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My brother made a deal with the woman with black eyes (Part 1)

2020.09.27 15:03 Eliott_Dresher My brother made a deal with the woman with black eyes (Part 1)

What follows is what appears to be a confession from Seth Walker (1888-1975). The confession is dated June 17, 1914. Seth Walker disappeared that same year and wasn't seen again until 1975 when he died in a nursing home in Charleston, South Carolina. He had been catatonic in the nursing home for a decade by then already. This confession was found amongst his belongings and was never turned in. DNA samples from 1914 and 1974 confirmed the deceased old man to be the genuine Seth Walker. Although the age of the paper confirms it was written around the time Walker went missing, bank checks proved that someone else physically wrote the confession. Not only that, but Walker was also in a diabetic coma from May to July 1914, so if the dates are honest, whoever truly wrote this document did so while Walker was incapacitated, and that is the least potent reason it reads as nonsensical. Walker claims it was codified by "a woman with black eyes." He names this woman as 'Gertrude Coalstay'. She worked as a nurse in the hospital in which Walker was a patient. A handwriting sample exists on her staff contract with the hospital, and it matches the handwriting of the confession. No other records of this woman survive. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has ruled this confession as possibly sincere but entirely artful and by no means genuine. The document is to be digitally scanned and destroyed.
--------------- June 17, 1914
I was born a few minutes after my twin brother. Medical care was not like what it is today, and luck was not on our side. Sadly our mother did not survive the birth, and our father was a bastard a long time before either my brother and I were born. If he had any soft spot for our mother, it only made the beatings we got worse because of it.
My brother's name was Horace. He knew he was born before me, however marginally, and he took it seriously. He tried to take the abuse for me, but he went past the line of defense and started to actively provoke our father into drunken bouts, especially once we started to grow.
At first, I worshipped my brother for trying to protect me, but eventually, I figured out that he was looking for punishment, and enough of that spilled onto me where I started to hate Horace as much as I did our father. By the time we were fourteen, our father's heart gave out and he died.
That nightmare was over, but in more ways, than I knew at the time, the damage was done. I was far more forgiving of a person then than I am now. I know Hell exists, and I hope my father burns there until the end of time.
I saw Horace as a hero when we were growing up, but he turned into a monster. The responsibility for what he did is his own, but I still believe that either physically or otherwise, one of those blows from our father shifted something in Horace forever. I didn't comprehend this until it was too late.
I have my share of the blame too, but that will come in time. I got a job when I was old enough, but my brother Horace kept trying to pick fights with anyone once our dad passed away. He had been responsible for starting a few brawls but most everyone just felt sorry for him because they knew our situation at home, but once they started to see more and more of Horace, they started to get as exhausted of him as they had been of my father. Almost overnight, my hometown went from despising my father as a callous and cruel drunk to calling him a saint for putting up with my callous and cruel brother.
Neither of us was religious, but Horace continually profaned the Lord in front of people coming too or from the church; subsequently, more than a few of them obliged Horace in fighting him. Most beat him senseless, and everyone started to despise him. I felt the same way, I hate to admit, but I don't feel sorry for Horace, not after what he did to me.
I left my hometown for the city when I turned 18. An opportunity came when a friend of my mom offered me a connection who could find me some work and possibly send me to a trade school for designing textiles. I got into the trade school, and I became best friends with a man who introduced me to his sister, Bethany. I was something of an oddity. I came from Oklahoma, and to Northerners, my particular dialect of Southern drawl was indistinguishable from the one they associated with treason, low intelligence, and a few other things.
But I grew on them, and I made a lot of friends, but the only one I'll go over is Bethany. She, like so many others in that city, was surprised to see that I could read even though I worked in a factory. Bethany liked books, and so did I, but I won't lie when I say she was gorgeous. She had neat brown hair that reminded me of acorns, and she was kind to me in simple ways I won't bore you with. To put it simply, she was the one.
Once I graduated from my trade school and had a job lined up, I asked her to marry me. I didn't mind that she and her parents wanted to wait a few months to make sure I would stick around and that my income was steady (I needed time to raise money for the wedding anyway).
This is when Horace reared his head back into my life. It's worth noting that he and I were identical twins. However, our time apart had made it so we looked nothing alike. "Seth," he called from behind me. I was in a pub drinking after a day at work. At first, I didn't recognize him. When I turned around, I was greeted by a man with a ragged beard and who looked ten years older than me. His teeth were gone or rotten.
Even though I didn't immediately understand who I was talking to, my gut sank. I started to get nervous in a way I hadn't been since before my father had died. Seth looked like our father had when we were too young, and my memories of that time were so vague that for a solid few seconds, I thought the ghost of my father had come to haunt me. I dropped the bottle of beer I had been drinking, completely at a loss for words.
My arms didn't move when I wanted them to, and I was frozen in place. "Seth?" My soon-to-be brother-in-law was trying to keep me from falling over. "Seth, what on God's Earth is going on?" He shot a glance at Horace and looked at me, confused. "This old man supposed to be trouble or something?" "I'm his big brother!" Horace said indignantly. I blinked and started to calm down. Looking back, I would have preferred to have been haunted by my father's ghost, but Horace was very real and very dangerous, but I didn't understand how dangerous at the time.
I had to clear my throat. "Get out," I said to Horace in a cold fury. It wasn't my pub. I had no right to tell him to leave, especially since Horace had done nothing except say my name, but I was so enraged at that point that I sort of just...acted. "Get out right now!"
The pub owner had approached from his office in the back of the building. He must have seen a similar situation and summed up the animosity right away. "Take it outside, Seth." The pub owner must have seen I was not in immediate control of myself and wanted to help me save face. "If this bum gives you any trouble, just holler."
"Bum?" Horace asked indignantly. He didn't say anything, just narrowed his eyes and nodded at the pub owner, malicious intent clear in his eyes. He looked at me and his face softened, but now he looked as angry as I felt. "Outside then, your majesty." Horace, my brother-in-law (His name was Douglas), and I departed the pub and entered the alleyway.
"What do you want," I asked pointedly. "How did you find me?"
"...Aunt Sarah told me years ago." Horace actually looked hurt. "I heard you're getting married tomorrow, little brother."
I thought he was going to say something dramatic about how I hadn't invited him, about how we're family and I should have invited him, but Horace only looked at me with a hostile, confused-looking face.
For a few seconds, I was speechless. I was mad at my Aunt Sarah for telling Horace where I was at, and I was mad at Horace for showing his ugly face around me. But as much as I wanted to blow up, Douglass was eying me with concern, and I was able to come to something resembling my senses. My brother held up his hands like he was trying to defuse the situation. For some reason that annoyed me more. "I didn't come here to fight, little brother."
That would have been a first, I thought bitterly. I bit down the urge to say that out loud. The longer I looked at Horace the more I realized how sad a pathetic he looked. His boots were worn down, there were a few holes in his pants. But his face, god that face. He had bags under his eyes and white hairs were protruding from his scalp. Whatever he had been through, it had taken more than a few years off his life. "What are you doing out here, Horace?" I asked, quietly. Horace inhaled before he spoke. "I need a place to spend a couple of days." "Right now?" I asked in disbelief. "My wedding is tomorrow." I laughed with no humor and gestured toward Douglass. "This is my goddamn bachelor's party, and you're asking me for a place to lie low now? "
Douglas grabbed my shoulder. "We need to talk." He looked at Horace. "Can you give us a minute." Horace looked hurt, with those pathetic bloodshot eyes brimming with suspicion. Still, he walked to the edge of the curb so that he was out of earshot. "Seth, what's gotten into you? Did you hear how loud you were talking a second ago?" I blinked in surprise. He was critiquing me? When my piece of trash brother had tried to impose the night before I was supposed to marry Bethany, he was finding fault with me? "N-no," I said, but it was a struggle to get the words out. "Doug, I...I'm sorry." My senses started to come back to me this time. Doug had always acted like a better brother than my flesh and blood, and to my credit, I managed to detach from my emotions and see what he was getting at. "Was I really that loud?"
