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(Long read) Times (U.K) investigation - Trail of couples butchered in their beds sparks fears of a serial killer at large

2020.08.23 00:33 Khalophrecia (Long read) Times (U.K) investigation - Trail of couples butchered in their beds sparks fears of a serial killer at large
That Saturday lunchtime in Gravel Lane in Wilmslow, Cheshire, was like any other. Cars trundled to the shops, children kicked balls in the playing field and just up the road the tall, kindly figure of Howard Ainsworth could be seen taking advantage of the spring weather to mow his precious lawn.
A former parks gardener, 79-year-old Howard was devoted to his petite 78-year-old wife, Beatrice — known as Bea — and was fretting a little that day because she had been laid low with a stomach bug. At about 2pm his neighbour Margaret Farror popped her head over the fence to ask how Bea was feeling.
It was the last time that either Howard or Bea was seen alive. In a witness statement to the police, Farror would later say that Howard seemed perfectly happy and friendly as he chatted. There was nothing in his demeanour to suggest unspeakable actions a few hours later.
The next morning Bea was found lying face up in her nightie on the bed with a knife in her forehead. Her head had been hit several times with a hammer and a pillow half obscured her face. Howard lay next to her in his pyjamas, his head propped up against the headboard and hooded with a bag. The police declared the case to be a murder suicide.
Despite the extremity of the violence, the police investigation regarded the key piece of evidence as a suicide note seemingly written by Howard of his own free will — and the coroner agreed. The case file was closed and the story of the double death in Gravel Lane might have ended there.
But three years later there was another apparent murder suicide in Wilmslow. There were many grisly parallels, besides the location. A devoted elderly couple — Donald and Auriel Ward — were found lying in their bloodstained bed, wearing nightclothes, at their home in Lacey Grove.
Auriel had been bludgeoned, stabbed and suffocated, and her head was partly covered with a pillow. Donald was found with a knife stuck into his heart. After a lengthy police investigation, the coroner found that Donald’s mind must have been disturbed and he — like Howard — had taken his own life after killing the wife he adored.
The four Wilmslow deaths presented the same mystery. There was no rhyme or reason to the severity of the violence, which was entirely uncharacteristic of either man, and — as far as anyone is aware — there was nothing in the loving relationships between the couples stretching back decades to suggest that their lives might end in such a brutal way.
The official explanation did not make sense to Christine Hurst, the coroner’s officer for Cheshire, who reviewed the police files on the cases in preparation for both inquests. Such was her concern, she put the case papers into a joint file “of special interest” and kept them in her office at Macclesfield police station. It would be 17 years before the papers would re-emerge.
Serial killer?
Today serious questions have emerged about whether both the cases could have been double murders, possibly by the same person. Moreover, three other murder suicides have also been identified involving elderly couples in the northwest, raising the chilling possibility that there still could be a serial killer at large. This weekend Cheshire police have launched a review into the matter.
The Wilmslow cases had always sat uneasily with Hurst, who was one of the most experienced coroner’s officers in the country. She has advised parliamentary committees and government departments and was called on to give evidence about the role of coroner’s officers in the inquiry into the serial killer Harold Shipman in 2002.
She has described in a written statement how the Ainsworth case did not feel “right” from the moment the envelope containing photographs relating to it came across her desk in spring 1996. Though accustomed to disturbing images because of her job, she was “appalled at the level of violence” that had been inflicted on Bea.
Three years later, in November 1999, Hurst happened to be in Macclesfield mortuary when Auriel Ward’s body came in, and she was instantly struck by how similar her wounds were to those she had seen in the photographs of Bea. Indeed, when she reviewed the photographs of the incident, she was surprised to see how much it resembled the earlier scene in Gravel Lane.
Hurst noted the likeness in the way the bodies were positioned in the bed; a knife was left protruding in both incidents; a pillow was set at the same angle over the two female victims’ faces; and their nighties had been left raised above their thighs, exposing them in an undignified manner. She raised these concerns with her colleagues in the police who were investigating the Ward case, but it led to nothing.
So when Hurst retired in 2017, she dug out the file of special interest and passed it on to her bright new successor, Stephanie Davies, a high-flyer who had been given a commendation by the chief constable two years earlier and held a string of qualifications in death investigations, crime scenes and forensic science. “I hoped that one day these two cases would be looked at again,” Hurst wrote.
That is exactly what Davies did. The new Cheshire coroner’s officer, who is an employee of the police, launched herself into the task of re-examining the murder files in her free time and took courses to further understand the science.
Extensive countrywide research turned up two more cases that had been deemed murder suicides and fitted the pattern. Remarkably, they were both just a half-hour drive away in the Greater Manchester area. In each case the elderly woman had been stabbed in the neck and suffered “blunt force trauma” to her head after seemingly being attacked by her husband, who had then taken his own life.
Davies enlisted the help of Steve Chancellor, one of America’s top “cold case” police forensic investigators, who has lectured and written about how offenders attempt to misdirect detectives at crime scenes. His review of the Ainsworth and Ward case files said vital clues were missed or misinterpreted.
He disagreed with the findings of the two police investigations and argued that both cases were likely to be double murders. “I would be looking at the same offender involved in both cases as a very real possibility,” he concluded, although he cautioned he could not be 100% sure.
Chancellor found it extraordinary that there had been similar cases in the Manchester area. “I am not sure of the statistical probabilities, but they have to be astronomical for four similar murder suicides, involving elderly couples, inside their homes, using blunt and sharp force trauma and/or asphyxia as a cause of death.
“Further, in all four cases, there is no history of domestic violence within the marriage and, more importantly, in each case the husband’s alleged perpetrator actions were described as out of character. I would suggest a detailed look throughout the country for any additional victims or other similar cases.”
Armed with Chancellor’s expert opinion, Davies compiled a 179-page report on five murder suicides — including an extra case she had discovered in Cumbria — that she believes are strikingly similar.
She handed the report to Cheshire police last month and is calling on the National Crime Agency and Interpol to urgently review cases across Britain and Europe to determine whether there are any more related murders. Cheshire police are looking at the new information in the report and have contacted the Greater Manchester and Cumbria forces in regard to the other cases.
We were shown a copy of the report by a source, but Davies declined to comment when approached last week.
In her report, she wrote: “It is certainly not the intention to disrepute the findings of those original investigators who worked on these cases 20 years ago. The knowledge that investigators have these days surrounding forensics, bloodstain pattern analysis and crime scene interpretation is more advanced.”
But she said she decided to raise the cases with the police because of “the concern that there is an outstanding offender, who could still be offending, and who needs to be brought to justice”.
It was also an opportunity to support the families of the victims, who might believe wrongly that “their fathers/grandfathers/ uncles/brothers have violently killed and degraded their wives. And finally, this is to ensure that the truth comes out for those deceased victims themselves.”
In her opinion, the interpretation of the murder scenes in the original investigations could well be wrong and instead the deaths might be the work of a serial killer who has not been caught.
Strange and illegal act It was the era of Britpop, and the “bigger than the Beatles” local band Oasis were playing to sold-out crowds at the Maine Road stadium in Manchester on the last weekend of April 1996, when the lives of Howard and Bea Ainsworth ended.
Farror, the couple’s neighbour, spotted their curtains were still drawn at 11.30am on Sunday, April 28, and called police after her attempts to contact them had failed. The awful sight that greeted PC Neal Miller is described calmly in his report, but this was no usual crime scene.
“I could see there was a male and a female body, both in their mid-70s, lying face up on a double bed,” wrote Miller. “The female was on the left side closest the door and the male was closest to the window on the right side. The female had a blood-soaked pillow over her face with a wooden handle of a kitchen knife sticking out of it . . . The male was lying to her right with a large clear plastic bag over his head.”
An initial reading of the scene suggested that Howard had killed his wife and then taken his own life. Crucially, a suicide note had been a left on a yellow pad that had been placed on the sideboard next to where the couple’s bodies lay. It was purported to have been written by Howard at 3.30am that day.
In spidery writing, its author matter-of-factly gave details of Bea’s recent illness from a virus and described a doctor’s visit earlier. Bea had become “delirious” and therefore, the writer said: “It looks as tho [sic] our lives have gone so have given her some sleeping tablets and I will have to throttle her.”
This extraordinary leap of logic in the note did not make sense for a number of reasons, not least that the doctor would later tell the police that Bea was merely suffering from a stomach bug, which should have improved after a few days, and she had no long-term illnesses. Howard also appeared to be in good health, so there was no reason for the couple to take their lives. But the suicide theory was given added plausibility when the police found paperwork in the couple’s home that showed they had joined the Scottish Voluntary Euthanasia Society six years earlier. A “Do not resuscitate” sign had been left at the top of the stairs and the back door had been left unlocked — both measures that were part of the couple’s euthanasia plan.
The suicide note ended with a tender and resigned acknowledgment that “we have had a good life together”. Yet it was difficult to reconcile the warmth of this sentiment with the evidence of extreme violence the police had witnessed in the bedroom.
Bea had been hit several times over the head with a hammer and may already have been dead when she was stabbed in the forehead with such force, the knife penetrated her skull and snapped at the end. Two hammers were found upstairs, one of which had been washed in the bathroom sink as if someone had attempted to destroy DNA evidence.
This was not a crime of compassion, as the suicide note had suggested. Christopher Docker, the Scottish euthanasia society’s executive secretary, would tell police: “We are concerned that none of our literature encompasses such a strange and illegal act and we are shocked by it.”
There was no respect for the victim: the knife was left lodged in her head and the hemline of her nightie had been pulled up to the hip as she lay lifeless on the bed. Chancellor, the US crime scene expert, believes these to be crucial facts that undermine the theory this was merely euthanasia. “I just do not see Mr Ainsworth acting in such a violent manner against his wife,” he opined. “Even if he decided to end their life as was his eventual plan — the means he used is inconsistent with his long-held belief to end their lives with dignity when they were ready.
“Mrs Ainsworth’s life was not ended with dignity. It was ended with violence and she was left in an embarrassing or degrading position. This is so out of character, I cannot concur with the initial police finding.”
Moreover, Chancellor believes that the scene could well have been staged to look like a suicide. A bottle of sedatives was left on a chest of drawers in the bedroom with two tumblers, as if they had been used as part of a planned suicide. But the toxicology reports did not find the pills had been taken by the couple, and their doctors confirmed that they had never been prescribed this particular sedative.
There was also little blood on Howard’s pyjamas or hands, which was surprising given the severity of the attack. It appeared that he had asphyxiated himself with a bag over his head, but the pathologist noticed bruises on his lips that were “not explained” by this manner of death. Such injuries can be caused when somebody is forcibly suffocated by an attacker, Chancellor noted.
Howard’s body was also found in an unusual position. He was lying flat, with his left hand wedged under his back and his head half propped up against the headboard. “In my opinion, this is consistent with him being placed into bed by an offender after he was already dead,” said Chancellor. Bea’s knees also had fresh abrasions, suggesting she might have been dragged across the floor to the bed. Most mysteriously of all, blood had spattered the bag that covered Howard’s head, the report noted. In the photographs, the droplets appeared to be consistent with the pattern of stains across the bedsheets caused by the impact injuries suffered by Bea. If this was so, then Howard could not have been the killer, as he was already lying dead when she met her violent end.
The ruled-out suspect John Ainsworth, the couple’s only child, stood to inherit the house in Gravel Lane. A note with his name and address had been left in the bedroom but, oddly, he was not contacted at his home in Derby by police until 2am on the Monday.
“Probably through shock, I went straight to bed and fell asleep,” he said in his police statement. In the morning, he went to the drug rehab charity where he worked and was given the day off when he told his boss what had happened.
It was John who described to the police his father’s long-held belief in euthanasia — a fact confirmed by a neighbour. “My father had told me that as soon as deteriorating health reduced their quality of life, they would enter into a suicide pact. My mother was present when this was discussed,” he told the police.
When we tracked down John, 66, to his new home on a remote country lane near the village of Tanyfron in Wrexham last month he was still bitter about the way the police had handled the case. “The police were fwits. They thought I’d done it. I had a f of a job with those Cheshire pig c***s,” said John, who has always denied any involvement in his parents’ deaths.
A divorced father with two children, he said that “the police had staked out my house in their ignorance”, but he was nowhere near the scene of the crime at the time his parents died. “I had gone to pick up my ex-wife and kids to take them down to London to see her dying mother,” he said, “so my mother-in-law came through for me, and that was my alibi . . . I was absolved.”
John said he spent the weekend at a friend’s house in Hackney, east London, and was driving back on the M40 when he saw a bird of prey, a red kite, “at exactly the time that my father was doing my mother in”.
He believes his father had been hit by a “very fast form of dementia” just before the attack. “I understand that my dad went nuts and his predilection for euthanasia and his manic depression took over,” he said. His father was a complicated man, he explained, who had been traumatised by fighting the Japanese in Burma during the Second World War.
The police had quickly discounted John as a suspect, and two months later they allowed him to supply some of the key evidence of his father’s handwriting, which was used to confirm that Howard had been the author of the suicide note and other papers found at the scene.
John explained that the house had been mysteriously cleared of paperwork before his parents’ deaths. “In the two years before he died, he destroyed just about all paperwork belonging to the family. There’s very little documentary evidence of anything . . . That I’ve never understood.”
He moved into his parents’ house for a few years after they died and was aware that there had been similar deaths. When our reporter raised the possibility that there was a second, related case in Wilmslow, he said: “In fact there’s a third.” He was referring to one of the two Manchester cases.
“I read newspapers,” he said. “As far as I am concerned there is no link between the three. They didn’t know each other . . . Was the second one a copycat? That’s not my story.”
Act of compassion At the end of a darkened lane lined with thick rhododendron bushes, the front gate had been left open to the imposing redbrick dormer bungalow. On Friday, November 26, 1999 a neighbour and his friend peered through the unlocked kitchen door to see the table set for breakfast in the late afternoon, but nobody seemed to be at home.
It was difficult to make anything out when the two men padded upstairs and ventured into the dimly lit main bedroom — until they found the light switch. There were the inhabitants, the Wards, a couple married for 45 years, lying together in bloodstained sheets.
The husband and wife were well liked in the affluent Cheshire town, which is known for its famous residents such as Sir Alex Ferguson, the then Manchester United manager. Mary Colborn-Roberts, a hairdresser who saw 68-year-old Auriel every week, recalled that her friend “always wore the nicest clothes — usually navy M&S clothes”. She described Donald, a 73-year-old former industrial chemist, as “the sort who wore a trilby hat. He would tip his hat at you when he walked past and hold doors for people — a proper gentleman.”
Just a week earlier, a local handyman called James Allen had been finishing off the couple’s new driveway when Donald had popped out for a chat. In his police statement, Allen recalls that Auriel had spotted Donald and brought a coat in case he caught a chill. Later Auriel rejoined the two men on the driveway and Donald took off the coat and placed it gently around his wife’s shoulders.
