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ℹ️ dating.rambler.ru receives about 1,979,000 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 188 in the world. dating.rambler.ru uses Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Nginx, Yandex.Metrika web technologies and links to network IP address Find more data about dating. ×Рамблер/знакомства - Знакомства рядом Media Mir LLC Загрузить бесплатно Смотреть Рамблер знакомства (dating.rambler.ru) – популярный сайт знакомств на территории СНГ с аудиторией более 20 миллионов и ежедневным онлайном от 50 до 100 тысяч человек. Кроме стандартных услуг, в наличии нетипичная функция 'Поиск ... Рамблер — медийный портал. Поиск информации в интернете, электронная почта, погода ... WWW (goodbaytj), 46 Водолей, Самара ищет девушку от 36 до 51 для свободных отношений. Эта и множество других РЕАЛЬНЫХ анктет на сайте dating.rambler.ru Dating and serious relationships with guys and girls around the world. 40 million men and women are waiting for you on Mamba. Registration! Nova.rambler.ru lists relevant news items. It gives access to games and horoscopes. The website links to a dating platform and an advertising network. Nova.rambler.ru gives information about the ... После установки мобильной версии сайта знакомств dating.rambler.ru, нужно пройти быструю регистрацию. Особое внимание требуется уделить разделу «Моя страница», где необходимо заполнить нужные поля. Бесплатные знакомства для взрослых на Рамблере. Найди себе пару на сайте или в мобильном приложении для iPhone и Android! Rambler.ru dating Attend game, which panthers rambler have run dating in verified environment and we know that we should be given option to fill lineup. Call online dating chat rooms, utilize the dating for russian work in the rescue:. Friends before started dating someone and had great time, russian to new things about Raise money to return to ...

Japan's crypto-friendly financial services company SBI Holdings will give shareholders the option to receive the XRP cryptocurrency as a benefit.

2020.02.01 07:19 ALV122 Japan's crypto-friendly financial services company SBI Holdings will give shareholders the option to receive the XRP cryptocurrency as a benefit.

SBI announced on Friday shareholders could either take the benefit in XRP or another product offered by health food and cosmetics subsidiary SBI Alapromo.
Under the scheme, new shareholders on the company's registry as of the starting date of March 31 can accept XRP to the value of 2,000 yen (around $18), while those who've been shareholders for over a year will receive 8,000 yen ($73.50) in the cryptocurrency.
The Alapromo alternatives include cosmetics, health supplements and brown rice powder. All shareholders are being given a 50-percent discount on supplements and cosmetics sold by the subsidiary.
There is caveat for those who would take the XRP benefit: they must be resident in Japan and have an account at SBI's cryptocurrency exchange VC Trade, which launched in 2018 as the first crypto trading platform backed by a bank.
SBI has been one of the most active corporations in crypto and blockchain. As well as the exchange, it has a crypto mining division that recently was reported to be involved in potentially the world's biggest bitcoin mine under development in Texas.
The firm has also formed a joint venture with Ripple, which is involved in the development of XRP, to offer a cash transfer app called Money Tap. That project has seen participation from a number of Japanese banks.
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2019.12.16 07:04 calibrono Twitch sued for $3 billion and may be blocked in Russia

As Kommersant is reporting, Rambler Group (big russian tech conglomerate) is suing Twitch Interactive for 180.3 billion RUR (almost $3 billion). The reason is Twitch users restreaming UK Premier League matches — rights to those are owned by «Okko Спорт» in Russia which is a part of Rambler Group.
Rambler claims 36 thousand cases of violating the law. The company wants 5 million RUR for each of them. Rambler also wants the authorities to block Twitch in Russia.
Twitch reportedly responded saying they did everything possible to block users from violating said rights, «despite the fact that Rambler did not send any official notifications, only screenshots of pages, and even those were without specific dates».
The Moscow City Court is set to work on this in four days.
Sorry, only russian language sources for now.
This situation is developing right now.
Rambler says they're trying to settle LULW. Twitch has reportedly provided Rambler the tools to combat rights violations, now Rambler only wants some compensation (no new sum reported yet).
Twitch representative Jualianna Tabastaeva says the two companies are not in the process of settlement at the moment.
UPDATE 3: Rambler says "No u"
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2019.11.13 16:13 LLL022 China’s central bank says it is still researching and testing digital currency; launch reports are 'fraudulent

