michaelson - Discography (2005-2014)
J.S. Ondara - Tales of America (The Second Coming) [24/192], Folk n' Roll Vol.1: Tales of Isolation [24]
Jacques Loussier Trio - Vivaldi- The Four Seasons
James Blake - Discography (2011-2019)
James Vincent McMorrow [320] - Early in the Morning, Post Tropical
Janelle Monáe - Discography (2010-2018)[16~24], Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) EP
Janne - Meeting the Wolf EP
Jay-Z - Discography (1996-2017)[16~24]
Jeremy Dutcher - Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa [320]
Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? [24]
Jhené Aiko - Chilombo [24/96]
Jimi Hendrix - Experience Hendrix- The Best of Jimi Hendrix
JMSN [320] - Priscilla, Pllajë, JMSN
Joe - All That I Am, My Name is Joe
John Coltrane - Both Directions at Once/The Lost Album
John Legend - Discography (2005-2016)[320~16]
Jon Mcxro - The Fifth of Never [287~310]
José Tomás Molina - Discography (2014-2019)[16~24]
Josh Groban - Discography (2001-2015)[320, except Stages in 16]
Joss Stone - Introducing... Joss Stone
Juice OST
Justin Timberlake - Discography (2002-2013)[16~24]
k.d. lang - Ingénue, Invincible Summer
Kadebostany - Pop Collection, Monumental [24]
Kanye West - Discography (2003-2019)[320-24]
Kendrick Lamar - Discography (2011-2017)
Kerry Muzzey - Trailer Music 3, The Architect, Trailer Music 4: Neo
Kid Cudi - Discography (2008-2013)
Kiel Magis - Kiel Magis
Kieran Fearing - Reprieve
Kieran Martin Murphy - The Painter's Hand, Theatrics

DJ Doc - 4th Album
eAeon - Guilt-Free
H.O.T. - We hate all kinds of violence, I yah!, Age of Peace OST, Outside Castle, The Best
Rain - First Drop
Shinhwa - First Mythology, My Choice, Wedding

k-os - Exit, Joyful Rebellion, Atlantis: Hymns for Disco
Krizz Kaliko - Son of Same [239~270], Go [320]
Kwabs [157~246] - Wrong or Right, Pray for Love, Walk
La La Land - The Complete Musical Experience [24]
La Quinta Estación - Sin Frenos [192]
Ladysmith Black Mambazo [192~257] - The Very Best of
Lana Del Rey - Discography (2012-2019)[16~24]
Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Le Flow - The Definitive French Hip Hop Compilation
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares - Vol.1+2 [320]
Le mystère des voix Corses - les plus belles polyphonies [320]
Led Zeppelin - Discography (1969-1982), Remasters [24/96]
Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits
Leonard Cohen - The Future
Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien - The High Road to Kilkenny
Leslie Odom Jr. - Leslie Odom Jr. [24], Mr.
Lhasa de Sela - La Llorona [320]
Lil Dicky - Hump Days [256], So Hard [320], Professional Rapper [128]
Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake
Linkin Park - Discography (2000-2017)[16~24/96]
Lionel Richie - Back to Front
Loïc Nottet - Selfocracy [320]
London Grammar - If You Wait [24/96], This is a Beautiful Thing [24]
LP - Lost on You [320]
Ludacris - Chicken-Beer, Release Therapy
Ludovico Einaudi - Echoes: The Einaudi Collection, Divenire [320], Nightbook, Islands: Essential Einaudi [320], Elements [320], Seven Days Walking [24]
Luniz - Operation Stackola
Mac Miller - Circles [24]
Madredeus - Various albums (1987-2005)[128~320]
MAGIC! - Don't Kill the Magic [320]
Maksim - Discography (1999-2010)[320, except 2 albums in 16]

5566 - 1st Album
Energy - E3, 無懈可擊, 米迦勒之舞
F4 - 煙火的季節
IPIS 蟑螂 - 第四蟑
RuRu - 美麗心情
S.H.E. - 青春株式會社, 美麗新世界, Together
不能說的秘密 OST [148~224]
伍佰 - 夢的河流, 冬之火 九重天演唱會特選錄音專輯
伍思凱 - 分享
南拳媽媽 - 南拳媽媽的夏天
周杰倫 - Discography (2000-2004)[16 except 同名專輯 in 320]
宋岳庭 - Life's a Struggle
張信哲 - 精選, 從開始到現在
張學友 - 走過1999, 張學友音樂之旅Live演唱會
張智成 - 凌晨三點鐘
張衛健 - 齊天大聖孫悟空
徐婕兒 - 愛之初
戴佩妮 - 怎樣
林俊傑 - 樂行者, 第二天堂
海豚灣戀人 OST
王心凌 - Begin...
臥虎藏龍 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) OST
范逸臣 - 同名專輯
蔡依林 - 看我72變, 城堡
薔薇之戀 OST
許慧欣 - 孤單芭蕾, 幸福
謝霆鋒 - VIVA, 了解, Viva Live 謝霆鋒演唱會
郭富城 - 目眩城迷 全精選
陳冠希 - Edison Chen
陳小春 - 抱一抱, That's Mine

Mandido - Time on Our Hands
Marc Anthony - Discography (1993-2013)[320]
Marian Hill - Act One [24], Unusual
Mario Frangoulis - Various Albums (1998-2014)[128~320]
Marques Houston - MH
Mase - Harlem World
Master P - Ghetto D
Max Richter - Discography (2002-2020)[16~24/96]
MC 900 ft. Jesus - Welcome to My Dream, Open Step Ahead of the Spider
Meek Mill - Dreams Worth More Than Money [24], Championships
Metallica - Discography (Remastered)(1983-2020)[24]
Metro Boomin - Not All Heroes Wear Capes [320]
Miah Luz - The Coming LP
Michael Bolton - Only a Woman Like You [320]
Michael Bublé - Discography (1995-2013)[96~320]
Michael Conway Baker - Four Musical Portraits
Michael Jackson - Discography (1972-2014)[320 except Invincible in 16]
Migos - Discography (2015-2018)[209~24]
Miguel - Discography (2010-2017)[16~24]
Miles Davis - Birth of the Cool [24/192], Bitches Brew [24/88], Kind of Blue
Mirah - Discography (1997-2009)[198~256]
Misha Mishenko - Discography (2016-2019)
Missy Elliott - Under Construction
Moana OST
Mobb Deep - The Infamous
Mos Def - Black on Both Sides, The Ecstatic
Moulin Rouge! OST
Muddy Waters - Anthology
Muse - Origin of Symmetry [24/96], Absolution [24/96], The 2nd Law [24/96], Simulation Theory, Drones [24/96]
Musical Theatre - Various Musical Cast Recordings (1934-2017)[170~202, except Come From Away and Hamilton in 16]
Nahko - Dark as Night, On the Verge, Hoka [320], My Name is Bear [320]
Namie Amuro - Break the Rules, Genius 2000
Nas - Illmatic, It Was Written, Stillmatic, God's Son, The Lost Tapes, Street's Disciple, Life is Good
Naturally 7 - Discography (2000-2015)
Naughty by Nature - 19 Naughty III
Nav - Good Intentions [24]
Ne-Yo - Discography (2006-2012)[320~16]
Night Lovell - Discography (2014-2019)[320]
Nina Simone - The Essential of Nina Simone [24/96]
Nipsey Hussle - Crenshaw, Victory Lap
Niykee Heaton - Bad Intentions, The Bedroom Tour Playlist
Norah Jones - Come Away with Me, Feels Like Home, Not Too Late, Pick Me Up Off the Floor [24/96]
Notre-Dame de Paris (Musical) Cast Recording
Obie Trice - Cheers
October London - Discography (2016-2018)[320]
Omar LinX - A Cold Welcome [320], City of Ommz [320], The Living Dead EP [128], Victor [320], M.O.R [320]
Omarion - O, 21, Ollusion
Once OST [96]
Onegin (Musical)
Opera Babes - Beyond Imagination
P. Diddy - No Way Out, The Saga Continues...
PartyNextDoor - PX3
Pentatonix - Various albums [128~320]
Peter Gundry - Discography (2016-2019)[16~24]
Pharrell - Girl [24]
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon [24/88][DSD64], Pulse
Playboi Carti - Die Lit
PNL - Deux frères [320]
Portishead - Discography (1994-2008)
Post Malone - Discography (2016-2019)[16~24/88]
Prince - Discography (1978-2019)
Pusha T - Daytona [24]
Putomayo - World Reggae, Asian Lounge
Quavo - Quavo Huncho [320]
Queen - Greatest Hits
Rae Sremmurd [320] - SremmLife, SremmLife 2
Raincity - Tell Me, Stuck on Replay, Raincity EP
Raleigh Ritchie - You're a Man Now, Boy [320]
Rick Ross - Discography (2006-2017)
Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin, Música + Alma + Sexo [192]
Rihanna - Discography (2005-2016)
Rockapella - 2
Roscoe Dash - J.U.I.C.E. [320], Dash Effect [160]
ROSK - remnants
Ruelle - Up in Flames, Madness, Rival, Emerge, Ode to Shadows, Earth Glow, Exodus
Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 2, RTJ3 Instrumentals [24/96]
Sade - The Best of Sade
Sam Cooke - Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964
Sam Smith - Discography (2014-2017)
Sandra van Nieuwland [320] - And More, Banging on the Doors of Love
Santino Le Saint - Cloud 304, Xeno, Blue Pill [24], Rage of Angels
Sara Bareilles - Discography (2007-2015)[320, except What's Inside - Songs from Waitess in 24]
Scorpions - Discography (1972-2015)
Scott Leonard - 1man1mike
Sevdaliza - Discography (2017-2020)
Shai - If I Ever Fall in Love [128]
Sia - Discography (1997-2017)[16, except OnlySee + Healing is Difficult in M4A260, This is Acting in 24/96]
Sigur Rós - Discography (1997-2013)
Snoop Dogg - The Doggfather, Tha Last Meal, R&G (Rhythm&Gangsta): The Masterpiece, The Blue Carpet Treatment
Solange - A Seat at the Table
Southern Journey - Bad Man Ballads (Songs of Outlaws and Desperadoes, Vol. 5)
Stacey [128] - Stacey, Stacey (Reconstruction), First Move
Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection
Stromae - Cheese [256], Racine carrée [24]
Sun Kil Moon - Discography (2003-2017)[320, except Benji + Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood in 16]
Swollen Members - Bad Dreams
SWV - It's About Time
System of a Down - Discography (1998-2005)[16~24/96]
SZA - Ctrl
T.I. - Trouble Man Heavy is the Head
Tamia - Tamia
Taylor Swift - folklore [24]
Tech N9ne - Discography (1999-2013)[192~320], The Storm, Enterfear
TGT - Three Kings
The Beatles - Discography (1963-2009)
The Carters - Everything is Love
The Chorus OST
The Chronicles of Narnia OST
The Cinematic Orchestra [320] - Every Day, Man with a Movie Camera, Ma Fleur, To Believe
The Game - The Documentary, Jesus Piece [320], Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf [320], The Documentary 2+2.5 [320]
The Godfather I+II+III OST [320]
The Great Gatsby OST
The Great Tenors - Vol.1+2, In Concert
The Lion King - Complete Score [128], Return to Pride Rock [128]
The Lord of the Rings OST [24]
The Lumineers - Cleopatra [24/96], C-Sides [24], Live Tracks [24], III [24]
The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die, Life After Death, Born Again
The Nutcracker (Ballet) [24/96]
The Pink Panther OST [320]
The Savannah Leigh Band - City of Grey
The Tango Project - The Tango Project
The Tenors - Discography (2008-2015)[156~254, except Under One Sky in 16]
The Tony Rich Project - Words
The Weeknd - Discography (2012-2020)[16~24/192]
The xx - Discography (2009-2017)[320, except I See You in 16]
Three 6 Mafia - Most Known Unknown
Timbaland - Shock Value
Tinie Tempah - Demonstration [320]
Toni Braxton - Toni Braxton, Secrets
Tony Bennett - The Essential Tony Bennett, a wonderful world (with k.d. lang), The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection, Duets II [320], Tony Bennett Celebrates 90
Tory Lanez - Discography (2010-2020, except Daystar)[160~320, except Chixtape 5 + The New Toronto 3 in 24]
T-Pain - Discography (2005-2012)[192~16]
Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman
Travis Garland - Discography (2011-2015)[160~320, except Travis Garland in 16]
Travis Scott - Discography (2015-2018)[24~24/88]
Trey Songz [320] - Trey Day, Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Chapter V, Back Home [24]
TroyBoi - icekream [128~320], SoundSnobz [128~320], Left is Right [128], V!BEZ [128], V!BEZ, Vol.3
Tsar B - The Games I Played [320]
Tyga - Discography (2008-2016)[320], Legendary
Tyrese - I Wanna Go There
UltraVillain - Lost in You [320]
Ulvesang - Ulvesang [24], The Hunt
Unity: Athens 2004 (Olympic Games Album)
Usher - Discography (1994-2018)[16~24]
Van Morrison - Moondance
Vitas - Discography (2001-2009)[128~256, except A Kiss as Long as Eternity+20th Century Hits in 16]
Waka Flocka Flame - Flockaveli
Whitney - Light Upon the Lake
Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston
Wisin & Yandel - Discography (2000-2012)[320]
Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz [320], various songs [320]
Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - 2009 [24]
Wyclef Jean - Carnival, Vol. II- Memoirs of an Immigrant
X Japan - Discoraphy (1988-2017)[16~24/96]
XXXTentacion - Revenge [320], 17 [24/192], ? [320]
Xzibit - Restless
Yann Tiersen - Discography (1995-2003)[96~160], Portrait [24/96]
YG - My Krazy Life, Still Brazy, My Life 4Hunnid [24]
Young Bleed - My Balls and My Word
Young Buck - Buck the World
Young Thug - Barter 6 [320], Slime Season [24], Slime Season 2 [320], I'm Up [320], Slime Season 3 [320], Jeffery [320], So Much Fun
Yuki Kajiura - Discography (includes side projects: FictionJunction/YUUKA, Kalafina)(Anime soundtracks 1996-2018)
Yuna - Chapters [320]
Zed Yun Pavarotti - French Cash [320]
Zeina [320] - Odd One Out, various singles
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2020.10.06 08:22 Gamesfreak13563 An important public bulletin: Just say NO.

The menace is in our schools, on our playgrounds, and in our communities. It's dangerous, deadly, and worst of all, you might not even know it's happening to you until it's too late. When it shows up on your table, just say no.

[[Razia, Boros Archangel]] {4}{R}{R}{W}{W}
Legendary Creature — Angel
Flying, vigilance, haste
{T}: The next 3 damage that would be dealt to target creature you control this turn is dealt to another target creature instead.

Say no to hitting yourself. Say no, so that your loved ones don't have to ask why.

In The Arms Of An Angel

Hi, I'm GamesfreakSA. She has many street names: Knuckle Sandwich, Hertz Donut, Hawaiian Punch, Pound Cake, Kit Fisto. She's an angel of death as deadly as she is seductive. She's Razia, Boros Archangel, and every day, she pressures innocent Commander players into hitting themselves.
Razia, Boros Archangel is an eight mana 6/3 with flying, vigilance, and haste. She can also tap to redirect the next 3 damage that would be dealt to a creature on her side to another creature. This drug is more hardcore than other abilities you may have heard of, because it costs no mana and she doesn't even have to redirect the damage to a white creature on her team.
Deal with the real. Get the facts about Razia so you can protect yourself and the children. Learn her plan:

Hit Me Up

It might seem like harmless fun, but remember, hitting yourself can and will kill. Anybody that asks you to take a hit is not your friend. These creatures lash out, dealing damage when they take damage:
Remember, Razia's ability can redirect damage her minions, effectively redirecting it to you. Don't hit that; it's just not worth it.

I Learned It From Watching You

Razia may seem like the cool kid on the block, but like Wizards of the Coast, she'll stop at nothing to push product. If you won't hit yourself yourself, these damage redirection effects will have Razia herself hitting yourself:

I Feel Better Than I Have In Twenty Years

Why are players hitting themselves? The dopamine rush from hitting yourself can make you feel on top of the world, distracting you from the reality of living a pointless life as a cog in a capitalist machine. These cards grant creatures indestructible so they can keep hitting themselves.

Going to Hell Before You Die

Now that you know all about Razia and have figured out why you're hitting yourself, it's time to learn what can happen if this menace stays around. The consequences will blow your mind:

Stay Safe

When Razia comes to town, you need to be ready, vigilant, and watchful, because like the Billboard Top 100, she's carrying some big hits. At only $50, decks helmed by her are scary for the price. Now that you've gotten the facts, you're ready to face the world ahead of you. D.A.R.E to resist drugs and violence, my friends. Now if you excuse me, I need to get back to cracking packs. I'm in box 6 and I can smell that foil Lithoform Engine.

The Whole Hit And Kaboodle

Previous Articles
Hua Tuo, Honored Physician
Ramses Overdark
Gabriel Angelfire
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2020.09.28 12:22 BungaTerung We just published our first chapter of our Webcomic Bunga Terung

We just published our first chapter of our Webcomic Bunga Terung
If you like this, the rest can be found on Webtoons: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/bunga-terung/galangs-awakening-chapter-1/viewer?title_no=512429&episode_no=1
It is a story about Shamans in Indonesia during the Indonesian war for Independence. Major themes are tribal traditions, spirituality and ambiguity of allegiance. More info about the world we are building is on www.bungaterung.com
I am partly responsible for the research, screenwriting and storyboarding of this work. I would love to know what ppl think.
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2020.09.16 14:00 cincbus Introducing: The Norwegian Royal Family

Royal Family Instagram https://www.instagram.com/detnorskekongehus/
Crown Princess Mette Marit Instagram https://www.instagram.com/crownprincessmm/?hl=en
Princess Martha Louise Instagram https://www.instagram.com/princessmarthalouise/
Princess Martha Louise Instagram #2 https://www.instagram.com/iam_marthalouise/ (I believe she was asked to no longer use the Princess title)
King Harald V (b. 1937)
Ascended the throne in 1991 after the death of his father, King Olav V. He was the third child of the King, however his older siblings were both females. At the time of his birth he was 16th in line to the British throne as a descendant of Queen Victoria. He spent part of his childhood in Sweden and the US after his family went into exile during WW2.
Harald has executive power granted to him by the constitution, however he is not politically responsible for exercising it. His acts must be countersigned with a member of the Council of State (generally the Prime Minister). He also has the power of veto, however no Norwegian King has exercised it since the dissolution of union of Sweden in 1905.
Interesting Facts:
Represented Sweden in the 1964, 1968, and 1972 Olympic Games in the sport of sailing.
Marriage: Harald married commoner Sonja Haraldsen in 1968. They dated (in secret!) for 9 years prior because his father, King Olav, would not allow him to marry a commoner. Olav only relented when Harald told him he would remain unmarried for his lifetime unless he was allowed to marry Sonja. They met at a dinner party.
See photos from their wedding here:.
As part of his official visit to Washington and Alaska in May, His Majesty King Harald V of Norway spoke at Pacific Lutheran University’s Commencement ceremony, where he received a Doctor of Laws jure dignitatis.
Gave a speech that publicly supported LGTBQ+
Queen Sonja (b. 1937)
Born to a clothing merchant in Oslo. She received a diploma in dressmaking and tailoring as well as a degree from finishing school. She also attended the University of Oslo receiving a degree in French, English, and Art History.
One of my favorite photos of the Queen at age 33.
A fun article on Sonja and her love of art
Listen to an interview with Sonja (in English)
Crown Prince Haakon (b. 1973)
CP Haakon is heir apparent to the throne of Norway although he has an older sister, Princess Martha Louise. He has served in the Royal Norwegian Navy, attended classes at the University of Oslo, and completed his education in development studies at the London School of Economics.
Married Crown Princess Mette-Marit, a commoner, in 2001. Then a single mother, Mette-Marit had a known “party” background that included involvement in the rave scene in Oslo, which included a significant drug-subculture. Additionally, the father of her child, Marius, had prior convictions of drug-related offenses.
The Norwegian people were unhappy with CP Haakon’s choice of bride. Many Norwegian conservatives were also upset with the pair when it was made public that they were living together before their marriage. In a heartfelt press conference before their wedding, a tearful Mette-Marit explained her past and apologized for her youthful rebelliousness.
Quotes from her press conference:
“My youthful rebellion went further than it did for others, and I learnt some hard lessons.” The single mother has what has been described as “a colourful past in Oslo’s famously drug-ridden ‘house party’ scene.”
“We tested the limits. It has taken time for me to deal with this. I know it has been difficult for many people. It has been difficult for me. But I can’t make those choices over again, even if I could wish that that were possible.”
The Crown Prince told the assembled media that the Royal Family had spent time discussing how the questions around his future wife’s past should be dealt with before she brought up the issue herself. “What we shared was so important that I could not let it go,” said the heir to the Norwegian throne about his decision to marry Mette-Marit. “I think that together we are stronger than I am by myself.”
The couple also talked about how both of their mothers were giving lots of marriage advice, and about Mette-Marit’s four-year-old son Marius, who will be a page boy at Saturday’s nuptials. “I think he thinks that he is getting married as well,” commented his mother fondly.
See photos from their wedding (including some of your other favorite royals!) here.
Watch their wedding: Mette-Marit appeared to weep throughout much of their wedding.
Watch a speech from Haakon (in English!)
Crown Princess Mette-Marit (b. 1973)
Mette-Marit was born in Norway. Her father was a reported alcoholic who, once his daughter’s relationship with the Crown Prince was public, was paid up to $45,000 USD annually by a magazine to share private information and photos of his daughter. His relationship with MM was strained, however they reportedly reconciled sometime before his death in 2007.
She completed her high school education before taking preparatory college courses at Agder College. She then worked as a waitress in Oslo before meeting the Crown Prince at a party during Quart Festival, Norway’s largest music festival. Years later, after becoming a single mother, she met Haakon again and their relationship began. Since becoming Crown Princess, MM has taken several college course and completed a master’s degree in Executive Management.
In 2018 it was announced that MM had been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, which will limit her official duties.
Watch a speech (in English) from MM.
Princess Ingrid Alexandra (b. 2004)
The Constitution of Norway was altered in 1990 to introduce absolute primogeniture, meaning the crown will pass to the eldest child regardless of sex. It was not considered retroactive, however, thus Crown Prince Haakon remains the heir ahead of his elder sister Martha Louise. As a result, Princess Ingrid Alexandra will become the country’s second female monarch behind Queen Margaret, who reigned over Norway, Denmark, and Sweden from 1380-1412.
Her godparents include Crown Prince Fred of Denmark, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, and the King of Spain. She was a bridesmaid in Victoria’s wedding – see a photo of her and fellow future queen Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands here.
Ingrid is second in line to the throne behind her Father, Crown Prince Haakon.
Prince Sverre Magnus (b. 2005)
Known for dabbing on the royal balcony.
He was confirmed in Asker church earlier this month.
Marius Borg Hoiby (b. 1997)
Marius is the son of CP Mette Marit from a prior relationship. Marius is not a working member of the royal family. He does not hold a title and does not appear in official portraits.
On January 10, 2017 (shortly before his 20th birthday), Crown Princess Mette-Marit posted an open letter on the royal family's website, asking the press to let her son get peace, as he is not a public person or wants a life in the public light. "Marius does not want to live a life in public. My commitment to him as a mother is to take the responsibility that was given me at Aker Hospital 20 years ago seriously,” she wrote, before asking some Norwegian media to let him drop from their radar “as he wants, when he now partly for that reason chose to go abroad to study.”
You can follow him on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/marius_borg/?hl=en
Princess Martha Louise (b. 1971)
Princess Martha Louise is the eldest child of the King and Queen, however due to Norway’s then-agnatic primogeniture rules she was replaced in the line of succession by her younger brother, Haakon.
Princess Märtha Louise is a certified physiotherapist following education in Oslo and internship in the Netherlands. She has not practiced her profession, however, choosing instead, from her fascination in traditional Norwegian folk tales as well as a love of music, to establish her own commercial entertainment business based on giving public and televised performances reciting folk tales and singing with well-known Norwegian choirs.
After studying physiotherapy at an academy for holistic medicine, she decided to open her own business in 2002. The King, after consulting her, issued a royal edict which removed Princess Märtha Louise's style of Royal Highness (she is conventionally accorded the lesser style Highness abroad, although this style has no legal standing in Norway), in order to provide her freedom from her constitutional role as a princess.
She claims she can communicate with animals and angels and started an alternative therapy center named Astarte Education. Founded as Astarte Education in 2007 and dubbed an “angel school,” the company changed its name to “Soulspring” three years ago. The school offered classes in “healing, reading and touching,” and various treatments and therapies aimed at teaching clients “how to find yourself.” The school closed in 2018 due to financial issues.
Marriage: Married commoner Ari Behn, an author, in 2002 and they divorced in 2017. He passed away from suicide last year. Together they have 3 children:
Maud Angelica Behn (b. 2003)
Leah Isadora Behn (b. 2005)
Emma Tallulah Behn (b. 2008)
See photos from their wedding here.
Current Relationship: Is in a relationship with an American citizen, a shaman named Durek Verrett. Durek claims to be able to aid in the recovery from illnesses such as cancer and leukemia, however faces a lot of scrutiny from the Norwegian public, often being called a “conman”.
You can read more about him here.
Read more about their relationship here.
Durek and Martha Louise now hold seminars and workshops in Norway titled “The Princess and the Shaman”, which promise to take attendees “on a self-discovery into wisdoms to reveal to you your divine self activated”.
HH Princess Astrid (b. 1932)
Sister to the King. After the death of their mother died, Astried (then 22) was the senior lady of the court and acted as first lady of Norway for her father.
Like her brother, Astrid married a commoner. They had five children together and he passed away in 2015. You can read about their wedding here.
The Princess still takes on some official duties on behalf of the Royal Family. According to one article I read, she is well-liked by the Norwegian people and considered to be funny, friendly, and unpretentious.
Interesting Fact: One of her godmothers is Queen Elizabeth of England.
Like their Swedish counterparts, the Norwegians play a role in the Nobel ceremonies. The Peace Prize is handed out in Oslo in the presence of the monarch, however it is a much more muted affair than the Swedes. No tiaras are at this event ☹
The Norwegians have an interesting collection of tiaras at their disposal. Check out their collection here: http://www.thecourtjeweller.com/2016/01/sunday-sparkler-special-norwegian-royal.html
Royal Family v Royal House
The Norwegians have a clear distinction between the two. The Royal House (kongeheset) is the King and Queen, CP Haakon and CP Mette Marit, and their daughter, Ingrid Alexandra.
The Royal Family includes all of the monarch’s children and their spouses, grandchildren, and siblings.
See a photo of the family here: https://images.app.goo.gl/sLb4xJzqreemMyfV6
Have anything to add? Want to add your favorite photo or event? Feel free to do so in the comments :)
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2020.09.12 19:34 steve_man_64 Zendikar Rising HOT TAKES