"Yeah," he said in awe. "In all the years I've known you I've never seen you that mad at anyone."
"...Bad blood," I replied, letting my head fall to look at the sidewalk. I paused for a few moments, then looked Doug in the face. "I hate his guts, Doug. He's the reason I left my hometown. He's made my life a living hell for just about as long as I can remember."
"I've never seen this side of you," Doug said. "Does Beth know all of this?" "Yes," I said in a relieved sigh. "I've told her just about everything already." I rubbed my hands against my face. Suddenly I urgently wanted to call Beth, not only to hear her thoughts on this stupid situation but just to hear her voice.
"What are you thinking about doing, Seth?" Doug sounded perplexed but I was glad he wasn't throwing advice at me. "Are you going to turn him away." Doug snuck a look down the sidewalk at Horace. "It looks like he's been sleeping outside."
"Sweet Jesus," I said under my breath. When I realized Doug was probably right, I felt very tired. "I need to call Beth. Get her opinion on this mess." Doug looked at me hard for a few moments. "She'll probably tell you to let him stay at my place with us tonight, at least. After the wedding, I don't know." Doug shifted his weight from one leg to the other. "Let's get Beth on the phone, there's one in the back of the bar. I'll tell him. You can go back in."
I went back inside the bar and the owner let me use the phone. I dialed the number of Doug and Beth's parents, and their mother picked up. "Hello?"
"It's me," I said into the phone. "It's Seth. Can I talk to Bethany, please?" "Seth, is that you? Well, of course, but has anything happened?"
"No, nothing," I told my future mother-in-law. She put Beth on the phone.
"Seth?" The headache that had been growing inside my skull stopped throbbing the moment I heard Beth's voice. I could have listened to her count to a million a loved every moment of it. "Is everything alright?" I told Beth that my brother had shown up out of the blue, was asking to stay with me for a couple of nights, and I was unsure of what to do.
"You should help him, at least until we leave for Florida." Beth's upbeat voice made it seem like it was a simple solution and that was crazy for thinking otherwise. She always saw the best in people, including me. Looking back, that was one thing I truly appreciated about her. But I'm not like that. Even after I met her, I thought I saw the worst that other people were capable of. Even if I had gotten to marry Beth, I wonder if it would have fallen apart because of that. "You can't give up on family, not ever."
God, Beth was too good for this world.
"Right...Right, you can't give up on people, not family." The lie came easily. Beth came from a good upbringing, had never had a reason to doubt her parents and brother had her best interests at heart. She felt that way about me too. "You're right." "Tomorrow we're finally going to be family." She sounded giddy over the phone. "Are you ready for that?"
For some reason, those words hit me hard at that moment. Maybe seeing Horace again had dredged up the ugly part of myself, but my defense mechanisms were down too. Hearing Beth be excited to marry me meant more than I can describe.
I didn't know my mother, and both my father and brother held special scorn in my mind. But Beth made me want to forget all of that. Hearing her disregard my brother's sudden reappearance made me want to disregard it too, and I did.
"Yeah..." I was tearing up on the phone. "I'm ready for that." I laughed softly, too happy to say anything else. I wish I'd known these were the last words I'd get to speak to her.
We exchanged goodnight.
I was staying with Douglas that night, and we drove Horace back with us. He was silent in the car, but after he showered I showed him to his room. "Here's your room." I brought Horace into the back guest room. Doug was wealthy enough to have a large house with multiple guest rooms. I'd been lodging one out for a few years now. The details of his business aren't too important, but he was a legitimate factory owner from what I'd come to learn from his family. The important part is that there would be a lot of space between Horace and me when we went to sleep, and that was precisely what I wanted.
"There'll be food on sale in the plaza tomorrow, Doug's car driver can show you where." I looked at the grandfather clock as it rang. Eleven o'clock. I need to be up in six hours to be at the wedding on time. I handed my brother a few bills, plenty to eat. "We can talk more about you doing some work for Doug to earn your stay up here. There are some spare clothes in the drawers." Horace nodded with narrow eyes. He took the money, didn't count it, and shoved it into his pocket as though it hardly existed.
"Seth, can I ask you something?"
I swallowed.
"Why didn't you invite me to your wedding?" He sounded like a sad old man.
"Because I didn't want you to come." The blunt truth rolled off my lips without my thinking about it. The silence in the air between us was tense.
"But I protected you when we were growing up." He pointed at his head. "I may have a screw loose but I made sure you didn't get so much as a scratch on you from our old bastard."
"Protected me?" I shook my head, stupefied. He and I remembered things very, very differently. At that moment, I realized that Horace would always see himself as the tragic hero when in reality, he was just as much of a sad bastard as our father.
"What exactly do you want?" I asked Horace bluntly. "A roof over your head? You got it." I gestured to the guest room around us. "Money?" I shrugged and glanced at the pocket he'd put the bills into. "You got that too."
"...I just-" Horace closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. "I just want to know why you're treating me like shit."
I sighed, trying to take Beth's words seriously. But I couldn't.
I told Horace in a low, mocking tone "Because, Big Brother, that's precisely what you are, and that's what you always will be." Horace's eyes shot open and that was when he snapped. The pathetic old man persona melted away in an instant. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and raised a fist, chambering it a bullet in a rifle. I didn't hold my hands up to defend myself. Even though my wedding was the next day, I wanted him to hit me. It would have been the perfect excuse to throw him out, not only out of Doug's house but out of my life forever.
Horace must have seen the look on my face and knew that was precisely what I wanted him to do. He took a few savage breaths before he dropped his fist to his side and let me go.
"We're not back home," I said quietly. "Touch me again and it won't go well for you." Horace nodded silently. He went back to his bed where he had dropped a cloth sack with all his belongings.
"Mom left something for you," he said, pulling what looked like a small medallion out of the bag. He handed it to me. "Turns out she was a pagan. Go figure."
It looked like a Celtic rune. The circular piece of copper had three lines roughly etched into it. They started at the edges and crossed the center.
I held it in my hand thoughtfully.
It must have been a decade since I'd thought about my mother. Pagan? I wasn't even sure what that meant. Lifting my eyes away from the strange coin-looking object, I saw Horace looking at me with tired eyes. "What does it mean?" I wanted to know more.
"Where did you get this? Is there anything more from-" I cut myself off. I couldn't say 'mom' out loud without a feeling of getting choked up. "...from here?" "No," Horace said with quiet anger. "That's all." He smiled grimly. "Consider that my wedding present."
He looked at me with an expression I couldn't describe at the time. "I'm sorry." It's hard to describe why this apology made a chill go down my spine. It felt tongue-in-cheek, somehow.
"For what," I asked, not understanding his tone.
"For everything."