It was a small act of kindness between a seemingly happy couple that would be hard to reconcile with the official version of the events the police believed happened sometime around daybreak on Tuesday, November 23. The courteous grandfather is said to have gone berserk.
The sight that confronted the police investigators when the bodies were found three days later was harrowing. One officer still has uncomfortable memories. “I can honestly say I’d never seen anything like that bedroom. The violence on show was extreme,” he said. “I probably should have referred myself for counselling and therapy. But back then it wasn’t really the done thing. You just get on with it.”
Auriel had been bludgeoned in the head, stabbed in the neck and suffocated with a pillow. Donald had a gaping slit across his throat and a knife embedded through his ribcage into his heart. Both had injuries to their hands that were initially thought to have been sustained while defending themselves from an attacker. By the bed there were smashed pieces of a ceramic hot water bottle, which appeared to have been used as a weapon both to hit Auriel on the head then to stab her with its broken shards.
The police began a murder inquiry, but the pathologist’s report the next day cast immediate doubt on the idea that a third party was involved. The report found that Donald had cuts to his hands, groin, wrists and upper body. While accepting that some of these injuries could be in self-defence against an attacker, the pathologist was of the belief that they had been self-inflicted. However, the evidence did not rule out a third party intruder.
A retired detective who worked on the original inquiry said: “It was treated as a full-on murder investigation. We interviewed potential people of interest who were in prisons and chased down individuals who may have been in the area at the time.”
The police investigation took more than six months. The DNA sampling found the blood at the scene belonged to the couple. But it is not clear whether wider DNA tests were carried out to find other evidence of an intruder, and the police concluded that it was likely no other attacker was involved. “In the end, the most compelling argument we had was that Donald killed his wife and killed himself. Is it possible a third party could have been involved? Yes. There is a possibility,” said the detective.
But there were a number of facts that made the detectives feel uneasy. Donald had no known history of violence and yet the attack on his wife, if it was a murder suicide, was overkill. A review of the case by the now defunct National Crime Faculty (NCF) found the attack to be “expressive”, which means a level of violence was applied beyond that needed to kill her — possibly out of extreme rage.
So the official story is this: after clubbing his wife with the ceramic hot water bottle and stabbing her with its broken shards, Donald is then said to have gone downstairs and gathered a kitchen knife to attack her further. Both her main arteries in her neck were severed.
Her body was left with her nightie hitched up to hip height, before a blanket was folded back over her and a pillow was left partially over her face.
One of the key pieces of evidence that persuaded the police Donald carried out the attack was that his blood was found on the knife drawer in the kitchen as well as the light switch and the backdoor key. The forensics team believed the blood had dripped directly from one of the deep cuts to his right hand, which could have been defence wounds or, according to the police theory, cuts from using the ceramic shards as a weapon.
The NCF report found the discovery of the blood downstairs to be convincing evidence but acknowledged that it did not preclude all possible scenarios such as an “extremely skilful attempt to ‘stage’ the crime” to make it look like no third party was involved.
One of the aspects of the case that continued to confound them was the manner of Donald’s death. He had been stabbed three times in the groin area and his wrist was slashed but there seemed to be a lack of blood. A lot of blood, however, had seeped out onto his pillow from the deep cut across the front of his neck, which had severed his jugular vein.
The NCF report added: “We have concerns and need explanations as to the blood pattern on Mr Ward’s face. The position the body was discovered in does not match this blood patterning. It is our opinion that the blood pattern must have come when Mr Ward’s face was in contact with a heavily bloodstained object, and either Mr Ward or the object has moved, how?”
Most baffling of all is that Donald had severe bleeding from his cut throat — sufficient to end his life — and yet he is thought to have carried on harming himself. Would he then have had the strength to plunge a knife into his own heart?
Chancellor assessed this as unlikely, especially as there were no hesitation marks, which are normally seen when someone gathers the courage to self-inflict such a devastating final blow to themselves. “The injuries to the neck are so severe, I just can’t imagine he would then stab himself so deeply,” he noted.
Similar misgivings were expressed in the NCF report. “Is it feasible that someone is able to self-inflict Mr Ward’s neck injury and still be able to stab himself through the heart. Bearing in mind he is believed to be right-handed and the injuries to the right hand.”
The final blow caused only minor bleeding, suggesting that his heart may have already stopped. Could this injury have been inflicted by someone else after Donald had died?
The couple did not leave a suicide note. Despite the cloud cast over Donald’s role in the deaths, the couple’s family held a joint memorial, believing they should still be together, as they always had been. The family are reluctant to speak about the incident and say they have tried to get “closure” in the past 20 years, despite struggling to accept Donald was capable of such a crime.
But Auriel’s friend Colborn-Roberts recalled: “I went to their memorial service. I remember one of the sons telling me that they never believed their father could have done it. I don’t think anybody did. He said: ‘Dad was a chemist. He knew every chemical under the sun which could have killed them both peacefully. I don’t believe he’d have chosen that way.’”
Strikingly similar
In her report sent to Cheshire police, Davies argues that both cases are double murders and show signs that attempts have been made by the perpetrator to misdirect the police into believing that there was no third party involved. She lists numerous significant similarities between the cases. They include the night clothes, the position of the two bodies, the method of attack, the nighties pulled up, the women’s faces partially covered by a pillow and their wedding rings on display.
In addition, she argues that both male bodies had been moved or rearranged after death, and that the attacks were “out of character” because there was no history of domestic violence or psychiatric illness. Her report says these are signs of a “signature behaviour” that an offender repeats in order to satisfy some psychological or sexual need.
Fearing that such an offender may have committed similar crimes, she carried out an extensive search, including making freedom of information inquiries across the country, and found 39 cases of elderly couples discovered together after suspected murder suicides between 2000 and last year.
When she narrowed her search down based on the injuries documented at Wilmslow, she identified three cases. All happened to be in the northwest: two close by in Greater Manchester and one in Cumbria. In her report, Davies makes clear that she cannot be sure these murder suicides are linked to the Ainsworth and Ward cases because she did not have access to police files.
The report does find some “striking” similarities with the Wilmslow deaths. But these three cases are not clear-cut and all have complicating factors that may have tipped the balance when the police were deciding whether the husband had the motivation to murder his wife and take his own life.
The three other cases
On February 21, 2000, a couple were found dead in their home in East Didsbury, Manchester, with extensive head and neck injuries. It was just three months after the deaths of the Wards and detectives from Manchester instantly contacted Cheshire police because of the similarity between the cases.
According to Davies’s report, the body of Violet Higgins, a 76-year-old former policewoman, was discovered in her nightie on the marital bed after being bludgeoned with a rolling pin and stabbed in the neck with a pair of scissors. Reports said she had been beaten “beyond recognition”. She had been attacked while sleeping and was found huddled under a duvet.
The body of her husband, Michael, a 59-year-old former security guard, was in the spare room in his pyjamas. He had been stabbed in the throat and garrotted with a coat hanger. A bottle of pills was scattered across the bathroom floor.
The police quickly dropped the investigation, believing it was a murder suicide. The inquest heard evidence that Michael was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and his wife had threatened to put him in a home, a possible motive for the killing. He had also been to a solicitor to discuss the possibility of divorce.
However, the coroner, Leonard Gorodkin, remarked specifically on the fact that the couple had enjoyed a happy marriage and while finding that the case was a murder suicide, he said it was far from clear what had driven Michael to such an attack. “I don’t know what led to them falling out, but terrible violence took place that was completely out of character with Mr Higgins,” he said.
Davies’s report speculates that this may have been a double murder by someone who was attempting to make it look like a suicide. “The combined methods of sharp-force injury to the throat, the pills thrown on the floor and . . . the coat hanger around the neck all in combination strikes as a very rare and unusual suicide method. These method(s) and signs of suicide, could therefore be indicative of exaggeration at the scene, ie where an offender tries to make it obvious to the police that the death was due to suicide.”
Her report also raises questions about whether the November 2008 deaths of Eileen and Kenneth Martin on the eve of their 55th wedding anniversary might have been linked to the other alleged murders. Eileen, a 76-year-old former printer, was killed by blows to the head with a blunt instrument — possibly a hammer — and had cuts to her neck and wrists. Her body was found in the garage at their home in Davyhulme, Greater Manchester, alongside Kenneth, a 77-year-old retired steel erector, who is said to have slashed his own throat, cut his wrists and hanged himself, according to the report.
It was presented in newspapers at the time as a “mercy killing”. Kenneth had suffered from prostate cancer and he was struggling to look after his wife, who had severe dementia. He had expressed concern that if he died first then Eileen would become a burden to their children and had told his daughter, “When it’s my time to go, it’ll be her time to go”, but she believed the remarks to be just attention-seeking. On the night before their deaths he broke down in tears and told his daughter he could no longer cope. She reassured him she would “come round every day” to help.
However, this case is not entirely clear-cut. Davies’s report points out that the brutal injuries inflicted on Eileen were not at all consistent with a mercy killing. Furthermore, Kenneth was frail and had difficulty walking, raising questions about whether he had the physical power to carry out such an attack.
The last couple identified in the report were Stanley Wilson, 92, a former quarry worker, and his 89-year-old wife, Peggie, from Kendal in Cumbria. During a long retirement filled with bowling, Scrabble and needlework, the loving couple were often spotted around town holding hands.
Sometime overnight on February 17 or February 18, 2011, Stanley, who had recently suffered significant loss of sight, is believed to have carried out a frenzied and prolonged attack on his retired teacher wife in the front bedroom. She was hit on the head and face, strangled and then stabbed with a knife in the neck several times, severing her jugular vein. Stanley is said to have killed himself with several stab wounds to the neck.
Was this a double murder? The inquest heard Stanley had been released from the Royal Lancaster Infirmary the day before and had been expressing paranoid fears that his wife, son and the nursing staff were trying to poison him.
Certainly, the couple’s son, Graham, believes that his father committed the crime because of mental illness, even though — as his wife, Barbara, pointed out — Stanley “worshipped the ground she [his wife] walked on”. Graham added: “It was horrible, but I would never have suspected foul play.”
There were, however, several parallels to the stabbings in the Ward case in particular, Davies’s report notes.
It goes on to profile the type of person the killer might be. Davies believes he would be a younger man more powerful than his victims. He is likely to have befriended his victims, which is why they would allow him to enter homes. The report suggests that the murderer “had a strong hatred toward women, especially domineering females”.
It concludes: “This individual will not stop killing until someone or something stops him . . . The acts of dominating the victims, carrying out the murders, and fooling the police, are all addictive to him. He will have meticulously planned each murder, ensured he left no forensic evidence and followed the cases in the media.”
Alarm bells
In the preparation for this article, we asked Peter Kirkham, a former detective chief inspector who served for 21 years in the Metropolitan police, to review the case files. He was instantly struck by how unusual the two Wilmslow cases were.
He said: “The knife left in the head is strange. That is one of the genuine things that immediately for me rang bells. It’s a significantly higher level of violence and quite extreme violence for this ‘mild mannered couple, never had a bad word in their lives’ situation.”
One of the main facts that did not fit, in Kirkham’s opinion, was the presence of a suicide note in the Ainsworth case. In her report, Davies speculates Howard Ainsworth may have been coerced by the attacker to write the note.
But Kirkham says he has never experienced an offender having so much control over the victims. “It doesn’t happen, in my experience . . . even if they’re frail and incapable of very much.”
However, Kirkham does believe that the case raises “sufficient serious valid concerns to merit a review of these deaths”. He said the Cheshire review should ask an experienced criminal profiler to review the report initially, followed potentially by blood-spatter and pathology experts.
“The report makes allegations that there may be a serial killer on the loose and provides a large number of reasons for coming to that conclusion. Those allegations should now be examined.”
This weekend Nazir Afzal, the former chief prosecutor for the northwest, said: “The concerns raised in this report need to be taken very seriously. We could potentially have a serial killer in our midst. There needs to be a proper review of these cases and others which carry similar hallmarks.”
Chester MP Chris Matheson said police must act swiftly. “The implications don’t bear thinking about if there is an offender responsible for a series of what were dreadful crimes.”
Cheshire police said: “We are in receipt of the report and it is being reviewed. This is a piece of research which has been undertaken by the staff member, independently from her role within the constabulary. As with any case that has been closed, where new information comes to light, it is reviewed and acted upon if appropriate. We have notified both Greater Manchester Police and Cumbria Constabulary.”
Further victims?
Donald and Aurial Deceased Donald, 73, and Auriel Ward, 68. Date bodies found November 26, 1999. Location Wilmslow, Cheshire.
Happily married for 45 years, the smartly dressed couple doted on their grandchildren. Known for his impeccable manners, Donald, a retired chemist, was seen being affectionate towards Auriel, an ex-nursery school teacher, days before they died. Their son said he never believed his father was capable of such an act.
Crime scene
Their bodies were found in bed. Donald was wearing pyjamas and Auriel was in a nightdress. She had been struck over the head with a ceramic water bottle and had stab wounds to her neck. Donald’s neck had been cut open and a knife plunged into his heart.
Michael and Violet Deceased Michael, 59, and Violet Higgins, 76. Date bodies found February 21, 2000. Location Didsbury, Manchester.
Violet, an ex-policewomen, and Michael, a former security guard, had been described as “the perfect couple” by friends. Michael had Parkinson’s disease and his wife was considering putting him in a home. But his brother said he was never “capable of hurting anyone”.
Crime scene Violet’s body was found in her nightdress in the couple’s bed while Michael was in his pyjamas in the spare room. She had been beaten over the head with a rolling pin and stabbed in the neck with scissors. He had cuts to his neck and was strangled with a coathanger twisted round his neck.
Kenneth and Eileen *Deceased Kenneth, 77, and Eileen Martin,76. Date bodies found November 10, 2008. Location Davyhulme, Greater Manchester.
The devoted couple were on the brink of celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary. Kenneth, a retired steel erector, had cancer and had been struggling to care for Eileen, a former printer, who had dementia. Their family said they could not comprehend what had happened.
Crime scene
The couple’s bodies were both found in their garage. Eileen had severe head injuries and cuts to her wrists and neck. Kenneth was found hanged with a slashed throat.
Deceased Stanley, 92, and Peggie Wilson, 89. Date bodies found February 18, 2011. Location Kendal, Cumbria.
The “loving and happy” couple are said to have had many friends. Stanley, a retired quarryman, was a bowling enthusiast, and Peggie, a former teacher, loved painting and needlework. Shortly before their deaths, however, Stanley had begun suffering from acute mental illness and paranoia.
Crime scene
Both were found dead in their bedroom. Peggie had blunt-force injuries to her head and numerous knife wounds to her neck, one of which severed her jugular vein. Stanley had lethal cuts to his neck and body.
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2020.08.06 17:23 mikiboss #GEXIV [West London] mikiboss takes a break from intensive campaigning and takes a break for a game of laser tag with candidate Vincendt