Archpriest of Iona
A decent grow 1-drop aggro creature. There are a good amount of warriors / wizards / rogues in other colors. If this can consistently be a 2/3, that would put it above a lot of other similar creatures. I don’t think this is the Kird Ape we’re looking for, but it’s one to keep an eye if we reach a critical mass of party rockers for cube.
Fearless Fledgling
Strictly better white Vinelasher Kudzu. Vineleasher Kudzu was decent when I played it, but I specifically remember replacing it with Sylvan Advocate and never looked back. Gaining flying on the landfall trigger is a pretty good upgrade, but the competition is too steep for Vinelasher Kudzu’s in 2020, IMO.
Luminarch Aspirant
Speaking of Vinelasher Kudzu, I feel like Luminarch Aspirant is everything it and Fearless Fledgling want to be. Starting off as a 2/2 and being able to grow itself or other creatures regardless of landfall is big game. The fact that it’s a 3/3 by itself on its first attack that grows over time makes this a solid aggressive 2-drop by itself, and a good roleplayer if you support any +1/+1 counters matters cards.
Archon of Emereia
Flying love child of Thalia, Heretic Cathar and Eidolon of Rhetoric. This is a good storm hoser, but I personally don’t think you really need to go out of your way to hate on it. The first ability being symmetrical can hurt an aggro deck where you would play this. Personally I think Kinjali Sunwing is better in an aggro deck. While it doesn’t have on storm, 3-cmc Thalia’s / Sunwing’s makes it hard to put up a defense against aggro, and it also really hampers down on Kiki-Twin / Sneak Attack. Unless you’re really looking for a storm hoser, I think Archon of Emereia is pretty passable.
Skyclave Apparition
Interesting Fairgrounds Warden / Oblivion Ring hybrid variant. Hitting 4-cmc or less non-land permanents does hit a majority of things that Oblivion Ring would’ve hit anyways, and the fact that the targets become permanently exiled is really nice. The replacement being an X/X blue illusion creature token can be for better or for worse in some scenarios, but a majority of the time I’d imagine it’d be better. I think this is a decent card, but the lack of flying and the competition for this effect leaves me wanting more.
Emeria’s Call // Emeria, Shattered Skyclave
The first mythic modal dual faced card (MDFC). I view the mythic MDFCs are 3 modes: bolt land, tapped land, and spell. While the mythic MDFCs are technically universally playable, I probably wouldn’t slot this in an aggro deck. That being said, this is quite the control finisher, is obtainable for midrange and ramp, and extra Moat support is always welcome. IMO this is a modern version of Eternal Dragon, but being able to slot this as a land and increase your spell density is much better than cycling overall, while still being able to ETB untapped. Being able to Mystical Tutor for these types of cards in case you’re really desperate for a land is also an option to consider. I’ve definitely Vampiric Demonic Tutored for a land a good amount of times, so having that new trick up Mystical Tutor’s sleeve will probably happen more times than you’d think.
Ondu Inversion
Modal Planar Cleansing for 8 mana. Not only is 8 mana really expensive, but Planar Cleansing really isn’t a good effect for control because you can't break the symmetry without something like Reveillark / Selfless Spirit (which aren’t the greatest control cards anyways). Can’t imagine wanting to play this over Akroma’s Vengeance, which is much more castable and can be built around more easily.
Jwari Disruption // Jwari Ruins
Censor variant that replaces cycling U for being a tapped blue land. I think this card is pretty decent, but also one of the more awkward MDFCs because both modes are good early and bad late. That being said, it’s still fairly flexible. I think it’s about on par with Censor, depending on what’s more valuable to you being the deciding factor. If you’re not already playing Censor, I think this is passable, but a decent contender as a replacement to Censor or to be played alongside it.
Maddening Cacophony
If you support mill, this seems like a slam dunk. What’s funny is that there will be a good amount of times where kicker will make this spell less potent.
Thieving Skydiver
Probably the best blue tempo flying 2-drop creature for powered cubes? 2U steals any Moxen / Sol Ring / Mana Crypt / Mana Vault / Skullclamp / artifact token, and 3U lets you steal most other mana rocks / Jitte, all which can be a huge tempo loss for your opponent. Being able to attach any equipment she steals can be backbreaking, especially any sword that gives her relevant protection / Batterskull / Jitte, or just cash her in immediately to Skullclamp. Honestly there isn’t anything not to like about Thieving Skydiver other than the competition in blue. Personally I don’t run a powered cube and I don’t explicitly support blue tempo, so she’ll probably be on the outside looking into my cube. If you do support blue tempo and are powered, this can easily replace whatever your weakest 2-cmc blue tempo creature is.
Jace, Mirror Mage
Innovative take on OG Jace Beleren. It’s pretty cool to see kicker on a planeswalker. Jace, Mirror Mage seems to be a hybrid of Jace Beleren with the modality of Mulldrifter and sharing very similar abilities with Nissa, Steward of Elements.
Unkicked, there’s a decent chance that Jace can just kill itself off its draw ability. Having played with UG Nissa a lot, Jace’s abilities don’t go together as well as you’d think (without a clone) because in order to perfectly control the draw ability with the Scry 2 ability, you MUST keep the top two cards on top of your library, otherwise you’re just going to draw into the one card you kept or draw an unknown card.
Luckily, Jace having kicker that creates a copy of himself starting at 1 loyalty means that you have more control over what you draw. I’d imagine most scenarios will involve alternating between the two different abilities, but there are definitely situations where you need to double scry in order to find a specific card by next turn, or to double draw in order to dig for a specific card right now.
I think Jace, Mirror Mage is pretty interchangeable with OG Jace Beleren / Narset, Parter of Veils for the 3-cmc value planeswalker slot. Cube composition can really affect one’s viability over the other. Powered cubes with storm / draw 7s will favor Narset, but I don’t think you can go wrong with either Beleren / Mirror Mage in most scenarios.
Merfolk Windrobber
Can’t say I remember every variant of Flying Men, but I’m assuming this might be one of the better ones?
Sea Gate Stormcaller
This feels like a repurposed Snapcaster Mage + Twincast hybrid that leaves out the best parts of either card. It lacks Snapcaster’s flash and ability to re-cast previous spells, plus Twincast’s ability to target any instant / sorcery regardless of mana cost or owner. Not being reactive for a counterspell war is a huge loss of functionality compared to Snapcaster Mage / Twincast. Kicker is cool, but you’ve probably already used up your cheaper spells by the time you hit 8 mana.
While the ceiling of copying Ancestral Recall / Time Walk / Demonic Tutor is pretty achievable, there’s also a very good chance you’ll want to fire off those spells before turn 3 or 4 when given the chance, not to mention Fork / Twincast can already do those things plus much more. Personally I think this is the trap of the set due to the allure of copying previously mentioned broken spells. While this is definitely one of the better cards I’ve declared as trap of the set (see Electrodominance) since it probably has a decent average case scenario, the fact that Fork // Twincast see play in few cubes makes me think that a generally worse variant will be on many cube manager’s chopping blocks in the foreseeable future.
Glasspool Mimic
Modal Mirror Image. Clone effects can be powerful, but only hitting your own creatures is quite restrictive. Blue creature based decks can utilize this pretty well, doubling up on True-Name Nemesis is always a good time. I think this is a good card since Clones have such high ceilings, but I can a good amount of people not willing to make a cut in blue for a one-sided Clone effect.
Silundi’s Vision // Silundi’s Island
A more expensive / narrow version Impulse, but it’s also a land! While digging 6 cards deep is cool, being limited to instants and sorceries is rough even for a spell heavy deck. Even if you do have a good critical mass, there’s a good chance a bulk of those spells will be just another cantrip. I think this would be one of the better MDFC cards if it was a straight up Impulse or Narset variant that can grab a non-land / non-creature spell. As is I think this is too narrow unless you REALLY love supporting spells matters.
Sea Gate Restoration // Sea Gate, Reborn
The blue mythic MDFC land. While it has the flexibility of the other mythic MDFCs, the actual spell half isn’t as consistent / strong, IMO. If you have access to 7 mana, odds are you have 3 or less cards in your hand, or you’re already winning the game. Playing this for 1-2 cards feels really bad, but the primary mode being a land means the opportunity cost is low. Unlike the other mythic MDFCs, this one actually has really close analogies in Hieroglyphic Illumination / Boon of the Wish-Giver / Castle Vantress. While I generally agree with the thought process of being a MDFC land is a greater benefit than having cycling, I think it’s a case by case basis and there are possible exceptions to the rule.
Specifically focusing on Hieroglyphic Illumination. While I do believe being a land outweighs the cycling, I also think that being able to cast it at instant speed by turn 3 or 4 is much more beneficial overall than the hardcasting Sea Gate Restoration at sorcery speed due to the much higher frequency you’d actually be able to cast Hieroglyphic Illumination. While being a land is awesome, I do think cycling + a more castable instant draw spell is better than land / expensive sorcery with no guaranteed number of cards that it will draw. I definitely can be wrong here since MDFC cards are unprecedented. I might test this one for the sake of testing it, but I can comfortably say that this is by far my least favorite of the cycle, and the only one I have a feeling that won’t survive in my cube in the long term.
Bloodchief’s Thirst
Fatal Push x Hero’s Downfall hybrid. While this card would be one of the best black removal spells if it were an instant, it’s still pretty damn good as a sorcery. 1 mana to destroy a small creature is a great rate, and having the option to upgrade that to a Hero’s Downfall for 3B is really flexible. I like this more than Fatal Push and any of the sorcery speed 3-cmc Hero’s Downfall variants like Ruinous Path / Never // Return and any 4-cmc variant like Vraska’s Contempt / Eat to Extinction.
Nullpriest of Oblivion A 2/1 with menace and lifelink ain’t bad, but not great. Having a 4BB kicker mode to reanimate a creature from your graveyard makes for a decent flexible creature. There’s a lot of competition in the 2-cmc black creature slot, and this also competes directly with Order of Midnight. Personally I think Order of Midnight is better overall for the following reasons:
Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a good card, but the competition gets steeper after every set and I don’t think this stacks up very well to its competition.
Skyclave Shade
Now here’s a black 2-drop that I think stands up to its competition fairly well. A 3/1 that’s potentially a 5/3 for 3BB is pretty good. The landfall ability is pretty strong, which is basically a combination of Bloodghast’s / Scrapheap Scrounger’s recursive abilities. Now the real kicker of this card is being able to pay the kicker when casting Skyclave Shade via its landfall ability, making it a recursive 5/3. This is definitely a top 3 black recursive 2-drop in my book alongside Bloodghast / Scrapheap Scrounger. Drawing extra lands off Skullclamp ain’t so bad when you have Bloodghast / Skyclave Shade :)
Scourge of the Skyclaves
Tarmogoyf meets Death’s Shadow, except not really? While this has potential in the late game to be a 10/10 or bigger, it can be difficult even for aggro decks to consistently manipulate both your opponent’s and your own life total outside of cubes that double up on shocklands / City of Brass effects or something. I think suicide aggro is fine without this card, especially as a singleton.
Feed the Swarm
Unconditional creature OR enchantment removal for 1B is pretty unprecedented. Being able to destroy dangerous enchantments like Oath of Druids / Bitterblossom / Sylvan Library is big game. Being a sorcery AND losing life equal to that permanent’s mana cost is a tough combination of pills to swallow, especially given black’s other options. My personal opinion of this card is that it’s cubeable, but non-essential (unless you really support mono black). My cube doesn’t support mono black and is loaded with every Vindicate / Maelstrom Pulse / Dreadbore effect that you can think of, so I’m okay dealing with enchantments via discard effects or dipping into other colors / gold cards. Given the amount of great removal spells there are and how tight real estate has become, I can see this not making the cut for a lot of cubes in the long run.
Hagra Mauling // Hagra Bloodpit
Murder land. 2BB is already an acceptable rate for murder effects like Ravenous Chupabra, and trading creature synergies for having a land mode and being an instant is a fair trade, IMO. The 1 mana discount if an opponent controls no basic lands will be flavor text way more often than not except against the greediest 4-5 color decks, but it’s better to have it and not use it than not to have it at all. I like this more than Nekrataal / Skinrender, so that’s a possible place to start if you’re looking for a cut.
Nighthawk Scavenger
Scalable Vampire Nighthawk. While it’s been a while since I’ve had Vampire Nighthawk in my own cube, I still think it plays better than it reads / what people think, and I’ll still play it every so often in other cubes. Vampire Nighthawk has two issues: it’s a slow clock, and it dies to bolt. While Nighthawk Scavenger doesn’t solve the bolt problem, being scalable means this can hit HARD in the late game. 4+ flying damage in the air is a really good rate at 3 mana.
Lifelink puts the scaleable power over the top, making connecting to your opponent with 4 or 5 power into an 8 or 10 life point swing. I also really appreciate 3 mana win conditions that I can play later in the game and keep mana open for a counterspell to protect it. If you’re playing Vampire Nighthawk, this is an easy swap / addition. If you cut Nighthawk years ago, this is still a card to consider because it’s so much better than the OG version.
Soul Shatter
A To the Slaughter variant that narrows down your opponent’s choices to the highest cmc creature or planeswalker. I’m not the biggest fan of Edict effects at 3 mana since you can just unconditionally target any creature / planeswalker at that point, being an instant and limiting your opponent’s choices makes this the best one. While being able to get around protection / hexproof is cool, you’re still rolling the dice with this. There’s a lot of scenarios where you’ll want to kill the creature and not the expensive planeswalker, or want to kill the golem token and not the Blade Splicer. Given the good amount of Hero’s Downfall effects we have at black now and all the multicolor Vindicate effects there are, I don’t think this stacks up well to the competition.
Agadeem’s Awakening // Agadeem, the Undercrypt
Not gonna lie, my first initial thoughts when I saw XBBB mana cost and a lot of green cloud like things in the art was "omg, death cloud". My second impression was I was on the fence about it, since this one has a good amount of variance. That being said, I think this is best in aggro, which will give you the most consistent value at 5-6 mana. Getting back your Rabblemaster / Dark Confidant / Goblin Guide for 3BBB does a nice Gruesome Menagerie impression. Also seems decent for midrange which has plenty of cheap value creatures to recur, plus will have a decent amount of ramp to increase this spell’s awakening. Doesn’t have too many hits in a lot of control decks, but a modal land that can recur your True-Name Nemesis / Sower of Temptation in the late game can definitely turn a game around.
Wayward Guide-Beast
Strictly better Goblin Guide that doesn’t draw your opponent’s lands, we in there! All joking aside, the drawback of bouncing a land to your turn only happens if this connects to your opponent, which doesn’t make it COMPLETELY awful. That being said, a one drop aggro creature that’s not good on turn 1 is pretty counterproductive to what an aggro deck wants to do. Red definitely has deep enough options in the 1-cmc aggro creature box to the point where it should never have to consider Wayward Guide-Beast.
Kargan Intimidator
A red Blade of the Sixth Pride with zero drawback, two relevant creature types, and a lot of text is always a good place to start. Its activated ability is very cheap and all the abilities are very relevant: self pump, pseudo-Falter (I say pseudo because removing the Kargan Intimidator before blockers means the coward can block again), and giving itself or another warrior trample is everything a red aggro deck wants to do.
Nothing but good things to say about this card, although the competition is quite steep in this slot. Personally I prefer Kari Zev / Young Pyromancer / Earthshaker Khenra / Goblin Cratermaker / Bonecrusher Giant over Kargan Intimidator, but I think it competes well against other 2 drops that gain value later in the game like Dire Fleet Daredevil.
Magmatic Channeler
An interesting red take on Merfolk Looter. ⅓ base stats that can be a 4/4 late game is good place to start for a utility creature. While this creature is good at fending off Savannah Lions, her activated ability only allowing you to play the spells on that turn means it’s not a great ability to activate on your opponent’s turn. Personally I think this card is a bit of a trap. First of all, rummage effects are almost never good. The only two exceptions I can think of are Daretti, Scrap Savant because it does more than just rummage, and Seasoned Pyromancer, which technically doesn’t even have a true rummage effect since you can still draw cards even if you don’t have any to discard. Second of all, what makes looters / rummagers tick is that you keep your original hand size. The fact that this requires you to pitch a card and it doesn’t replace itself with an actual draw makes continued rummaging much worse. As a discard outlet, I’d rather have something that doesn’t require sticking around for a turn to actually discard something, like any Tormenting Voice effect. I expect this to be tested by a good amount of people, but I don’t expect it to last very long.
Spikefield Hazard
Straight up Lava Dart that trades flashback for a land mode. While Lava Dart may seem like a trivial effect, my cube currently runs 66 creature cards with 1 toughness, and that’s not even counting 1/1 tokens. That being said, 2 damage almost doubles that range, and I’d imagine the extra range / reach is more valuable than having a land mode. I think this is a decent option for really low to the ground cubes, but passable for most.
Akoum Hellhound
Red Steppe Lynx. I played Steppe Lynx and it was fine, Landfall is more powerful / consistent with the advent of Prismatic Vista / Fabled Passage / MDFC lands. This is definitely cubeable, especially if you’re a larger cube and the quality of aggressive 1-drop dips after a certain point.
Roiling Vortex
A mini Sulfuric Vortex with a symmetrical punishment effect for casting free spells. The punisher is no joke, eating 5 damage for a Mox / Black Lotus / Mana Crypt / Force of Will / Fireblast / Daze / Urza Trigger / etc is huge, and playing more than one free spell is just asking for it. The punisher effect being symmetrical isn’t too bad for aggro since most non-artifact free spells aren’t aggro centric. Having to pay R to prevent lifegain is a bit of a bummer, but it also means that you can gain life whenever you want to. I don’t think this is a high priority red aggro spell, but I think it’ll play decently for those who decide to try it.
Relic Robber
Goblin Chariot equipped with a potential double-edged sword. On one hand, giving your opponent their own mini Vortex creates nice inevitability. On the other hand, you’re potentially giving your opponent fodder for Skullclamp / Tinker / Urza or something that can hold a Jitte / Sword / pumped by Elspeth since the 0/1 creature tokens can attack, just not block. Regardless, I don’t think this is any better than a Rabblemaster variant / Phoenix of Ash, so I don’t see this one cracking most high powered lists anytime soon.
Valakut Exploration
Tireless Tracker x Chandra, Torch of Defiance’s first +1 ability. Being an enchantment means it has more staying power than a creature or a planeswalker, but that also means less overall options / power / synergies. While I think this is a bit slow, this can act as an Oracle of Mul Daya when combined with Fastbond if you’re looking for more Fastbond enablers.
Shatterskull Charger
Power creeped Viashino Sandstalker. Trample and an extra power goes a long way, and having a Charging Monstrosaur mode sans 1 toughness gives this a good amount of flexibility. This reminds me a lot of Hell’s Thunder, which was a pretty serviceable red aggro creature, and I think this is better than that. That being said, I think Phoenix of Ash is better overall since it has evasion / recursion / firebreathing without the return to hand baggage.
Roil Eruption
Volcanic Hammer gets the Burst Lightning treatment. While this is probably the best Volcanic Hammer variant, it still falls short compared to the other 2-cmc burn options like the Incinerate variants / Abrade / Bonecrusher Giant / Magma Jet, IMO. Seems like a slam dunk if you’re on the Savannah Lions / Volcanic Hammer cube diet, filler card otherwise.
Leyline Tyrant
Thunderbreak Regent x Omnah, Locus of Mana??? Being able to float red mana to either cast a big spell or nuke something is pretty cool, but the combination of failing the Vindicate test on curve / not doing anything against things that don’t kill creatures like Control Magic / exile / bounce effects makes me think that Thunderbreak Regent is the better card, especially for aggressive midrange decks.
Valakut Awakening
Cycle away your hand to the bottom of your library and draw + 1 is essentially instant speed Divination (as far as card advantage goes anyways), but it’s also got a land mode! (Editor’s note: not actual +1 card advantage) This is actually the closest thing we have to a MDFC Divination. Would’ve been cool if this could be used as a discard outlet, but oh well. I can see this as an include for extra storm support or something, but being a decent modal value spell that can be cast at instant speed means this can find a home in any deck, just a matter of fitting it into your cube.
Shatterskull Smashing // Shatterskull, the Hammer Pass
The red mythic MDFC land. I think this is the best overall one of the cycle due to its versatility and cheap cost. Red is the perfect color to take advantage of a cheap bolt land in any style of deck from aggro to control to combo. While it may not seem like much, being able to take out something like a Dark Confidant or a lone Pack Rat for 1RR is a pretty nice option to have, especially since the other MDFC lands don’t have anything near as low to the ground. I think 5-6 mana is going to be the sweetspot for this card. Personally I think this is the best card in the set due to its versatility and ubiquity. Any card running red as a primary color should have this in the maindeck, period. Any deck able to comfortably play Fiery Confluence can and should also play this card.
Bala Ged Recovery
Regrowth on a land. First of all, I’d like to say that I’m really happy this is an actual Regrowth effect because lately we’ve just been getting Regrowth for permanents only. That being said, I think this is one of the best Regrowth effects. While it’s not as abusable as Eternal Witness, this gives Regrowth a good run for its money because this solves the Regrowth conundrum of not being too hot in the early game unless you had the nuts with Ancestral Recall / Time Walk or something. I like Bala Ged Recovery much more than Den Protector, which I see people play mainly as Regrowth #3, so that’s an easy swap if you’re looking for a cut, IMO.
Tajuru Paragon
A 3/2 with zero drawbacks with kicker and a whole lot of text. Normally a creature with this much text would be a 3/1 at best, but a second toughness is pretty key so it doesn’t trade with pleb 1/1s. Unfortunately, the kicker ability won’t matter too much outside of a GX aggro deck because cleric, rogue, warrior, and wizard are all considered tertiary creature types within green, so other colors have to fill in that role. This is a pretty strong 2-drop if you support green aggro, otherwise other stat monsters fill this slot better like Sylvan Advocate / Tarmogoyf.
Tangled Floralhedron // Tangled Vale Llanowar Elf, but it’s a land! This is one of the more awkward MDFC cards since both halves essentially do the same thing, it’s just that one is a land and the other is a creature. The creature half actually ramps your curve since you can go from 2 mana on turn 2 to 4 mana on turn 3. The land will let you keep hands you otherwise wouldn't able to, plus allows you to progress your mana base with stable lands in lieu of a fragile creature. The flexibility makes me like this more than your typical Rampant Growth effect in creature based decks since it provides synergy towards Natural Order / Skullclamp / Survival of the Fittest while also having a land mode.
Kazandu Mammoth
Trained Armadon with a Steppe Lynx landfall trigger that’s also a land seems REALLY pushed to me. No trample sucks, but swinging as a 5/5 or a 7/7 off a fetch is pretty big game when unblocked. I know a lot of people haven’t had Call of the Herd in their lists for a while, but land elephant seems to be a lot better since it’s a land that can be pitched to or tutored for with Survival of the Fittest. Great green aggro card, and still solid even if you don’t.
Oran-Rief Ooze
I like this card for +1/+1 counter support since it can pump itself or others, and attack as a 4/4 on its own and grow from there. Can get really out of hand with Nissa, Voice of Zendikar / Curse of Predation. Would highly recommend if you’re looking for more +1/+1 counter support, passable if you’re not.
Ancient Greenwarden
Crucible of Worlds x Panharmonicon for landfall isn’t exactly what I’m looking for in my 6 drops. I would’ve gladly traded reach and its flavor text for trample and an extra ability line. I think Greenwarden of Murasa is the better value card since it can recur anything… it could even be a land!
Cragplate Baloth
Carnage Tyrant 2.0 this is not. While this card certainly isn’t bad, it lacks the keyword that makes Carnage Tyrant go from a good to great: trample. While uncounterable haste / hexproof can certainly get there on its own, I’m not sure this is any better than Plated Crusher. Luckily, green already has plenty of options for this type of card like Hexdrinker / Thurn / Carnage Tyrant. Between those creatures and going wide with Hermits / planeswalkers, or just mauling your opponent with Questing Beast, I really don’t see the need for Cragplate Baloth.
Turntimber Symbiosis // Turntimber, Serpentine Wood
See the Unwritten / Vivien’s Invocation, except it’s a land and makes your fodder Llanowar Elf a 4/4. Green is one of the better colors in position to utilize the MDFC mythic lands with its natural ability to ramp. Being able to get anywhere from a Llanowar Elf to an Emrakul is pretty big game, not to mention it can just find Craterhoof Behemoth and just end the game on the spot. This automatically slots into any green creature based deck. While the odds probably won’t be in your favor, you can also slot this in an Oath of Druids deck if you want to gamble.
Murasa Rootgrazer
I think this card is too middle in the road for the two things it wants to do. It's not a guaranteed ramp spell, but it has decent stats and vigilance to boot. Ramping to 4 mana by turn 3 is really important, and I'd always rather maindeck some sort of Rampant Growth / Explore effect before this.
Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients
A 4-cmc planeswalker with 4 starting loyalty and +1: make a 1/1 is always a good place to start. The -2 is pretty unreliable, and you really need to push warriors in your cube to make it remotely consistent. Unless you're in a life or death scenario where you need to draw an equipment immediately, you're probably better off just using the +1 ability in most scenarios Her -3 ability isn't great. It's rare to have 3 or more equipment even in your aggro decks, so you're settling for 2 damage in most scenarios where you can even activate this.
Nahiri leaning into warriors / equipment means she's aggro oriented, and that means she just gets slaughtered by the mono white / red 4-cmc walkers , all which are more aggressive and don't have any tribal gimmicks associated to them.
Nissa of Shadowed Boughs
This Nissa seems pretty mediocre to me. Her +1 ability is essentially a bad Koth immitation in a less aggressive color combination, and her -5 is a steep cost that you can't even really "cheat" a Griselbrand into play unless you control 8 lands. I don't think her abilities mesh well since the first ability is aggressive leaning and the second ability is pretty midrange-y and expensive for what it is. Vraska, Golgari Queen does everything I want a 4-cmc Golgari planeswalker to do, emo phase Nissa not so much. Emo Nissa is decent, but I think there are better / more interesting Golgari options that fit the color combination more.
Pathway Lands
MDFC lands that ETB untapped. ETBing untapped and not dealing you any damage is really nice, but the cost of only being able to tap for a single type of mana is a big tradeoff. While these are very cubeable, I personally prefer the painlands / horizon lands over this cycle. I think these will be great long-term budget lands once they rotate out of Standard. While the cycle being incomplete is a bummer, I believe I read somewhere that the cycle will be finished in the next set (Kaldheim).
Crawling Barrens
Colorless Raging Ravine in the sense that it grows. What’s nice about this card is that not only can you tap out on your opponent’s turn to grow it and not risk a removal spell by choosing not to turn it into a creature, but you can tap it to itself, so it doesn’t secretly cost +1 mana like every other manland does when you’re being offensive with it. Arguably the 3rd best colorless manland after Mishra’s Factory / Mutavault. Not sure if this is any better than Mobilized District, but I think both are reserved for larger cubes anyways.
Hot Takes Tier List Time!
Criteria is based on the following:
Before I debut the list, I just want to say that I’ve never been this uncomfortable making an initial impressions tier list since this set is very unprecedented in terms of versatility. This set really didn’t have an Oko / Questing Beast level in terms of raw power level relative to its casting cost.
What I’m looking forward to the most is the new interactions that can now happen with older cards:
Let me know if there’s a card that I missed (I definitely had to leave some out due to Reddit's 40k character limit) and I’ll respond back with the hottest of takes! Also, feel free to join the Online Cube Drafts Discord Group to discuss all things Cube plus use Xmage to host tournaments to draft / play with our own cubes! https://discord.gg/wRVzHQR
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2020.09.12 18:38 firemind Party of Five: Rogues