I left my brother alone after that. Before I got into bed, I looked again at the medallion Horace had given me. I wasn't sure I believed it had come from our mother, but what other theory did I have. I changed into evening clothes. A set of thin, blue pajamas and black wool socks. I left the medallion on the drawer across the room from my bed. I fell asleep, but I didn't dream. I don't know at what time that night the woman with black eyes entered my room. I don't know how she got into my house. Part of me wants to think Horace let her in, but I don't think that's quite right. I know now that Horace was just as afraid of her as I was, and am still. It's like I was having an out-of-body experience watching a woman of average height, raven-colored hair, and ordinary clothes walking down the street.
She opened the door to Doug's house (but hadn't we locked it?). I saw her take her shoes off at the front door, and her bare footsteps hardly registered any sound on the floorboards. She walked slowly and unhurried down the hallways. Doug was incapacitated in his own room and dreaming deeply, as though he was drunk on whatever miasma this creature was giving off.
Horace was lying on his bed, wide awake, in the same clothes he had arrived in. He couldn't hear the woman with black eyes but he knew she was there. She stopped on the other side of his door and the complete darkness of the evening and dead quiet of the night there was no way for his senses to rationally know she was there, but she was. The woman with black eyes hold up her hand and grasps the knob with her pale, petite fingers.
The deadbolt lock of Horace's door turns and unlocks by itself.
Horace's eyes were as wide open as they could physically go. He wasn't breathing at all now, only waiting in an indescribable terror. The rhythmic beat of his heart was the only sound Horace could hear in that terrible quiet.
The woman with black eyes turned the knob, let the door open inward into Horace's guest room, and stared at him. The door had not been oiled in a few weeks, and it had creaked when I had left Horace for the night, but now it's quieter than any amount of oil could leave it.
The woman with black eyes grins at Horace, winks at him with one of her black eyes, and continued down the hallway toward my room. I was still asleep, or at least, my body was.
It felt like I was watching all of this in vivid detail, unable to look away or wake up. She enters my room the same way she entered the house. The locks opened with no sound, she walks in on floorboards that hardly register her weight, and she drags a chair over the floor and leaves it next to my bed before sitting down. I can still hear the wind outside, so I know she's somehow muffling the sound of her movements on purpose.
She had a peaked face, a bemused expression, and her head is resting on one shoulder, looking at me thoughtfully while I'm sleeping, but trapped in this waking nightmare.Her eyes look like they're made of oil. No iris or cornea. No rods or cones, just simple black orbs resting in the place a normal pair of eyes should be. It's hard to tell what she's looking at, but somehow I know the rune on my drawer catches her eyes.
She rises to retrieve it and sits back down, holding the tiny medallion and flipping it through her fingers.
"It's Slavic, by the way," she says in a low, casual voice. The accent is impossible to place, and from my paralyzed state it sounds more like a muffled echo. In my state, I have no idea how to respond to this information. I'm still convinced this is a bad dream.
Somehow she senses my confusion.
"When you first saw it, you thought it was Celtic." She smiles knowingly, enjoying herself. "No, you didn't say that out loud to Horace, but that's okay. No. Harm. Done." It's hard to describe how childishly amused she sounds. When she speaks, I can see her knarled, pointed teeth protruding from her gums. There are not many of them, and there are gaps between them.
"It's a shame, you know." She rests her neck on the back of the chair. Her black hair moves on its own like it's alive, and falls down her head onto the sides of the chair. "I sort of wish you'd come to me, instead of him. I like you. Hard to say why." She stands up and leans directly over my bed. "Ah well."
I woke up and started screaming, wildly flailing my limbs around so much that I fell out of bed and hit the floor. I scrambled across the floor, still yelling in blank horror. After a few seconds of this, I started breathing heavily, scanning the room wildly, trying to find the woman with black eyes as though she was hiding directly in front of me.When my basest fears realized that she was gone, something worse started to become apparent to me. I smelled something horrible but didn't recognize the odor.
Outside the first glimpses of the sun were stretching over the horizon. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, trying to figure out why even though I knew I was alone in that room, I felt a deep dread that something was wrong.
And then I realized it. None of my personal effects were in the room.
The bed had simple, bland brown blankets when they were supposed to have the silk ones Beth's parents had bought me. The bed looked like someone had made it, even though I was sure I had fallen asleep under the blankets.I saw a brown cloth sack next to the bed.
What was Horace's sack of belongings doing in my room?
And where were my pajamas?
I had on a set of clothes I didn't immediately recognize, but before I paid too much attention to that, I reached into my pocket.
I found the money I had given Horace in the pocket of the clothes I was wearing. I pulled out the bills, staring at them while I forgot to breathe.
I saw the rune. Slavic? But, the symbols on the rune were different. And the color was wrong. The one Horace had given me was made of iron, but this one was rusted copper, and instead of three lines all crossing each other, this one had one line and a triangle.
I only realized my arm was shaking when the money and Slavic rune fell from my hand. The copper medallion rolled across the floor a dropped coin and fell through a crack in between two of the boards. Part of me blankly thought I needed to retrieve it before someone spoke to me.
"Lose something, little brother?" A smug and mocking voice said from the doorway.
"Horace?" I said instinctively, but I knew at once the voice was somehow wrong.
The first thought I had was that I had found my pajamas. The stranger in the doorway was wearing them, the blue ones, and had on my black socks. It had my brother's tone coming out of its mouth, but he did not sound old at all anymore. And his face looked like it did years before. Young and refreshed, which seemed impossible."What's happening?" I asked, as though I was stuck inside a layer of fog. I was scared, and I didn't want to accept the plain truth of my situation just yet. "Horace, what's happening?"Horace shrugged and glanced at the window. "I'd love to explain, but, see, I've got things to do, clothes to wear, oaths to take."
"What?" I asked blankly. It feels like there's an enormous boulder crushing me. "What are you talking about?"
For the first time since waking up, I thought to look in the mirror on the wall. I saw it....Horace staring back at me. Or at least, the Horace I had spoken to the night before. He was looking back at me, horrified, which was strange because that was exactly how I was feeling.I looked back at Horace, or at least, the only other person in the room.
"What did you do? What have you done?"Horace said nothing and only looked at me coldly. The obvious question bursts into my head and I blurted it out without thinking.
"Who was that woman?" I was talking desperately now, growing not merely angry, but completely enraged. "What did she do to me?"
Horace' face changed on the stranger across the room. A kind of scared awe washed over him as he nodded at me for some reason, as though he was affirming something.
Horace took a step toward me...wearing my body. "Remember how you told me, years ago, that I would waste my life picking fights?" eyes were narrow and malicious. "Well, why don't we find out how much I really wasted my life?" He put hands up in front of my face. A semi-crazed look of delight stared back at me. "Well, look who needs an invitation now."
I charged at Horace and, well, he beat me to an inch of my life. It could have lasted for hours, but by the time he stood up over my bleeding form, I was barely conscious. "Oh come on, Seth," he jeered, breathing triumphantly. "Didn't you say that if I touched you, it wouldn't go well for me?" He kicked me in the ribs. "As much as I'd love to continue...I'm getting married. And you're not welcome here."
What happened next is a blur. Horace called the police and I didn't see Doug again. Somehow I wound up in a building that was a mix of an insane asylum and a medical treatment center. I fell into a catatonic, but it was the same kind of waking dream that left me completely aware of my surroundings but unable to move.