After a daunting campaign from both candidates fronts, and yet another train ride from Cumbria, mikiboss decided that it’s high time he finally had a bit of fun with a fellow Labour member. Vincendt. With that in mind, miki books two tickets at one of London’s prime recreational hubs for laser tag
“Pew Pew Pew* says mikiboss, pulling the trigger while hiding behind a little bit of wall as cover. On the other side of the room is Vincendt, also hiding behind a vast array of recreated barracks. “We could deal with a couple of these hubs up in the North!”. mikiboss notices Vincendt laugh at that last comment, slightly leading his body from outside the barrier in the process, which mikiboss uses to great opportunity to get a few shots in.
“Two can play at that game!” returns Vincendt as he ducks back and files several lasers wildly. Both candidates are now high back where they started, having taken roughly about as many shorts as each other. Around the two candidates are an assortment of other players, all of varying ages and levels of maturity. Whenever a tagger who looks to be over 18 is nearby, the candidates try to take a bit of a pause to campaign and spruik their messages, while also dodging lasers from the opposing candidate. mikiboss makes an example of this when he hides next to a university student who looks to be taking a break from study.
“Hey, just asking while we’re stuck behind here. You’re enrolled to vote right?” said mikiboss
“Yep, what for”
“Well, that guy right over there has got your back here in london, and is good to stand up for you no matter what. Be it on academies, which he is looking to give back to local control, be it on the Student Support Scheme, which will look to supply vouchers for supplying textbooks, or be it tuition fees, which he is looking at freezing.
“Oh damn, that’s pretty comprehensive, what’s his name sorry?”
“Oh, he’s Vincendt and...” before mikiboss could finish his pitch, his vest flashes to indicate a successful hit, as Vincendt smiles and waves. “...and it looks like he’s got me again, I reckon you should give him a chat”.
It wasn’t much longer until both candidates were back in similar positions once again, hidden behind barracks, trying to land potshots. Vincendt has talked to his fair share of constituents, and mikiboss has spruiked the London candidate to many other taggers, however from the corner of mikiboss’s eye, what looks to be a mother with two younger kids playing, and mikiboss sees someone who could benefit from Labour’s platform. Slowly, mikiboss tries to sneak closer to the mother, and reveals himself with a quick “Hey, just checking to see if you’ve registered to vote”.
“Well of course I have, it’s a bit hard when you don’t have your own house, and only get a little bit of free cash for fun like this, but I’ve registered.”
“Ah, well if you want good housing policy, the I think Vincendt might be the candidate you are looking for. Not only does he see ‘Right to Buy’ as being the unequal scam that it is, but he also is committing to the construction of 300,000 new houses over the next 5 years. Not only will this help bring rent and property prices down, but he’s looking for a way to end rough sleeping as we know it.”
Just as mikiboss finished his monologue, he looked down to see his vest flashing once again, being tagged by Vincendt a couple times now. The loud siren rings to end the session, and while it’s no surprise that Vincendt won the contest, mikiboss is still proud of the day, and hopes to see Vincendt have another win in West London.
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2020.08.05 23:47 RMSteve #GEXIV [Cumbria and Lancashire North] RMSteve goes on a nice fishing expedition in Fleetwood

RMSteve leaves from his home in Lancaster to drive to Fleetwood for a nice time fishing. He packed his fishing rods, his bait, and his hat, and began driving on the road to Fleetwood. On the way, he bumped into a few potholes in the road and lamented about how tight the bureaucracy was to even fill a simple pothole. He noted this down and went on his way. Arriving 45 minutes later, RMSteve began unloading his equipment and finding a good place to fish.
He sat next to this one man, who greeted him with a warm smile and a “Hello”. RMSteve smiled back and said “Hello, how’s it going?” “Nothing too bad, it’s a nice day out. Thought I’d get some work done. My name’s Dan.” “RMSteve.” They shake hands for a second then let go, as RMSteve throws a reel in.
After an hour, both Dan and RMSteve had caught at least 5 fish each and they stopped for a lunch break. While speaking, Dan began complaining about the common fisheries and how foreign boats come and take his and his buddies’ fish. “We’re getting less fish so we’re getting less money. How will we feed our families?” Dan asks. RMSteve chews pensively and states, “That’s why I’m here. I came not only for a day of fishing, but also to listen to the issues of the people here. I and the Libertarian Party have a plan to stop the foreign poaching of our fish and ensure that towns like Fleetwood continue to have a vibrant fishing industry. I will personally see through a bill in Parliament on behalf of you and the rest of Fleetwood to prevent other countries from taking our fish so our people can earn and our families can eat. That is my promise to you, my friend.” “Thank you, mate. You seem to care more about our situation than anyone else.” “That’s because I’m not an elitist and I don’t pine after useless policies that will, eventually, hurt the common people. I was raised in this constituency and only seek to implement policies that help the people study, get jobs, earn money, and raise families.” “Thank you, I appreciate it, and I’m sure the rest of Fleetwood and Cumbria would love you as our MP. You have my vote.” “Thank you so much! Now, I’m done with my sandwich. Let’s get back to fishing.”
RMSteve and Dan finish their lunch and continue fishing and chatting for the next few hours before they both pack up, shake hands, and say goodbye. RMSteve drives back to his home in Lancaster, satisfied with the day.
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2020.08.05 23:20 VerkhovnaGeordie Days 2 + 3 - Labour's Campaign Trail