Spoiler season is officially over for Zendikar Rising. There’s a lot cool stuff build around. The party mechanic seems like it has some potential for tribal decks. Like the classic adventuring party in Dungeons & Dragons, there are four creature types in a party: Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, and Cleric. Like how the Ally creature type was important in earlier Zendikar sets. The party mechanic can interact with more cards. Although each color is missing a party a member of the party (except for Green) in Zendikar Rising, there are representatives of each party member across all colors throughout the history of Magic. The party mechanic is a useful lens to examine the color pie through because it shows how ideologies are represented by different outlooks.
This week, we’re discussing the rogue. Rogues are thieves, burglars, bandits, vandals, and spies. In Dungeons & Dragons, “rogue” also applies to assassins, but in Magic assassin is a different category. Rogues solve their problems through subtlety. Their skills help them get around problems rather than go directly through them (unless they can’t be blocked). Back in 2008, when Morningtide introduced class tribal, Doug Beyer described rogues as:
sneaky, underhanded, ethically flexible, and skilled in the nastiest of aptitudes. They don't ask questions about why the job needs to get done—they don't mind ripping a few spells from your opponent's hand, they don't question the blowing up of a few artifacts, and they don't care why you need to steal that goat. When there's dirty work to be done, rogues are a planeswalker's best friend.
And that’s pretty much how people have seen the rogue since. It’s no surprise that then that Black has the most rogues. But when you’ve got a job to do you need a group with a variety of skills.
Meet the Crew
If you thought Blue warriors were rare, try finding a White rogue. The problem is the description of the rogue’s flavor doesn’t fit with White’s flavor; but “rogue” is a skillset not a flavor and color is an ideology. White wants peace through structure; rogues sneak, lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. Rogues need to know the rules to work around them. But White believes in black-and-white morality! Well that’s White’s flavor; at its core, White believes that organization will make the world a better place. Having a thought-out plan and a disciplined crew leads to more successful heists. Not every White character has to be wide-eyed idealist—but where will we get straw for our men-shaped punching bags? A wise person knows that every system has limits and those limits can be exploited, but if you want to make the world a safer place, you also have to test the limits of the system. In the real-world, a White rogue might be a security expert, a white hat hacker, who understands the rules of the system and breaks them on purpose to test them, so it can be made safer.
Blue is second to Black in rogues. Blue wants perfection through knowledge. It’s the ideology of expertise and makes improvement the central facet of life. Blue believes that the best way to improve is to learn by studying and researching. It’s easy to put this mindset in an academic space, but there are other things to learn. Spies learn secrets and knowing is half the battle. Blue rogues could be people who love to learn what they’re not supposed to know. They may see their skillset as art, not much different from a painter. Blue professionals, not just rogues, care about their craft and work methodically to improve. Blue rogues probably appreciate the complexity of a heist. They may see the job as a puzzle that needs to solved. Maybe they’d test their skills with more difficult challenges. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
Where Blue revels in complexity, Black wants to keep things simple, direct, easy. Why gloat over a heist that took months to plan, when you could make about as much money with a smash-and-grab job. Why trick a guard with a lie that you’ll have to keep up, when you could just stab him? Black wants power through opportunity. The less you have worry about, the more control you have. Black rogues do what’s necessary to survive in a harsh environment, like Black warriors. So, what’s the difference between a warrior and rogue, if, at the core, they’re both survivalists? Personal preference for a certain way of doing things. Warriors may enjoy physically over-powering their opponent, while rogues are interested in another form of control that comes from a certain set of skills. There’s no right answer; there’s just a person who does what they have to do to get the job done.
If Blue sees a puzzle, Red sees a game. It’s the color with the third highest population of rogues. Red wants freedom through action. There’s something Romantic about a person putting their life on the line to get what they want, rules be damned. The stereotypical Red rogue is the charming leading man (or woman) that we see in the movies. To “go rogue” is to break the rules. Roguishness is baked into Red. Red’s main metaphor for freedom is passion. Passions can’t be legislated, so a Red rogue might steal because it’s a passion. It makes them feel good. It’s an adrenaline rush from breaking very clear rules that society has generally agreed upon. Stealing shows people that their structures can’t protect them from every contingency. Loosen up, go with the flow. Since rogues also represent vandals, a Red rogue could be making a political statement. They might break rules to show that the rules need to be changed or they want to break a system that limits them.
Green, like White, has only a few rogues. There are couple Green keywords that fit with the rogue’s skillset though: deathtouch, reach, and vigilance. I think the paradigm of flavor prevents Green from getting more rogues. Green wants growth through acceptance. It’s a difficult ideology for many people to get their heads arounds, but it basically means: play your role in your ecosystem and you’ll find fulfillment. Although the challenge lies in figuring out what your role is, so we use animals, plants, and nature as metaphors for our human experience or we talk about following your intuition. Some people are more comfortable working from the shadows, just out of sight. There’s no greater reason for it, it’s just how the feel intuitively. Ecosystems all over the world are filled with animals that use camouflage and stealth. Although we attach stigma to being sneaky, the natural world doesn’t. It’s how you survive if you’re not at the top of the food chain, and it can be how you get your meal when you are. On a side note, there’s another roguish archetype that has been put into Green: the bard. There aren’t many bards in Magic and some are typed as a shaman. Bards are chroniclers, storytellers, and musicians. Their focus on history and myth fits with Green’s flavor; and we do say music soothes the savage beast. Green also has the lure mechanic, so that fits with the image of a prancing piper drawing everyone’s attention.
The Loot
I think the concept of flavor dominates the conversation to the detriment of the game. When you only have one word to describe something, it prevents you from seeing other connections. Although everything can and should have a flavor, there are more ways to talk about design. Color is an ideology. Class creature type is a skillset. Those words open up the conversation to for more interesting combinations. How does a skillset further an ideology? I think that’s the question at the center of this.
Although the designers might fear what will happen to the flavor of a color if they introduce creature types that don’t feel like they belong, in the real-world there are no such limitations. The colors’ methods are broad enough to encompass a variety of skillsets.
At the same time, each color has mechanics to evade problems and that design space could be filled by rogues.
submitted by firemind to colorpie [link] [comments]