My body acted on its own, to an extent, able to mindlessly eat food, drink water, as well as urinate and defecate but I was well and truly a prisoner in the body I had been sucked into.
Two years passed since the day I should have married Beth when I saw her again. She was with Horace, who was wearing my body...and Beth had a child in tow.
"Hey big brother," Horace said over my catatonic form. "Just wanted you to meet your nephew. I named him after grandpa Joseph."
I've been screaming in my head ever since. I stopped paying attention to my surroundings or what my body did to survive on its own. I wanted to die, I wanted to kill Horace, I wanted to destroy the world and everything and person on it.
That's when the woman with black eyes started to visit me again. Even then, I knew she wasn't done with me yet.
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2020.09.25 15:52 Maleficent-Level-897 Divorce legal advice

Hi, I'm 22 years old, and my husband is 23. Let's start out with the relationship. I knew He was wrong for me from the beginning. Red flags just everywhere. He came from a horrifying family background. He felt like he was the victim because of his childhood. Btw we started dating February 2015.
Years later, after he lost his job, I was looking into the military myself. He got interested while we were with the recruiter office, and he proceeded by joining the Airforce. Somehow I felt the relief of his bull crap, and I gained weight after he left for basic training. I was so unhappy during his first visit, and I was honest with him about it. Also, no, I didn't cheat; I have integrity. We broke up for a week, and Michael tend to gaslight/guilt-tripping me, and we got back together. The thing with us, I am a pushover, and I felt I could fix him. My friends kept telling me you tend to have people in your life,-and even your roommate, someone that you feel the need to save. Anywho, after tech school, he hated the dorms and got depressed. His brilliant plan was for us to get married and get him out. I fly out, and the night before the court date, I had this weird feeling in my gut. I started sobbing, and he told me if it wasn’t for me right now, he would kill himself. The next day, we went to the courthouse on December 2, 2019, and got married. He got deployed a few weeks later and made sure I signed on base so we could get the extra income to save up once he comes back to live together. I was hesitant and started an emergency fund. I didn't come to live with him until April 27th, 2020. But, so we could get the place, I signed our lease virtually (E-sign). It was during the peak of Coronavirus, so I decided to drive with only my clothes and donated my furniture. I came to an empty apartment, not even an exaggeration. I went to a 200$ bed, and a cheap-looking couch, and one pillow—clear molded shower curtain from his old dorms, and five ramen noodle. There wasn't even silverware.
I had 15k saved up, so I bought us nightstand, tv, plates, silverware, even a new toothbrush for him, decoration—every single thing you could need for an apartment. I did groceries and still was paying for it, even though you get money for that in the military. I got a job may 28,2020. He btch I couldn't find a job during a pandemic and btch it wasn't enough because he feels that we might need a bigger place. Mind you, we get enough for housing allowance/ food.
He became abusive, he tested few things out, and I let him and was protected him. He realized he could full-blown abuse me. I asked for a divorce a few weeks later, like in June, and he decided to go to counseling with me. I mentioned how he gets mad if I wouldn't close the door twice while locking the door, and sat on the toilet seat while I shower, so I dry myself and proceed it how he wanted it. I mean sh*t got weird, him talking to himself in the shower-practiced conversations, etc. So much stuff I was extremely uncomfortable about. Our counselor gave him a print out to check things, basically to diagnose him. He flipped the hell out and said he won't be able to rejoin for another 4 years in the military. So we never went back.
So on 9/17/20, I got a 103 fever and sinus infection, I called off work. He got excited and telling me I have been working more than the 32hours and I have to wash the tub and meal prep, and it's already Wednesday. I told him I would, so by 6 pm I'm shivering, I took myself to MD Now, and I went completely by myself. I came home and him btching he won't have food, now it will cost him more by grabbing food before his late night shift. I started giving him the silent treatment, and asked me what is your beef this time? I told him I want a divorce. The following Friday, I'm packing, and I've already started packing. Found a place to go back to our original state(South Florida). I told him I wanted a deposit, and besides everything, I will always love him but you do not value me. Let's get out of the lease. First thing he told me verbatim "give me my ring back Btch", I told him that cheap sh*t” and told him to fetch for it like a dog. He wouldn't let me take down a poster and told me all of it, it’s his. So I smashed it and pull out a receipt on my phone that I bought it. He said I don't care but everything here is mine. I just want you out by Monday. I told him my name is on the lease, but don't worry. He got super red and weirdly went outside for over 20 minutes. I honestly thought to cool off, now to think about it, he was plotting. He came back inside and told me I will evidence in writing and started dialing 911. I honestly laugh because I swear I never touch this man ever. Honestly, it’s because I'm scared shit less his 6’3 over 170 pounds. I'm 5’6 currently 105 pounds(yes, I'm underweight due to stress). If it wasn’t for that maybe I would’ve fought back even before that in the past. He started fake crying, hung up the phone and stop fake crying than once they arrived it started again, One cop talks to him outside and myself inside. He said he was scared; I was in custody for three hours and bailed out. We couldn't communicate for 72 hours. The cops were extremely nice and let me bring a small bag, etc.
I should’ve said something, it’s not the physical abuse, not anything ever made me wanted to be out. I left my amazingly supportive family, my fantastic job, and my school. I love the campus! I came to financial scrutiny, my parents bought my car outright last year, and have a college fund for me besides us being lower middle class. I worked hard for my education, and now I'm close to having a criminal background. I got a lawyer, and honestly do not want zero contact. He's good at hiding behind the fake persona, but he comes off robotic and weird to most people. he never really had any friends, and my friends tend to find him odd. But he always felt like family, you protect your own, and I felt if I showed him love.. thinking he would’ve came around. I block him the minute I got bailed out, so he couldn't call me. After the 72 hours, I guess he tried to reach out, he emails me, verbatim ”Hey wifey, Making sure your alive I'm pretty sure we need to talk please respond and unblock me hope your alright.” It leads to him calling my dad, and messaging him we need to talk like an adult. I'm scared this is like before. He will cry and we get back together and I won’t be strong enough. I am allowed to go get my stuff back, even the stuff I bought I feel he will fight over. Especially the Tv, he loves that thing like crazy. He’s possessive over things I bought, and so entitled. I’m even scared to send friends to go get them. He made sure to go to that counselor, so we couldn’t use her as evidence, etc. Now he wants counseling, so manipulative. He want the divorce his way, as per usual in Michael controlling land.
If anyone has any advice and actually read this whole thing. Thank you for reading, and sorry for my horrible skills. But I would like to obtain some of my properties. and some receipt I don’t have but I have a bank statement for an example 200$ for Tj Maxx that’s when I bought silverware etc. I just want everything that is rightfully mine, because I will need them. He wouldn’t even let me get my toothbrush. I already spent so much on furniture and threw away stuff when I moved here. Also all the legal fees. I got a criminal lawyer but no one wants to take me as a client as my divorce lawyer. Maybe I should wait for this to drop. But honestly, I just want my stuff, and go back home to my family, but I can’t legally leave the state of Virginia. Any other advice? let me know thank you.
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2020.09.25 04:28 Red-Heat After the End CK3 Dev Diary 1: Overall Vision and Scope and Final CK2 Update

After the End CK3 Dev Diary 1: Overall Vision and Scope and Final CK2 Update
Good tidings, all!