The People's Bank of China (PBoC), the country’s central bank, has officially said that it is “still in the process of research and testing” its digital yuan.
Announcing the news on Wednesday, the PBoC said that news reports stating that the central bank has issued its digital currency are “fraudulent.”
“The People's Bank of China has not issued legal digital currency (DC/EP) and has not authorized any asset trading platform to conduct transactions,” it added.
Some news outlets have also issued a timetable for the launch, which are "inaccurate," said the central bank. "The market transactions 'DC/EP' or 'DCEP' are illegally set digital currency, and the legal digital currency issuance time is inaccurate.”
The PBoC did not provide any details on a launch date or schedule, and said that any launch announcements in the name of the central bank may involve “fraud and pyramid schemes."
China has been researching and developing its digital currency since 2014 and is “almost ready,” to launch it, Mu Changchun, head of the digital currency research institute at the PBoC recently said. Just yesterday, Mu also said
that the upcoming digital yuan will not fully control people’s information and will provide them with required anonymity in their transactions.
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2017.11.22 22:14 autotldr Google Wipes 786 Pirate Sites From Search Results

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 50%. (I'm a bot)
Search engines are also required to remove blocked resources from their search results, in order to discourage people from accessing them.
Removing entire domains from search results is a controversial practice and something which search providers have long protested against.
According to a report from Rozcomnadzor, search providers Google, Yandex, Mail.ru, Rambler, and Sputnik have stopped presenting information in results for sites that have been permanently blocked by ISPs following a decision by the Moscow City Court.
"To date, search engines have stopped access to 786 pirate sites listed in the register of Internet resources which contain content distributed in violation of intellectual property rights," the watchdog reports.
The domains aren't being named by Rozcomnadzor or the search engines but are almost definitely those sites that have had complaints filed against them at the City Court on multiple occasions but have failed to take remedial action.
While it's now extremely clear that Russia has one of the most aggressive site-blocking regimes in the world, with both ISPs and search engines required to prevent access to infringing sites, it's uncertain whether these measures will be enough to tackle rampant online piracy.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Search#1 block#2 site#3 domains#4 access#5
Post found in /technology and /Piracy.
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2017.03.28 04:38 derache123 Poper Blocker extension whitelist?