2020.09.10 19:11 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 57 - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art
Teaser: As Frances and her friends discover the trap, they must force their way through the fortress to save the rest of their classmates.
Story Summary: After years of beatings and neglect from her parents, 13-year old Frances was summoned with her entire class to the fantastical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the "Demon King." If she succeeds, she might have the home she never had. But if she can't overcome the trauma and self-loathing inflicted on her by her abusive parents, Frances will die, and be summoned back to the home she escaped, on the day that she left.
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 56] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Chapter 58=>]
[Map of Durannon]
This chapter was pre-read by u/totallyundescript.
Birds-eye view of Freeburg Fortress.
Want to hang? Join the Discord Community!
Pr-chapter note: Sorry, update had to be early because I need to run errands.
How had everything gone so wrong, Frances had no idea. She wanted to break down crying, and curse Amura and Rathon that everything had gone to shit.
But something thudded in her heart. Knowledge. The knowledge that Igraine and her rangers were going to die if they didn’t do something pounded in her very being. Despite her hands shivering, her eyes wild, Frances moved.
“Someone give me a boost to the wall.” Frances stammered. The teenagers stared at her uncomprehendingly, until she took a deep breath and bellowed. “Jim, levitate me to the walltop! Hurry! Nicole, get Elizabeth! Martin, after they finish, start coordinating the rest of our mages!”
The pair acted, casting levitation spells. Frances soared into the sky, as if on a cushion. She landed and immediately took cover behind the wall’s parapet, glancing over her shoulder to try to get a glimpse of what was happening.
The second courtyard was empty, but beyond, at the third and fourth, past the narrow stone bridge that spanned the abyss, she could see climbing lines draped down against the cliffside. Nobody was on them, but she could hear the main forces’ panicked cries
She could also see what was blocking the gate to the second courtyard, a mammoth pile of dirt that even magicians would need a day to shift.
Elizabeth pressed herself beside the parapet beside her friend. “They want to destroy the main force. They waited and lured us down here, delaying us with traps and blocking the gallery and the wall gate.”
“But we can still cross the bridge!” Frances exclaimed, turning to Elizabeth.
“No, we can’t. They’ll have booby-trapped the bridge. That must be where all the gunpowder went to.” Elizabeth grimaced. “That and the Great Tower. I’m pretty sure the trap there is rigged to explode.”
Frances’s fist tightened and she bit back the temptation to swear. “Let’s get everybody up here first.” She turned, ready to shout instructions, but found that all their mages were already on the walls, levitating the rest of their fighters. Martin slid down beside her and lifted his visor.
“We’re nearly done. What’s the plan?”
“No idea.” But they had to do something. Frances broke from her cover and began to run to the northern wall of the second courtyard. “Follow me!”
She ran the way there, eyes scanning ahead of her, but there were no triplines or anything that looked like a trap.
However, when Frances slid behind the battlements and looked over the edge, she frowned.
The bridge didn’t look booby trapped. It was a wooden bridge, with sturdy triangle-shaped frames holding up a wooden walkway wide enough to let a cart cross. It stretched across a hundred-meter long abyss, connecting two small landings. Frances expected to see wires or some trigger mechanisms. At the minimum she expected to see a barrel of gunpowder somewhere on the bridge, but there were none.
“Elizabeth, that doesn’t look booby-trapped.”
Her friend narrowed her eyes at the structure. “Well, they’re going to use the gunpowder as we cross the bridge. It’s the only thing that makes sense if they’re saving it.”
“Perhaps they hid it? Maybe with magic?” Martin inquired.
“That’s a possibility, wait—” Frances remembered something from the initial assessment she’d done on her classmates and turned around, looking for a hispanic boy with a bit of a moustache. “Warren! We need your magesight on the bridge, quickly!”
The hispanic boy looked over the merlon and whispered a few words of power, his brown eyes glowing gold as he examined the bridge. “Yeah I see the barrels and tripwires. They’re rigged to blow the second we step on the thing.”
“Damnit.” Frances closed her eyes. She needed to think up a solution. Everybody was depending on her—Hold on. It wasn’t just her. Frances quickly found her fellow classmates. “If anybody has any suggestions I’m all ears. We need to get across, quickly.”
The boys and girls started to mutter amongst themselves.
“Teleport over?”
“Run across anyway?”
“Can we levitate across?”
“Does anybody have any rope?”
“A zipline maybe?”
“Can’t we just throw someone across?”
“But there’s nobody to catch them, if we had someone on the other side then that’ll be possible.”
“That’s it!” Frances turned to George, who had voiced the throwing idea. “I know how to teleport. I’ll teleport across. Our mages can throw others to me and I can catch them. Martin, I’ll leave the organisation to you.”
“Wait Frances you’ll be alone—”
“There’s no time! Nobody else knows how to teleport!” Frances focused her eyes on a point just to the side of the gate, where nobody should be able to see her and began to break into a song. She shut out Martin’s hurriedly yelled out orders, focused everything on visualizing herself across the abyss, standing by the gate.
She’d done it a few times, but nowhere near this far. Her song nearing a feverish pitch, she cast the spell.
It was an instantaneous occurrence. No squeezing of her body, no zap, she just appeared across the chasm, an empty, hungry feeling in her stomach at the strain on her magic. Gasping, Frances managed to steady herself against the wall and raise her wand, ready to catch her classmates.
Nicole was the second one across. She was tossed by George, Jim and some other mages. Frances caught her with her magic and set her down gently. She took place beside Frances, and the pair caught another two mages. The shouts and screams of the fighting lent speed to their actions and soon, there were ten mages and five fighters, including Elizabeth, Nicole and Jim on the other side.
The first sign that the orcs had finally noticed was a gruff shout that all of the heroes and heroines understood.
“What in Galena’s high heavens—they’re crossing the abyss!”
“We need cover.” Frances spun around, trying to find cover on the landing, but there was none to be found.
Elizabeth pointed up at the battlements. “No, we need to get up there, stop them from shooting down on us! Frances, hurry!”
“Nicole! Get everybody over here and send them up!” Frances turned and pointed to Elizabeth, Jim, and two other fighters. “You with me! Let’s go!” She raised Ivy’s Sting, sang, and the five rose.
The orcs were just pointing muskets over the walls when they cleared the battlements. With her estoc still in her scabbard, Frances could only scream a note from her lips and slam the orc in front of her against the parapet on the other side. Elizabeth, her hammer bloody from the orc she’d brained when she’d landed, leapt over to the stunned orc and smashed him in the chest. He died with a gurgle, clutching his torso.
Biting back the temptation to retch, Frances threw herself behind the parapet, grabbing Elizabeth beside her, taking in the situation. Beside her were her four other companions. They had two mages, three fighters, all who had taken cover.
The southern wall of Freeburg’s Third Courtyard was thankfully not packed full of orcs. There were however, five orcs, the remainder of what had to be a patrol squad, charging at them. More concerning to Frances was how the northern wall of the courtyard was filled with orcs, all of whom were firing down or the humans who were trapped in the Fourth Courtyard.
She could also see the flash of magic firing into the courtyard, a definitive proof the orcs had a number of shamans.
But first, the orcs on the southern wall. Frances was about to fire a spell, but Elizabeth and the fighters raced past her.
Orcs, both male and female, were huge, muscular, and could easily overwhelm normal humans with sheer brute force.
Against Otherworlders? They were too slow. They swung at the Otherworlder heroes, but thanks to them dodging at superhuman speeds, the blows didn’t come close. They were all slain before Frances and Jim could fire off their spells.
But the orcs on the opposing wall had caught on. Bellowed orders led to many spinning around, bringing musket barrels pointing at Frances and her comrades. For a moment, Frances froze, unsure what to do but to leap for cover.
At this very moment, Jim managed to snap off a fireball. It was small, but his spellcasting was extraordinarily quick and he’d aimed at the orc officer, marked by the bird-skull ornament on her head. She was blasted off the wall, leading to cries of alarm and a momentary pause by the confused orc musketeers.
Frances didn’t know what spell she was thinking of doing. She was reacting by instinct, in communion with her wand, and by the first notes she could cry out that seemed to fit. The image of lightning fixed in her mind, a sharp plunging scale of notes escaping her lips were followed by a scything slash of her arm.
Lightning sparked across the parapet, springing from Ivy’s Sting and moving rapidly among the orcs. It jumped from one to another, dancing across flesh and musket barrels, hitting helmets and spearheads. The orcs crumpled to the ground, writhing, most not dead, but completely out of action.
Before Frances could shout a command, Elizabeth screamed, “Take the tower!” and pointed at the tower connecting the Third Courtyard’s west wall, with the southern wall of the Second Courtyard. It was one of the linchpins holding the fortress and if they were to save their friends, they had to seize it.
“Jim! Open the gate! Elizabeth, go!”
Her friend was already kicking open the door and charging in. Frances followed, and found the room thankfully empty.
“Frances, you should head up and get a vantage point,” Elizabeth said.
“Alright, but what about you?” Frances asked, glancing between the three fighters.
“We’ll clear the south wall. Don’t worry. Just send us some reinforcements.”
“Alright.” Frances raced up the stairs, wand ready as she cleared the top hatch. There was nobody on the tower, but Frances stayed behind the parapet, and took a brief look.
Frances’s first thought was that Freeburg’s Fourth Courtyard looked similar to the black and white photos of the Western Front in the First World War. Backed against the cliffs, were Igraine’s Rangers and the rest of their classmates, huddled behind magic-erected earth shelters. Most of these walls were pockmarked or had edges blasted off.
The musketeers atop of a courtyard’s walls, and the brick-tile building on the western side of the courtyard were the source of most of these pockmarks. They fired in regular volleys, but Frances could also see some sniping from positions behind merlons.
Dressed in distinctive cloaks of fur, the shamans, escorted by groups of shield-carrying orcs, were even better protected. Frances watched as one threw a fireball at a human shelter, blasting it apart.
The two rangers and three Otherworlders huddling behind scattered. However, bullets found their mark into one of the ranger’s arms. The screaming woman was magically dragged into cover, making Frances wince.
Rushing over to the other side of the tower, Frances looked down to find Elizabeth and her two fellows fighting the recovered musketeers on the south wall. Although they were sluggish, some still sprawled on the ground, there were too many of them, and so Frances raised her wand and began to sing a familiar song.
She didn’t know it, but Elizabeth was already grinning, recognizing her friend’s spell from the many times she had practiced it.
Lightning spat out from the top of the tower, hitting the orcs on the walls, blasting them back. Unable to spare a second glance, Frances rushed back to the south of the tower and yelled at the Otherworlders who had just entered the Third Courtyard, led by George and Nicole.
“Nicole! Take Jim, some fighters and some mages and clear the western building and wall! George, take five fighters and reinforce Elizabeth, then go west too!”
“Roger! We have more coming!” Nicole yelled back. Barking out orders, the tomboyish mage rushed into the tower.
Frances was already returning to her original spot to survey the battlefield and immediately ducked. A bolt of magic shot over her head. Standing back up, Frances fired a fireball in the general direction, singing a note, before rolling away from the parapet.
It was a good thing she did. The stone merlons exploded as the section of the wall she’d just been hiding behind disappeared. Screaming as stone shards plinked off of her helmet, Frances dived for the hatch.
She tumbled down the stairs and smashed her head straight onto the floor. If she didn’t have her helmet, she’d been quite badly hurt.
As it was, Frances had enough time to sit upright, just as the door to the Fourth Courtyard’s building opened and orcs poured into the room.
Frances screamed a note and just willed the orcs to stay back. She was too dazed for anything else. The orcs flew back into the walls, sliding down them, stunned. Before Frances could summon up the strength to kill them, Nicole and her group came up the stairs and charged the distracted enemy.
By the time Martin pulled Frances up, all the orcs were dead.
“Need a moment?” Martin asked. Frances shook her head and tried to take a step, but the knight pressed a hand to her shoulder. “That’s a yes.”
“We need to clear the building on the west side of the Fourth Courtyard—”
“We got that, take a moment, Frances,” Nicole snapped. She turned to her group. “Come on! Let’s go!”
“You don’t have to do everything by yourself, remember?” Martin quipped, shooting Frances a meaningful smile.
Frances still wanted to go, but her friend’s words elicited a deep sigh, and she nodded. Though she didn’t completely relax, Frances grabbed her flask filled with honey sweetened water and herbs and took a deep draw. She flinched as Nicole and the other heroes charged through the door, but Martin was right. Her throat felt like sandpaper and her hands were trembling from the magic she’d expended. After a moment’s thought, Frances grabbed a lemon candy from her belt pouch. She needed the sugar.
The door to the southern wall opened and Elizabeth, along with the other two fighters that had accompanied her ran in. They were panting from exertion, but otherwise unharmed. They sat down, exhausted, as more Otherworlders entered the tower from the stairs. Martin directed them to follow Nicole.
A minute later, when the world had stopped feeling like it was tilting, Frances took a deep breath and nodded.
“I’m good. Elizabeth?”
“I’m good too,” Elizabeth said, hefting her shield and hammer. Martin raised his sword, and the group ran out of the tower door and back into the war.
Author's Note: This chapter I'm afraid, is going to be a little confusing because of the complicated layout of Freeburg with so many courtyards. I mean you can see why, it really makes the fortress quite annoying to attack. But it also meant writing it was a bit of a bastard.
For the question of the update... and boy it's getting harder to think up of ones. Favorite dessert?
Frances: My favorite dessert is Hearthsange cake.
Elizabeth: Hearthsange can be made into a cake?
Frances: Yes. It's really good. I'll make some later.
Martin: That sounds delicious. I love cakes, though, chocolate would be my favorite.
Elizabeth: I love bungeoppang, uh, that is, fish-shaped bread with red bean paste inside.
Edana: Sounds delicious. I enjoy cookies. Also, this ice cream you have in this other world sounds fascinating.
Frances: I'll see if I can use magic to replicate it, Master.
Hope you enjoyed that little skit :) Oh and my favorite dessert is probably a rich chocolate cake. Or most things with chocolate in them.
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2020.09.06 21:32 Zelbinian Kickstarter Roundup: September 6, 2020 25+ Ending Soon (including: Cafe Chaos : The Odd 1s Out) & 50+ New This Week (including: Streets)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter board game projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (The occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between midnight and noon PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
Pony Wars Collectible Card Game Creating a collectible card game // Has raised $933 of $200 so far. (~466%) ☑ 8 $60 / $117 Sep 08 kicktraq #hmm
Dungeon Coin A microgame that fits on a coin. Die & Retry in order to finish the dungeon. // Has raised €1,114 of €200 so far. (~557%) ☑ 1 175 $5 / €6 Sep 08 kicktraq
Grimm Fairy Tales TAROT a Game of Souls A card game based on Coup d'Etat, first played within the dungeons of France over two centuries ago! // Has raised $34,261 of $25,000 so far. (~137%) ☑ 3 - 5 289 $25 / $119 Sep 08 kicktraq
Stefan Feld City Collection - Hamburg & Amsterdam Hamburg & Amsterdam kick off the Stefan Feld City Collection which will expand over many years to come! // Has raised $801,009 of $50,000 so far. (~1602%) ☑ varies 3025 $65 / $265 Sep 08 kicktraq
The Megan Board Game Table This Project is about the Megan board game table family. The innovative gaming tables designed and loved by thousands of gamers. // Has raised £282,651 of £30,000 so far. (~942%) ☑ 418 $1129 / £676 Sep 09 kicktraq #bling
ENDANGERED ORPHANS: HOUSE OF RATH New boogeyman. New orphans. New gameplay. Once again, the orphans are running for their lives—this time in the House of Rath! // Has raised $109,531 of $4,097 so far. (~2673%) ☑ 2 - 6 2055 $30 / $53 Sep 09 kicktraq
On the Rivet: The Race for the Champion's Stripes A racing-themed strategy game where every rider counts, from front to back. // Has raised $5,855 of $5,500 so far. (~106%) ☑ 3 - 7 68 $55 / $86 Sep 09 kicktraq #take2
Is That Banana Loaded? (TM) New dice and card game. Steal the Gold from the Goblin and get Home, but beware other players will battle you with their crazy weapons. // Has raised £383 of £200 so far. (~192%) ☑ 2 - 5 22 $14 / £17 Sep 09 kicktraq
The Squire - Hardwood Dice Storage Companion Magnetized, modular and multi functional, add what you need for your adventure and store your treasured dice set in it for safekeeping. // Has raised £6,100 of £1,500 so far. (~407%) ☑ 129 $27 / £47 Sep 10 kicktraq #bling
Cretaceous : A Dinosaur Hunting Adventure Take on the role of mercenaries sent back in time to capture dinosaurs. Will you bring back the biggest prize in 65 million years? // Has raised $3,336 of $5,800 so far. (~58%) 2 - 4 48 $48 / $70 Sep 10 kicktraq
Dining with Dracula A family-friendly blood draining worker placement & time management adventure, where Dracula’s relatives compete to inherit his empire! // Has raised $33,678 of $25,000 so far. (~135%) ☑ 2 - 4 663 $59 / $51 Sep 10 kicktraq
ATTACKITCA Pirate Sea Battle A sea battle between Pirates and The British Empire. Who will win and conquer // Has raised €9,441 of €13,550 so far. (~70%) 2 79 $42 / €120 Sep 10 kicktraq #take2
Cafe Chaos : The Odd 1s Out An Odd 1s Out Food Fight Card game // Has raised $684,818 of $10,000 so far. (~6848%) ☑ 3 - 8 7109 $25 / $96 Sep 10 kicktraq
Uprising - Curse of the Last Emperor A fully cooperative 4X fantasy board game for 1-4 players set in a post-apocalyptic world. // Has raised $265,190 of $40,000 so far. (~663%) ☑ 1 - 4 2696 $79 / $98 Sep 10 kicktraq
Left at the Bottom of the Garden Chapter Two A set of high quality, lead-free metal miniatures of lost toys, suitable for tabletop gaming, painting and collecting. // Has raised £6,663 of £800 so far. (~833%) ☑ 231 $7 / £29 Sep 10 kicktraq #minis
LEGACY! The Ultimate Card Game to Close the Wealth Gap LEGACY! the card game that empowers our youth to build their LEGACY in an equitable world. // Has raised $5,623 of $507 so far. (~1109%) ☑ 2 - 5 113 $29 / $50 Sep 10 kicktraq
Playmats and Bags for Board Games Designed from popular feedback. Made by BoardGameTables.com. // Has raised $221,652 of $10,000 so far. (~2217%) ☑ 4104 $29 / $54 Sep 10 kicktraq #bling
Mathic Number Card Game Mathic Number is an educational math card game/deck that helps parents and teachers build number sense in their students. // Has raised $396 of $250 so far. (~158%) ☑ 10 $30 / $40 Sep 10 kicktraq
SYNDICATE: An Interplanetary Conquest Board Game (REDUX!) Build the most formidable interplanetary criminal empire in this new thematic sci-fi board game. // Has raised $48,900 of $35,000 so far. (~140%) ☑ 1 - 5 867 $55 / $56 Sep 10 kicktraq #take2
Beets Bombs and the Blüffs A Game for People who love Bragging, Bluffing, and Blowing up their friends. // Has raised $6,829 of $2,500 so far. (~273%) ☑ 4 - 6 168 $25 / $41 Sep 10 kicktraq
"IZAYOI" Board game Made in Japan - 十六夜小町 As an artisan, collect beautiful wakomono(Japanese accessories), but don't outdo your master. An easy to play, yet strategic board game // Has raised ¥1,982,615 of ¥100,000 so far. (~1983%) ☑ 3 - 5 353 $26 / ¥5,616 Sep 11 kicktraq
New Osaka : Battle to Rebuild Prosperity In a city still ravaged by Kaiju, your Corporation needs to fight, utilize its workers, & manage its resources successfully to prevail! // Has raised $9,156 of $8,000 so far. (~114%) ☑ 2 - 5 122 $79 / $75 Sep 11 kicktraq #take2
Final Act II - Reinforced Lead a tank company into battle. Plan, maneuver, fire! A fast pace tactical adrenaline rush - easy rules tough decisions. // Has raised $6,967 of $11,500 so far. (~61%) 2 171 $35 / $41 Sep 11 kicktraq
GUN&SLINGER A game of mystery, hope, and finding your way in a world twisted by the forgotten child of a god that ate the sky. // Has raised $22,864 of $4,350 so far. (~526%) ☑ 900 $12 / $25 Sep 12 kicktraq #rpg
Jokes On You - Party Game for the Creative & Witty Write / Re-Write Your Own Jokes, Puns, Dad Jokes Mad-Lib Style // Has raised $570 of $150 so far. (~380%) ☑ 3+ 28 $24 / $20 Sep 12 kicktraq
Lightning Strike! card platform game (manufactured) A 1 - 4 player game where lightning striking the same place twice is a bad thing! // Has raised $417 of $80 so far. (~521%) ☑ 1 - 4 13 $20 / $32 Sep 12 kicktraq
Two Trumps and a Lie Card Game Can’t tell the actual Trump quotes from ones that are completely made up? SAD. But hilarious! So let’s Make Game Night Great Again! // Has raised $31,450 of $10,000 so far. (~314%) ☑ 3+ 848 $25 / $37 Sep 12 kicktraq #take2
GROWL: Madness and Plagues 3 bites turns a human into a wolf... this is madness! // Has raised $28,267 of $15,000 so far. (~188%) ☑ 4 - 10 1076 $5 / $26 Sep 12 kicktraq #reprint #expansion

New This Week

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
"Sun, Sea & Souvenirs" - a fun family board game A fun family board game for ages 10 - adult // Has raised €201 of €31,500 so far. (~1%) 7 $30 / €29 Oct 01 #lolwut
3 CARD GAMES Inventive & minimal design. // Has raised €1,027 of €3,500 so far. (~29%) 2 - 6 26 $11 / €40 Nov 02
6 more historic international strategy board games 6 MORE "Peg Pastimes" classic collectible strategy games from Nigeria, Greece, Morocco, Siam, England and Hawaii // Has raised $2,340 of $2,000 so far. (~117%) ☑ varies 34 $15 / $69 Oct 04
As You 'Wich A Hilarious Game for Sandwich Lovers // Has raised $15,083 of $10,000 so far. (~151%) ☑ 3 - 8 323 $20 / $47 Oct 02
Autofarmer: The card game A competitive card game about growing cannabis. Withstand nature and opponents in the merciless world of danky dank weed growers. // Has raised $1,497 of $15,000 so far. (~10%) 2 - 4 44 $12 / $34 Oct 01
Baseball Wars 1 on 1 card game great for ALL ages No boards, graphs, pen/pencil or dice (Just cards, instructions included) Multiple ways to play // Has raised $83 of $25,600 so far. (~0%) 2 3 $20 / $28 Nov 01 #take2 #lolwut
Birthright: Tactical Strategy Card Game Humans, Dwarves, Goblins, and the Undead war to claim the throne by moving cards on a board giving a whole new dimension to card games. // Has raised $2,800 of $35,000 so far. (~8%) 2 39 $40 / $72 Oct 01
BOMBS: the card game. a print and play card game designed to play with friends and family. // Has raised MX$1,459 of MX$2,000 so far. (~73%) 2 - 5 22 $2 / MX$66 Sep 25
Carbon City Zero: World Edition Carbon City Zero: World Edition is a collaborative deck-building game, in which players develop a sustainable city. // Has raised £8,172 of £4,000 so far. (~204%) ☑ 1 - 4 242 $20 / £34 Oct 02 #newedition
Chokomannaro - 2 games in 1 - Cute little chocolates invade our world but they bring an awful secret with them. Find out what it is by playing Chokomannaro // Has raised €408 of €6,000 so far. (~7%) varies 18 $21 / €23 Sep 30
Code On: Can you crack the genetic code? Code On is a problem-solving card game that involves cracking the genetic code! More details at: http://www.cognition-games.com // Has raised €5,319 of €6,000 so far. (~89%) 2 - 4 108 $27 / €49 Oct 02
Cracker Games One giant cracker. Six brilliant games. Reusable, re-playable & plastic-free. The perfect addition to your Christmas table. // Has raised £4,999 of £2,000 so far. (~250%) ☑ varies 134 $14 / £37 Oct 01
Crazy Taco Start a new day at the mexican fast food restaurant. Do not lose popularity and deal with all the customers and issues that may happen. // Has raised €4,577 of €4,300 so far. (~106%) ☑ 1 - 2 213 $18 / €21 Sep 21
Devil in the Wilderness - A Card Based Miniatures Game Get in on this game of witch hunting in Colonial America.. where you can be the hunter, the hunted... or both! // Has raised $2,520 of $1,500 so far. (~168%) ☑ 2 - 5 30 $25 / $84 Oct 01
Dungeon Coin A microgame that fits on a coin. Die & Retry in order to finish the dungeon. // Has raised €1,114 of €200 so far. (~557%) ☑ 1 175 $5 / €6 Sep 08
EETENKI / 詠天記 -The Queen Himiko Chronicles- A Made in Japan board game in which you are a shaman leading a small country, aiming to become "Himiko," the queen of ancient Japan. // Has raised ¥339,209 of ¥2,000,000 so far. (~17%) 2 - 4 30 $95 / ¥11,307 Oct 02
Father Christmas Kidnapped! A print, cut and play cooperative Christmas-themed boardgame with a fun story to read as you play. // Has raised £2 of £250 so far. (~1%) 2 $2 / £1 Sep 30
Finger Your Friends! - An Adult Comedy Party Game! YOU ARE THE GAME! Tell awesome stories, answer awkward questions, accept ridiculous challenges & Finger Your Friends! // Has raised $460 of $25 so far. (~1840%) ☑ 4 - 6 14 $25 / $33 Oct 01#nsfw
FUTURES - A Transformative Storytelling Game Imagine and share your stories of alternative future worlds. // Has raised C$2786 of C$2500 so far. (~111%) ☑ 1 - 8 121 $20 / C$23 Oct 03
Gone Bunkers: A card game for people who love war games A card game for people who love war games and nuking their friends. Did we mention you are also going against robots & aliens? // Has raised $1,426 of $3,500 so far. (~41%) 2 - 6 28 $20 / $51 Sep 30
Grim Horizons – Adventures Told Through Combat The sci-fi miniature wargame set in the decaying ruins of the far future. // Has raised C$301 of C$1000 so far. (~30%) 2+ 8 $16 / C$38 Oct 06
GROWL: Madness and Plagues 3 bites turns a human into a wolf... this is madness! // Has raised $28,267 of $15,000 so far. (~188%) ☑ 4 - 10 1076 $5 / $26 Sep 12 #reprint #expansion
Ivion - The Herocrafting Card Game Play out the brutal climax to an epic story in Ivion, an immersive 2 player experience. Craft your hero and reach for glory! // Has raised $16,886 of $28,743 so far. (~59%) 2 171 $39 / $99 Sep 24
Lark A Game of Challenge & Chance // Has raised $4,685 of $10,000 so far. (~47%) 2+ 87 $25 / $54 Sep 24
Laser Ponies: An RPG for Everybody An all-ages tabletop RPG of magical ponies who shoot lasers from their eyes! // Has raised $807 of $700 so far. (~115%) ☑ 35 $ / $23 Oct 01
Lightning Strike! card platform game (manufactured) A 1 - 4 player game where lightning striking the same place twice is a bad thing! // Has raised $417 of $80 so far. (~521%) ☑ 1 - 4 13 $20 / $32 Sep 12
MathCraft - multiplication table +/-/:/x a game for children that teaches the multiplication tables +/-/x/: // Has raised £1 of £850 so far. (~0%) 2 1 $34 / £1 Sep 18
Mayflower Pilgrims card game A quick-to-play game recreating the story of the Mayflower Pilgrims and their first year in New England // Has raised £119 of £2,500 so far. (~5%) 1 - 5 5 $27 / £24 Sep 20
Mercado de Lisboa A thinky filler game by Julián Pombo and Vital Lacerda with artwork by Pedro Soto // Has raised $91,865 of $25,000 so far. (~367%) ☑ 1 - 4 3061 $34 / $30 Sep 18
MFL International - Mini Football League Playing American Football at home without demolishing the apartment! MFL is a board game that requires tactics, skill and strategy. // Has raised €1,598 of €10,620 so far. (~15%) 2 22 $70 / €73 Sep 25 #take2
Perfect Earth: Orangutans A unique board game for the entire family, about the impact of deforestation on the Orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra. // Has raised €2,552 of €25,000 so far. (~10%) 2 - 6 44 $36 / €58 Sep 30
Perfect Pyramid: Pyramid building playing cards A pyramid building card game and playing cards that allow for a number of easy to learn and fun game variations for the whole family. // Has raised $78 of $6,500 so far. (~1%) 1 - 8 4 $15 / $20 Oct 01
Philosophia: Floating World An epic sandbox adventure set in feudal Japan. Philosophia: Floating World is a fully simultaneous deckbuilder for 1 to 6 players. // Has raised £29,857 of £24,000 so far. (~124%) ☑ 1 - 6 403 $92 / £74 Oct 01
Political Pandemic Panic Board Game Race your friends to become president amidst a global crisis in this game of absurd jokes, deception, and dumb luck. // Has raised $1,497 of $25,000 so far. (~6%) 3 - 8 27 $55 / $55 Oct 03 #hmm
Puzzle Dungeon Deluxe Edition Reprint The endlessly playable monster-hunting solitaire card game. // Has raised $10,992 of $6,000 so far. (~183%) ☑ 1 204 $18 / $54 Sep 21 #reprint
Rebellion A Social Deduction Party Game // Has raised $1,983 of $10,000 so far. (~20%) 23 $25 / $86 Sep 30
RIFTFORCE Elegant deck construction and tense hand management packed in 1 box. A duel game from an experienced team with 3150 possible match ups. // Has raised €15,271 of €10,000 so far. (~153%) ☑ 2 510 $30 / €30 Oct 01
Rules. A 3-4 player party game where you follow, change, enforce, claim, and break the rules. // Has raised $2,401 of $4,000 so far. (~60%) 3 - 4 95 $20 / $25 Oct 04
Rurik: Stone & Blade (Reprint & Expansion) Seize your destiny and claim the throne! The first expansion to the critically-acclaimed Rurik: Dawn of Kiev, a euro-style board game. // Has raised $114,062 of $50,000 so far. (~228%) ☑ 1 - 4 1640 $39 / $70 Sep 23 #reprint #expansion
Shards of the Jaguar Shards of the Jaguar is a "dungeon-deduction" game, where you play the heroes and the dungeon as well, by setting dangerous traps. // Has raised €14,067 of €20,000 so far. (~70%) 2 - 4 287 $54 / €49 Oct 01
Solar Rage Un juego de mesa de 2 a 4 jugadores, que combina batallas espaciales con la gestión de recursos. // Has raised €1,449 of €5,000 so far. (~29%) 2 - 4 47 $24 / €31 Oct 01
Streets An urban tile laying game for 1-5 players from the designer of Villagers. // Has raised £161,886 of £29,500 so far. (~549%) ☑ 1 - 5 4344 $31 / £37 Oct 01
Tails of Conflict Cats battle dogs in this fast-paced deck-building card game of adorable animals! // Has raised £2,317 of £10,000 so far. (~23%) 2 - 4 53 $39 / £44 Sep 27 #take2
The Pet Cemetery Chain cards together to outwit, outplay, and race your friends to the end in this light 30-min pet monster themed board game. // Has raised C$9280 of C$10000 so far. (~93%) 2 - 6 159 $30 / C$58 Oct 01
There's A Yak On The Track! There's a Yak on the Track! While Rocco the Rhino works to move the Yak, you try to steal as many of the train cars as possible. // Has raised $704 of $15,000 so far. (~5%) 13 $17 / $54 Oct 16
Tomorrow Dies Today - A Strategy Game for Supervillains A strategy board game with 3 game modes: Syndicate (Solo/Cooperative), Mayhem (Team vs Team), and Cutthroat (Competitive/Co-Op Hybrid) // Has raised $12,708 of $15,000 so far. (~85%) 1 - 6 133 $65 / $96 Oct 01
ToysandArt : Skyball Big Win Board Game Board game for 2 to 8 players Solid confection. Family fun time // Has raised $150 of $10,000 so far. (~2%) 2 - 8 4 $59 / $38 Oct 01
Trophy Town.. A unique board game celebrating the rich sports history of Boston and the 2 Decades of domination.! // Has raised $2 of $4,000 so far. (~0%) 2 - 4 2 $40 / $1 Oct 03 #take2 #lolwut
War and Peace 6th Edition The 6th edition of Mark McLaughlin's War and Peace // Has raised $31,711 of $22,000 so far. (~144%) ☑ 2 312 $39 / $102 Sep 30 #newedition
WARSCRIPT™ — Play-by-Mail MMORTS Massively Multiplayer Sci-Fi Strategy Game — Played through the mail! // Has raised $636 of $8,900 so far. (~7%) 20 $5 / $32 Sep 30
WAY OF THE SAMURAI : Blood and Bushido Expansion + Reprint A Solo Card Game of Samurai Fights! // Has raised €26,023 of €5,000 so far. (~520%) ☑ 1 1045 $11 / €25 Sep 29 #reprint #expansion
ZENTIVA: The Game A Strategy Game Based on the Acquisition of Property in the Cannabis Market // Has raised C$3 of C$9000 so far. (~0%) 2 - 4 3 $66 / C$1 Oct 26 #lolwut

Need moar Kickstarter goodness?

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  • #hmm means that something about the project seems a little off. Buyer beware kinda thing.
  • #lolwut is reserved for projects that seem like copycat games or campaigns put together with little thought. Check 'em out for amusement.
  • #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on.
  • Did I miss something? Particularly something new in the last 7 days or ending in the next 7 days? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it in. ## Tip Jar If you enjoy these lists, maybe toss me a buck now and then. Signing up for a free AirTable account via my referral link can help, too. Plus, it's swell!
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2020.08.30 11:44 GodBlessTheNCR316 An estimation of the size of the Legion.