I'm still on hiatus at the moment, but I thought I would take this time to tell you all about the direction we're taking for the CK3 version of the mod and the final changes we plan to make for the Fan Fork. As of right now, our working title is After the End CK3, but this is subject to change, as is everything else shown here. I'd like to get one thing out of the way as well - we do not have any release date projections right now. This project could release six months from now or six years from now. I really cannot say. Now then, onto the dev diary.
The Vision
After the End CK3 is not going to be a 1:1 copy or "port" of the Fan Fork, because that would be impossible anyway. CK3's scripting engine and hardcoded mechanics are so radically different from anything in CK2 that it's less a question of what we will keep and more a question of what we can salvage. Instead, we want AtE CK3 to be more like a remake or sequel of the CK2 mod.
We plan to build on the foundation laid by the Fan Fork, but we also won't be afraid to completely rework, replace, or even delete elements that we aren't happy with or that won't work in CK3. This applies to political setup, in-game history, and entire cultures or religions. Nothing is sacred, and nothing is safe. (Except Americanism. That stays.)
Our team has two main focuses at the moment - creating religions and faiths and building the map.
The Map
Our dedicated team of map modders have decided to challenge themselves by vastly expanding the scope of the in-game map. Here's an image of the current Fan Fork map...
The Fan Fork's map as of v1.1.
And here's an image of the planned CK3 projection.
We're going all the way from the tip of Tierra Del Fuego to the northern shore of Alaska and everything in between. We even have Svalbard in the top right. (My mappers assure me that it makes sense, assuming a spherical Earth.)
As you might imagine, creating new cultures, religions, and histories for all of South America south of Venezuela is no small feat. That's why we've decided to partner with devs from the upcoming AtE South America spinoff, Sob o Anil. Their CK2 mod will still release as a standalone, but the content they have already developed will be used to shape AtE CK3's version of South America. This means, in effect, that Sob o Anil has become part of the Fan Fork's shared universe. (More on this later.)
Religions and Faiths
Let's move on to talking about religions and faiths. We are nowhere near done with this and probably won't be for at least another month, but we have laid a basic groundwork. Let's discuss the two top-level families that you are probably most anxious to hear about: the Antiquarian and Abrahamic families.
The Antiquarian family contains most of the religions that were part of the Old World Cultist religion group in the Fan Fork. This includes fan favorites like:
Foundrycraft (formerly Rust Cultist).
As you can see, each of these former CK2 religions have been spun off into faith groups under the Antiquarian family. This will let us more precisely control how these faiths view each other across groups and within groups. For example, Americanism and Libertarianism are generally okay with one another, while Atomicists and Aphites are... less okay with each other. You may have also noticed that each of these faiths have custom tenets - the new CK3 religious system will let us give each faith more depth than was possible in CK2 while also making it easier for different faiths to access similar features.
Now, let's talk about the Abrahamic family, starting with the Christian faiths. I won't be able to show them all off here, so I'll show you one of them with a list of other Christian faiths.
Wait, what?
When contact with Rome was lost, the Catholics of the Caribbean mostly retained their faith and did not recognize a new head. Instead, the various archdioceses began to administer the church according to their local authority an Insula, or island community, with their own rites. These rites, amounting to almost full canons, contain both functional law and local saints. Although they theoretically are pending approval by the Pope in Rome, they are treated as valid in his absence. Most lay practitioners trust that their bishops do their due diligence and consider their local traditions to be in line with mainstream Catholicism. Other Catholics would note that many Insular Christians venerate 'African saints' that are suspiciously similar to figures from other nearby religions.
Insular Christianity is a good example of the steps that we will take in CK3 to expand on the foundation laid in CK2. As mentioned above, CK3 lets us model interfaith relations with a level of subtlety and complexity that was not possible in CK2. We are taking advantage of this by, among other things, adding new forms of Christianity that "bridge the gap" between traditional Catholicism and faiths that are... less traditional.
On that note, I'd like to explain something about the faith assignments in CK3. The rigid nature of interfaith relationships in CK2 meant that we were sometimes forced to place certain religions outside of the "Christian" group, even though members of these religions would certainly identify as Christian. This is no longer an issue, and faiths will now be grouped (mostly) according to the self-identification of practitioners. For example, Mormons, who were assigned their own religion group in CK2, will now be part of the Christian faith group in CK3, with special doctrines controlling relations between Mormons and other Christians. The same applies to all former "Cult of Saints" religions and "Amero-Syncretic" religions - they will all be in the Christian faith group and will rely on special doctrines to govern interfaith relations.
However, certain Christian-adjacent faiths will still be placed in other groups and families for gameplay purposes and to better reflect self-identity. For example, Rastafari is assigned its own faith group, with each mansion now being a faith unto itself. This is because many Rastas identify themselves as either entirely separate from Christianity or as part of a group that is highly distinct from other Christians.
The Nyabinghi Order.
Similarly, many of the former Afro-Syncretic faiths have been placed in their own Afro-Syncretic family, with new faith groups being created to illustrate the differences between faiths in this family.
The Vodun faith group. Please don't make low-effort jokes about the tenet name.
Although many practitioners of these faiths would identify as Christian if asked, it is more accurate to say that they are both Christian and (for example) Candomble. They attend both Christian churches and Candomble houses, even though the Bible explicitly condemns many of the things that happen in Candomble houses. They respect both Christian bishops and Candomble maes-de-santo, even though the bishop may not accord any respect to a a mae-de-santo. They see each of their two beliefs systems as equally valid and may even believe that God and Olodumare are two terms for the same being, even though Christianity is officially antithetical to these ideas.
Unfortunately, CK3 does not let us assign two religions to the same person or the same county, so we had to draw a hard line between them. This line is mitigated by the existence of faiths like Insular Christianity, which is non-hostile to Afro-Syncretic faiths and is intended to be a middle ground between the two groups, but it still exists.
Of course, the Abrahamic group includes Islam and Judaism as well as Christianity. Here's a look at one of the Jewish faiths.
Reform Judaism.
Now that we have thoroughly covered the particulars of the Christian faith group, let's move on to discussing the changes we plan to make in our final major Fan Fork update.
The Final Fan Fork Update
Well, we had a good run, but my interests have moved from CK2 to CK3. CK3 is just so much more flexible for modders - going back to CK2 feels like reinstalling Windows XP. As a result, I've decided that the next Fan Fork update will be the final major update to the project. We may still release updates to fix bugs, but we won't add any new religions or cultures or anything like that. So, what's going to be in this update? I'll be releasing regular dev diaries about it, but I'd like to get something out of the way first.
After a discussion with the dev team of After the End: Old World, we have decided that it would be best for both of us to officially part ways. The Old World project has been fully independent from the Fan Fork from its very inception. I have never had any real input on what their team does, and vice-versa. We communicate very rarely, and it is usually not related to creative decisions. However, many members of the AtE community and the Crusader Kings community at large do not understand this. They frequently assume that the projects have the same or similar team members, they use features in one mod as a basis to suggest changes in the other, and they even conflate the two by simply referring to both as "After the End".
To that end, the Old World team has agreed to stop using the AtE name for its upcoming CK2 update and for any future CK3 project. All further development on Old World CK2, as well as any development for an Old World CK3, will diverge greatly from the Fan Fork and AtE CK3. Hopefully, this should cement our projects as being completely independent from one another.
Now that I have explained this, I would like to get into the first major changes we will make to the Fan Fork in our final update. We plan to overhaul all content regarding Atlantic invasions and overseas contact, to better reflect our own creative desires and to add more depth and variety to gameplay.