Days 2 +3 - Labour's Campaign Trail

I missed yesterday because of the football, congrats Fulham for winning that one though I wish it had gone to pens! So every Labour piece since the last time I posted will be recapped in this piece. Positive propaganda fuels campaigns so here we go...
West London The effort is what makes this one stand out for me, it isn't just the text post which many would have sufficed (myself included, let's be honest), but the range of multimedia helps make this piece standout. I know it has 2 upvotes, but it stands out for me! Uniqueness gets you far in elections, and combining forms to help give your posts that advantage, where every minimal gain counts, is so vital.
Merseyside They say length isn't everything, but sometimes it shows a genuine commitment to what you are writing, that is, you care about what you're typing out and when reading back, it can really show. It does here, I couldn't personally imagine putting this much effort into a re-election campaign. The stakes are higher since it is the leader of the opposition we're speaking about (well, the incumbent) so seeing a fighting spirit is really inspiring to see.
National A busy leader, again, I couldn't imagine having to chase around the country for every opportunity for votes. But that's commitment and I clearly don't have enough of it! The fact national posts are a voluntary weight on top of constituency campaigns, yet we see so many Labourites (and other parties) committing to it speaks real volumes about the desire our party members have. It's lovely, so keep it up if you can!
North London AV's take using the Labour colour branding to "represent the people, not the elites" speaks the absolute truth when it comes to the Labour cause. There's a block of text to the right which isn't the focus let's be honest, it's the anime character who I cannot name who rests proudly, and confidently, for the challenge that is yet to make itself clear.
Kent I don't know who the picture shows, but it is near the Dover cliffs, an iconic sight along the southern coast. A selection of our policies stand itself apart with the overarching theme being to elect a "Strong local voice" by voting Labour. Keep 'em coming, it's a nice effort.
Essex The comments make this one if I'm honest! Anyone making a video on top of their text posts deserves amazing effort. I did video making a few years ago, the hours I spent on Premiere bashing away at transitions and perfecting the footage I had brings back bittersweet memories. That said, I've swapped Premiere for Photoshop, Audition and Cubase but those memories are a lot happier than the painful effort video editing is. Mad props for anyone, and Lily included, for video making!
Surrey The ending, in contrast, makes this one. ""Alright last question for the night because my mum has been knocking on my bedroom door for the past five minutes. What kind of anime do you watch? Ooh that's a good one. I do watch a bit of anime, in fact the genre I like the most is hentai. I watch hentai for like three hours a day, and honestly why buy a premium pass from Pornhub if you can read those for free...." Immediately apth10's campaign manager instructs him to stop talking, with which he says to the camera "I'll be back" and then proceeds to be given a dressing down by the manager, all without the mike for the stream unmuted. As the comments section streams with "hahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha" and "lmao poggers"" Reminds me of when people used to ring up Jesus Chatline and get their way saying 'inappropriate' things to get a reaction out of the host. Good memories.
Dorset As always, Labour put up a good fight against climate change and Stalin's poster highlights a few ideas planned, to fight for "Dorset's environment." Named are the "Clean Air Zone Act, the Trees Act, the Bus and Taxi Act, as well as a proposal for the Green Dorset Plan." Tells us things nice and simply, which I'll admit provides us well for the text-based opposite. But they're good!
National That's a very nice design, I might nab it for Weekly next term. The cyan colour I think is Labour's official which will serve us especially well heading into the new term. I won't comment on the claims made, but it's a job well done, especially for the "special thanks to" column. 50p for that though, extortionate ;)
North and Central Wales I like this one since it's a clear-the-air interview set to put our minds aside from what happened on Sunday night. I'm glad for it, but I don't think it amounted to much of a big deal, probably because it was hours before the dissolution of Parliament. "I'm proud of my fight for Wales." appears the takeaway message, for the "best possible result for my country."
North and Central Wales General election season offers two wonderful things, firstly the variety of multimedia that people express themselves on. People have done it via dance pole streams(GE9 or 11 I think? An odd-number iirc), text and video. The second is seeing the pictures people choose to use for their posters. I love this one in particular, the text isn't important to me. But it's a solid message made a little less prominent by the hilarious, forced smile to the left.
Central London The average 16-year-old, keeping in mind they can now vote, appears very clued up on politics which is a shift from the long-standing ignorance many teens had pleaded towards. That said, it's August, and we're in the middle of a 6-week break, so I don't know where the class is coming from. Good message which I'm happy to take away, though!
(Not a Labour but I love this effort - the editing is pretty sublime on this. Have my upvote!)
National I have a bot on my personal server which you can make versions of this meme for. It's not the most funny meme ever to start of with, but I like this rework which at least gives it a bit of flavour. Has my approval! (but this is a propaganda piece - there's your answer, Seimer. My own recap pieces are propaganda!)
South West London Already getting to the stage where I'm running out of things to say that I find meaning apart from the obvious few. It's a super high effort post and it really shows, quoting the manifesto indirectly for its policies which manage to substantiate it.
Lanarkshire and the Borders Presented without comment.
National Maidstone I hear is a nice place, but I've never visited. That said, I hope the locals are sympathetic to our cause there. "ARichTeaBiscuit remained behind to take photographs with members of the public and respond to questions before moving on to the next stage of the campaign." It's a very humanitarian thing to do, and shows genuine kindness which I think all politicians should learn from. Kinder, gentler politics and all that.
(Not a Labour, - an interesting message here and I do like the design of it. Comments have potential.)
National Fairly local to me, Darlington (Quakers as the football team is known as) is a place I'm quite fond of. Captain_Plat_2258's campaign helped reinforced by the efforts of our seemingly omnipresent leader. I wonder if someone could check whether all these trips are realistic. But it doesn't matter if not, it's the thought that counts. Side note, I'd love to be able to teleport places. Saves having to spend money travelling and waiting idly for things.
National The second meaning of eye-catching, as I pointed out in Labour chat!
National The first meaning of eye-catching. I'm surprised they both ended up next to each-other in the Labour queue!
Cumbria and Lancashire North I was told this seat is an interesting race earlier, and I can see why. High creativity posts like these (the one below, too) helps reinforce the message that Labour is committed. They haven't won Cumbria ever I don't think, it's always been a CLib -> Tory battleground. Let's see what happens next!
Cumbria and Lancashire North As above.
National Sheffield is part of the constituency I'm running in, South Yorkshire. So it's good the leader managed to visit! If these aren't pre-written then wow. Mad effort which should be congratulated regardless of the result it may bear, amazing how people can grind hours writing things up for these and to win nothing in the end. It shows how far passion can take you.
North and Central Wales It's good to talk. But not about the manifesto haha, the immersion with the Welsh impresses me in this one. ""Helo, diolch i chi i gyd am ymuno â mi. "
(Not a Labour, is this the big meme of the campaign? Hope so, hahaha
South Yorkshire My piece, no thoughts are needed are they?
Leeds & Wakefield It's a wonderful design using the Labour branding document which was made for us around GE10. It's served us fantastically and this is the result of that.
National The travelling doesn't stop, does it? I've ran out of things to say for nationals, well done good effort high quality ahhh
Central London I went to London in December, the size of it does overhwelm you a little if you haven't been there before but I can see why it's our capital. I took a picture of Trafalgar Square when I was there, it was nice. Nice thoughts too, by the way, the piece.
National Watch every video that people make, it's easy to underestimate the effort people put into them.
North London I said something about pubs yesterday. Go find that comment and pretend I said it here, running out of things to say. It's punishment for forgetting whilst the Fulham match was on.
Northamptonshire and Rutland They say uniqueness can get you far, and there is no need to have to fit in with the crowd. That's shown by 2 self-proclaimed "boomer" launching their campaign, ironically, via social media. The Instagram Stories mock-up works really well, I think I'd be pressing yes on that one? For a former leader though, 8 followers. Irrelevance does hurt. ;)
Northamptonshire and Rutland As above, it's creative and despite claiming to be "low-quality", I'll leave it up to you to judge.
(Not a Labour, don't care if the message doesn't "work"< the editing makes it perfect for me. Upvote!)
(Not a Labour, the play-on words. I love it, though I might be a little juvenile in terms of humour)
National I remember this one being spoken about for how it wasn't "perfect" when put in chat. It looks simple but (assuming it's After Effects) there's all sorts of tweaks you have to do to make anything work there. A 3 second transition might take half an hour to make on AE. It's just how it is, but it's solid effort.
Cumbria and Lancashire North Leader does leader magic.
(Not a Labour. Bit of a gripe, a few Lib Dem posters are saying they are "on your side." I should hope so, if they weren't then nobody would be voting for them)
Buckinghamshire Perfection in a picture. Framed and on the mantlepiece.
National They do deserve more. How long will we be saying these catchphrases, I think for once working families should get more. Then it'll stop people saying they deserve more every election. Standard election speak, illustrated nicely in a picturesque stock photo background.
National I like the design on this one a lot. The fact it's contrasted with the, above PUP campaign, which attacks Labour a bit, puts it firmly in perspective.
(Not a Labour) For reference, a better Britain, or no longer wanting a fairer system. You can be the judge!
National I had Pingu as my profile picture back in August. Good times. And a good meme to make me think of that!
(Not a Labour, This Fried being the devil thing. I do hope the Tories don't do a deal with the devil after results night then!)
South West London Using the manifesto as a direct source to preach its talk to the people. In a pleasant way that I did enjoy reading. Good arguments substantiated by typicalised politician speak. All about those votes, all about those gains. Approved!
Northumbria The billboard I'm a big fan of. It's that template I said I liked a few comments ago, I assume you made it then. :D If we were speaking Maori I'd compliment you for the immersion. North easterns don't understand the southerners let alone the indigenous!
Black Country A standard politician's letter to their constituents-to-be. Good stuff, though I am being genuine when I am running out of things to say now!
Dorset I like brochures, if they look nice it's a bonus. Sums up policies well. Hearing the letterbox swoosh open as a letter floats it way downwards(can it float down?) to the carpet beneath, as that distinctive clunk sound reverberates through the home. Iconic, and typical election-speak.
Cumbria and Lancashire North The opening sentence makes it for me hahaha "“Wow, this place is bigger than it looked on google images,” says mikiboss, walking into the opening Museum hall." I think we all look up the places we run in on Google, or at least look them up for pictures to imagine a performance there!
Dorset An interesting mix of characters against the backdrop of the Dorset cliffs. I like the gradient on this one, it's simple and doesn't hurt the eye most importantly.
Ok 8 hours to go until I'm caught up! Maybe 9, I've been writing for ages and haven't refreshed yet.
South West London The P in Putney is a nice sound to make, wouldn't you agree? I'm now talking about the constituency name since the text I've little to comment on. A tremendous job regardless of what it's said, for any party really.
National Nationals will get a standard response from now on I reckon :thumbsup: (pretend it works)
East London "Fervant" That's a word I don't use very often. Fervent means "having or displaying a passionate intensity." I'd vote for a fervent "defender of British democracy", let it be known!
**Northumbria" I didn't know they had a national park. Good work! Imagine if it were a video, I think that's how it's meant to be reecived.
(Not a Labour, nice template, there's a website I used for getting mugs and record labels from. Don't remember its name but it's very good. .PSD template [item] should work good for that)
National :thumbsup: (see, keeping to the new response)
Surrey Off to school in the early days of August. Yeah the date must be canon, posts at the end of bills use real life time for that. I appreciate the effort and it makes for a good read regardless.
National A few words. Newcastle fans are on Twitter changing text of Premier League material to more shady things, and one of them is in this style: overlaying one word with a handrwritten form that says another. It's a good technique and I hope to see it more moving forward. The contrast between purple and red works surprisingly well.
National :thumbsup: (back to that are we?)
Black Country How many sugars do you have in a tea? I don't use teaspoons, I just pour some in for a bit. Not a ton obviously, but I don't think tea needs to be sweetened by X amout each time. Teaspoons are good for that though.
Cambridgeshire That template I love back again!
National (Sun - it's the correct form of that policy now!)
East London A solid message. "The election is here and you have a choice, a strong and stable party in the Conservatives or an unorganised, shambolic party in Labour." The soundbites are tremendous, and I couldn't love election season more for it.
National Big fan of the design, and also a big fan of the policies.
(Not Labour, Whoever Tyne and Wear Labour is repped by, get campaigning! But maybe they're doing it all on the last day, it's a strategy to come out, out of nowhere. Opens you to criticism too, mind.)
National Comments, I guess.
Leicestershire I hate typing out the name of that constituency; Leicester is ok, adding a -shire to the end makes it appear more complicated than it actually is.
Leicestershire As above, but I'll compliment you on the work ethic this time!
(Not Labour, wow. Wow. Wow. Hahahaha)
South Yorkshire In my spare time I do a bit of music making. But not original tunes, I'm no good for that. Playing around with already-existing MIDI tracks and seeing what I can make out of them using the VSTs I have. Seeing how changing a chord or two affects the song, or rework them to make them copyright-friendly. Inspired by the wonderful Jayowai who I credited with their piece (Critical Pursuit), who does the music for a parody channel I've been watching for years.
I started this piece just after I finished that one. About 70 mins later, with a break in between tbf, here we are. The final countdown! I could make a parody of that? Maybe when I find a guitar VST that does it realistically enough for a solo.
Upper Severn Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because Severn, 8, 9! I'll get my coat.
(Not a Labour, I was right. That is the big meme of the campaign)
London London is a bit generic for a constituency, starting it off. The picture is cool, the Labour-coloured liquid hopefully won't drown them out either I hope.
Northamptonshire and Rutland Poetry isn't that bad, I did poetry like 6 years ago as a hobby and found it quite fun. That said, ABAB rhyme schemes only get you so far... Go figure what the bold text means!
Done? Done! Noooo just refreshed!!!
Dorset Our wonderful leader, now in the picturesque seaside town of Bourmemouth. I wonder who the football club will get in to replace Eddie Howe? I'd offer my services but Football Manager badges won't get you jobs in the Championship.
Now I'm done and that's final, no more posts even if I refresh and they get it in, will be in. My sanity restored for a bit. Just put it through a word count, 3,176 words. I'm off for the night, see you tomorrow. :waves:
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2020.08.05 13:08 mikiboss #GEXIV [Cumbria and Lancashire North] Labour candidate mikiboss drops in on Carlisle to take a trip through the Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery and talk with the other goers about Labour’s plan to build a Country of Culture

After spending the last few days heading across the east of Cumbria and Lancashire North, Labour candidate mikiboss continues his campaign by taking a trip further inland and hitting Carlisle. Carlisle has been a heritage goldmine for the north for a long time now, and Labour’s progressive and holistic view of culture makes it a prime target for places to be supported in the 21st Century
“Wow, this place is bigger than it looked on google images,” says mikiboss, walking into the opening Museum hall. Despite the weather being quite evercast, light pours through the stained glass of the museum across all the bricks. The bright primary colours used for some of the decorations shines clearly through with the light, causing mikiboss to rub his eyes for a second.
“Would you like to join a tour?” says one of the workers behind the customer service desk. mikiboss jumps in response to the surprise, before tempering his attitude and booking a single tour to go with a group of other tour-goers. Right after picking up the ticket, mikiboss sees a group of people walking around read a guide nearby, ready to walk in through the museum. This seems like the perfect opportunity to get to know the museum and rediscover Carlisle’s deep and rich history.
“Hey, haven’t I seen your face around recently?” says one of the group, remembering some of the newspaper stories about the election.
“Probably, but elections tend to be like that. I just hope I don’t clog up too much more of your time” responds mikiboss, leading to some giggles from the rest of the group.
“...and on your left, you should see a classic Burne-Jones” Said the tour guide, his booming voice echoing through the hallway as the rest of the tour-goers watched on his every word. After a few very noticeable yaws from some of the goers however, the guide gets the message. “And with that, we’ll take a 15 minute break, feel free to chat among yourselves until we get back to the tour”.
As soon as the tour guide took a pause, everyone started to chat among themselves, with a few of the tour-goers turning to mikiboss and asking about the campaign.
“So, you look like a pretty new face for Cumbria, how does campaigning here feel?” said one of the goers, filming the question, surely to put it on social media later. “We’ll, as someone whose new to British politics as a whole, it’s a pretty big jump, but I really think we’ve broken some good ground on this campaign. The North has, for too long, had to deal with deregulation and privatisation turning London into the financial capital, and leaving the rest of the country in the dust. We haven’t seen the development in the North in areas which we feel on a daily basis, such as transport, energy, health, and, well, culture. Pleases like these museums are prime examples of how we can build up local communities through public institutions, and rebuild a civil society.”
“Ah, neat. What do you think we need to do to actually build upon our culture and put us on the map”
“Well where Cumbria and Lancashire North leads, the rest of the Nation follows. That’s why I am committing to actually establishing a National Culture Scheme, not only to educate about our rich, cherished history, but to actually draw in tourists and establish a long ignored part of soft power, that being culture abroad. We are also looking at the viability of a set of partnership opportunities which would allow for institutions such as these to flourish. Public places not build for one person's benefit or personal gain, but build for the betterment of society, be they museums, public parks, or halls and warehouses for local communities to actually thrive.”
“Not only that, but we need to make sure nobody is left behind when we work to extend the ladder of opportunity. We know that we are going to be dealing with digital technology for a long time now, and this is already daunting for so many of us, so instead of leaving the older people who helped build this great country up, why not provide digital literacy programs to them. And of course, who can forget the vital role of community based football in fostering a sense of regional and national pride. We see our diverse football community as a full success, and are committed to preventing the monopolisation of clubs which would drain local communities of such a unifying issue.”
After rambling on and on for quite a bit, mikiboss seems to have drawn quite the crowd of tour-goers, many of whom have taken to listening to the candidate in the same way thay looked at the tour guide. The guide coughs loudly, indicating that the tour is about to restart, but as they start to walk again, mikiboss smiles, feeling happy he has turned a few new converts to the Labour party.
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2020.07.13 13:11 shampooUK shampoo fetish

hi guys i am from Cumbria uk and was wondering is there anyone out there into hair washing i have a shampoo fetish and i am looking to either chat or meet would be curious to know if there is anyone else out there into hair washing and have a shampoo fetish?
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2020.07.02 07:07 Puzzleheaded_Maize97 Calling all the heroes- clinging onto a promotion place to masters. The main problem is numbers, only 34/50. Could anyone please spare some time to help us cement our promotion. Who knows, you might stay. Good active chat, great company results.CUMBRIA EAGLES need you 👍