This has been a subject of debate ever since F:NV first came out. Estimates of the Legion's size have ranged from a mere several thousand to a mammoth hundreds of thousands (one rather far-fetched estimate that I've come across is 800,000-strong).
I am here to not only provide my own estimate (which, again, is an ESTIMATE, nothing concrete), but also to shed light on just how unrealistic it would be for the Legion to expand beyond the upcoming estimate. My own estimate has the Legion at about 5,000-strong by the events of F:NV. 8,000-strong if one wants to be extremely generous to the Legion.
The basic reasoning for my estimate is that the Legion is essentially just one large roving tribe of slave warriors that sustains itself by either conquering and assimilating other tribes or by simply breeding its own soldiers. Combined with the fact that the Legion is only a mere 34 years-old and the fact that the Legion is literally a bastardized copy of an ancient Roman legion of the late Roman Republic (which typically numbered in the estimated range that I've provided), it just wouldn't make any sense at all, whatsoever, for the Legion to expand beyond my estimate.
However, as this apparently isn't a strong enough case for some Legion supporters, allow me to delve into my much more specific case as to why that is. Let's begin with the fact that the Legion has conquered 87 tribes by 2281. According to Legion supporters, the Legion consists of all 87 tribes and therefore has all of their combined strength. However, not every tribe that the Legion conquers is assimilated, as some have actually been completely exterminated down to the very last man, woman and child (with some exceptions).
Tribes that have been known to have been exterminated include the Ridgers tribe, the Twisted Hairs tribe (Ulysses was the sole survivor that managed to avoid such a fate), the Twin Mothers tribe and 5 other unnamed tribes. Combined with the fact that the 87th tribe is such a recent conquest (Caesar himself isn't even aware of its fall) that it can't be included (its fate being entirely unknown, after all), that's 9 tribes that can't be included in the official tally. Of course there could very well have been other tribes that were exterminated but, for the sake of discussion, let's just assume that the Legion only has 78 tribes to its name.
Now we examine exactly how the Legion assimilates conquered tribes. When a conquered tribe is assimilated, only those that the Legion deems worthy of slavery and useful are spared. The able-bodied men, male adolescents and male children are taken to be trained as Legionaries whereas the women and girls are taken to be breeding stock (which is extremely shortsighted in that it costs the Legion potential soldiers). Everybody else (the elderly, the sickly and those men, male adolescents and male children that are either too weak or too old for Legionary training) is put to the sword.
Furthermore, attrition from fighting off the Legion's forces would further lessen the amount of troops that the Legion could harvest from conquered tribes. Meaning that at the end of the day, the Legion won't be acquiring too many soldiers from the conquest and assimilation of other tribes. Especially in just a 34-year timeframe.
There's also the issue of lack of modern medicine and any real medical knowledge in the Legion. Having to get by on extremely primitive tribal remedies (i.e Healing Powders and Bitter Drink), the Legion has an incredibly difficult dilemma on its hands in relation to treating battlefield injuries and breeding future Legionaries.
Basic bullet wounds and shrapnel cuts that might otherwise be treated by a Stimpak or a Doctor's Bag all but doom a Legionary to an otherwise easily-avoidable death due to either infection or execution at the hands of their comrades (nobody "retires" from Legion service, after all).
Lack of RadAway and Rad X means that Legionaries could needlessly die from overexposure to radiation when such a fate could be easily avoided. Much more complex injuries (which are extremely common when going up against heavily-armed, well-equipped adversaries, I might add) that might require limb amputations and life-saving surgeries are well out of the expertise of Legion healers, meaning that death from their wounds or summary execution by their comrades is a certainty for Legionaries.
Without access to modern medicines, life expectancy in the Legion is extremely piss-poor to the point to where sustaining an army outside the range of several thousand warriors would be all but impossible. As for breeding, the lack of proper medical expertise and modern medicines ensures that extremely high infant mortality rates (50%-75% by my calculations), child mortality rates (60%-85%, by my calculations) stillborn rates and miscarriage rates are an inevitability.
With the vast majority of children born in the Legion dying before they're even born or before they even take their first step, the Legion couldn't possibly raise an army above the thousands range, even with the conquest and assimilation of other tribes into the Legion's ranks. A mere 34-year timeframe most certainly wouldn't allow it.
We must now examine the sheer brutality of how Caesar turns men and boys into Legionaries. If one manages to survive the fall of their tribe to be enslaved or manages to survive birth and infancy in the Legion, they must now survive the grotesquely severe tribulation that is Legionary training. A process so deadly and lethal that even NCR Ranger training (which is so intense that 8-out-of-10 prospective recruits wash out) is left deeply wanting in comparison.
Only in the Legion, there's no such thing as "washing out". You either get through the training, or die trying. Most Legion prospects will ultimately prove to be too weak and perish, with only a select few surviving long enough to finally become a full-fledged Legionary.
When combined with the fact that this will be a long, arduous process that spans across many years or decades (depending on when one exactly begins the training) and all of the other aforementioned limitations and inhibitions, it's only obvious that the Legion couldn't possibly surpass my estimate. It most certainly couldn't be done in only 34 years
There's also the issue of life expectancy in the Legion to consider, as well. Aside from the aforementioned obstacles to a higher life expectancy above, yet another such obstacle is the Legion's own structure. Even if one survives the conquest of their tribe, the assimilation process, birth/infancy/childhood in the Legion and Legionary training, they must now survive the crucible that is the life of a Legionary. Or, to be more specific, life as a Recruit Legionary.
As a mere recruit of the Legion, one is extremely shoddily equipped and all but helpless in the face of any meaningful adversaries. Outfitted with an armor that's so light and ineffective that it can't even protect its wearer from a straight razor and armed only with crude blades, makeshift spears and only a massively meager handful of obsolete firearms that are just about broken, Recruit Legionaries are used as little more than expendable cannon fodder.
Cannon fodder whose sole purpose is to either overwhelm an opponent through sheer weight of numbers or at the very least weaken an opponent so that the older, more experienced higher-ranking Legionaries can finish what they started should they fail. Such a structure means that most Legionaries won't survive past a year (as even basic tribes could more than easily kill Recruit Legionaries en masse, nevermind more powerful enemies) in their service to Caesar.
Alongside the fact that a Recruit Legionary has to survive 5 years in order to advance in rank and status (meaning better access to better weapons as well as a higher chance of survival) to become either a Prime Legionary or Recruit Decanus, the other aforementioned problems above all but ensure that the Legion couldn't possibly build a force above several thousand warriors in only 34 years.
Then there's also the issue of the actual size of the tribes that the Legion conquers and assimilates. You see, tribes in the Fallout universe are quite often tiny family-sized units that rarely, if at all, exceed 100 members in total. Aside from the fact that they suffer from all of the Legion's own problems, but on a far more massive scale due to their far smaller size and much more primitive nature, there's also the fact that trying to survive in an irradiated, inhospitable post-apocalyptic Wasteland is a gargantuan task.
Especially for extremely primitive tribes and tribals. The Wastes are filled to the brim with hostile wildlife (i.e. Deathclaws, Cazadores, Night Stalkers, Yao Guai, etc. etc.), that's constantly trying to kill you, radiation, Raiders and bandits that are always looking for someone to rob, rape and murder and so very much more that make basic survival, let alone expansion, virtually impossible for just about everybody, most particularly tribes.
On top of all of that, tribes have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where fresh, clean drinking water that isn't irradiated is all but impossible to find and where food is extremely scarce. Furthermore, due to lack of anything that's even remotely close to an education, tribes have to subsist on hunting and gathering their food (agriculture would be well beyond their capabilities without a proper education, after all). Not bad if one's focused on basic sustainability, but if expansion is what one is after, then it just wouldn't be realistically sustainable.
In addition to these problems is the fact that tribes almost always never get along with each other and are constantly warring against each other accordingly. Meaning that when combined with the other aforementioned issues, inter-tribal conflict will definitely serve to cull numbers and keep tribes well below the 100-mark.
We know for a fact that inter-tribal warfare and all-around chaos was the norm in Arizona, which was essentially Hell-on-Earth prior to the Legion's rise to power there. All in all, we can safely conclude that the tribes that the Legion conquered weren't even 100-strong, meaning that when attrition, the assimilation process and extermination are taken into account, it would make perfect sense for the Legion to be within my estimate within a 34-year timeframe.
Last, but not least, we examine the inevitable attrition that would come with the Legion's 34 years of non-stop territorial expansion and tribal conquest, most particularly their war with the NCR. Let's begin with the attrition associated with the Legion's expansion prior to 2277, the year in which the First Battle of Hoover Dam occurred. Quite a few of the 66 tribes (only 64 of which were assimilated) that the Legion conquered before 2277 didn't go down without a fight and actually almost defeated the Legion before ultimately being defeated.
One such example is the unnamed tribe that Vulpes Inculta conquered to earn his promotion to head of the Frumentarii. The battle was going very poorly for the Legion and was nearly lost until the then-Decanus (rank and status unknown) Vulpes Inculta spotted a hole in the enemy tribe's defenses, led his unit through said hole and captured the tribe's chieftain. His actions are ultimately what won the battle for the Legion that day.
And while it isn't known how exactly the Legion's conquest of the other tribes went down, it could be safe to assume that there were plenty of other tribes that offered similar, if not even greater, degrees of resistance and that the Legion's conquest and pacification of the East was long, arduous, hard-fought campaign that saw immense loss of life for the Legion. Something that even Legate Lanius, who is only a very recent member of the Legion, admits to.
As for the attrition that came after 2277, it was even worse for the Legion. The First Battle of Hoover Dam in particular was absolutely shattering for them. Aside from being the absolute worst defeat in the Legion's history, it was so massively costly and destructive for Caesar that had the Divide Incident (which saw the NCR's primary supply lines nuked), not occurred prior to the battle, the NCR could've very easily completely annihilated the Legion.
It took 5 years and the conquest of 20 tribes (only 15 of which were assimilated; not including the 87th tribe) before Caesar was finally confident enough to return to Hoover Dam in preparation for yet another confrontation with the Republic. Another costly victory for the Legion was the conquest of the Hidebarks tribe, the tribe of the future Legate Lanius. Still recovering from their disastrous defeat at Hoover Dam, the Legion immediately took advantage of the breathing room afforded to them by the Divide Incident by searching for new tribes to conquer and assimilate.
The first of these tribes would be the Hidebarks tribe. Long story short, the tribe took several months for the Legion to conquer owing to the fact that the future Legate Lanius would single-handedly ambush and slaughter entire Legion patrols for sport.
Eventually, the Hidebarks were cornered and forced to surrender. Legate Lanius was given both his trademark mask and his new name and title in exchange for being allowed to kill all of the surviving adult males in the tribe (meaning fewer warriors for the Legion to harvest, I might add).
Combined with their catastrophic defeat at the First Battle of Hoover Dam, the Legion's conquest of the Hidebarks tribe definitely served as a rather sizable impediment to the Legion's growth in the 5 years preceding the events of F:NV. The final example of post-2277 attrition for the Legion was their invasion of Colorado sometime between 2277 and 2281. When Legate Lanius led his forces into Colorado, all he found was a barren, lifeless, completely inhospitable wasteland.
A wasteland that was completely bereft of towns, communities and settlements in which the Legion could rest and acquire additional supplies, tribes through which the Legion's ranks could be replenished or even flora and fauna through which medicine, food and other basic necessities could be extracted.
By the time that the Legion finally reached the ruins of what was once the city of Denver, their forces were completely exhausted and worn out. Tired, hungry, thirsty and deprived of energy, they were further disheartened to find that Denver was even more Hellish and nightmarish than the rest of Colorado.
Not only was Denver completely bereft of civilization and useful flora and fauna, but it was entirely overrun by swarms upon swarms of feral hounds that would attack everything and everyone on sight, including themselves. Everyone other than the first semblance of human life that the Legion finally encountered in Colorado: the Hangdogs tribe.
Unfortunately for the Legion, however, the Hangdogs refused to submit to Caesar's authority and resisted with a fiery passion. Using their innate mastery over animal bonding to turn the hounds of Denver against their Legion foes as well as extensive guerilla warfare tactics, the Hangdogs initiated a brutal war of attrition against the Legion that lasted years and also exacted massive casualties on Legion forces.
Combined with supply lines that were stretched thin beyond their absolute breaking point across hundreds of miles worth of brutal, completely unforgiving terrain (making it nigh impossible to bring in additional reinforcements and supplies from outside Colorado) and the complete lack of tribals as well as accessible means of sustenance anywhere near Denver, the Hangdogs and their canine Allies were easily able to turn the Legion campaign in Colorado into a catastrophic disaster.
Even by Legate Lanius' own admission, the campaign nearly broke the strength of the Legion and almost flat-out failed. In fact, Legate Lanius was only able to "defeat" the Hangdogs by playing to their spiritual superstitions. You see, the Hangdogs not only viewed the hounds of Denver as means of sustenance and survival, but also as friends, family and even spirit animals.
They held immense respect for their hounds, bordering on religious worship. Legate Lanius eventually figured that out and hatched a plan. By capturing several Denver hounds and burning them alive right in front of the Hangdogs' camp, he deduced that the Hangdogs would believe that the hounds would not only burn to death in agony in this world, but that their spirits would continue to burn in eternal torment in the spirit world as well, causing them to finally surrender.
His plan, unfortunately, worked like a charm. The Hangdogs' elders, unwilling to see their beloved spirit animals suffer an eternity of fiery torment, surrendered the whole tribe to Legate Lanius. And with their surrender, the Legion's conquest of Denver was finally complete. However, the immense costs in blood and treasure ultimately rendered the campaign completely worthless.
The Legion's severely enormous casualties were so catastrophic that the Legion was actually forced to halt all further campaigns and territorial expansion for several months until they could recover (as if the First Battle of Hoover Dam wasn't enough to deal with) and in the meantime, the Legion ultimately gained nothing of any value from the campaign, either.
While the Hangdogs were assimilated into the Legion, given their talents in animal husbandry, to become beast masters that would be responsible for breeding, training and conditioning the Legion's own warhounds, such a useless, worthlessly trivial gain in no way compensated for the Legion's devastating losses in Denver. Even the conquest of Denver itself was all but useless to the Legion.
The city is still hopelessly overrun with hordes of hounds (as confirmed by dialogue with Antony at the Fort and Ulysses) and offers no practical benefits to the Legion aside from enabling them to harvest some of its hounds for their own use. The Legion may have conquered some territory in Colorado leading up to and including Denver, but they ultimately gained nothing of value from it. Especially in light of their enormous losses.
So not only did the Legion have little in the way of time and not only was it dealing with conflicting priorities that limited the amount of troops and supplies that could be spared for its invasion of Colorado, but it also suffered severe casualties and spent years conquering an area that was of almost no value to it, as well.
And given that the Legion was still more or less recovering from their cataclysmic defeat at the First Battle of Hoover Dam at the time, such a disaster couldn't have come a moment too soon for Caesar. As you can see, attrition throughout the Legion's 34-year history of warfare all but guarantees that the Legion can't have an army that numbers beyond several thousand troops.
Throw in the fact that the Legion practice's an extremely savage form of discipline that includes rituals such as decimatio (an event that sees both a unit's leader and every tenth man beaten to death), the fact that Legionaries will commit suicide to either avoid captivity or evade a brutal execution by the Praetorian Guard, the fact that homosexuality is forbidden under penalty of death (breeding and procreation are absolutely vital to the Legion's continued existence, after all) and the fact that Legionaries actually have mandatory quotas on exactly how many children that they have to have within a specific set of time (definitely indicative of just how difficult it is for the Legion to replenish its ranks) my point is made.
With all of the above information, it can be safely concluded that the Legion's strength is at most 5,000-strong, 8,000-strong if one wants to be incredibly generous.
Here's some sources and even direct quotes from J.E. Sawyer himself alongside the rest of the developers for verification:
Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.459: "Rebirth of the Son of Mars
The adolescence and young adulthood of the man who calls himself Caesar were spent as a scribe of the Followers of the Apocalypse. While this boy had a quick mind, he made for a scribe of uneven ability, for his success in academics was equal to his interest in the subject assigned.
Nor was he a favorite among his fellows. Though athletic, handsome, and petulance held him back. He never felt that he belonged among the Followers, and blamed them for it. Their rigorous devotion to scholarship was stifling, their mission to ensure that humanity would never repeat the mistakes of the Great War was ridiculously naive. The boy longed for something more.
When the time came for the boy to leave the Boneyard and trek the wastes as part of a nine-person expedition, wanderlust soon curdled into disappointment. The primitive conditions of the tribes the expedition encountered disgusted him. Inferior people all, wretched in their squalor.
Still, he seemed to discern, amid the chaos of their petty struggles and everyday atrocities, the true order of the wastes-and it was one of anonymous, amoral liberty. The wastes called to the boy as a blank slate upon which a man of will could write his own destiny.
During the same period of the time that the boy was coming to these insights, the expedition uncovered a cache of well-preserved historical texts. Among with adventure fiction and comic books, history had always been his favorite subject, and so the task of cataloguing and studying the texts fell to him. Though the boy had long been aware of basic facts concerning many ancient empires, these new texts filled in many previously obscure details.
Reading The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire rendered him a veritable hermit for two weeks. But even that could not have prepared him for the Commentarii, the account of the military campaigns of Gaius Julius Caesar, written by the man himself. Reading Commentarii changed the boy's life.
Unfortunately, it was destined to change the lives of thousands more, and for the worse. In Gaius Julius Caesar the boy found a man who seemed to have fulfilled the full measure of potential greatness allotted to him by fate, a man whose career spanned political accomplishment and military achievement in equal measure.
Such adventure! And intrigue! And cool uniforms! The boy's frustrations with his lot in life gained sharp focus. In reading about Caesar, he was like an ant scurrying about the feet of a regal statue. He resolved that he would go to any lengths necessary to change the course of his life. The Commentarii would be his blueprint. In an illiterate, benighted world, who would ever know that Caesar was not his original creation?
That night, Caesar offered a different sort of assistance to a tribe his expedition had contacted recently: weapons, medical supplies, and tactical expertise. He led several tribal accomplices back to the expedition's camp and through its defenses, and there oversaw the murder of his eight fellows. Within a week he was leading the tribe on ever more ambitious raids against neighboring bands of raiders and tribals." (Behind the Bright Lights & Big City)
Joshua Sawyer on Forumspring February 8 2011: "What's the premise for Caesar's Legion being so sexist, esp. in a world where Ranger Stella can mangle bodies daily in the Arena? Is it just breeding issues? Cause even the abominably sexist Romans were not that sexist, and Caesar is a smart man.
Breeding issues are pretty huge in cultures that took a big step back from infant mortality progress made in the last 100-200 years. Prior to the last few centuries, infant mortality was often around 50%-ish. Child mortality (prior to age 12) was about 60%. Those are pretty awful odds of reaching adulthood.
Remember that Caesar's Legion is basically a roving army that continually breaks down and absorbs tribes that it conquers. That can only go on for so long, and Legionaries who are indoctrinated from birth are even more loyal than adolescents who are integrated. Breeding new generations of Legionaries is vital for the Legion's continued existence.
Even though breeding is incredibly important in the Legion, there isn't any concept of family outside of the Legion's structure. All of the places where the player encounters the Legion are forward camps where direct military service is given the most weight and is of the most immediate importance. Because only males are involved in that service, they look down upon females even though it's incredibly short-sighted."
J.E. Sawyer (source): "Edward Sallow created Caesar's Legion as an imitation of the Roman Legion, but without any of the Roman society that supported the Roman Legion. I've written this before, but there are no optimates, no populares, no plebes, no equestrians, no patricians, no senate, no Rome.
There's no right to private property (within the Legion itself). There's no civil law. There aren't even the ceremonial trappings of Roman society. Legates don't receive triumphs following a victory. No one in the Legion retires to a villa in Sedona.
It's essentially a Roman legion with only the very top commander having any connection to the "source" culture, the rest being indoctrinated conscripts from cultures that were honestly less well-developed than anything in Gaul. Gauls are pretty sophisticated compared to the 80+ tribes.
Gauls could read the Latin or Greek alphabets (Gallic language, obviously), had extensive permanent settlements, roads, calendars, mines, and a whole load of poo poo that groups like the Blackfoots never had.
What Caesar gave to those tribes was order, discipline, an end to internecine tribal violence (eventually), common language, and a common culture that was not rooted in any of their parent cultures.
The price was extreme brutality, an enormous loss of life and individual culture, the complete dissolution of anything resembling a traditional family, and the indoctrination of fascist values. Caesar's Legion isn't the Roman Empire or the Roman Republic. It isn't even the Roman Legion. It's a slave army with trappings of foreign-conscripted Roman legionaries during the late empire. All military, no civilian, and with none of the supporting civilian culture."
J.E. Sawyer's Formspring: "Soldiers in Caesar's Legion don't have personal freedom. They "get" to fight and die for Caesar. It's not a volunteer military, though many legionaries are born or raised into it, so they are effectively brainwashed."
The Courier: "Caesar's dead. What more do you need?"
Chief Hanlon: "The Legion is more than just Caesar! It's got the momentum of thousands of men behind it. They're not just going to roll off into Arizona if we give them a good shove.
The Courier: "What happened to Graham after Hoover Dam?"
Chief Hanlon: "Losing the dam was the worst defeat the Legion ever suffered. Graham had been with Caesar since the beginning, but he had to set an example. The praetorians covered Graham in pitch, lit him on fire, and down into the Grand Canyon he went."
The Courier: "I'm guessing you don't like Caesar very much."
Joshua Graham: "Love the sinner, hate the sin. With Caesar, it's often very difficult to see through all of that sin to the person inside. I can say that we were both lucky that NCR's supply lines and land routes north of Mojave Outpost were destroyed before the Battle of Hoover Dam.
Something bad happened near Death Valley, at a place called the Divide. NCR couldn't cut across anymore and it slowed down their reinforcements. Terrible storms ripped entire companies apart before they even got to Nevada soil. The aftermath of Hoover Dam could have been even worse for Caesar."
The Courier: "Who is Legate Lanius?"
Ulysses: "Lanius... the "Butcher." {Somber, recognizes name}Monster, Terror of the East. Not even his slaves have seen his face - struck them blind so they can't. Wears a mask, don't even know if it's the same man. He put Colorado to the sword, broke the Hangdogs by throwing their hounds upon the flames, so they might burn forever in the afterlife."
The Courier: "I hear you were a slave of Caesar's Legion."
Jimmy: "What Marco said is true. The Legion attacked my village when I was 16. My parents were killed as examples. The rest of us, chained and dragged to some kind of camp. A Centurion there chose me as his tent servant. He was handsome, and gentle, most of the time.
Said it was our secret, and he'd protect me. Gave me little gifts, stupid things. But Caesar punishes homosexuality with death, and we nearly got caught, and there were suspicions. So when he took me out into the desert... Well, I knew he was going to get rid of me. So I kicked him where it counts and I ran. And then swam. And ran some more. Wound up here."
The Courier: "Sounds like life in the Legion is tough."
Jimmy: "It's tough on both sides of the fence, really. I think women have it worse. They're like money, given as rewards. Breeding stock. Honestly, as long as men meet obligations and the child count, "friendships" are a sight more equal than the level of most Legion husbands and wives."
The Courier: "How did you end up joining the Legion?"
Antony: "When the Legion showed up, we fought, most tribes did. Hangdogs hung out longer than most... {beat}broke us by throwing our dogs on the fire. So we gave up, our elders couldn't bear the idea of our spirit animals burning in the afterlife. Still, Caesar was impressed enough to conscript us, use our skills with dogs to join the Legion as houndmasters."
The Courier: "Tell me about the Burned Man."
Vulpes Inculta: "Ah, yes {you know his name}- we are forbidden from speaking his true name. He was a shaman of some kind before he met {KAI-zar}Caesar, a holy man from out of the Utah. The Burned Man proved dangerous, unpredictable, and impossible to kill. He helped {KAI-zar}Caesar form the Legion but almost led it to destruction."
The Courier: "As Legate, do you really believe that, or are you taking a chance?"
Legate Lanius: "Hnh. {Beat} Long ago... when taking Denver, I had to face such a challenge. Many died, over many years to claim the city as ours. It was the lines of food and water that nearly broke the Legion's strength... and the lack of tribals near that cursed city. What I felt in that struggle, I felt as I saw the map of the West. The West is a trap. The bear has already been caught in it, and it is dying."
The Courier: "Eventually - but moving your whole army West means losing the East. You can't hold both."
Legate Lanius: "The East was a hard-fought campaign. Even now, Caesar drew too much of the Legion's blood needed there for... this. Hoover Dam is but a place. I will not have it be the gravestone of the Legion - whether quickly, or as you describe, slowly... by attrition."
The Courier: "Lanius will lead the assault on Hoover Dam?"
Caesar: "Yes. This time my Legionaries will be more frightened of the commander behind them than the enemy before them. There will be no failure this time, no retreat, no years of gathering slaves and resources for another assault. With {Lah-nee-OOS}Lanius to drive the Legion forward, the dam will be taken. It will be our {slight beat}bridgehead across the Colorado."
The Courier: "Tell me about Vulpes Inculta."
Caesar: "Vulpes is the best of my {Froo-men-TAR-ee}Frumentarii. A remarkable individual from an unremarkable tribe south of the Utah. He was brought into the Legion as a boy, survived training, fought well enough as Legionary to be promoted to the rank of {deh-CAN-us}Decanus.
Then, in battle against an {dismissive}unimportant tribe, he broke ranks and led his {con-too-BUR-nee-um - a Roman squad}contubernium through a hole in their defenses to capture its chieftain. Well, his {ken-too-REE-on}Centurion wanted him crucified for disobedience. So I made him a {froo-men-TAR-eye} Frumentarii."
The Courier: "I've heard rumors of your legate, Lanius. What's his story?"
Caesar: "Lanius is the greatest of my battlefield commanders. Some might call him a great man, but I'm not sure he qualifies. Once, he was the greatest warrior of the Hidebarks, a tribe of the Arizona. Maniacal in battle. Sometimes he'd ambush Legion patrols {emphasis}by himself.
When, after several {emphasis, usually campaigns are faster}months we found and surrounded the Hidebarks' camp, their Chieftain raised a banner of surrender. The warrior who was not yet {Lan-ee-OOS}Lanius went insane with rage. {a pleasing memory}He struck down his Chieftain and attacked his own tribe."
The Courier: "What happened when Lanius attacked his own tribe?"
Caesar: "He killed fifteen before they brought him down. He didn't die, obviously. I had him tended to. He was {beat}maimed, most of face torn off. It was days before he regained consciousness.
When he did, I went to his bedside and showed him the helmet I'd had forged to cover his face. I said he could have it if he'd fight for me. He accepted... on condition that he be allowed to kill the surviving males of his tribe. {chuckle}I said, make it the {emph}adult males and you have a deal."
The Courier: "He sounds more like a savage than a general."
Caesar: "Lanius is savage. Savagely loyal, too, but only to me - he has no love for my Legion. But this has its uses. He has no attachment to his men, no compunction about battlefield losses. All he cares about is destroying the enemy.
When another legatus or a {Ken-TOO-ree-on}Centurion fails to achieve results, I send {Lah-nee-OOS}Lanius to make things right. His first step is to beat the failed commander to death in front of his assembled troops. Then he orders the ritual of {deck-ih-MAH-tee-oh}decimatio."
The Courier: "What is "decimatio?"
Caesar: "It means "decimation," but in ancient Rome the word had a very specific meaning - a punishment for cowardice. The Legionaries are lined up in ranks. Every tenth man steps forward and is beaten to death by his brothers. It instills a certain... robust obedience."
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2020.08.28 15:39 olund94 Remember that thing called Truth?