Invaders from Great Britain will no longer have a single British culture, nor will they adhere to just one religion. This will be explained further in an upcoming Fan Fork dev diary.
Taking the Atlantic path for the Hajj to Mecca will involve a stop in Tangiers rather than Gibraltar. Here, you will meet a Muslim Moroccan and travel overland across North Africa to Mecca.
A new invading force from Africa will be added. This will be explained further in an upcoming Fan Fork dev diary.
We will integrate mods other than Sob o Anil into the Fan Fork's shared universe. This will be explained further in an upcoming Fan Fork dev diary.
Finally, al-Sayyid has asked me to make a few specific announcements:
  1. Seminoles will be added to the Everglades in Florida.
  2. The Mouse will get a ton of new content, including unique artifacts and a religion conversion event.
That concludes this first dev diary for After the End CK3. I hope you are all looking forward to both it and the final Fan Fork update.
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2020.09.24 11:24 Devil-sAdvocate Get ready for a President President Kamala Harris or President Mike Pence.

The presidential election may not reach an absolute majority of electoral votes needed (270) in the electoral college this year, because a few states may not be able to certify their election results.
Those states have a split congress and/or governor who may deadlock this year over things like absentee ballot validation dates. A deadlock between branches could lead to no declared winner in that state. The U.S. congress can vote to break that deadlock, but they may deadlock as well since they are also split.
If no candidate gets to 270, we go to a contingent election where the president is decided by the House of Representatives. Before Democrates celebrate, that election would not be individually voted on by the 435 House members but rather one vote per state.
During a contingent election, each House state delegation casts one en bloc vote to determine the president. A candidate is required to receive an absolute majority of state delegation votes (currently 26 votes out of 50) in order for that candidate to become the president-elect.
Under the current partisan make-up of Congress, (24) House state delegations are controlled by the Republicans, (25) by Democrats (thanks to Justin Amish quitting the GOP), and one tie (Pennsylvania). Historically, a state delegation that did not give a majority of its vote to any one candidate was marked as "divided", and thus did not award its vote to any candidate.
Current breakdowns:
Total (R) - 25
Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Wisconson, Florida.
Total (D)- 24
California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Delaware, Vermont, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan.
Tied. (1) Pennsylvania 9-9. Tied states would be the same as a no vote.
Close states. Florida(R) 14-13. Arizona (D) 5-4. Colorado (D) 4-3. Michigan (D) 7-6-1. There are also a bunch of 1-0 states like Alaska and Delaware, but those seem to be either traditionally (R) or (D).
To make things more complicated, in the event of an electoral college deadlock regarding the presidential election, it will be the incoming 2021 House holding a contingent election, not the old 2020 lame duck House.
In several (4) of the states today, the majority is slim, and if a few congressional seats changes hands, it could change the majority or create a tied deadlock. The current 25-24 (R) House advantage might easily change, and just a few state ties means no one might get to the needed 26 votes.
In past contingent presidential elections, the House has held its votes in a closed session and the votes of each representative were never made public, so there could also be the possibility of anonymous faithless congressman.
A quorum of at least one Representative from two-thirds of the states (34 at present) is necessary for the purposes of contingent election. This rule does not seem like it would matter in this election.
What happens if no one gets 26 votes?
Section 3 of the 20th Amendment specifies that if the House of Representatives has not chosen a president-elect in time for the inauguration (noon on January 20), then the vice president-elect becomes acting president until the House selects a president.
Who decides the vice-president elect? The new incoming Senate. The new Senate would choose a vice president by a simple majority vote. The current vice president (Pence) will be able to cast the tie-breaking vote. So Kamala Harris would need 51 Senate votes to win, while Mike Pence just needs 50 Senate votes since he can then vote for himself.
I do not know and could not find the current Senate rules on vice-president contingent elections regarding if the vote is public or private. A majority of the whole Senate, 51 votes, is necessary to elect.
A quorum of two-thirds of the Senate (67 Members) is necessary for the purposes of contingent election of the Vice President. This rule is very important in this case, as the expected losing (minority) party may just all choose not to show up.
There are Senate rules in place for forcing a quorum that I am not going to try and break down here. As head of the Senate, one of vice-president Pence's constitutional duties is to interpret Senate rules. Tradition means they dont, but one could see Pence ignoring tradition and reinterperting rules to try and force the arrest of missing Dem Senators to create a quorum on a vote he is expected to win.
At some point, probably on Jan. 20, either Pence or Harris would become the acting president, and as such would be entitled to name an acting vice president, (who would need to be confirmed by both Houses of Congress by a simple majority vote).
The acting president (Pence or Harris) and their vice president (if approved by both houses of congress) would be in office until — and if — the House breaks its deadlock and decides the actual winner of the presidential election. If there is no vice-president confirmation vote approval, there would be no vice-president. Acting or otherwise.
If there is neither a president-elect nor a vice president-elect in time for the inauguration (unlikely since a tie can be broken by Pence but possible if a quorum can not be established), The (incoming) Speaker of the House would become acting President. This will be in all likelihood a Democrat with their current large House advantage. Problem is for them- they would need to quit to become president.
In the event the Speaker is ineligible, or declines, or the speakership is vacant, the president pro tempore of the United States Senate, currently (R) Chuck Grassley, would become president. He too would need to quit.
If the new House Speaker President was eligible and accepted, then later was to be incapacitated, quit or die in office with no approved vice-president in place, the president pro tempore of the United States Senate, currently (R) Chuck Grassley, would still become president, (it would not be the newest House speaker voted in after the first one became President).
Besides Pence or Harris being voted President, the contingent elections could alternatively lead to a Trump/Harris or Biden/Pence White House.
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2020.09.23 19:35 The97Revolution Week 4 Match-up Preview Thread: FAU Owls vs. USF Bulls (Battle Off The Water: Gold Coast vs. Tampa Bay)

When: TBD (Postponed)
Where: FAU Stadium - Boca Raton, FL
Watch: CBS Sports Network
Odds: FAU by 3.0 pts.
Total Points: 49.0
All-Time Series : FAU vs. USF
FAU and USF have met 4 times since 08/29/2002.
These teams last met 2,566 days (~7 years) ago on 09/14/2013.
Series Wins: FAU 1-0-3 USF
Longest streak of continuous meetings: 1 (2013-2013).
FAU has won the most recent meeting (2013) in this series.
Last 4 Meetings
Winner Date Location FAU USF Notes
FAU 2013-09-14 Tampa, FL 28 10
USF 2010-10-02 Tampa, FL 3 31
USF 2007-10-06 Fort Lauderdale, FL 23 35 USF was Number 2 in the country at the time. The game ended in Triple OT.
USF 2002-08-29 Tampa, FL 10 51
Series Comparison Data via Winsipedia
Through Week 3
Week FAU 0-0(0-0) Result USF 1-1(0-0) Result
2 BYE N/A The Citadel 0-2(0-0) W 27-6
3 BYE N/A Notre Dame#9 2-0(0-0) L 0-52
All rankings reflect the current /cfb poll
FAU Injury Report
Data Scraped: 2020-09-23 11:00:03
Player Position Status Reported Notes
Quran Hafiz S Out For Season – Personal Tue, Aug 25 Hafiz has decided to opt-out for the entire 2020 season due to a personal reason.