So when I started Chrome and it was loading my previously opened tabs, one of them didn't load properly and showed this code:
inject()var pb_whitelist = ["vine.co","www.everlane.com","www.nerdwallet.com","depositfiles.com","www.amazon.com","google.ac","google.ad","google.ae","google.al","google.am","google.as","google.at","google.az","google.ba","google.be","google.bf","google.bg","google.bi","google.bj","google.bs","google.bt","google.by","google.ca","google.cat","google.cc","google.cd","google.cf","google.cg","google.ch","google.ci","google.cl","google.cm","google.cn","google.co.ao","google.co.bw","google.co.ck","google.co.cr","google.co.id","google.co.il","google.co.in","google.co.jp","google.co.ke","google.co.kr","google.co.ls","google.co.ma","google.co.mz","google.co.nz","google.co.th","google.co.tz","google.co.ug","google.co.uk","google.co.uz","google.co.ve","google.co.vi","google.co.za","google.co.zm","google.co.zw","google.com","google.com.af","google.com.ag","google.com.ai","google.com.ar","google.com.au","google.com.bd","google.com.bh","google.com.bn","google.com.bo","google.com.br","google.com.bz","google.com.co","google.com.cu","google.com.cy","google.com.do","google.com.ec","google.com.eg","google.com.et","google.com.fj","google.com.gh","google.com.gi","google.com.gt","google.com.hk","google.com.jm","google.com.kh","google.com.kw","google.com.lb","google.com.lc","google.com.ly","google.com.mm","google.com.mt","google.com.mx","google.com.my","google.com.na","google.com.nf","google.com.ng","google.com.ni","google.com.np","google.com.om","google.com.pa","google.com.pe","google.com.pg","google.com.ph","google.com.pk","google.com.pr","google.com.py","google.com.qa","google.com.sa","google.com.sb","google.com.sg","google.com.sl","google.com.sv","google.com.tj","google.com.tr","google.com.tw","google.com.ua","google.com.uy","google.com.vc","google.com.vn","google.cv","google.cz","google.de","google.dj","google.dk","google.dm","google.dz","google.ee","google.es","google.fi","google.fm","google.fr","google.ga","google.ge","google.gf","google.gg","google.gl","google.gm","google.gp","google.gr","google.gy","google.hn","google.hr","google.ht","google.hu","google.ie","google.im","google.io","google.iq","google.is","google.it","google.je","google.jo","google.kg","google.ki","google.kz","google.la","google.li","google.lk","google.lt","google.lu","google.lv","google.md","google.me","google.mg","google.mk","google.ml","google.mn","google.ms","google.mu","google.mv","google.mw","google.ne","google.nl","google.no","google.nr","google.nu","google.pl","google.pn","google.ps","google.pt","google.ro","google.rs","google.ru","google.rw","google.sc","google.se","google.sh","google.si","google.sk","google.sm","google.sn","google.so","google.sr","google.st","google.td","google.tg","google.tk","google.tl","google.tm","google.tn","google.to","google.tt","google.us","google.vg","google.vu","google.ws","mail.google.com","www.google.com","www.gmail.com","www.pinterest.com","www.youtube.com","www.facebook.com","drive.google.com","search.yahoo.com","linkshrink.net","google","www.gmail.com","www.pinterest.com","www.youtube.com","www.facebook.com","search.yahoo.com","chrome://newtab"]var 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(!isInWhitelist(newElement.href)) { window.pbreason = "blocked due to an explicit dispatchEvent event with type 'click' on an 'a' tag"; parent.postMessage({ type: "blockedWindow", args: JSON.stringify({ "0": newElement.href }) }, parentOrigin); return true; } } return originalDispatchEventFn.call(this, event); }; lastCreatedAElement = newElement; })(); } return newElement; }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Block artificial mouse click on frashly created  elements ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// document.createEvent = function () { try { if (arguments[0].toLowerCase().includes("mouse") && new Date().getTime() - timeSinceCreateAElement <= 50) { if (!isInWhitelist(lastCreatedAElement.href)) { window.pbreason = "Blocked because 'a' element was recently created and " + arguments[0] + " event was created shortly after"; arguments[0] = lastCreatedAElement.href; parent.postMessage({ type: "blockedWindow", args: JSON.stringify({ "0": lastCreatedAElement.href }) }, parentOrigin); return null; } } return originalCreateEventFn.apply(document, arguments); } catch (err) {} }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Monitor full screen requests ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function onFullScreen(isInFullScreenMode) { if (isInFullScreenMode) { fullScreenOpenTime = new Date().getTime(); } else { fullScreenOpenTime = NaN; } } ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function isDocumentInFullScreenMode() { // Note that the browser fullscreen (triggered by short keys) might // be considered different from content fullscreen when expecting a boolean return document.fullScreenElement && document.fullScreenElement !== null // alternative standard methods document.mozFullscreenElement != null document.webkitFullscreenElement != null; // current working methods } function isInWhitelist(url) { return isInList(url, window.pb_whitelist); } function isInBlacklist(url) { return isInList(url, window.pb_blacklist); } function isInList(url, list) { if (list) { return list.some(function (li) { return new RegExp("https?://(www\..*\.)?" + li + "+").test(url); }); } else { return false; } } function blockedWndNotification(openWndArguments) { console.log(openWndArguments); parent.postMessage({ type: "blockedWindow", args: JSON.stringify(openWndArguments) }, parentOrigin); } document.addEventListener("fullscreenchange", function () { onFullScreen(document.fullscreen); }, false); document.addEventListener("mozfullscreenchange", function () { onFullScreen(document.mozFullScreen); }, false); document.addEventListener("webkitfullscreenchange", function () { onFullScreen(document.webkitIsFullScreen); }, false); } 
I have Poper Blocker installed and the code comments mentioned Poper Blocker so I'm assuming this is Poper Blocker code. Does this mean the extension is actually purposefully allowing ads from the websites on its "whitelist"?
These screenshots might make the code easier to read
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