Setting the Record Straight: An open letter to all alternative thinking subs.
First off welcome to The Mystery School.
My name is Ølund.
Pronounced Oh-Lund.
Jack Emil Ølund actually, but Jack is like the most common name ever and Ølund’s catchier, no?
I am the only moderator of this sub and the only person who will be uploading content here.
I state this now because in my opinion, as a whole, the entire conspiracy/fringe/alternative community, whatever you want to call it, is in a crisis.
A few stabs in the dark as to why this is would be:
With these ongoing issues in mind I aspire to create a space where actual truth is the standard we hold ourselves to.
Hence TheMysterySchool.
I remember when I first discovered Reddit and it’s many rabbit holes. It was so exiting to have all this new information coming my way whilst trying to work out what was true and what was false as I delved deeper and deeper.
Some examples would be:
Threads like these would have me scouring the internet for weeks/months/years trying to find legitimate information surrounding these topics.
There's no smoke without fire right?
And besides at this point if 1% of what I've read is true then the nature of reality is very different to what we are sold when we are children.
It started with my decade old interest in UFO’s but then you get led into the Occult and that leads you to ESP and the Psychic Spy Programs which in turn makes you look at Operation Paperclip and it’s connections to the moon landing which will end you back up at the Occult.
It’s a minefield of propaganda, slander and muddied waters and it pains me to see people stuck in certain parts of said waters.
Some of this false information is intended to mess with your head.
Reptilians, Ghosts, Black Triangles, Silver Cigars, The Oz Factor, Remote Viewing, Trance States, Small Greys, Tall Whites, Bigfoot, Tulpas, Ancestors from Sirius.... the list goes on.
What is right and what is wrong?
It can send an honest soul insane, by design I may add.
I promise to keep the intention and goal of this community to nothing but the truth and spreading that as wide and far as I can and if you guys like what I have to offer in the coming weeks and months I hope with your help and support we can make a tangible change to the perception and discussion of esoteric topics at the working class level of society.
I want to to feel like you’re in good hands, because that seems so hard to find these days.
But if you’re going to hang around here we need to establish some ground concepts.
These three words are metrics people have used and still use to measure reality or phenomena. Each one encompasses a mental and physical model of digesting reality.
Science is the current prevailing iteration of an attempt to label experience. Spirituality acts as the juxtaposition today but was and still is the bridge from this outlook previous prevailing iteration, Religion and visa versa.
Other words could under this bracket could be Paganism, Technology, Shamanism or even Fandom. Any all encompassing term that pertains to a doctrine could be brought up, there are many more, yet non of them hit the nail on the head.
This is why it can be desirable to attempt a postmodern approach of cutting and pasting what seems appropriate from each practice to form a way of being that hits closer than ever before.
For instance Science is basically infallible, it’s simply short sighted due to its insistence on relying on hard data. Science is a high measuring stick for observable phenomena that is gate-kept to preserve the sanctity of its institutions.
I respect this.
I also tire of this.
It means there is great control over the “official” scientific narrative and everybody has to be onboard for it to be taken as fact.
This has occurred I suspect due to the result of the last metric we used to measure reality.
Scary word isn’t it.
Seems to allude to a nonsense world of deities and concepts that 100% don’t exist in any sort of physical manner.
Islam or Christianity probably are the first two to jump to your mind, probably because they have the worst brand integrity at this point in history.
A soiled image if you will.
But where Science holds back Religion takes large expansive leaps, especially when it comes to the Eastern stuff.
Islamic, Babylonian, Egyptian and Tibetan cosmology not only all seem to connect to one another but they also all seem to be accurate when looked at through a scientific lens. Obviously there are discrepancies within science regarding these so called ancient ways of looking at the Cosmos but I believe the main reason these old models aren’t taken seriously or spoken about so much is because the largely pertain to events that happened either millions of years ago or events that are not scheduled to happen for millions of years into the future and any attempt to make a prediction that seems to be coming within our life time seems to have been a failure.
But to start understanding Religion, Ancient Texts and the like, one must understand what Religion meant to the people that practiced it in its original iteration.
Religion was reality.
How do I mean?
The first cave art we have depicts animals and humanoid figures. Quite simply I think it is fair to say people were drawing what they were seeing. The notion of allegory and daydreaming have been cast aside as time wasting in modern society but back pre science, one may look at the ferocity of a bull in a fit of rage and attribute great meaning to it.
It would allow that individual to compare other things they encounter in life to the rage of the bull they once saw and say things such as:
“The way you cut down that tree reminded me of the strength and force of the angry bull”
From this you can see how religion is not just an odd cast of nonsensical characters from the sky that someone made up as a coping mechanism but more of a way interpreting reality in quite creative fashion compared to the bleak dogmatic world of science.
Julians Jaynes in his seminal work The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind applies this methodology to the first tribal communities to have Kings.
Graves found in burial sights of tribes that existed shortly after the first cave paintings show graves filled with items such as food, clothes and jewellery.
Why were people burying physical items with bodies that had obviously stopped functioning?
Well, try hearing me out here...
We currently live in a world where our culture has been shaped by thousands of fictional characters and if there were some odd cataclysmic event that wiped the internet and our entire technological footprint BUT left us with all the merchandise that has ever been made for all the franchises that have ever made, a future civilisation of humans finding all this merch without any context of the entertainment industry that birthed it and the technology we used to view it on would certainly at least be pondering the origin of the 4 fingered yellow skinned race that seemed to take over the Western World for about two decades?
This, I believe, is the nature of how we currently deal with religion.
With this in mind we can establish that the religions of old relied on a part of the human brain functioning in a manner that it now does not. Namely the bit of the brain that stops what we'd call schizophrenic hallucinations dictating our everyday actions.
This means something has happened from then to now and raises many question regarding the nature of consciousness such as;
* Where do my thoughts come from?
* Is Ego Death desirable?
* Do I have free will?
* Where did the Gods go?
* What is intuition and what is creativity?
* What is the temperament and nature of other intelligences?
* Should we go inside the computers or try and pierce out of the matrix we are currently in?
It is questions of this nature that I think we should be asking as a community. If we can answer these questions we can push forward what it means to be human and hopefully open up a mutually beneficial avenue of communication with other intelligences. This is the true path we should be following. Adopting this end goal will improve your communication with your loved ones, calm your mind during this time of great stress and tribulation and also move you closer to where we originally came from in an idealogical sense.
If any of this makes sense to you then I, with great pleasure, ask you to join the good fight with us at TheMysterySchool.
The body of work is called The New Shamanic.
ølund :)
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2020.08.27 22:00 Gadinn Some Smaller Ideas about the Remaining Issues with Ele and Resto Shamans

Hello, I'm a long time lurker and former Resto Shaman main, but after seeing Elemental going back to Maelstrom and reading up on the blue post for Shamans I figured I should throw in my two-cents about what could potentially help Shamans. I can't speak for Enhancement since I haven't played it, but they look to be getting good changed and just need numbers as far as I can tell. I would post this on that blue post directly, but I don't have an active sub right now. Anyone who wants to post these ideas are welcome to copy them over to the blue post if you think they are valid, I don't care about having my name in there and I just want Shaman to be the best it can be. Here is a direct link for the lazy.  


There was a very good post here about changing Resto's mastery to something that, to grossly oversimplify, turns overhealing into a rain cloud and allows you to manipulate that "stored healing." I do very much like the idea and his post is a long but very good read with other changes that I personally like, such as turning the talent Downpour back into how it worked in Legion when it was called "Gift of the Queen" that split the healing among those it healed, allowing it to help with Resto's very lacking single target healing.
With regard to single target healing, the new talent Surge of Earth seems to just be more AOE healing that Resto didn't need. Instead, I think it should help with Resto's single target healing and be a talent taken for M+, which Resto seems to have trouble getting into, or tank healing in raids. How this could work could be that it either consumes earth shield charges like it does now, but just heals a single target for more, or a completely new effect. This new effect could be a single target heal that applies a few charges of a less effective earth shield that you could quick throw on a party member, or that it actually refills some charges of earth shield so in a stressful fight you don't have to waste a GCD on re-applying earth shield.
Also, as absolutely everyone has been saying, make Echo of the Elements baseline for both Resto and Ele, it has been a dead row since at least Legion since it greatly helps the feel of both specs.  


After all the Fulmination teaking and the eventual return to Maelstrom, Ele is almost exactly back where it started. There are a few new talents and tweaks but it plays very much the same. I won't talk too much about the new talents, as the revert back to Maelstrom happened only 24 hours before writing this post and there are some talents like Elemental Blast that seem to be somewhat lost in translation between Fulmination and Maelstrom. There are some other issues with the spec that haven't been touched however, and I'll be talking about those.
The biggest issue I've seen pop up are the dead talents. As I mentioned in the Resto section, Echo of the Elements should just be made baseline as this point because of how much it helps the flow of the spec by not missing Lava Burst procs. Not only that, but the other options on the row feel underwhelming from a numbers standpoint, but also aren't interactive. Earthern Rage is just a bit of single target damage and Static Discharge is the same thing but you have to press a button first. I honestly have no idea what to do with Earthern Fury, but there is a cool idea someone mentioned for Static Discharge in a deeper dive about dead talents on the blue post here.
Basically, Static Discharge could become a Maelstrom drain that would work like the Enhancement talent Fury of Air, just at range. This would make it so other talents further down the tree that don't like it when you press Earth Shock would feel better since you're not just capped on Maelstrom. This is mainly targeted at Storm Elemental and Unlimited Power so you can keep spamming Lightning Bolts and don't need to stop building stacks, and it helps Ascendance just as much since you won't need to stop pressing Lava Burst. Speaking of the bottom row, Stormkeeper has the same problem as Echo of the Elements, where it feels too good to not take and should just be baseline again like it was in Legion. There are more nitty gritty things to tweak about Elemental talents, but I'm just going over the bigger issues here.
The issue that I see mentioned about Elemental only slightly less than dead talents is the weird Flame Shock timing and a boring AOE rotation. For Flame Shock on 3 targets, because of an 18s duration and a 6s cd, to keep 100% Flame Shock uptime you have to potentially stop casting for a second and wait to press Flame Shock as soon as it comes up. This feels super weird and if Blizz doesn't want to make it a 24s duration again, potentially turning the problem I just mentioned into a 4 target problem, I saw a good idea about making it a 21s duration which can allow a bit of breathing room for 3 targets.
The boring AOE rotation is because outside of Liquid Magma Totem, you are just pressing Chain Lightning until you can press Earthquake. Every AOE talent that isn't LMT just modifies Chain Lightning to either make it cast faster or make it red, which gets stale fast. An idea that I had and actually haven't seen anywhere is to incorporate Lava Burst into the AOE rotation. My idea is that Lava Burst could do splash damage in certain scenarios, like hitting a Flame Shocked target or hitting a target that is standing in Earthquake. This allows for actually using instant Lava Burst procs in AOE scenarios and breaks up the Chain Lightning spam. Maybe there could even be a talent that replaces Echo of the Elements or Stormkeeper that makes it so the splash damage applies a mini Flame Shock, and you can choose your AOE style by either taking the lightning spam talents or the lava spam talents. One might be better than the others when the numbers come in, but it would at least allow the potential for variety in the talents that has been sorely missed.  
Feel free to discuss more in the comments or make your own comment on the blue post. Again, I don't mind if you take some of these ideas as I can't post them but would love to put my feedback in. I may not respond much to any discussions myself, as most of this is combining other ideas that I've seen, but I'd love to read what you guys that haven't commented on the blue post think.
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2020.08.24 14:39 Mr_Carstein Suggestions for the Beastmen rework

Here again with a wall of text on how to spice up the campaign side of our favourite bastard children of Chaos, the Beastmen. I actually felt like writing up these ideas after watching greyTigerGame's video on Unique Beastmen mechanics. I highly, highly recommend anyone who hasn't tried out his unique faction mechanic mods to give them a try (Chieftain of the Deep Warrens, The Medallion of Chaqua).
Anyhoo, I had fun coming up with ideas on what I would like the Beastmen to be like in TWW and I hope you all enjoy going through them. First up comes our good old Animosity...
Apologies in advance for any typos. I'll probably fix them later.
How to make Animosity a unique mechanic for the Beastmen and make it rewarding?
I think instead of spawning an AI army when you have high animosity, your army should just gain strong battle buffs at high animosity levels, making that army a lot more dangerous to face in battle and autoresolve. This could help the AI beastmen factions to survive longer in campaign and become more of a significant threat if left unchecked. But I do want Brayherds to be a mechanic for them. I think Brayherds HAVE TO be connected to Herdstones. This leads me to my next point.

Implementation of Herdstones in campaign and real-time battles.
I am not a fan of having AI controlled brayherds following a parent army. Instead of the animosity meter, we can have a chart similar to the Vampire Coast's Infamy system. Let's call the Beastmen's equivalent "dominance" for now. In the dominance chart you have a list of all Beastmen Faction Leaders, going from the least - to the most dominant tribe. The most dominant tribes can gain the ability of calling out for a factionwide summoning of Brayherds for all Beastmen factions on the map via Herdstones.The way I imagine Herdstones being implemented in TWW is by being randomly spawned at the beginning of the campaign in areas of the map (wherever it makes sense, e.g. not in Ulthuan). These Herdstones should function similar to Black Arks, in the sense that they have a large sphere of influence. Perhaps even 2, the outer layer giving smaller buffs for beastmen and debuffs to non-beastmen, while the inner layer gives heavier values. As you've mentioned, a region surrounding a Herdstone should be teaming with corruption. One campaign debuff imo should be that the closer a non-chaos army gets to a herdstone, the more chaos attrition they gain and the slower their army gets, due to being constantly harassed by the spawns of chaos and having high casualties.One thing I feel is sorely lacking in the campaign, especially for elves, is the presence and significance of Waystones. If Way stones were to ever be introduced as an intractable feature, it could give Beastmen an extra side-objective to corrupt them in order to create more Herdstones. Athel Loren and Ulthuan being the prime goals.Beastmen armies should also gain more growth the closer they are to the Herdstone. This can be a point of replenishment for any beastmen tribe, and it can also be a more active spawning point for Beastmen AI factions. This not only makes Herdstones an objective to remove/cleanse asap for other factions, but also makes it a good competition ground for other beastmen (mainly for the player) to go up the ranks of dominance, gain favour and experience. Herdstones should have a higher chance of spawning AI beastmen armies when another Beastmen army approaches its sphere of influence. The more beastmen armies gather within the sphere of influence, the higher the chances for an AI army popping out of the Herdstone, making these areas highly competed, volatile and dangerous for intruders and neighbouring factions. The sphere of influence should be large enough for the AI to also gain its benefits if they're not programmed to prioritise them. This is something I feel CA is capable of accomplishing though.As a non-beastmen faction, if one wants to destroy a Herdstone, they have to use an army to order an attack move on it in the campaign. As mentioned, the Herdstone should function similar to a Black Ark, meaning that in the campaign it will have its own army defending it when attacked. It should also have a reinforcement range for beastmen armies to reinforce the Herdstone army in battle. GW has already given us a beautiful Herdstone model (https://www.games-workshop.com/en-FI/Beasts-Of-Chaos-Herdstone-2018), so it could perfectly be added as a functional, stationary unit in battles as well. Its purpose in battle can be to buff up the entire army and making the Herdstone the prime focus of an enemy army, unless the attacker feels confident in dealing with a dangerously bolstered Beastmen army. The Herdstone should also give army abilities that grant reinforcements, grant an influx in winds of magic and cause morale shocks to opponents.

How do you go up the ranks of dominance and how I think should Brayherds work.

You go up the dominance ranks by winning battles, having high level lords (let's say above level 20), by gaining a new level with your faction leader, by the number of full armies and by expanding your Bloodgrounds. Only the top 5 dominant tribes can enact a "Call of the Brayherds". Similar to how the shrine of khaine works for extracting the sword, so does this mechanic when your army is settled within the sphere of a Herdstone. The dominant tribe gains access to a campaign ability that allows them to send out a call to all tribes, which gives them -100% recruitment costs, -80% upkeep reduction, 100% post-battle loot, 20% campaign movement range and -1 recruitment to all units. In addition to that, all Beastmen armies gain increased leadership, melee attack and charge rating. These buffs stack with those that an army gains via their animosity level, meaning that your armies can blend through lines once they reach their targets.As a player, you get a dilemma to accept the call or decline it. Accepting it gives you all the benefits of joining the call, but puts you at war with the local faction where your armies are standing (unless an alliance has been established before the event). Declining it gives you recruitment penalties, but you will not be dragged into war a local faction, but instead against all your cloven cousins. Your faction will gain strong bonuses vs other Beastmen. This should encourage the player to fight other beastmen factions to thin out the dominance chart and inevitably one of, if not the only main tribe left on the map. Meaning that the player will inevitably have control over all Herdstones.Speaking of the chart, those who are at the top 5 tribes reap even juicer rewards . Not only do they gain the already mentioned buffs, but they can also recruit all units available for the top 5 tribes on the same turn similar to how the huntsmarshall's reinforcements or the raise dead mechanic works. That means if Manblight tribe has access to Cygors and they're in third place, while Khazrak doesn't and is in foruth place, he will be able to recruit Cygors on the same turn when a Brayhard call is done. This means that the top 5 can easily recruit full armies in a single turn for the duration of the Brayherd's call. There are 5 of each unit in the beastmen roster that an army can recruit during this event. That means that if I spawn a new lord, I can recruit 5 gors, 5 centigors, 5 minotaurs, 5 cygors, etc. If the number of the units in an army is depleted, then that army won't be able to recruit any brayherd units until the next one. The Brayherd event should last around 15 turns. A brayherd event cannot be called on the same Herdstone more than once every 30 turns. But multiple Herdstones can be used at the same time, meaning that the duration of the event can be increased by additional 15 turns. Let's say there are 5 Herdstones spread out on the map. If all 5 of them were to be activated at or around the same time, it would initiate an apocalyptic event that would last for 75 turns, like the age of destruction that the Beastmen want to usher. The only way for other factions to intervene would be to either go through the overwhelming odds and destroy all Beastmen tribes, or destroying the Herdstones.And finally we come to the most dominant tribe. Apart from gaining the previous brayherd benefits, their shamans also gain full control over a Herdstone. Meaning that they can upgrade the Herdstone army through favour and growth points. These upgrades be an increase to the sphere of influence and the spread of corruption to adjacent provinces, increased campaign movement for the own armies within the sphere along with battle buffs, growth buffs for armies and replenishment.One thing I personally would like to see, but know most people would hate is if a Beastlord has higher level than faction leader, during a brayherd call they will break off their army from your faction and you gain the dilemma of either having them as an ally or facing them in battle with your lord's army and gaining powerful buffs and replenishment and xp when killing them.
What about Bloodgrounds?
I feel the easy way to implement Bloodgrounds would be to allow Beastmen to create hidden settlements but with very limited building options. Just tier 1 stuff for most settlements and tier 2 for unique capitals that mostly grant local army buffs, some small but snowbally factionwide buffs, spread of corruption, garrisons and penalties for intruding armies.I would rather see CA reintroduce the Fort mechanic for the Beastmen. After winning a land battle in a region, the beastmen have the option of establishing a blood ground. These bloodgrounds should be intractable and function as settlement with its own garrison on the site where the battle took place. The benefits they give are the same as I previously mentioned, but the values should be tweaked to smaller numbers if every army can place blood grounds in a region, cause the effects would naturally stack. Blood Grounds are hidden from non-beastmen armies and can ambush them like a regular ambushing army if one marches into them. They give growth and replenishment bonuses to any beastmen force that passes through a region with one. These Bloodgrounds can be upgraded as a regular settlement to tier 2 and have its own garrison. Meaning that you can surround a city and build up your forces and even use them as reinforcements in battle if they or your armies are close enough to each other.The Bloodgrounds can be rooted out by sending armies in and fighting the ambush battles, but that would be a very daunting task. A forest like the Drakwald is afterall an extremely hostile place, largely due to the presence of the Beastmen. If you head into their territory, you gotta be prepared to fight on their grounds.