Cordell Littlejohn WR Out For Season – Personal Sat, Sep 5 Littlejohn has opted-out of the 2020 season due to a personal decision.
La Darius Henry CB Out For Season – Personal Sun, Sep 6 Henry has announced that he will sit out the entire 2020 season due to concerns about COVID-19.
John Mitchell WR Out For Season – Knee Tue, Sep 8 Mitchell will miss the entire 2020 season with a knee injury.
Eyin Cole WR Out For Season – Personal Wed, Sep 16 Cole has informed the program that he will sit out the entire 2020 season due to a personal decision.
Injury data lifted from:
USF Injury Report
Data Scraped: 2020-09-23 11:00:03
Player Position Status Reported Notes
Jared Sackett PK Ques Sat – Undisclosed Sun, Sep 20 Sackett has missed the last two games due to an unspecified reason, and it is unclear if he will play Saturday against Florida Atlantic.
Brad Cecil OL Ques Sat – Undisclosed Sun, Sep 20 Cecil has missed the previous two games due to an unknown injury, and it is undetermined if he will be active against Florida Atlantic on Saturday.
Keyon Helton LB Ques Sat – Undisclosed Mon, Sep 21 Helton has sat out the previous two games with an undefined injury, and it is unknown if it will impede his status for Saturday’s contest versus Florida Atlantic.
Demetris Harris OL Ques Sat – Undisclosed Mon, Sep 21 Harris has been absent from the lineup during the previous two games with an injury to an unannounced area, and it is uncertain if he will be available Saturday against Florida Atlantic.
Cade Fortin QB Ques Sat – Undisclosed Sun, Sep 20 Fortin has sat out the previous two games due to an unannounced injury, and it has yet to be established if he will take the field against Florida Atlantic on Saturday.
Tj Robinson DB Out For Season – Eligibility Tue, Sep 22 Robinson has been ruled out for the entire 2020 season due to NCAA eligibility regulations.
Thomas Nance TE Out For Season – Personal Mon, Aug 31 Nance has informed the program that he has ruled himself out of the 2020 season due to a personal decision.
Jernard Phillips WR Out For Season – Personal Tue, Aug 25 Phillips has opted-out of the entire 2020 season due to a personal reason.
John Waller DT Out For Season – Personal Tue, Aug 25 Waller will sit out the duration of the 2020 season after informing the team of his personal decision.
Darrian Felix RB Ques Sat – Hamstring Sun, Sep 20 Felix missed the last game with a tight hamstring, and it remains to be seen if he will be in the lineup Saturday versus Florida Atlantic.
Josh Berry RB Out For Season – Personal Mon, Aug 31 Berry has announced that after making his mind up, he will not take part in the 2020 season.
Eugene Bowman DB Out For Season – Personal Mon, Aug 31 Bowman has decided to not participate in the 2020 season due to a personal reason.
Injury data lifted from:
This would be the first matchup ever between USF and FAU in Boca Raton at FAU Stadium, and the first game for the Owls with USF since 2013, FAU's first year in CUSA and Willie Taggart's first season as USF head coach. FAU head coach Willie Taggart and Defensive Coordinator Jim Leavitt will face off against their former team for the first time, with Jim Leavitt being USF's founding Head Coach from 1995-2009, and Willie Taggart being USF's Head Coach from 2013-2016.
What are your "Keys to the Game"?
Who do you think wins?
Do you think the favorite will cover the spread?
Which player(s) are you most interested to watch?
Let's talk football!
To vote in the matchup "who will win poll" simply include the name of the team you think will win enclosed by {} as part of your TOP LEVEL comment discussing the matchup. To change your vote just edit your initial comment to bracket the other team. You can change your vote as often as you like until the GAME THREAD is posted
A full listing of accepted FBS team aliases can be found here.. For FCS teams you will need to use the full name as it appears in the post title.
A listing of links, and live vote totals, to all Match-up Preview threads for the current week can be found HERE.
Like this format? Generate your own "Match-up Discussion Thread" with the Match-up Discussion Thread Generator. Please DM dupreesdiamond with any issues/suggestions regarding this template
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2020.09.22 01:01 alexbrobrafeld Recap - 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 5 Episode 15 “Point of no Return”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 5 Episode 15 “Point of no Return”
Larissa (Age 33, from Brazil) and ??
Angela (Age 53, from Georgia) and Mykhul (Age 31, from Lagos Nigeria)
Andrei (Age 33, from Moldova) and Elizabeth (Age 29, from Florida)
Kalani (Age 31, from Utah) and Asuelu (Age 24, from Samoa)
Syngin (Age 30, from South Africa) and Tania (Age 30, from Connecticut)
Colt (Age 34, Las Vegas NV) and Jess (Age 26, from Brazil, living in Chicago)
Paul (Age 35, Kentucky) and Karine (Age 23, Brazil)
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2020.09.21 20:26 bestroofingmiami Roofing experts

Roofing experts

Roofing experts
Private homeowners and commercial business owners can find the simplest best Roofing Companies in Miami to assist with repairs or with the replacement of roofs. It only takes a call to urge a free estimate for the specified services. knowledgeable roofer will visit the property, do an evaluation, then offer an expert opinion. they're going to give an estimate for the value and therefore the owner can prefer to accept or decline the offer. the value of repairs goes to incorporate the worth of the roofing materials and therefore the labor to urge the work done.
There are different types of roofing materials to think about for your structure. Each building could have a special sort of room. Many neighborhood homes have traditional composition shingles while others use slate, tile, or wood shakes. Commercial buildings may need hot tar while farmers choose metal roofs for his or her barns.
It is vital to suit city ordinances before roofing a billboard building. for personal houses, make certain to consult the homeowner’s association, if there's one, to make sure that you simply install the right building material on your house. Once you've got done the research you're ready for the subsequent step.
Call your South Florida roofing company to schedule the work that must be done. you'll get to order the materials and choose a date that works for your schedule. you ought to expect the roofing experts to try to a knowledgeable job. they ought to show abreast of time and work diligently until all the work is completed. Once the roof is installed, the mess should be cleaned up and your property looking nice. Roofing experts will exercise caution once they are on a customer’s property, to make sure that nothing is broken.
When you call a corporation to exchange or repair your roof, you'll expect to urge a good estimate for the work being done. you ought to expect to be told about the various options for building material and therefore the advantages that everyone has.
You should also expect professionalism and expert customer service. When of these things are in situ, you’ll know that you simply found the simplest roofer in South Florida and may move forward and obtain that new roof that you need
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2020.09.21 17:02 evedwin Newbie Question about becoming an SLP

I'm new to this subreddit, and have read through some posts so if I'm out of pocket for posting this I apologize. I'm looking to change careers to become an SLP, and am wanting to get feedback on my options. I graduated in 1997 with a degree in speech communications, but my GPA was a 2.4. I've reached out to local programs in south Florida (where I'm located), and have been told my GPA is going to be a big roadblock because of the competitive nature of the programs. I'm wondering if becoming a SLPA is an option to break in and then possibly get into an SLP program at later date? I can't find any local programs for SLPA certification, are there are any reputable online programs? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or feedback!
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2020.09.20 17:42 f0ster91 A Couple Fall Frags to Try That Aren't Talked About Much Here

Just thought I'd basically throw out a list of my favorite not-so-much-talked-about fall frags, figuring people here might want to try them out. Cheers!