Calling all the heroes- clinging onto a promotion place to masters. The main problem is numbers, only 34/50. Could anyone please spare some time to help us cement our promotion. Who knows, you might stay. Good active chat, great company results.CUMBRIA EAGLES need you 👍 submitted by Puzzleheaded_Maize97 to GolfClashClans [link] [comments]

2020.07.02 02:45 GidiusMaximus r/UniversityOfCumbria Lounge

A place for members of UniversityOfCumbria to chat with each other
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2020.06.22 05:06 Puzzleheaded_Maize97 Cumbria Eagles needs you. 2 weeks to push for promotion to masters ll. great clan, great chat, the only thing we are lacking is numbers 31/50 members

Cumbria Eagles needs you. 2 weeks to push for promotion to masters ll. great clan, great chat, the only thing we are lacking is numbers 31/50 members submitted by Puzzleheaded_Maize97 to GolfClashClans [link] [comments]

2020.06.21 05:12 Puzzleheaded_Maize97 Are you tough enough

Come and help the Cumbria Eagles in their push from Expert lll to Master. Currently on the promotion threshold . Good active chat and excellent competition results. Look forward to seeing you .
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2020.05.05 16:04 borderslassie Paranormal Experiences

Hey everyone, this is my first post of here so bear with me as I might not post this as how things are normally done on here and I apologise in advance. I should begin by saying that for some reason I seem to frequently have paranormal encounters, they sort of follow me wherever I go and multiple members of my family and also friends have mentioned this to me over the years. It has become somewhat of a running joke, particularly amongst my siblings and I. Although the encounters used to scare me, I've now become accustomed to them and they don't bother me as much, most of the time that is. I also experience frequent sleep paralysis, generally at least once a week so let me know if anyone would be interested in hearing about that.
However, for now I'm going to relay some of my 'paranormal experiences'. The first one I will mention took place in October 2017. Our school had broken up for the October break and my family and I travelled down south to Penrith, a town in England Cumbria. We were staying in a self-catering cottage in the countryside, the cottage was owned by an elderly woman and her late husband and it had been built in the late 1800's. The house was nice enough, if a little outdated and it had an apple tree in the back garden which was nice, but I digress. I was to share a room with my little sister, my parents obviously shared a room but my brother had one to himself. The first evening we arrived there we were greeted by the lady who owned the cottage so she could give us the keys. She appeared to be in her late 60's to early 70's and was rather thin. She was also quite anxious as she was wringing her hands and shifting uncomfortably constantly, we just assumed it was because she had never met us before. My dad remarked that the house was quite old and I perked up at that point because he made a joke about it maybe being haunted but the woman took him seriously, her eyes widening and she even stammered "Well yes... I do get reports of the occasional odd occurrence, but it's nothing to worry about" My parents just laughed, I guess they assumed she was joking and she smiled when she saw their reactions. The woman left about 15 minutes later after showing us around the house and chatting to my parents for a bit. Once we were alone, it became evident that there was something strange about the house. Firstly, it was really weirdly quiet, like you couldn't hear the wind or rain, no sounds of cars driving by or anything, it was just silent. Secondly it was abnormally cold even for the United Kingdom and despite the heating being on, we couldn't get warm, like something deeply cold had instilled itself inside of us. Each room was decorated really uniquely, as in the decorations and wallpapers were all just a bit 'off'. One example being on every chest of drawers sat a 'charley chimp' which for those of you who don't know is like the monkey banging symbols from Toy Story 3. Perched on some of the window sills there were raggedy Ann dolls, you get the idea.
The first weird experiences I had there actually happened on the first night there. The kitchen's sink had a window above it looking directly out toward the back garden and its apple tree. I was peeling potatoes over the sink when I suddenly halted in my tracks. Standing by the tree, still as a statue was what appeared to be an elderly man dressed entirely in tweed, he had one hand around the tree trunk and was just staring off into the back of the garden, away from me so I couldn't see his face. Originally I assumed my eyes were playing tricks on me but then my dog, who had been standing by my feet hoping I dropped food leapt into action. She began barking and snarling and ran towards the backdoor. Honestly her reaction scared me more than this man because she never ever barks. I dropped the potatoes and peeler and ran to her side and grabbed her collar, trying to calm her down. The commotion grabbed my mum's attention who had been sitting in the living room. She came in and asked what was wrong and I just pointed outside but to my confusion the man had completely disappeared. I explained to her what had happened but she was super sceptical and said I'd imagined it and that it was impossible for anyone to walk around unheard out there as there were stones surrounding the little island of grass in the centre of the garden. This put me slightly at ease although it didn't explain Rana (the dog's) reaction but I then thought it could have been a crow or something that had excited her.
Later that night, around 9.30pm I left my family in the living room to go to bed and watch some Netflix by myself and my sister agreed to join me after about an hour. So I got into bed, which was weirdly situated like two meters away from any wall and planted awkwardly a couple of meters away from my sisters bed with a bedside cabinet between them. This was also strange because the lamp on the cabinet was plugged into a plug socket, stretched to the wall behind us, but I tried not to judge too much and just sat up watching some of my show. However after just 10 minutes I leapt upwards after feeling cold air on the back of my neck, it was as if someone had come up behind me and physically exhaled sharply right behind me. I spun around but nobody appeared to be there so I was left completely confused. The window in the room was shut and the door was completely closed so its not like the air was from a breeze. Regardless, I pushed my bed right up against the wall before getting back in but even then I couldn't focus on my programme anymore so I just lay awake, staring at the ceiling. Until out of the corner of my eye, I saw him again, the same man from before, peering at me this time, leaning back on the wall. He was old like I thought, and grey, not just in his remaining hair but tinged all over, as if I was looking at a faded and grainy photograph. I jolted upright when I saw him but he just smiled. Then things became terrifying. I watched as he started walking towards me, picking up his pace with every step and then, just as I began to cower away, he sort of swooped downwards and dove under my sisters bed. At this point I screamed and jumped out of bed, stumbling backwards towards to window, the farthest point from him in the room. But then I blinked and he was completely gone, nowhere to be seen. All that remained was a cool breeze blowing through the room. Again, my mum came running and burst into my room after hearing me scream. I decided that trying to explain a ghost like figure hiding under my sisters bed would sound like either just a nightmare or a disillusion to her and I couldn't be bothered with scepticism so I told her I had seen a spider, which she believed. She left fairly quickly, unimpressed by my apparent over-reaction to the 'spider'. Obviously I didn't sleep at all that night and when my little sister came I lay awake, mostly out of fear but partially out of a necessity to protect my sister although God knows I would have been completely powerless. Thankfully the rest of the night passed without incident.
During the rest of the holiday other odd things would happen like we would all hear the stupid toy monkeys cymbals clash and the dolls would just flop on to the floor seemingly unprovoked. My dog would run to the tree outside and stand by it rigidly, growling intensely. But I didn't see that man again, until the end of our holiday that is. Our car was all packed up and we handed our keys back to the elderly woman who asked nervously if anything 'bad' had happened whilst we were there but my parents just smiled and reassured her it was all fine and we went on our way. As we drove out of the driveway I took one last look at the house. I looked into the front window where the woman was standing, watching us leave but right behind her, the tweed man was there again. I went to say something but before I could I heard my brother gasp and shout "Oh my God there was someone standing behind that lady" My parents quickly dismissed this as there obviously hadn't been anyone else in the house but I believed him and was just glad someone could now vouch for me and verify my story.
Anyways, that pretty much sums up all that happened in Penrith. I'm sorry it was so long but thank you for reading if you did. Just let me know if you would want to read more of these experiences because trust me, there are so many,
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2019.12.07 13:01 Scarlett1970 Parkside GRS experience Part One, the background.

Hi everyone, I'm back home now, I feel amazing and have now managed in between my euphoria to start telling my story.
So, a little bit of background information and introduction regards myself. I am Scarlett, a 49 year old transgender woman who loves and lives life to the full, I am married to a devoted and understanding wife Caroline and have one daughter and two step daughters aged 18,17 and 16 all are absolutely amazing. I was born as a male, Paul, who struggled like so many late developers to come to terms with my inner femininity and dysphoria surrounding my gender. My childhood was spent being brought up in a small farming village where everyone knew everybody's day to day running and chitter chatter and back chatting was the norm. Originally from Manchester we moved to north Cumbria through my Dad's work, I recall the massive culture shock and endured a torrid time just for having a different accent to the locals. Their attitude towards anyone from the LGBTQ community was horrible and it was a case of if anybody found out that you were diverse in any aspect of lifes norms you would be considered an outkast. Hence I kept my feelings hidden from everyone including my parents. Growing up was difficult through secondary school, being the eighties it was a fabulous time to explore and express myself through fashion and became a bit of a rebel regards school uniform and loved the attention it received from the girls around me although I got bullied heavily by the boys who hated the attention I got!. I was never short of girlfriends but all the time knew that I wanted to be one of the girls...... I was so jealous!. Saturdays were always my favourite day, Mum, Dad and my sister always went shopping in Carlisle and being left home alone I was able to experience my first cross dressing sessions sneaking into my sister's wardrobe.... it always felt so real, but I was always aware of being caught so memorizing every items position became a second nature skill, lol!.
Moving on..... I left home at 16 to peruse my dream job of being in the travel industry and as there were no positions where I lived jumped at the chance of a position on a YTS in Penrith roughly 30 miles away from home. I was able to get a bed sit allowance due to the distance from home and all of a sudden had a whole world of independence bestowed on me. Penrith was a whole new experience socially, a mid sized town with many people from all over the UK living there. I made new friends instantly and had an amazing social life and my love of music was rewarded by being given a part time Dj'ing job at the local nightclub. I became very sexually active with girls and at the time tried to put my inner feelings towards myself somewhere out in the back yard. Looking back this was just an attempt to ignore and cover up my feelings and I had already had built up a secret wardrobe for my time as Scarlett. Relationships gradually became more intense and Scarlett's wardrobe would disappear for perios of time before slowly returning with a stark reminder that this part of me wasn't going anywhere.
As the years moved on I advanced within the travel industry which I was loving before a massive blow hit me...... the gulf war and redundancy! Devastated to say the least. With no suitable jobs available in Penrith I had to say a sad farewell to a wonderful place and friends and go in search of career opportunities in the travel industry elsewhere. I'm now at this stage 21, and find myself finding a job back in travel in the North East where I still live to this day. I also find a part time job as a stage dancer and bar person in the manic bigg market in Newcastle and set up a small mobile disco to keep my hand in dj'ing. Working in the bars of Newcastle was a real eye opener and I got to meet and befriend people from the LGBTQ community for the first time and realized that all these people were absolutely no different than me. I also became a bit of a jack the lad in a mischievous sort of way and got involved in bootlegging beer and cigarettes from France and Belgium....... I was living life to the full around other people but Scarlett was always lurking in the shadows and she was slowly starting to erode my mental health. Various promotions and job changes eventually led me to my first management position with AT Mays and I was loving the job, eventually Thomas Cook took over and the position of Manager was never the same again. I needed a change. I started working with a vehicle hire company delivering new vehicles all over the UK and loved the solitude it gave me, the company paid for me to go through my HGV class 2 license and to this day I still drive for a living..... an eight wheel 32 tonne tipper truck to be exact and I love it. I have also continued dj'ing and have had many wonderful experiences including dj'ing the Beautiful Souths after show get together in Julie's night club, dj'ing in front of members of the Black Eyed Peas and Cheryl Cole who was a regular at the club. My DJ'ing is now in a classics bar in Newcastle playing 60's 70's and eighties music which is great fun. I own a classic Austin Maestro which was the one featured on the BBC production called Proms encore and have a Scooter all chromed up which I love taking out in the summer...... I just love the mod scene.
So that completes the background and hopefully it wasnt too boring, tomorrow I will write about my first venture into my gender, my first hormone treatment and the long journey that eventually leads me to seeking full GRS.
With love to you all.
Scarlett xxx
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2019.08.07 03:48 ContrabannedTheMC #GEXII [Oxfordshire and Berkshire] ContrabannedTheMC Addresses Opponents on Snoop Dogg's GNN Podcast