Anyway, that's about it. For anyone who read through all of that, I hope you enjoyed the read, and I'd love to know your suggestions and ideas on what the Beastmen rework(s) should introduce. I'm of course, as always, not expecting any of these ideas to ever be implemented by CA, but if everyone keeps talking about what they find interesting or what they wanna see for the future of this game, perhaps CA will consider implementing some of the things we discuss here and in their forums.
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2020.08.19 02:20 Bhyx Mistweavers in Shadowlands

As someone who has played multiple healers at high end levels of content I have seen the meta for healers changing throughout each tieexpansion. After playing/observing the Shadowlands Beta I have found myself always coming back to the same conscences for healer metas and that is, that MW/Druids/ and HPriest all have underlying issues. I want to address MWs issues in this post.
Starting off with the biggest issue I have for Mistweaver Monks (MW). This issue is that MW has no place in a raid environment as they stand right now, they do not excel in anything. Here are some examples of different healing situations:
Burst AOE Healing: Where the only sort of healing MW have is Essence Font (EF) which is a smart heal that isn't reliable and Revival for sticky situations.
Rot Damage Healing: The only healing we have for this is Renewing Mist (ReM) which is only usable on approximately 4-7 targets varying based on if you are using Rising Mists, and EF which I established the flaws previously.
It seems like how raid encounters go these two healing encounters are the two most common ones, there isn't many fights now a days that call for insane tank healing. The only tank healing fight as of late that called for burst healing a tank was Vexiona and during this time there was very little overlap with the Despair debuff and raid damage.
The over-arching issue right now is that Discipline Priests and Holy Paladins have something no other healers have in this game and that is Damage Reducing Abilities (DRs). Restoration Shaman sort of fall into this category because of Spirit Link Totem.
The only raid healing cooldown for MW is Revival which feels very unimpactful and lacks any sort of skill or thought to press it. The addition of Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane really makes MW feel like how their class was intended to be played which is the whole idea of being a "melee-healer". Unfortunately, this
comes with two issues, the first being that it is only capped at 3 people per damaging ability and also being a smart heal that DOES NOT prioritize lower health targets. These issues, as well as a 2 minute cooldown causes Chi-Ji to not feel as impactful as it should. While Holy Paladins are able to effectively
choose who they are healing with Glimmer of Light throughout the whole encounter, MWs are looked at as less of a "melee-healer" and more as an EF spam class. In the latter I will go over the some of the new tools Mistweavers were given in Shadowlands as well as what I believe needs to be changes or looked at for QoL tuning.
With the great unpruning of Shadowlands Mistweavers were lucky enough to get some abilities back that were removed. The unpruned abilities that came back in Shadowlands were Expel Harm, Yu'lon, and Touch of Death.
Expel Harm as it works in Beta does little to no damage or healing what so ever for a 15 second cooldown. Also, the ability states that 3 healing spheres will be expelled when used and as it stands on Beta the healing sphere mechanic doesn't work at all.
Furthermore, on the topic of Healing Spheres, these are another mechanic in the MW kit that will do nothing for the spec overall. Healing Spheres will work similar to Holy Priest's Lightwell ability which was almost never used nor paid attention to. The original iteration of Healing Spheres were random and provided no purpose
besides to visually look nice. A way to change Healing Spheres to be more impactful to the kit is to make the spheres do splash AoE healing, that way if a dps with 90% health steps on the orb on accident it doesn't just get wasted in the process. On top of that, if the Healing Spheres do little to no healing what so ever there is no point in implementing them into the kit.
Yu'lon is a great addition to monks giving them Chi-ji back in the form of Yu'lon gives monks an extra healing CD to press in rough healing situations. The only issue I have with this ability is that it takes to long to distribute the healing/ is undertuned. Overall, I love this addition and I believe with tuning this ability pushes monks in the right direction for a raid environment.
Next MWs got Touch of Death which as it stands does nothing to our Healing kit, it is nice to have an instant execute in Mythic+ however it doesn't even work like the Live version's ToD does and also has a long 3 minute cooldown. I don't have much to say on this ability because it doesn't fix any of the dps problems MW have and just feels like an ability that was given baseline because there wasn't anything else that looked appealing.
Covenant Abilities
Kyrian: Weapons of Order in early Beta was extremely overtuned and created unhealthy game play in a raid environment. However, in the latest build the ability was completely gutted to the point where there is almost no reason to go Kyrian besides for it's soulbinds. I cannot voice my opinion enough that Essence Font is a very poorly designed healing ability and basically creating a covenant ability that encourages an EF spam play style is not fun.
Venthyr: Fallen Order is one of the coolest abilities added to Shadowlands but the ability either does not work as intended or it is not written correctly. As it stands right now, Fallen order does not prioritize the MW spec and will almost never project monks that are fluent in the crane. On top of that the monks that are influenced by the way of the crane use Soothing Mist and not Enveloping Mist when it is supposed to. Overall, my opinion on this covenant is that although the ability on paper looks great it doesn't work as intended and I'm not sure how the Dev team can fix the convoke spirit covenant ability for druids to prioritize their spec, yet didn't do the same for Monks...
Necrolord: Bonedust Brew is completely bugged on Beta and his been for sometime now. As it stands right now, whoever is affected by your brew will be healed whenever you Vivify someone. However, the tool tip does not state this what so ever which gives me reason to believe this is not intended. This is unfortunate because I believe that sort of play style feels good for MW. I'm not sure why Discipline can have a 1.5 min cd that causes them to be able to heal almost an entire mythic raid for almost 15 seconds straight. But MW can't do the same thing for 10 seconds and are also limited to only Vivify which as it stands is undertuned. The cleave healing play style of Monks has been a community favorite for awhile and almost entirely removing that play style in patch 9.3.5 has put MW in a terrible spot again.
Night Fae: Faeline Stomp is the most visually captivating ability in the entire game and if I wasn't playing World of Warcraft for the raiding aspect of the game I would 100% pick this ability as my covenant. But right now this ability is completely bugged and RNG dependent, the Essence Font Bolts that the ability is supposed to expel does not work and only the first time a player gets hit by the faeline, will the bolt hit them. All in all, I love this covenant ability and if the bug gets fixed and the healing on the ability gets tuned I feel like this is a step in the right direction for MW. The ability encourages players to dps/heal on the faeline and it makes the player have to think about where they want to set-up the ability verse just mindlessly pressing it on cooldown.
As you can clearly see three of the four covenant abilities are just straight up bugged and for being only a few months away before the launch of Shadowlands that scared me as a Mistweaver main. Not being able to test the full kit of my class on beta causes the Development team to believe that my class is actually fine and that everything will just come together when the covenants are fixed. This isn't the case, MW is fundamentally flawed right now. The spec doesn't have a place in raiding as it stands! The reasons why healing isn't being looked at for changes in Shadowlands is because of two reasons. Reason 1 is because healers only make up a small amount of the WoW community, they are overlooked compared to DPS. Reason 2 is because it feels like the Devs believe that just because all healers can do similar throughput means they are all in a good place. This just is not the case; Yes, if you understand the damage breakdowns of a raid encounter any healer can be top of the meters. But If a MW and a Disc Priest are doing the same healing output, a Disc priest will be taken 100% of the time over a MW. This is because as I stated previously, Disc has other tools in their kit besides healing this includes: DR cooldowns, Extremely high dps, and Low Healing CDS. MWs have none of these perks. Discipline and HPaladin both do significantly more dps then MW and they also heal while doing it, leaving MW with no value in a raid team.
Ancient Teachings of the Monastery: Your Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick Heal for 120% of the damage done to an injured ally within 20 yards. I am going to be completely honest, this legendary is just not good, first off healing only one target does nothing for you as a healer especially when you take into consideration Monks already have low damage outputs and that this legendary is a smart heal this makes it hard to ever consider this legendary. If the healing cap was up to five people or even three people there may be more consideration for this legendary but as it stands it is not good and is a very lazy designed legendary
Celestial Breath: Activating Thunder Focus Tea causes you to exhale the breath of Yu'lon, healing up to 6 allies within 15 yards for X healing over 2 seconds. This was taken from our golden artifact trait in Legion. This legendary is very disappointing, the fact that this was such a gorgeous looking spell and it was just completely removed from the Monk kit in BfA is a shame. This legendary should have been baseline for monks after Legion and it feels like a cop out to put it as a legendary especially when the healing numbers are very weak.
Soothing Focus: Healing with Enveloping Mists or Vivify while channeling Soothing Mists increases their healing done by 6% and reduces their mana cost by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times. When your Soothing Mists channel ends, this effect is cancelled. This legendary is ridiculously underwhelming, especially since Soothing Mist was nerfed, the fact that this isn't a buff that lasts X amount of seconds makes this legendary useless. I have already said this, but I will clarify it again. Tank healing is obsolete, no one will take this legendary even in Mythic+ or PvP. A way to make this legendary better is by making it a buff instead of an effect.
Uplifting Mists: Your Renewing Mist also applies Extend Life to the initial target, instantly healing them for X and increasing all healing done to them by 15% for 12 sec. When you heal with Enveloping Mist or Vivify, 50% of the heal is also applied to targets with your Extend Life effect. When I first looked at this legendary I was really ecstatic that MW was getting their old T18 set bonus back. But after further looking into this legendary you can see the flaws that this legendary has. The reason Extend Life was so good back in WoD was because not only was the blanket ReM a thing but Multistrike was still a stat back then which had a chance to not spend the charge of ReM. MW in Shadowlands doesn't have this ReM mechanic which I will further elaborate on later. Overall, I believe this is a great legendary unfortunately the MW's kit just doesn't work well with this legendary.
My conclusion on Mistweaver legendaries is that I find a lot of these legendaries to be very underwhelming. I love the Uplifting Mists legendary but every other legendary on this list lacks creativity or feel like they should have just been baked into their base kit.
Lastly, I would like to talk about some changes I would like to see implemented on the Mistweaver Monk to make them viable in all situations without completely making them overpowered or underwhelming.
Thunder Focus Tea (TFT): First I want to talk about TFT, I would like TFT to be changed back to the old TFT where when using the ability on Renewing Mist it doesn't expend a charge. This opens up to more ReM cleave healing verses EF spam healing and makes you have to evaluate what you want to use your TFT charge on. Furthermore, I believe that Celestial Breath should be removed as a legendary and added into TFT baseline. The legendary is extremely underwhelming and having to sacrifice a legendary slot for something that was given to the class for free just by playing Legion feels like a rip-off.
Gusts of Mist: Mistweaver's mastery is one of the most unthoughtout masteries in the game. Gusts of Mists only works on 1/4th of the MWs kit. Even changing it so Gusts of Mists works on Vivify Cleaving can change the way we prioritize mastery completely. As it stands, if Gusts of Mist doesn't get a quality of life change then I would suggest completely scrapping the mastery and giving something to MW that has to do with fistweaving. I would even go as far as to make Ancient Teachings of the Monastery their mastery and tuning the numbers better; but that is a bit of a stretch that would have to be more thought out and I don't believe their is enough time to completely tune that mastery.
Renewing Mist: I really like the effect of renewing mist as it stands, my concern is always that it does not scale later into an expansion. If the TFT change doesn't get implemented I would like ReM to either have an extra charge for a total of 3 charges baseline or have it scale with haste similar to Holy Shock and Power Word: Solace.
Vivify Cleave healing feels really good as a play style and it causes talents like Rising Mists to be used in order to strategically think about what you need to use your TFT on. Whether it be to reduce the cooldown or your Rising Sun kick or to not cost a charge of your Renewing Mist. This can also make Focused Thunder way more viable because then you are able to expend four ReM instead of just 2 making for interesting talent choices based off the encounter.
Enveloping Mist (EM): EM feels terrible in the current state of the game, having such a large mana cost and also a long cast time makes the ability feel almost unusable. I would be completely fine for it to be a mythic+ ability where you only use it that situation but if you are trying to make and ability like EM viable in raiding then either lower the mana cost of the ability and lower the healing it does or increase the HoT duration by X amount to compensate for how many you are casting/ how long this cast takes.
Essence Font: Please fix this awfully designed ability. The ability feels bad to press, it is our only form of AoE healing at the beginning of an expansion, and the Essence Font Bolts do absolutely nothing. I would rather you gave us another form of AoE healing and make this a 1 minute cd and increase the value of it verse just making this our identity. Restoration Shaman already have this identity where Chain Heal is their spam heal and all their healing and now they have the opprotunity to use the new Riptide Legendary to create new gameplay. I'm not looking for MW to become this complex healer but it is disappointing that 60% of a MW's healing is EF. It is a smart heal that you have no control over, that costs to much mana to cast and while extremely high volumes of damage are happening MWs are forced to sit in a channeled ability. As raiding becomes more complex every GCD is valuable and when you are stuck doing a 10s EF people may need direct heals or an external that you are unable to do.
Rising Mists (RM): I absolutely love Rising Mists however, it was completely gutted in BfA due to the extremely degenerate interactions it had with Rising Sun Kick (RSK) and EM. RM doesn't feel as impactful anymore after the huge nerfs to it, I would love for the nerfs to be reverted and maybe just making it so it extends ReM instead of all hots.
Corruption was a huge mess and because of that players were able to stack a ridiculous amount of haste which should never have been able to happen. This will probably never happen again so why not revert the changes to that fistweaving can thrive while still having the option of just being a straight up caster healer. If this talent is unable to be reverted my other option is to increase the RM healing it does with RSK but at the cost of increasing RSK's base CD.
Revival: Previously I said that DR is a huge thing for Mythic raiding and MW Monks lack this capability. I believe that every healer should server a purpose in a raid environment. Disc has Power Word: Barrier, Paladin has Devotion Aura and Aura Mastery, Shaman have Spirit Link Totem, and I believe since Monks already have the stagger ability in Brewmaster I believe it should just be universally apart of the class. Blizzard has stated that they want this expansion to feel like a class expansion and not a spec specific expansion. I believe that Revival should be changed from a burst raid heal to a stagger buff with a small hot heal afterwards. This places MW in a raid spot where they didn't have one before. An example of this stagger mechanic would be: On Mythic Ashvane, when one of the large bubbles were popped you would lose 70-80% of your health instantly. If Revival was popped then it would slowly tick down your health similar to that of Bursting or a Shadow Mend verses losing your health all at once. This still means you will have to be healed back up but it gives MW a DR that they were lacking.
My final thoughts on Mistweavers
I love the aesthetic of mistweaving monks but I feel as though they just have no place in this game right now. I don't get how Blizzard can revert Boomkins back to Eclipse spending and completely rework Shadow Priests but when it comes to a healer they will do nothing to change them. The healing meta for almost three whole expansions now has been Discipline Priest and Paladin with one or two other healing spots that healers have to latch on to in order to stay on the raid team. I want to elaborate that I do not mean any ill will with this thread and I am here to spark a discussion, I just have played every healer for the last 2 expansions at a high end level and I find that the healer that needs to be changed/ be given an identity the most is Mistweavers. I'm tired of constantly hearing about dps changes in Shadowlands and when watching Dev updates and Videos about Shadowlands everyone just brushed off healers thinking they are all in a good place. Every healer right now in Shadowlands doesn't feel great to play at the moment. A majority of healers have extremely rough mana issues right now and others just have no place in a raid environment... and yes you can say all content can be defeated with any raid composition. But for Mythic encounters this just isn't the case, some classes are heavily lacking in the healing and dps department but nothing has been done for multiple expansions now. Again, these are my opinions and I would love to hear what you think on the matter at hand.

Shadowlands MW Forums written by the Peak of Serenity Discord
https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/feedback-monk-class-changes/490702/10 General Feedback at the Start of the Testing by Fatal, Anom and Abe https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/feedback-monk-class-changes/490702/81?u=magnapinna-turalyon Feedback Regarding Talents, mastery + Fixes https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/feedback-monk-class-changes/490702/93?u=magnapinna-turalyon Post regarding Cov abilities (PRIOR TO WoO Nerf) https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/feedback-monk-class-changes/490702/109 Post regarding Bugs for MW, from 28 days ago.
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2020.08.18 07:12 TheHumanTrafficCone Crossovers and References Buffy has had, and things that Referenced and Crossed Over with Buffy.

I like to keep track of what TV Shows/Movies/Books cross over or give nods to other series and considering the implications of it, so I specifically focus on those that imply (or brazenly state) that the characters share a universe. Buffy and Angel have had quite a few, so I thought I'd share to alleviate some boredom.
From the Shows/Official Canon:
In the very first episode of Buffy, we get a nod to "The Old Ones", which are part of the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. There are other more explicit references elsewhere, but this is how we kick things off.
Bad Eggs features the Gorch Brothers and mentions that they massacred a town before they were turned into vampires. This is a reference to the film The Wild Bunch.
Buffy vs Dracula is an obvious example, as Dracula is one of the most crossed-over characters in fiction. He stands proud alongside the aforementioned Cthulhu, Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, and Batman. We will be seeing a few of those down the line. Dracula gets nods and references several times in the Buffyverse. These include Buffy/Angel crossover comic Past Lives which is steeped in Dracula stuff.
Listening to Fear has Joyce name-drop "Wally's World" which is from National Lampoon's Vacation.
Soulless was directed by Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings fame and he just HAD to feature a tomb full of dwarven runes front and center in a prominent shot. He just HAD to!
Harm's Way has probably my favorite crossover, where a Wolfram and Hart trainee video mentions their clients: "Weiland-Yutani (Alien), Yoyodyne (Buckaroo Banzai) and Fox News Corp."
That Vision Thing has Wesley mention a creature called a "Wan-Shang Dhole" in his research. That creature does appear somewhere else, an episode of The X-Files, which was written by the man who wrote That Vision Thing.
Hellbound has a double nod and some pretty awesome ones at that. While looking at texts for their research in re-corporealizing Spike, Wesley notes the "Necronomicon de Mortes" and "The Magdalene Grimoire". The first is an obvious alteration of the Necronomicon Ex Muerte from the Evil Dead series. The second is a nod to Neil Gaiman's Sandman.
Buffy Season 8 #6 has a brief cameo of The 10th Doctor and Rose from Doctor Who.
Buffy Season 11 #12 has the dragon that kicked off the season utter distinct roar onomatopoeia: "Skreonk!" A giant dragon from the pacific ocean that utters THAT sound could really be an Erzatz Godzilla for the story.
Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day 2012 "In Space, No One Can Hear You Slay" is a sort of Buffy/Aliens crossover.
Crossovers From Tie-In Material/Expanded Universe:
The comic miniseries (and its sequel) Angel vs Frankenstein is self-explanatory.
The novel These Our Actors has a flashback where Spike sees A Scottish Play where the lead is played by a dead-ringer for James Bond, Hamish Bond. Other details make this little nod more of a crossover thanks to other James Bond crossover notes.
Tales of the Slayer vol. 2 "House of the Vampire, London, England, 1897" has, naturally, another nod to Dracula (Peter Van Helsing is the watcher of the current slayer), but also two nods to Sherlock Holmes, as well as wax figures or Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, Jack the Ripper, and Lizzie Borden. They start the adventure by chasing the legendary Springheel Jack. Springheel Jack also shows up in the novel Out of the Madhouse.
In the first issue of Spike vs. Dracula, a flashback is shown where the Slaughtered Lamb appears. This is the infamous bar from the excellent An American Werewolf in London. Later, in the 5th issue, Spike lays into Dracula's reputation, talking about how he's fought Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, King Arthur, and Zorro. The thing of it is, all of those exist as published stories!
In the novel Night of the Living Rerun, the "The Book of Eibon", a Cthulhu Mythos tomb, appears.
The novelization of the Angel episode City Of has Angel and Doyle reference/pass by the "Greystoke Mansion." The Greystoke family is best represented by its most famous family member: Lord John Greystoke, who grew up as Tarzan.
City of Despair was a webcomic once hosted in the Dark Horse website where Buffy and Angel are kidnapped to be gladiators in an extradimensional arena. In the background in the barracks are a Yaut'ja/Predator and Hellboy. Given the timing and other factors, I like to think of it as "That Time Buffy Participated in Mortal Kombat" but that is partly speculative.
Tales of the Slayer Volume 4 has the story "Undeadsville" where the Slayer in question is implied to be the sister of Illya Kuryakin, a Russian defector from the series The Man from UNCLE.
The comic tale Viva Las Buffy has a cameo of characters from the Dark Horse comic The Devil's Footprints (which was done by the writer of that story arc).
Angel Spotlight: Doyle has Doyle say he's mistaken for a man named Mark Healy, which he says happens to him all the time. One of those "Nod to an Actor's prior Roles" sort of things, this time, to the show Rosanne.
In Buffy Vol 1. #43-45, Spike needs to borrow a Shear of Cytorrak. Cytorrak is a Marvel demon-god thing that empowered the Unstoppable Juggernaut.
Spike: Asylum has our bad boy in a demon/monster sanitarium meant to cure them of 'evil' that was created by Ivo Shandor, who was the source of the problems in Ghostbusters.
Spike: Old Wounds has Spike and Angel battling a Kandarian Predator Demon. Kandarian demons are from the Evil Dead series.
Angel Spotlight: Wesley has Gunn mention the "Ilithid" case, referencing the Dungeon & Dragons monsters.
Dark Congress, a Buffy Novel, has "Shuggoths" and "Yurgoths" (which is a minor corruption of Shoggoths and beings from "Yuggoth" from the Cthulhu Mythos). It also claims that Lovecraft died closing a Hellmouth in Providence, Rhode Island, which mixes pretty well with how he was portrayed in Supernatural. Though that he was given monster-cancer by the Venitori Umbrorum for selling their secrets to the Thule society in the Dresden Files adds a wrinkle to it.
Fallen Angel: Reborn has Illyria try to reclaim her power in the city between worlds run by Lee, the Fallen Angel.
Blooded, a Buffy Novel, has Lord Byron appear in the past talking to the Slayer of the time period. He gives her an off feeling. The writer of this novel also wrote novels for Highlander, and guess what? In Highlander: The Series, Lord Byron was an Immortal.
From Other Series:
Since Charmed started as an attempt to cash in on Buffy, it's unsurprising that they nod to it a few times. One episode ("The Power of Two") has the old "Where's Buffy when you need her?" line. Since Charmed gets a few nods from other crossover series listed below, I'm including this one here.
An episode of the Sci-Fi show Eureka, "God is in the Details" has a character suggest that the town's location was built on a Hellmouth. Since Buffy came out, the term has skyrocketed in use since... the 14th century. So, for Crossover Purposes, it is being referenced.
Simon R. Green's Ghost of a Chance has the "Scooby Gang" of Sunnydale mentioned, alongside them are mentioned to the Cthulhu Mythos, Ghostbusters, Carnacki, The X-Files, Drinking Midnight Wine, Frankenstein, and The Monkey's Paw.
Andy Barker P.I.'s one claim to fame is name-dropping the Double-Meat Palace.
The Interdimensional Metafictional horror Mary Shelly Lovecraft battled Cassie Hack of the comic series Hack/Slash in the story"Something Fishy" and tells Cassie "You are interesting. Perhaps not as widely loved as that summers girl... but still compelling.” She goes on to say that she brought Deep Ones (Cthulhu Mythos) to Haverhill (the real-world source for Archie) to cause a metafictional disruption. Mary also mentions “I should be glad it’s you, the girl with mommy issues and no special skills, instead of that red devil boy” (Hellboy),
The Deacon Chalk novel Blood and Bullets allude to Sunnydale, as well as having crossover nods to Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Night Huntress (a novel series that began with 2007's Halfway to the Grave), Sonja Blue, Dracula, Supernatural and Blade. A later novel in the series also includes Buffy alongside nods to Solomon Kane, King Arthur, and Evil Dead among a few prior nods.
The 2002 Doctor who Novel Camera Obscura has "William the Bloody Awful Poet" attend a seance with Eighth Doctor and Anji Kapoor.
Supernatural "The Mentalist" has an Orb of Thesulah mentioned. Earlier, in "Hell House," one of a pair of dwebish paranormal investigating, the Ghost Facers, tries to calm the other by asking "What would Buffy do?" to which the other replies "But she's way stronger than me." If not for the other reference, this would be dismissed as simple pop-culture call-outs, but now it becomes a sign that these two were more clued in than the episode otherwise suggests. Finally, in Season 15, a Hellmouth is featured.
The Gen 13 Novel Netherwar is penned by a writer I've alluded to several times as a writer who does a LOT of tie-in novels for TV shows, Christopher Golden, Buffy among them. A Hellmouth is a prominent plot point in this Vegas adventure. 'De Vermis Mysteries' of the Cthulhu Mythos is referenced, and the story implies that the adult leader of the team, John Lynch, is Nick Fury.
The movie House of the Dead 2 states that Cuesta Verde University is "Just Outside Sunnydale."
The 2011 comic miniseries Legion of Monsters featured Elsa Bloodstone, Morbius the Living Vampire, The Living Mummy, Manphibian, Werewolf by Night, Dracula, Daimon Hellstrom, and another Hellmouth.
West Coast Avengers vol. 3 #10 has Dimension-Hopping Heroine America Chavez use her powers to lead her teammates in an escape -- the World of Nothing But Shrimp that Illyria mentioned several times.
In American Horror Story Apocalypse “Could It Be...Satan?”, one of the witches from Coven refers to the Hotel Cortez as a Hellmouth, in an episode written by Tim Minear, making it a more solid reference.
In the Cacophony:
The novel Crépuscule Vaudou is one of those "Mega Crossover" Stories with nods and shout-outs all over the place. Buffy is among them. As is White Zombie, The Black Coats, Arsene Lupin, The Cthulhu Mythos, Brother Voodoo (a Marvel character), Child's Play, Tales of the Zombie, Revolt of the Zombies, James Bond, Angel Heart, Duke de Richleau, I Walked With a Zombie, John Thunstone, Kolchak the Night Stalker, Pirates of the Caribbean, Captian Blood, Lorna Doone, Gulliver's Travels, the works of Stephen King ("Jerusalem's Lot"), Leatherstocking Tales, Charmed, Treasure Island, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, John Carter of Mars, The X-Files, Moby Dick, The Narrative of Arthur Gordan Pym of Nantucket, Mayfair Witches, Doc Savage, The Phantom, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Wild Wild West (TV Series), Gone with the Wind, Oz, The Lone Ranger, Sherlock Holmes, Martin Hewitt, The Shadow, The Body Snatchers (the story on which Invasion of the Body Snatchers was based), L'Enigmatique Fen-Chu, Carnack: Ghostfinder, Atlantida, and The Exorcist.
Oddly, the Buffy reference in Crépuscule Vaudou isn't to anything from the show, but one of the tie in novels (Tales of the Slayer II "Blood and Brine"), so, points for novelty.
Eugenics Wars: The Rise of Khan Noonien Singh Volume 1 is a story about Gary Seven and Robert Lincoln's attempts to stop a project to create supermen. So Many crossovers. Among them, there's an encounter with Robot Housewives in Connecticut that is mentioned in passing (Stepford Wives). One of the eugenics workers is a sallow bug-eyes man named Mr. Eyegor (Young Frankenstein). A scientist named Maggie Erickson is featured, who is engaged to a man named Mr. Walsh. So, when they marry, she becomes Maggie Walsh. The original Frankenstein is referenced. Other references/cameos/nods include Avengers (TV series), Six Million Dollar Man, The Pretender, Beauty and the Beast (80s TV Show), Bionic Woman, Modesty Blaze, Knight Rider, and The Equalizer. This is also, obviously, a crossover with Star Trek.
Tales of the Shadowmen, a celebration of crossover nods*,* has a few Buffy issues to its name. Volume 7: Femmes Fatales features a story Fiat Lux with nods to Buffy, The Nyctalope, Cyrano de Bergerac, The Three Musketeers, The Scarlet Pimpernel, the 1950s tv series The Invaders, and the Belgian comic series Blake and Mortimer.
Volume 10: Espirit de Corps has the story "True Believers" has a Hellmouth referenced. It also has appearances or references to: Sâr Dubnotal, Blithe Spirit (1941), Lensman, Simon Ark, Sherlock Holmes, Dark Shadows, Semi-Dual (The Occult Detector (1912)), Doctor Strange, John J. Malone, Kenneth J. Malone, Network (1976 film), I Dream of Jeannie, Northern Exposure, Jane Arden, The Continental Op, Nate Heller, Judex, Dr. Spektor, Some Like It Hot, Little Caesar, Scarface, "Robin and the 7 Hoods", Dick Tracy, The Big Lebowski, Morris Klaw, Suicide Squad (Novel Series that began with Mr. Zero and the FBI Suicide Squad), Theodosia Throckmorton, John Thunstone, Fergus O'Breen, Rocket to the Morgue, Call Northside 777, Ghostbusters, Cthulhu Mythos, "Bell, Book and Candle", Mr. Mulliner, Carnacki, Special Unit 2, and The Quincunx of Time.
Volume 11: Force Majeure "Don't Judge a Book By Its Title" is a fun run on "Wait, you have the wrong Necronomicon" at the core of its story. Here are references to the Cthulhu Mythos, Evil Dead, Ghostbusters, Sâr Dubnotal, Baal (of Renée Dunan's 1924 novel of the same name), and Female Vampire (a 1975 film). And the Buffy nod? Ash thinks that, aside from being the one "Destined to fight the forces of darkness," hangs out with the band Slayer.
Volume 12: Carte Blanche has a collection of nods to Doctor Omega (an Erzatz Doctor Who), The Adventures of a Parisian Aeronaut in the Unknown Worlds, Arsène Lupin, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, C. Auguste Dupin, Fantômas.
The Merkabah Rider series is another "So full of references its nuts" series. In "The War Shaman," The Watcher's Council and the Order of Kun-Sun-Dai (from Angel "Awakening" and "Cavalry") are referenced as allies to the Merkabah Riders. Other series references in the story are the Cthulhu Mythos, The Lord of the Rings, Moby Dick, King Arthur, Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, and Monk. Also, the entity known as Misquamacus takes its name from a novel series that was turned into an utterly bizarre movie called The Manitou. The story "Merkabah Rider: Once Upon a Time In the Weird West" has Richard Wilkins the First show up, alongside nods to many of the things previously references, as well as Simon of Gitta, Meaner than Hell, Solomon Kane, Kull, Conan the Barbarian, Steve Harrison, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Ghostbusters, Kung Fu, Indiana Jones, Batman, Something Wicked This Way Comes, House II: The Second Story, Oz, Winchester '73, The Wild Bunch, The Quick and the Dead, Hombre, Zorro, and The Lone Ranger.
The Quest of Frankenstein is similar. In this novel series, many crossovers are made. The Master of the Order of Aurelius and "His Blond Companion" Darla appear. Other series referenced include The Mythos once again, "The Creeper" (from The Pearl of Death, House of Horrors and the MST3K feature The Brute Man), Doc Savage, Conan, John Kirowan, Bran Mak Morn, Solomon Kane, Carmilla, Dark Shadows, World of Watches, Nosferatu, Underworld, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Black Sunday, The Vampire Chronicles, Vampire City, The Black Coats, The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Most Dangerous Game, The Vampyre (1819), The Count of Monte Cristo, Tombs of the Blind Dead, Lord Peter Wimsey, Waldemar Daninsky, Curse of the Crimson Altar, Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter, P. G. Wodehouse's Works, Viy, The Mummy (1932), and She (Who Must Be Obeyed).
Harry Dickenson vs. The Spider has a short story in it called "The Mark of the Red Leech" -- this World War I Tale has a Colonel Wyndham Price appears investigating the vampiric attacks of the "Red Leech" (Varney the Vampire). Private Henry Jones Junior (Indiana Jones), Captain Dickenson (Harry Dickenson), Colonel Renwick (an ally to Doc Sampson), Private Simpson (The Simpsons), Captain Eliot Spencer (who eventually becomes the cenobite known as Pinhead from Hellraiser/The Hellbound Heart), and Captain Ulysses Paxton (The Master Mind of Mars, part of the Burrough's Mars series) appear in the story. Obviously, Harry Dickenson and The Spider appear as well as nods to Dracula, and The Wandering Jew's Daughter.
There are a lot of "Bland Name Products" in media, to prevent lawsuits mostly. One of the most prolific is Morley Cigarettes. This thing has its own Wiki page). And the fictional company's wiki has a few more video games listed that reference it indirectly.
Another Bland-Name Product, Sugar Bombs, or Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, appears in many series. It shows up in Out of My Mind in Buffy. Most notably, Sugar Bombs have shown up in Marvel's Runaways (Vol 2, #7), The Incredibles 2, the videogame Fallout, and, of course, Calvin and Hobbes. There are a few others, but none truly worth noting. And, given Fallout, that has to be taken as an Alternate Universe.
And in the realm of Notable Parody:
Vampirella vs. Fluffy is one of the... lamer versions of this sort of thing. It's always galling to hear a female character talk about how her Sling Swimsuit is totally empowering and no one should judge when the story is written by a man. At least Vampi doesn't kill the Buffy analog.
Big Wolf On Campus has "Muffy the Werewolf Slayer" as an episode. This is definitely more homage than parody. Oddly, between the timing of it, and the look of the title character, "Muffy" could very easily be Faith Lehane if the crossover is incorporated.
But I am always on the search for more.
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2020.08.18 04:30 TheAngryHippii AVATAR In-Depth Film Analysis: Neohumanism & Ayahuasca Humanity vs Alternate Humanity

Back when AVATAR was released, there were news articles depicting a large number of people feeling depression and suicidal after watching the movie. As someone who felt this depression after seeing the movie for the first time in cinemas, I can tell you that the depression does not stem from the want to be on Pandora, the depression stems from the fact that this Earth *IS* Pandora.
The depression settles in as more realizations begin to occur. Humanity is allowing itself to become a disease to the planet, all for the sake of material gain.
In any movie review of James Cameron’s AVATAR, we are mostly told it is praised for it’s CGI and not for it’s story. Which for the most part, lacked originality. Comparisons are made to previous stories. Stories such as Ferngully, Pocahontas, and Dances with Wolves. Yet, what astounds me is that while people compare AVATAR to these films, they do not compare it to the events and situations that these films are focused on. Events and situations that are still ongoing to this day. AVATAR uses symbolism and imagery to portray the atrocities committed by the Corporatocracy. And, how our ignorance not only allows these atrocities to occur — but, also has halted our evolution.
AVATAR is not only a social commentary on the Extortion of Natural Resources, Exploitation of Indigenous Peoples, or Aboriginal Genocide. It is a simulation of what life can be.. Every claim in the analysis can be researched by anyone and a clear consensus can be reached. The film not only shows that the planet we are from is the mother of all life, it shows an alternative form of humanity. The Na'Vi are representative of Neohumanism*, the next stage in our evolutionary path. The humans depicted in the film are clearly shown to be from the Western world. Working for Corporations that seek to maximize profits regardless of social or environmental loss. So, what we have here is a film depicting two possible forms of humanity, the old paradigm vs the new paradigm, I hope this video shows you a new perspective on life or affirms your perspective.
Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4c8avw6qo8
Key Points within this video:
Introduction: Counterargument to General Criticism (00:00) Part 1: The United States of Materialism (2:47) Part 2: The Transceiver (8:58) Part 3: The Na'Vi: The Natives of Pandora (11:53) Part 4: The Philosophy of The People (17:40) Part 5: The Sequence that Changes Everything (19:42) Part 6: The Universe as a Super-Organism (22:29) Part 7: Ayahuasca and Avatar (25:03) Part 8: Redefining True Love (29:05) Part 9: Out there is the True World (31:05) Part 10: Destruction of Home Tree (32:39) Part 11: Rider of The Last Shadow (37:48) Part 12: Shamanic Healing Ceremony (39:34) Part 13: Old Paradigm vs New Paradigm (41:48) Part 14: Love Life Death & Rebirth (46:24)
Sources for arguments made within video:
Economic Hit Men https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btF6nKHo2i0&t John Perkins https://johnperkins.org The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confessions_of_an_Economic_Hit_Man Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9piIziXU9RE
Mycelium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI5frPV58tY https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mycelium
Paul Stamets https://fungi.com/pages/about-us
The Organic Internet of a Mycelium Network: Suzanne Simard, Paul Stamets, and Terence Mckenna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGyECGJqWDU
Dark Matter Fractal Field https://www.omicsonline.org/open-access/the-great-cosmic-sea-of-reality-the-dark-matter-fractal-field--a-conceptual-premise-of-the-structure-and-functional-dynamics-of-ou-2329-6542-1000142.php?aid=89902
Ayahuasca https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayahuasca
Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0c5nIvJH7w
Stepping Into The Fire (full ayahuasca documentary) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0ommNRJeMQ
Neohumanism http://prsinstitute.org/downloads/related/education/nhe/NeohumanistEducationalFutures.pdf
Eamonn Healy https://www.stedwards.edu/directory/employees/eamonn-f-healy
Morphic Resonance https://www.sheldrake.org/research/morphic-resonance/introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFSsJHI5Zds&t
Rupert Sheldrake https://www.sheldrake.org/about-rupert-sheldrake/biography
The Venus Project https://www.thevenusproject.com Jacque Fresco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb_bTUJp39o
Avatar (2009) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0499549/
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2020.08.17 03:57 SarutobiSaizo Eric Carter Hex [Tier 3]

Player: SarutobiSaizo
Name: Eric Carter [Tier 3]
Alias: Hex
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Half Human, Half Spirit
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 180
Appearance: One Two Three Four

Racial Traits:
Abilities: The last of a long line of necromancers who specialized in binding spirits to their soul to grant them additional abilities. The ritual to ascend into their powers is passed down from Master to Student before being trained for a number of years. The final step in Hex's rise of a new student to a master was usurping his master's soul to form their own Bloodstone.
  1. Astral Possession. Hex can breathe his soul out of his body and use his spirit to control other creatures. His original body is vulnerable while he possesses another.
  2. Jumping. A variant of Hex's Astral Projection. Hex also has the ability to detach his soul from his body, granting him super speed, by means of his soul quickly moving to a different place and his body following it almost in an instant. This acts to give him speed in short bursts (or long term use for long distance travel), and allows him to go anywhere his soul can get to, regardless of whether his body (under normal conditions) could or not. He's able to fly with this ability.
  3. Eye of Mahadeva: Through intense spiritual practice and ritual sacrifice, Hex has opened his third eye, and forged a link between his soul and Lord Shiva, the Destroyer, through which he can access a small portion of Lord Shiva's power of destruction. Opening his third eye gives Hex arcane sight through which he can see the unseen. Hex's enlightenment gives him a measure of defense against mental attacks. By invoking the portion of Lord Shiva's power bound to his soul, Hex can channel fire through his third eye, producing a concentrated, destructive beam of heat from his forehead which causes an explosion upon impact.
  1. Necromancy. Using the Bloodstone as a medium, Hex can call the recently deceased back to life and bind them to his phylactery for the duration of their revival. While other souls are bound to the phylactery, Hex’s own is bound fully to his original body. The revived souls are spirits that have no power over the physical world but have access to all its memories and experiences. Hex can have a spirit possess his own body, but cannot control the spirit's actions afterwards outside of forcing the spirit back out of his body. Hex's eyes glow grey while he channels through the Bloodstone.
  1. Shapeshifting. Hex bound a wolf spirit, Raze 1 Raze 2, to his soul. Raze is the spirit of a child of Fenrir He can transform fully into a large wolf or partially into a werewolf type creature. While in this form, he has superhuman endurance, strength, speed and healing, but an increased weakness to silver. His eyes glow yellow when he channels Raze.
  2. Snake Familiar. Hex has a tattoo of a large black snake, Nirah, that starts on one side of his chest, winding around his neck and upper back onto the other side of his chest. He can breathe life into the tattoo and call his familiar into the world. Nirah can spit a caustic venom and is highly poisonous, and his scales are stronger than Kevlar. Nirah and Hex can communicate telepathically, both while Nirah is active and while he’s in his dormant tattoo form. Nirah can change size at will.
  3. Fire Spirit. Has bound an evil fire spirit, Shayah to his soul that grants him power over fire, namely the ability to breathe fire and to shoot concentrated barrages of fire from his hands. The longer he channels Shayah’s abilities, the more Shayah influences his mind state. His goatee grows into a beard and greys and 2 black horns of smoke manifest on his head while he channels Shayah's fire.
  4. Lightning Spirit. Hex has bound a primordial lightning elemental/spirit twice over, The God Tempest said to be the spirit of the Great Storm caused by Buddha’s awakening and the spirit of the Great Storm unleashed by Tawhiri. Bound once to his soul and once to a scale of the same material of the Bloodstone. It replaces a scale on the head of his familiar, Nirah. When channeling the God Tempest, Hex can manipulate lightning, calling down lightning strikes. Hex can remove the scale from his familiar and use it to supercharge his own powers when he channels the God Tempest or can give the scale to another for them to get a minor version of its powers. Hex's eyes glow blue as he channels the God Tempest.

  1. The Bloodstone (Phylactery). An oily, black stone of unknown origins that has been bonded to Hex’s soul. His last defense and most potent vulnerability. When anything goes wrong with Hex’s astral projections or his physical body, his soul draws itself back into the Bloodstone. Few know of the stone and fewer have seen it.
  2. The Necrosword. Hex has struck a deal with a creature of the abyss bonding another soul to his own and creating from their deal a symbiotic weapon. Hex can use the living abyss comprising The Necrosword to create a variety of constructs, such as weapons, armor, and a Cloak/Wings; though All-Black's preferred form is a Sword. Hex prefers to keep The Necrosword in the form of rings and bracelets adorning both hands and arms when going about his daily business. The Necrosword boosts his natural abilities, strength, speed, durability, healing, necromancy. And the Necrosword is capable of cleaving through even the most durable of materials, no matter the shape of the construct and withstanding most forces. (4 turn cooldown before The Necrosword is able to switch forms again after switching forms.)
  3. Seal of Solomon - Hex has obtained the ring possessed by King Solomon and bound the spirit within to his soul. Binds the Black King. Hex link allows him a measure of the Black King’s power. The ring boosts his control over the other spirits in his coterie of spirits and Hex’s overall magical strength, allowing him to channel two spirits at the same time as well as boosting their strength. The ring also boosts his Necromantic skill, allowing Hex to control a spirit that he allows to possess his body, gaining temporary access to their abilities. The ring cannot be destroyed and Hex keeps it on his snake familiar, wrapped around his tail.
  4. Agni’s Rosary. Hex has forged a link to the Vedic God of Fire boosting his connection to fire and lightning. By mentioning Agni’s 7 tongues, kālī, karālī, manojavā, sulohita, sudhāmravarṇā, sphuliṅginī and visvarucī, Hex can become an avatar of Agni. His skin turns red. Four arms of a fiery energy form. Fire leaps towards his head forming a dramatic burning halo. While active Hex gets a large boost to his connection to the fire element, as well as to his strength and speed, but a weakness to water.
  5. Indra’s Lightning Bolt. one two Hex has forged a link to the Vedic God of Lightning, and King of the Gods, boosting his connection to lightning. The lightning bolt is a weapon of pure energy created from the sacrifice of the Sage Dadhichi. By calling out to Lord Indra, Śakro devānām indraḥ, or Mahendranīla, Hex can become an avatar of Indra. His skin turns red and four arms of blue lightning energy form. Lightning leaps to his head forming a halo. While active Hex gets a large boost to his connection to the lightning element, as well as the ability to control winds
  6. Gleipnir - Hex has obtained the chain that was used to bind Fenrir, father of Raze by the gods. The chain is forged with a powerful magic inscription that grants Hex access to powerful binding magic. The chain is nearly impossible to break, thin as silk ribbon, but stronger than any iron chain. It is resistant to magic. Its binding powers are activated by Hex running his blood and his targets blood over the binding. From studying the binding magic on the chain, Hex can create binding seals though they are weaker than the binding on Gleipnir itself. Hex writes the binding with his blood. The binding magic can hold a tier one or low tier 2 but doesn't hold stronger supers. For them the binding magic would last a short time (a few turns or so)
  1. His body is defenseless when he astral projects.
  2. His soul can be forced back to his phylactery where he is trapped until someone returns phylactery to his body
  3. Channeling Shaya for too long erodes away his rationality and makes him bloodlusted.
  4. Weak to silver when shapeshifting
  5. Outside of his familiar, Hex can only channel two spirits at a time.
  6. Hex’s Phylactery can be destroyed, leaving his soul defenseless.
Vehicles: 68 Dodge Charger
Other: Binding Knife Possesses the soul of a vindictive spirit killed by Jasmine. The spirit wants to strike the final blow against her. Binding Knife Alt Art
Information Broker. When you can call the dead and possesses the living, there isn't much that can be hidden, and much that Hex cannot find out. Hex has leveraged his talents to buy and sell information to the highest bidder. He has no sides, only his own and has made a name for himself off of his skill and discretion, and amassed quite a fortune because of it.
Bartender. Area 7 Nightclub. He works here on his own volition. It's easy to pick up low-level info and people love to chat to the bartender. And easy to pick up women too.
Detective. Part timeOn-call. Legion Inc.
Legion Inc. Owns 25% of publicly traded stock
The Hangar. Large industrial warehouse converted to a spacious loft that Hex owns and lives in in Bohan. In Northern Gardens, but its close to the border of Boulevard. Warded with magic and not the kind you want to fuck with.
Providence Office Center The Hideaway. A modern office building tucked away in North Holland (Algonquin). The first floor has an open floor plan where Hex can entertain his contacts. Hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows, imported furniture of the highest quality. He spared no expense. The second floor hosts a full size apartment, Hex's home away from home, locked away behind wards that recognize the spirits bound to his soul. The basement is similarly guarded and where Hex keeps all of his research and relics of his trade.
  1. Dr. York. Boss-man
  2. Helen. Vampire.
  3. Morgan. Vampire. Favor owed to Hex.
Eric Carter is a relatively new player to Liberty City, having recently relocated from the Caribbean. He was taught to commune with the spirits of this world and the next by his master, the last in a long line of Shamans with ties back to the Motherland. His master initially only taught Hex the less...perverse side of the art, but Hex's talent pushed his master to foray with him into the darker depths of the art, much to his master's own detriment. Hex's skill with the art culminated with the creation of his own Bloodstone, a personal phylactery created from a necromancer's soul and the life force of another, in this case his master. With his soul protected, Hex was able to bind several spirits to himself, a testament to his budding power.
Hex's parents are unimportant. He never knew them, given to his master at a young age. He was a quick study, his talent evident from young. His master was a harsh taskmaster and quick to anger.
Raze + Shayah: one two three
Raze + The God Tempest: one two
Nirah + Shayah: one two
Nirah + The God Tempest: one
Pic Save: one two
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