Today, ContrabannedTheMC appeared on Snoop Dogg's GGN

SNOOP: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you inside the GGN with your host with the most, you already know what it is, my special guest, Contrabanned in this muthafucka, you know what we do, choppin it with an OG from my time in England, you know how we do, it's an honour to have you here
CONTRABANNED: Thank you, it's great to be here
S: So we here, in a makeshift studio in London, taking a break from my tour to film the podcast, and y'all got your elections going. Now, I stood in these elections once, it's weird here nephew
C: Yeah, very different to the US. Quick and clean (*takes blunt Snoop rolled before the show*)
S: How do y'all do it so quick? We have it going on for years. The president starts their shit years before they become president, they out there getting money and kissing babies for a long, long time, they spend millions on that shit. Y'all are just 4 days, bam, done! How do y'all do it
C: Well, no fucker wants to see our politicians on the telly saying how good they are, we fit all our bullshit in thick and fast and do it on a budget, we got shit to do!
S: Well, I'm here doing my journalist shizzle, I got a candidate on my show, I gotta ask you about current events
C: *lights blunt, tokes* hmm
S: So, what you think about the cats you're up against? What you make of them?
C: Man... I'ma need a think about that, there's a few of them
S: *takes blunt from Contra\*
C: Brain... I ain't gonna chat too much shit about him cos there's nowt much to say. He's generic Tory number 94, nothing about him evokes any reaction except the rosette on his chest. He's a pro-wrestler who does a bad tribute act of another wrestler, he's like the dark days of British Wrestling when you'd have 2 skinny mandem called "Kane" and "Mick Foley" running into each other while the real deal was on the tv. His politics is like his wrestling career: unoriginal, unsuccessful, uninspired, a poor imitation of an actual philosophy
S: *tokes, passes blunt* Dayumn, that's a 187
C: Now, MG... *tokes* I used to fuck with MG. You remember him fam, he was around when you were helping us out back in the day. Man's a snake now. Y'know, he was promising me for months, he said that he wouldn't stand against me in this seat. The entire Green Party gave me their word, and word is bond
S: Fo' sho
C: He used to keep complaining about Duncs as well, saying what you doing up here in Scottish politics when you're from Cumbria and you wank yourself raw over British identity. MG talked about carpetbaggers coming up to Scotland for political self-advancement, people with no affinity for Scotland. Well now he's here, and he doesn't like England, he's said so himself, and he is here, carpetbagging, in a seat he promised no Green would stand in, purely because he thinks he can win a seat here and prolong his dying career. He's a wasteman. A hypocrite. You can't believe a word that comes out of his paigon mouth *tokes*
S: I never trusted that muthafucka
C: Samuel J Booker... he's an interesting man. Now, I'm gonna spend a bit more time on him cos he's directly attacked me, you know how it is, I gotta respond. He talks of going beyond the left right spectrum, yet is obsessed with it's centre ground. He wants to destroy it by being defined by something that's only meaningful in the context of the thing he hates. He's the embodiment of the "enlightened centrist" meme, spends all his time talking about how bad both sides are and thinks his ideas are better solely because he thinks they don't have a side. He keeps chatting gas about me cos he thinks I hate everyone who doesn't agree with me, yet he's the one going on about how the right are "egotistical little men" and how the left are "vile and hateful". He's become consumed by his hatred of the political spectrum
S: *takes blunt* I go on reddit a lot, those people are EVERYWHERE. When I was doing a bit of research before you came on the show, I heard him say he doesn't want people to suffer from "ideological battles". Next thing he talks about how "progressive" his ideas are! That's an ideology, muthafucka! *tokes\*
C: I know! He does nothing but call people names and has nothing to back it up. He called me "racist". Against who? I don't know! He hasn't said! He called me "vile and hateful" cos apparently I sung some song once that called rich people leeches, what song he's on about I have no fucking clue. Unless he's gone all David Icke and shit and thinks the rich are their own separate race of alien lizards, I don't know where he's got that from!
S: *laughs. Chokes on smoke\*
C: The only people I've been a dick to recently are Tories and the LPUK for their deadly policies, and people who claim to be centrists while doing everything they can to bolster those agendas. Reactionaries, in other words. Now, I don't think the Social Democrats are like that, I got great respect for Trev, HK, I even like Saunders a bit even though I disagree with him a lot. Their manifesto has some solid stuff in it. But this Booker bloke is acting like I shagged his mum or something because I talked about how, historically, people with no ideals have called themselves centrists and done nothing but uphold current power structures. Now, centrists who have ideals generally agree, and they'd never sell out to those who go against human rights and democracy. So why is this Booker guy so angry at me? Now I'm angry at him cos he keeps lying to the people of Oxfordshire and Berkshire solely so he can get power. He bashes the very idea of having convictions and ideas, and lies to get votes. People deserve honesty, not lies
S: Preach, cousin
C: What makes me "vile and hateful"? Being against exploitation? Saying mean things to those who exploit?Did I make a fascist somewhere do a cry? Did a tax avoider make their stolen millions wet with piss? Did a weapons dealer shit his designer suit? If saying naughty words to those who kill with their ideas and actions makes me "vile and hateful", then I am as vile and hateful a person as you have ever met, as disgusting a creature as Allah has ever sent to this earth, because, if standing against the exploitative actions of billionaires and the awfulness of fascists makes me hateful, then hateful I shall be. Better that than silent... \takes long toke. Coughs** These people I'm up against, I could walk up to Kim Jong-Un himself and call him a cunt, and they'd tell me to watch my language

S: Man, seems like you've got a fight on your hands, cousin. So, how's it feel to climb up a statue high...

Podcast continues for another half an hour with Snoop and Contra talking music, weed, sport, and their favourite IWW labour victories. Contra and Snoop perform badly sung duets of "Gin & Juice" and "Bread and Roses" before the end
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2019.06.25 19:07 HotSkill5 JUST4 FUN are rats, seriously!

**I am not an English user, I speak Portuguese, don't mind if I have some weird context**
Always blame their allies every time they get wiped by their own mistake, violating alliance rules, being a big dick to other alliance members, trash talking them (they don't use English for that, I was curious what are they talking about, so I used some translators, I saw the whole argument in the alliance chat, was in TBI)

All of that, this is my advice to others alliance:

They gonna leave TBI soon (or maybe not after they see this post), seek to join another alliance, being rats in it, DO NOT accept them, you will deeply regret it. I don't really care if my post get downvoted or something, it just my advice to you guys.

Update: They moved to Cumbria into SQUAD, not so sure how did they do that, or how did they get accept in, doesn't matter at all tbh, as i said, this is my advice to other alliances. (and hey, I hope they are able to farming in there, since in Anglia I've seen they got killed by a flat t4 while using 6.1)
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2019.05.17 11:38 khaotic_knight Looking for....

Anyone in Carlisle/Penrith cumbria want to chat and start slow?
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2018.10.21 01:45 Madbrad200 Favourite Wiley quotes

aka funny Wiley / funniest wiley quotes.
Just sitting here creasing at nearly 1am
hold tight the top 25 to 30, you know who you are, shout out to the people who think they're in the top 25 to 30 but you're not cos you know who you are aswell, everyone knows who they are"

hold tight Bashy suck your mum, on Christmas Day, hold tight everyone at home smiling suck your mum

Lethal you sent for my mum on Radio 1 so your mum is getting it the whole year

i've never bumped into a person and felt their thing (The Chuppa Chups DVD)

Oh my god I am missing Eastenders in that case.... I need watch it! Shit, I didn't know.. Whats the day today? [JJ: 'Tuesday'] Oh my god I am watching it at 10 o clock on BBC3
the mic keeps cutting out...should really get someone to look into that...hang tight the management
i got my baby mum some slippers.....petrol station, 2 in the morning, saw some, i thought, yeah, slippers
Your girl weren't satisifed by you, so she got a rabbit
Talking to himself about eastenders on twitter
If you dissed me while i was in jail i wiil run up to ya old gran in the super market and say boo so loud she will shit her codweb knickers
Hold tite Devlinofficial for makin an album full of tunes for 12 year old scouts to put on their phones
The time wiley beefed Norway due to not wanting to perform there:
I will Bomb oslo im a terrorist. Tell the norwegians im not just a black boy im wiley bin cowie laden
Krona what ever money you use i dont like it and i dont wanna earn it you keep it [..] As long as that £ stays strong so will i god save the queen
It feels like an irrelevant booking like a pointless one that aint gonna do shit. I get back to stanstead angry in my head with krona or euros which aint pounds listen to my new song it says i want dollars and pounds only. I dont want krona or kronenburg or any type of scandinavian money in my pouch so llow me now let me earn $ £.
I Jus Wanna Die Now Im Goin Mad You Know What Im Goin On Holiday And When That Tunes Done Its Course I Will Come Back Dont Even Talk To Me About That Tune Ever I Will Smash Up Ur Car If You Even Say To Me Wiley I Love That Cash In My Pocket Tune
hold tight paul money...i mean....paul money HA! hold tight p-money

I’m more reckless than your mums African shoes at the bottom of the stairs
im not 40 u dusty tramp go tell ya mum i said your house smells of mash potato
  1. I need a bad bitch to come and rub her greasy mits over my underpants modelling body
  2. I just swam across the thames from woolwich to canning town ….lol
  3. Bring back Top Of The Pops…..No saville tho….
  4. I might delete my twitter account i dont wanna be in this world i wanna go to avatar
  5. Omg fake snow lol
  6. Everyone born on the 19th day of your birthday month ….lets have a party
  7. Wishing my name was bob at the moment cos “wiley” is getting on my nerves
  9. i just blocked stevie wonder lol
  10. I need to go raving in cambridge and if ever see that girl oh my lord im snatching her bag and taking all valubles instantly i dont care lol
  11. Goo goo gaa gaa
  12. If u dare have a bbq invite me dont be out of order …any endz it dont matter ….man will get there
  13. Motorbike’s are a sick invention trust me….yamaha…
  14. Losing an iphone is never a good feeling but thats how life goes sometimes…………….fuck it ……
  15. Nid for spid 2
  16. Hold tight luke curtis i found your bus pass in a taxi to get it back contact 02079871100
  17. omnibus…lol that word makes me laugh…
Wiley on walking out of Cumbrian festival Cockrock:
“[P]lease stop sending me to farms to peform [sic] please mate …I am a yardie man ffs wtf. I Just earnt £1000 a min. Best job ever despite anything else. I was right as well that festival had nothing to do with why I am on earth I hate my agent for the right reasons. Today we start the spending of 15 k in style …Fuck them pagans in Cumbria.”
More Wiley on Cockrock:
“Cumbria listen to this FUCK OFF … I don’t care about anything you any if you have to say your lucky I ain’t even came to Cumbria and done 15 mins and took your money ..pricks. The shit festival I was booked for should of never even got booked it was a edl festival … Some shit small capacity festival wtf … and I done my job and they want money back ..they are lucky I am not sueing them for stuff thrown. Apple and cinnamon crumble … Boom. You inbreds get off my @’s and get a life you been tweeting me for days you assholes … fucking reptillions … Get the fuck out of here you county of witches children … And tell your local newspaper to fuck off as well mate … Sling ya hooks … Don’t throw stuff on stage and cry wolf when I leave the stage get paid and leave… Fuck off you got ur show u sang every word now fuck off. You bunch of invalids … bunch of cretins.”
Wiley on calling Cumbrian people pagans:
”Pagan’s just a word but they don’t know that yet, It’s a London thing. I don’t want them to think I hate Cumbria.”
John Woolf for me cos I made boasty pop off I can not make him big because he is blocked and I'm not unblocking him.
John Woolf is his manager lmaooo
When Wiley thought he got someone pregnant:
Listen mate I'm getting old I didn't kno I even had any live shots . I thought I ran out lol
I pray she is lying but I don't think if she is tho . She has been promoting it better than I promote my music
Dear God you could of told me this gyal was a pagan beforehand
This Gyal is such a pagan she called me nig nog so if the kid wants to know why I don't chat to his mum that's why .
That time Wiley reviewed his own album and called it shit on RWD Forums.
Wiley beefing people on RWD Forums before Twitter was a thing:
  1. your mum stinks of ralgex
  2. I Have Never Touched Crack That Makes Me Not A Crackhead
  3. Im Richard The King Of England
  4. oi b4 i punch ur mum up be quiet you tramp
  5. I Jus Wanna Die Now Im Goin Mad You Know What Im Goin On Holiday And When That Tunes Done Its Course I Will Come Back Dont Even Talk To Me About That Tune Ever I Will Smash Up Ur Car If You Even Say To Me Wiley I Love That Cash In My Pocket Tune
  6. [On his ex-manager, who he blames for changing a verse in "Cash in My Pocket"] John Woolf I Am Gonna Get You I Promise 1 Day You Will Pay For This You Tramp I Hate You
  7. both ur parents are experiencing the credit crunch i aint
  8. Im Alive Im Alive No Im Not Dead
  9. you dont need to send me a virus im already a virus walking round the street
  10. bill you are 2 face water melon head
That time The Guardian tried to interview Wiley
@WileyArtist – Hold tight the guardian i am not doing interview with you fuck off. @WileyArtist – YES THE GUARDIAN FUCK OFF AND STOP RINGING MY LABEL THANKS @WileyArtist – @french84 YES THEY GIOVE ME BAD REVIEWS LIKE THAT AND THINK IM THERE MATE I AINT THERE MATE @LolaRose04 – @WileyArtist could have* not could of, could have improved your grammar too. @WileyArtist – @LolaRose04 You did not need to do that at all.You flash bitch.
That time Wiley spoke about his manager lol
“John Woolf You Are The Worse Manager I Advise Artists To Stay Away From John Woolf He Does Shit That You Would Want To Kill Him For Believe Me I Want To Kill Him Amongst Others If He Was Infront Of Me Now I Would Empty A Whole Clip At Him For Doin This Stupid Cash In My Pocket 3rd Verse Mockery Please God Save Me Realtalk I Said It … You Will Pay For This You Tramp I Hate You”.
More funny Wiley on Twitter, some via his old account @bleachjeans
@DeeGully stop trying to get me for interview fuck u lot I will interview you about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to DeeGully
@DeeGully don't piss me off about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to DeeGully
@DeeGully what river not the thames about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to DeeGully
@CD_Case cuddle up to your auntie linda about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to CD_Case
@LexD44 he never beat me he lost u nutter about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to LexD44
@blooodline dizzee hates u all what has he ever done for any1 about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to blooodline
@blooodline I'm the best u love me about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to blooodline
@Troopzs u mums a keyboard thug about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to Troopzs
I will never delete this ac ever hope ur parents have got aids goodnight about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter

Call me a keyboard warrior and I will shoot up ur mums house to show man I aint about 15 hours ago via UberTwitter

@KingMagnarm: RT @bleachjeans @Limit_Lc if ur mum was handicap I would punch her in the face right now tho
No disrespect to handicap people about 19 hours ago via UberTwitter

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OFFICIALWILEY Don't go in ya girls phone tho don't ever try and know what's in her brain u will cry even if she loves u if she met drake 2mora its a wrap
In 2008, Wiley didn't turn up to the video shoot for his "Wearing My Rolex" music video. The video features girls dressed up as foxes, so The Sun reported that Wiley hadn't turned up due to his fear of foxes. He denied this in a radio interview:
I would stand outside at night, if there was foxes, I would feed them chicken bones. That's silly for them to say that. Wiley's not scared of no animals fam, I could be in the desert with lions and tigers fam. That is what people don't understand. Why would I be scared of animals?
That time Wiley had a bit of a drama with Jay Sean and his fans...
He wrote: “I will throw Bombay potatoes on you”, “Your mum makes a dodgy korma” and “I will slap off your dad’s turban”.
Andlast night he tried to explain his comments to BBC Asian Network DJ BOBBY FRICTION’s.
He said he was engaging in “ethnic banter”.
The time Wiley brought a house in a village
I bought a house in 1 village great price then after that the estate agent started telling people a famous person lives in this area so the price is bla bla #HoldOn you just used me to up ya price of the village #StayWoke #VillageTeachings
During the Chinese coronavirus pandemic,
I’m going to spend £500 on Chinese Take away so if you know me Log On #LetsEat.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Buffet Ting
I’m still gonna eat Chinese take away when this is over tbh.
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2018.06.10 03:32 Jefftommens The Pendle Hill case (Part 4)

First part
Second part
Third part
Fifth part
Today I saw Jonothan at his home down south. Tomorrow night Petal will be taking me to see the 'Otherworld'. I am afraid, very afraid.
When my day started, I went to see if she was still asleep. She was gone. I locked up the night before, didn't tell her where any keys were. Not out of any malicious machinations but simply because I didn't think to. Yet she was gone.
At this point thinking about shit like this I knew was useless and unproductive so I put the thought of her from my mind and called Jonothan. He picked up so fast it gave me a headache.
“Hello, Jon?'
“I recognise that voice... Is that you detective?'
“Yeah Jon. It's me. I'm gonna tell you something... well actually, maybe it's best we meet in person? It's important and you know coming from me after all these years that I'm not chatting shit.'
“Yeah... yeah of course. Come over. I'll tell you the address.'
It was so seamless, so easy, that I started to ponder his intentions. Maybe like me he'd had lingering curiosities about the case all this time. In fact I wouldn't put it past him, he was far more affected by it than me. His entire life was destroyed by that mess.
So I jumped on the motorway down south-ways. There was no traffic, which by itself was a shock. What's more is... the M6 was practically empty. A few vans here and there, some trucks, but besides that one of the busiest motorways in the UK was just barren. I never realised how different, how lonely, a drive on the motorway could be when you aren't surrounded by people packed in loud beeping vehicles of varying shapes and sizes.
I felt like I was heading toward something I shouldn't have been.
Every step of this journey has been filled with doubt. The next step, the last step. This weren't any different. I arrived at his property at around six o'clock. There was a pair of wooden gates at the front which opened up immediately as soon as I arrived. I didn't even press the buzzer. His driveway and front yard were like Knowsley fucking safari park without the Animals. His house was modern and stylish, not the haunted mansion motif I figured a horror writer would go for.
He was waiting for me near his front door. We shook hands and he had the happiest fucking smile I'd ever layed eyes on. Considering his sombre disposition during our interview all those years ago coupled with the fact he'd lost weight and grown a beard. I could hardly recognise the lad. His voice had no fear in it, no negativity.
We had a brief and friendly exchange. I was happy for him. Hell, I didn't suspect a thing. He invited me in and led me to where he kept his 'art', said we could talk more there.
Inside his house however had a strange vibe to it. His walls, they were all painted red, with black stripes punctuating the pastel colour at random. I thought it might be some modern art-deco choice but the banisters, the staircase, the vases and lamps... it was all Victorian. Maybe older. The far end of the area had a staircase which bisected and led to two walkways attached to the walls. From the walkways flanking the path to the staircase were several marble pillars placed symmetrically. He had some strange sculptures too, strange in that they weren't really artistic. Not even in the strictly modern sense. Most of the things he had on display in thick protective glass were just rocks. The largest one was 6 feet tall and looked like it could've weight three tonnes. I didn't question him about them. Not even when I saw a pillar of rock that had a hole with a skull inside of it.
After I saw the inside of his house, well, I was a little less trusting. This was the kind of ancient shit that I'd been dealing with on the case itself. He should've had nothing to do with that. It only got worse from there.
“So, I figure I'll just tell you know and get it over with and tell you what I came down here to tell you. Petal- a woman calling herself Petal Warwick- came to me last night.' Jonothan didn't react at first, he just kept walking with his back to me. He stopped soon and looked at me with a patronising grin.
“I know.'
“Eh? What do you mean you 'know'? She's been dead for two decades.'
“Apparently not.' At this point, this cryptic shit had gone too far. I wasn't having any of it. He was younger than me, fitter than me, but I've always been a hard man. Pretty quickly I had him against one of his marble pillars, by the throat. I was willing to break something to find some fucking clarity. And I'm not talking about his display cases.
“Now you're going to tell me everything. All the context around Marianne Dyer's death. All the fucked up shit surrounding faeries and elves and … just, everything. Out in the open.' Jonothan nodded. His jaw and neck clenched tight to alleviate the pressure of my grip. I let him go. But I knew any falter in his statement was worthy of a sharp left hook.
“Context...' Before he could continue, I felt a presence behind me. I turned, and to my reinforced shock and disbelief Petal was standing there. “Sweetheart... it's so good your here.' Jonothan spluttered, composing himself.
“I'm sorry I left mister Davidson. I was needed.' Her voice was like silk. Her eyes lacked any fear. Her face was calm and draped on her slender frame was a green silk dress. The shock quickly faded. At this point I didn't give a fuck if there really were fairies teleporting people around. I just wanted the damn truth. Jonothan told me to follow him to his basement. I thought it was a bit dodgy but I knew I could snap his neck and Petal wouldn't be a danger either. The problem was whatever he had in his basement I was quickly descending into.
It smelled like piss and death. The space was well lit. The walls were painted red. It wasn't like the stereotypical dark basement where water dripped from the ceiling and you needed a torch to see anything. It was clean, orderly. But what he kept in order I recognised straight away. I'd seen shit like this plenty of times around the Pendle area, left at mischief scenes, occult rituals, hanging from trees and sat on tables in pubs. Charms, fetishes, totems. Deer antlers attached to walls with red, spongy entrails tied around them. Bowls filled with what looked like urine. Cats turned inside out. And the most disturbing of all, a premature human skull with a rock in its mouth painted and carved with intricate patterns. There was more but you get the point. The whole place was like something out of a nightmare.
I never want to see a place like it. Ever again.
He let me absorb what I was seeing before Petal placed her hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear. “It's all for him. For the ancient one. We're tasked with remembering him, with... worshipping him.' I jumped, this place made me on edge, and sick to my stomach. I wanted to leave, run, forget all of this and just go off the grid for a while. Then I remembered I didn't have long to live anyway. What would be the point.
“You can be a part of this too detective. Your... vigour, your curiosity, it's powerful. We can use it to our advantage.' The look of elation in Jonothan's eyes took on a whole new shade of darkness.
“And once he... wakes up. What then?'
“Then he'll give us everything we want. He'll give us our lives back.' Petal's voice was soft, elegant. The poor lass had been born into this cult shite. I'd read enough of Dyer's works to understand what she meant however. Their words, this case, it wasn't as cryptic now. I was uncovering the truth. Bit by bit.
“He'll have us remember who we are. Start us on the path to redemption. To spiritual enlightenment.' Jonothan seemed equally infatuated with all this. Both of them were being manipulated, but by who? I still don't know.
“You two are connected... were you in on this when Marianne was at large?' Jonothan shook his head.
“I was just a baby.' Petal spoke up, her voice barely audible.
“You were stabbed six times.' I shouted. Her presence still irked me, she shouldn't have been alive.
“And part of me was used to inhabit Marianne. To bring on the miracle.'
“What fucking Miracle?'
“His miracle. The evidence that our efforts weren't in vain. That he was growing stronger. That he was waking up.' Jonothan paused a moment, his eyes were insane with a thirst for something. “We had successfully invoked him. We used ancient Magick. A practice forgotten for centuries.'
“A practice you were so adept at all those years ago. You were so talented... so in tune.' She was rubbing my shoulders, massaging me, trying to soften me up. They were recruiting me. Maybe they succeeded, I don't know yet.
“You caused that woman's death... you created that abominable child... just to test a theory?' Jonothan's eyes softened. The massage stopped.
“She gave her life for this. Because she knew if it worked, and she did die in turn, that she would have nothing to fear or regret. Because she would serve him again at the height of his power.'
“Why Mary though?'
“Because she and Marianne were... connected. Since the beginning.' I theorised that Marianne and Mary were in communication before her abusive family moved her away from Barley.
“They were in communication?' The two of them laughed.
“You're still very naïve.' That pissed me off to no end, but my anger had died down to such a degree I didn't feel the need to break the cunts jaw.
“So Marianne and Mary were connected from the start. Mary was pre-selected to be the one who... made the sacrifice?'
“Equivalence exchange. You have to give a life to receive a life.'
“Only you didn't get a life, you got a pile of ashes and a baby stabbed to death. Now why don't you make like a fucking poet and start relaying to me how the fuck that woman is standing where she is?' I screamed, pointing at Petal. At this point I had him by the collar. I felt like burning this place to the ground. I'd gone from assuming pure madness, wanting to solve a murder case, to wanting to kill every single person connected to this fucking cult.
“That's what we were getting to. We want you to come with us. To the 'otherworld'.'
And that's where we're up to now. I agreed, and Mary said she'd stop by when she was ready to take me away. She had such a whimsical and excited sparkle in her eye. To the point I wonder what she actually experienced in this Otherworld.
I won't lie to you, I'm a bit excited myself. Though I think it may be the relief of being out that hellscape of a basement still wearing off. I'll probably have a change of heart tomorrow. When I'm home, I should expect a visit from her eh? I hope she doesn't show up naked this time. Last thing I want is word around town I'm sleeping with a girl a third my age.
I'll drive up tomorrow.
Soon, this'll all be over.
UPDATE: I just got a text from Sammy, my mate's son in the forces. It's an essay but here it is.
'Hey Ron. I've got a lot to say mate... first of all, I'm out of a job. Second of all, I found some old files from as far back as the 60s. Third of all, I just saw three hooded men standing outside my house.'
'I got sent West, to the Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters in Preston. Just to do data comparison, draw up some graphs, see which areas need more attention. Typical stuff. I was given full liberty however to look over files relating to cases that happened between 2010 – 2018. In the same archive room were files from way back. I started doing a little bit of digging to see if I could find anything that might interest you and the case your working, but there was nothing special. I found a locked room though- managed to bait a Junior officer in letting me take a look.'
'These things hadn't been touched in years, they were fucking dusty. I had a look through. Marianne Dyer, before she was called that, was called Evelyn Monroe. She was a massive figurehead in the local church scene, and she was in on several money and drug laundering schemes. Using the church as a means of keeping the cash hidden. The source of most of the cash was unknown but it does mention one place. The Kelbrook family. Their conglomerate has most Food production facilities in Northern Europe under their belt. That's just one source and it doesn't even account for a quarter of the revenue these churches were piling up. What's more, I couldn't find anything on where this money was actually going. All I know is that the current Lancashire police commissioner himself only came onto the Job after the last one retired to a fucking massive Estate on the East coast of the United States. Furthermore several major PI's were working the laundering scheme, trying to find an angle, and they all vanished. Turns out they have hefty properties too. She was buying off officials and private eyes left and right. Trying to keep everything from exploding in her face. This is just from information I gathered in the room, looks like one of our predecessors smelled something fishy as well. Wonder where they are now.'
'But that's not even half of it, once she had the entire county under her fucking thumb, she moved onto the drugs. Ketamine, mostly. But also LSD. Strange combinations. The ones used mostly by various Occult youth groups across Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Cumbria. It was only in 1980 that she married Craig and changed her name to Marianne. Then she settled and started her rounds ensuring every other neighbour was some secret idol-worshipping crackhead. It all comes down to her.'
'The question is- how did she convince the Kelbrooks and whatever other investors to give her all the cash? There must be something larger at play. Must be. Evidenced by the fact that as soon as I was caught in the room I wasn't suspended, I wasn't given a warning. They fucking tossed me. And told me I tried to sue for severance or go to the Newspapers they'd put me in Jail for gross Police misconduct. It wasn't some nobody who said that to me either, they brought me into a board room with the commissioner himself. This is all fucked up.'
'Now... the three hooded figures are gone. But I'm scared man. Can you come over? Stay the night? If not I'm dipping. Leaving the house, leaving the district might even jump the county. Man I'm not fucking around with this shit any more it's terrifying.'
'I hope you arrive at the same conclusion.'
I've decided to drive through the night to check on Sammy. This is more fucked up than I could ever imagine.
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2018.06.06 07:37 CdnPlaya Team Casualty, the worst allies to have in the game?

Awful Company has endured the toxicity of Team Casualty for too long. For weeks now, they shit talk about us in alliance chat and blatantly lie about us combat looting on Oxes. This video here PROVES how hypocritical TC is when it comes to the loot distribution. If you're looking for a good guild to be allies with or potentially join, look elsewhere, As TC are the North Koreans of Cumbria and Crisis believes he is the Supreme leader.
PS. Crisis is the one complaining about loot in the video, just watch what happens :)
Another video of the supreme leader looting from body to body in a castle fight:
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2018.03.01 20:41 Duncs11 #GEIX [Cumbria and Lancashire North] Classical Liberals canvass in Kendal

Classical Liberals canvass in Kendal
Kendal, Cumbria
Immediately following the end of the Classical Liberals manifesto launch in Kendal, Duncs11 and a team of campaigners from across the country got ready to take their message to the residents of the town, in order to help Duncs11 get re-elected in Cumbria and Lancashire North this election. With an increased number of Classical Liberals in the town following the manifesto launch, it made sense to make use of much of this extra manpower to help with canvassing, especially with so many Classical Liberals willing to campaign a bit in Kendal.
The volunteers canvassing were then split into different groups and assigned different areas of the town to go and canvass in. Duncs11 led one of the teams, canvassing in the area which makes up the Kendal Nether ward on South Lakeland District Council. Like the other teams in the town, Duncs11 and his team went around houses in the area, knocked on doors, posted leaflets, and spoke to voters. Many voters were willing to have a chat with Duncs11 and his team about what the Classical Liberals have done in Parliament over the last term, and what they will do in the term to come.
Duncs11 had this to say on the canvassing saying:
I’m not going to say who said what or anything like that - I wanted voters to know I wouldn’t go and blab on about them saying X, Y, or Z to other people later, which allowed them to speak a bit more freely I felt, as they knew it was a private conversation between myself and them. However, on the whole, we’ve had a very positive reception for us and our policies here. Many people are unhappy about unpopular measures like the return theocracy the potential repeal of the Secularisation Act, they’re unhappy at the mess that was the Tory budget, but also at the current budget. They wanted the greatest tax cut in British history, and they’ll get the greatest tax cut in British history if they back the Classical Liberals at this election.
This election really is a pivotal time for our nation. We can either continue the dismantling of our modern institutions and principles - such as Secularism and openness to immigration in favour of a return to some rose-tinted past, or we can say “No, enough’s enough” and fight with all our might for those valuable principles. I’ve been clear on the doorstep that the Classical Liberals will fight with all our might for a more liberal future - for a secular United Kingdom, and for a United Kingdom of social freedom and economic choice. That is what the Classical Liberals are offering voters, and I think they like it.
Another team of canvassers went to the south of Kendal and into the nearby town of Oxenholme, where they did much the same as the other teams - spoke to voters, knocked on doors, and posted leaflets. This team was led by Andrew Kenn, who is a leading Classical Liberals figure on Cumbria County Council, and following the completion of his team’s area, he said:
I’m really quite pleased with the canvass here in the south of Kendal and Oxenholme. We’ve connected with a lot of voters who are angry at parties on both sides of the spectrum - they are wanting reliable local representatives, and a liberal future for the United Kingdom, and thankfully the CLibs are offering both. Lots of people were very glad to hear our message, and I hope that they’ll get out on the 8th of March and back liberty here in Cumbria and Lancashire North.
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2018.03.01 18:53 Duncs11 #GEIX [Cumbria and Lancashire North] /u/Duncs11 chats with prisoners at HMP Lancaster Farms

Duncs11 chats with prisoners at HMP Lancaster Farms
HMP Lancaster Farms, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Immediately after his address on penal policy outside the prison earlier, Duncs11 went inside HMP Lancaster Farms to continue his localised campaign. With prisoners having the franchise in UK elections, it was a good chance for Duncs11 to spread his message further and interact with prisoners just as any other elector in this election.
Due to prison rules, no cameras or recording equipment were allowed inside the building, so it was truly just Duncs11 inside with the prisoners - no reporters, no recorders, and no cameras. Duncs11 held short meetings with prisoners inside the visitation room of the prison, where he spoke to them about the policies of the Classical Liberals, and also about the situation of the prisoners, and what Duncs11 believes is the next step in reforming the penal system.
However, conversations reportedly also were not just focused on penal policy, but many other issues, such as housing and education, with prisoners presumably looking towards their release or their family on the outside, rather than just themselves.
Following the meetings, Duncs11 had this to say:
I’m really quite pleased with that - it was good to be able to take my message directly to prisoners, who, regardless of their crimes, still have the vote in this election, and deserve the right to listen to politicians like myself about policy issues.
I must say I was expecting a reasonable focus on penal policy, and of course there were a few questions on that, but I was pleasantly surprised by the focus on other areas - clearly the prisoners were concerned about their friends and families on the outside, and wanted to know what I and my party will do for those people as well.
I think we’ve made quite good progress in there, got a lot of good comments about myself and the party after the meeting, lots of prisoners telling me they’ll be lending myself and the Classical Liberals their vote.
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2018.03.01 17:56 Duncs11 #GEIX [Cumbria and Lancashire North] /u/Duncs11 comments on the launch of the “I am InfernoPlato posters”

Duncs11 comments on the launch of the “I am InfernoPlato posters”
Cumbria and Lancashire North, United Kingdom
Making a short comment on the Classical Liberals website as he announced the launch of a series of posters attacking the latest Tory carpetbagger to try to deceive Cumbria and Lancashire North, Duncs11 said:
The aim of this campaign is to show the people of Cumbria and Lancashire North that this latest carpetbagger has spent his political life fighting against the interests of the people of Cumbria and Lancashire North, and is standing in this election solely as some childish grudge against myself and the Classical Liberals. That is not the representation that any Cumbrian or Lancastrian deserves, and it is why it is so important to highlight his career of ignoring the people of Cumbria and Lancashire North.
Take the Single Market Referendum for example. Our constituency managed the highest turnout of any seat in the country, and with a vote of near 80% for Remain, I think it is clear to say that we overwhelmingly rejected the Leave campaign. InfernoPlato led that Leave campaign. Now he wants to come here and represent Cumbria and Lancashire North. How can he possibly do that unless he’ll reject the movement to withdraw from the Single Market?
If elected, instead of representing the interests of these great counties, InfernoPlato will use the platform as representative of the Cumbrian and North Lancastrian peoples solely to advance ideas which are diametrically opposed to what we hold dear in these counties. He will use his position to try to force the United Kingdom to embrace his isolationist vision for Britain, and he will try to force upon Britain and the United Kingdom a very bad deal, solely to satisfy the anti-Europeanism in the Tory party and in his fascist chums in the National Unionists. If I am elected, I will continue to stand up for the interests of the Cumbrian and North Lancastrian peoples, rather than the interests of a few fascists in the National Unionists.
It’s not just on Brexit - InfernoPlato has spent the term fighting against Classical Liberals proposals to help the people of Cumbria and Lancashire North. The greatest example is probably our fantastic proposals for the greatest tax cuts in British history. In budget negotiations, we fought for it because we believe that tax rates have been too high for too long. InfernoPlato and the entire Tory party laughed at us in their chats, making us out to be insane. Is that the type of attitude towards tax cuts you want from your MP?
There are many differences between myself and InfernoPlato on many issues, but I think they boil down to one result. I have spent my political career fighting for the people of Cumbria and Lancashire North, InfernoPlato has spent his political career fighting directly against the people of Cumbria and Lancashire North. On the 8th of March, please tell him that he and his party are not welcome in Cumbria or Lancashire, and let’s kick this carpetbagger back over the the Yorkshire Dales!
The posters
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2018.02.28 11:21 Duncs11 #GEIX [Cumbria and Lancashire North] Classical Liberals campaigners take to the streets of Lancaster

Classical Liberals campaigners take to the streets of Lancaster
Lancaster, Lancashire
Following the launch of the local campaign to re-elect Duncs11 as the Member of Parliament for Cumbria and Lancashire North at the University of Lancaster, Duncs11 and many members of the Classical Liberals society at Lancaster University went into Lancaster town to bring their message directly to the voters in the town.
Setting up a stall in the centre of Lancaster, Duncs11 and his team of student activists handed out leaflets to passing shoppers, many of whom stopped to have a chat with the Leader of the Classical Liberals and his team of activists about issues concerning them. One of these people was Alan, a 34 year old father of 1, who wanted to speak about high taxes crushing him. Alan agreed for his conversation to be transcribed in order to bring attention to the issue.
Hello, is it possible to speak to you about an issue which is very important to me and my family?
You most certainly can, what is it you would like to speak about today - what’s your name? I’m Duncs
My name’s Alan, I know your name and who you are, I’ve seen you quite a lot on the TV news in Parliament, and I’ve got to say, I like what I’ve seen - the other ones I’m not so keen on. I’m a hard-working man, I go to the office, do my shift, and come back to my family. Just a everyday family man you know. Yet I see my payslip at the end of the month, and of the £4,000 I earn a month, well over half of it has been taken from me before I’ve even seen it. That leaves me with under £2,000 to pay for my mortgage, to pay for my car, and to put food on the table for my family. It’s not right. Back when I got the job I could afford to live quite well, but now I struggle to pay the bills at the end of the month - it’s awful.
I completely agree with you that taxes are far too high, and completely sympathise with your plight - it’s completely unacceptable that hard-working people like yourself face such high rates of taxation, and it’s been a long standing policy of the Classical Liberals to slash tax rates. You know how the Conservatives are the “party of low taxes” as they like to say and how they were in Government over the last term?
Yep, I’ve been tempted to vote for them a few times before because of their “party of low taxes” policies.
Well, the Classical Liberals entered budget negotiations with them to attempt to get a fiscally responsible budget passed. We did all the costing and everything, and found out that we could slash taxes to 5%, 10%, and 15% without drastic changes to other expenditures - for compassion, the taxes were previously 55%, 62.5%, and 65%. This would have been the greatest tax cut in British history.
That’s incredible - why didn’t it happen.
The Conservatives rejected them. Claimed we were insane for our proposals, and then released the content of discussions to the press, which is where a certain image you might have seen comes from. All I said was that paying tax rates of 55% means that people like you have had too much money taken from you for too long!
Wait - the Conservatives blocked the greatest tax cut in British history? They told me they would cut my taxes!
Indeed, they’ve taken the electorate here in Cumbria and Lancashire North and across the UK for a ride - they said they’ve cut your taxes and haven’t done it, indeed, they’ve rejected fully feasible plans to do so. Heck, they even proposed a budget which would have doubled taxes for many people in the UK.
F*k them then - lying bstards. Your Classical Liberals will lower my taxes won’t you?
We will. We have a manifesto pledge to cut them to the rates of 5%, 10%, and 15% we spoke about earlier - ie. to implement the greatest tax cut in British history. We most certainly will not be supporting any moves to keep you taxed at stupidly high rates like 55%. Is this enough to win your vote?
Absolutely. I’ll be glad to give you my vote, both as our constituency MP, and for the Classical Liberals in the North-West region - as long as you are telling the truth and won’t do the same as those Tories - but I have confidence you’ll do as you say
Fantastic, it’s good to have your support. Is there anything else you’d like to discuss today?
Nope, I think I best be getting going, the wife will be wondering what I’ve got myself up to - I’m sure she’ll vote for you as well now.
Fantastic, if you’ve got any more queries, just feel free to contact the constituency office or send me an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can and see what we can do you help you.
Many more private conversations were had between the campaigners and local residents before Duncs11 departed the stall in the early afternoon to head back to his native Kendal, where he was due to take part in a football match between Classical Liberals and a Cumbrian Youth XI select team to promote the Classical Liberals desire to get more people involved in sport from a young age.
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Chat With Caroline 3 October 2019 CHATTY CATCHUP FROM CUMBRIA  GRWM-Birthday  Over 50  Beauty  Evening Makeup Chat Driving Huskies in Cumbria A Chat with Caroline - YouTube

CUMBRIA Dating - CUMBRIA singles - CUMBRIA chat at™

  1. Chat With Caroline 3 October 2019
  2. CHATTY CATCHUP FROM CUMBRIA GRWM-Birthday Over 50 Beauty Evening Makeup Chat
  3. Driving Huskies in Cumbria
  4. A Chat with Caroline - YouTube
  5. Great Cumbrian Haggis Hunt

Hi there, this is a makeup chat and grwm video, for the makeup I wore on Saturday for my birthday night out-also keep an eye out for my OOTN video coming soon. Hope you enjoy it, and thank you for ... A Chat with Caroline Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust; 11 videos; 52 views; Last updated on Nov 28, 2019; Play all Share. The Fat Chat Show visits a unique business on the west coast of Cumbria. Horse and Husky is situated near Bootle Station and owner Sonia introduces her pack of eleven strong husky dogs. NEWS FLASH - Reports are flooding in that Haggi are swarming down from Scotland and invading the fells of Cumbria upsetting sheep and ruining crops! The Fat Chat Show is quick to investigate and ... With Caroline this week are Louisa Swift (Interim Head of Operations, South Cumbria) alongside Jo Johnston and Alison Napier. The topic this week is South Cumbria. Contents This week's update - 00 ...