Montale Honey Aoud - The first time I wore it, it was a blast of medicinal oud sweetened by.. you guessed it, honey. However, that was only the very first time and every time after and since, I've never gotten that medicinal feel and I'm surrounded all day by this beautiful semi-gourmand fragrance of vanilla, honey, and cinnamon, balanced out by leather, oud, and patchouli. It's gorgeous, delectable, turns heads, and has nuclear performance without ever being cloying. It's hard to find which is why I think it's not talked about so much, but IMO it's Montale's best fragrance.
Dior Fahrenheit Parfum - If you love the original, you'll like this. If not, this probably won't change your mind but the added sweetness might get you to. Picture the original Fahrenheit's gasoline vibe, but a bit lessened and replaced with sweet notes of vanilla, rum, and anise. It has an almost ethereal vibe and there is no other fragrance like it; it's one of a kind. To me, this is the original Fahrenheit on steroids. I was in love from first sniff, and this stuff constantly dances into your nose throughout the day thanks to its pretty monster performance.
Paco Rabanne Pure XS - I have no idea why this fragrance doesn't get talked about. It to me is a sweet masterpiece for the little price you pay. Beautiful gourmand notes balanced by booze, myrrh, and a touch of leather. It's opulent, sparkles off your skin, and is unbelievably addicting. Whenever I have this on, I always put some on my wrists or arm just so I can keep smelling it for myself throughout the day. The original Pure XS doesn't have anything special in terms of performance, but its flanker Pure XS Night solves it pretty decently, while upping the sweetness due to the heavier elements. Another one that is utterly unique and therefore sad to me that not many others talk about it.
Le Male Essence de Parfum - This is CH Prive's longer lasting cousin. If you took CH Prive, removed the whiskey (sad) and upped the leather with a touch of powdery notes, you get this. The result is something that is dark and dense with sweet leather, and has much better performance. Not to mention, the bottle is fricken awesome and the juice color is super cool. Great for cool autumn days when you want to feel like you're surrounded by a leather jacket that's been bathed in cardamom, lavender, and vanilla.
Armani Stronger With You - Sweet, great performance, compliments galore. This to me smells like Spicebomb Extreme, but not as heavy and has more of a sparkling quality to it. I picture this as the fall version of SE if SE is the winterized version. Also has a bit of fruity notes that help it stand out more as a fall fragrance from SE. You could also try the Intensely version if you want something that is darker, denser, and less fruity. This however pushes it even further into the SE territory to the point it'd be redundant IMO to own both SWYI and SE, which is why I opt for the original SWY as I already have SE which is a top tier winter fragrance.
Cheapie honorable mentions:
Halloween Man X - Boozy leather and coffee. Supposed to be reminiscent of walking a downtown NYC street on a weekend night.
Halston Z-14 - The fragrance that inspired Tom Ford's Italian Cypress. Cinnamon, cypress, leather. Spicy, gorgeous, masculine. Doesn't smell dated at all despite being about 40 years old. Pretty nuts performance for an EDC concentration.
Zara Unexpected, Fresh, Spicy - The only Zara that I've tried with atleast somewhat acceptable performance. A blast of cinnamon, whiskey, and tobacco with a few supporting notes. Super sexy; smells like you started talking to a guy in a south Florida whiskey bar, hair on his chest, sipping his drink and blowing smoke out of a cuban cigar.
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2020.09.20 12:08 thearticulategrunt Family to the rescue (XL)

Quite simply, I don't have a lot of stories where my family, past my parents, were involved in anything in a beneficial way. Plenty involving abuse and days of bleeding or even stitches to do things like reattach partially separated ears or nipples but not many positive stories. So, back to Fort Sill.
Fort Sill about a month after getting recycled and put into accommodations. My now wife, though still only fiancee at the time, had come to join me and in her words "make sure I stayed as presentable as possible".
One of the classes I was going through was "computer" classes. Now this was learning to use any kind of computer this was learning to computate, by hand, everything involved in firing an artillery shell from the cannon to ensure it impacted where wanted. All that fun stuff including temperature, powder charge, wind, temperature of the barrel, distance, angle from observer to target in relation to cannon and so, so much more. Well, I had a Marine Corps Captain as my instructor and he hated that I had an Infantry EIB (Expert Infantryman's Badge) on my uniform. Day one of class with him, end of class, he tells me I should be honored to be an Artilleryman now and should get rid of it. I explained that I understood his position but that I had earned it while enlisted and was entitled to wear in on any appropriate uniform for the rest of my career and that I was quite proud of it. He told me to get out and fix my attitude.
Second day of classes with him, I walk in with my EIB still on my uniform. He does not say anything and I figure we are good except that he keeps getting more and more "grumpy" throughout the class. As class ends he cuts off my exit.
"I thought I told yu to get rid of that." pointing at my EIB
"No sir you said I should take pride in"
"You know what the fuck I meant!"
"Yes sir."
"Then why the fuck am I still looking at it?"
"Because it was an unlawful directive sir that I chose not to follow."
"It was an unlawful order that violated regulations sir. Your personal bias doesn't"
"GET THE FUCK OUT!" He pointed to the door and I just turned and left.
Yep next day of classes I walk back in with my EIB still on my uniform and he losses his shit as soon as he sees it. Screaming "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT DOING IN HERE" he strode over to me, grabbed me by the collar in his left hand and screamed in my face "IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO REMOVE IT I WILL!" At which point he drew a knife and used it's edge along with his thumb to pinch the corner of my EIB as if to cut the stitching and rip it off. He paused though and said/screamed "WELL?" in my face.
Now, this is where I should have just said "No sir I will not remove it." or something smart like that, just let him peel it off and filed charges. But no, I was mad and not thinking straight. Instead, in one quick motion, I popped the gerber multi-tool I always carried and had carried for years out of it's pouch on my belt, flicked my wrist popping the pliers out and using the pliers grabbed hold of the pinkie finger on his left hand that was holding my collar.
"If it goes so does your finger sir."
At this point the other Marine Corps Captain, who was teaching the other half of my training class in the same course jumped in the middle. He pushed us apart telling us both to calm down and ordering me to go to the training company HQ. Being a legal order I of course obeyed immediately.
By the time I got there they had of course already been called. Being that I was known at this point for documenting everything the Captain/company commander called me into his office and asked me for my side of it. I pulled my ledger from my cargo pocket but he stopped me and told me to just sum it up so I did. Once I finished he thought about it for a couple minutes in silence then said I was to be moved to the other Marine captain for this training btu, that I had threatened physical damage against a superior officer. Legal order or not, physical assault or not he had only threatened damage to a uniform while I had threatened physical harm. He then informed me he wanted to talk to command and since we had a four day field exercise that weekend that we would likely readdress it the following Tuesday. With that I was dismissed and sent back to class though now with the other Captain.
So yeah, I knew that I was screwed and I told my now wife as much. We stressed for a little bit as I got my field bag together for the 3 day exercise. Suddenly though, she perked up and told me not to worry about it, to focus on my field exercise and to remember, he had a knife to my throat. I tried to argue but she pointed out, with a butter knife, that to grab my EIB like that that he had a knife to my throat but to not talk about it unless ordered to. To be quiet and stay shut up. (I don't think I ever mentioned she loved debate when she was younger and had planned to go to law school but didn't have the money have I?)
So I go to the field, complete the exercise and return while keeping my mouth shut. Though I did loose a toe nail thanks to one of the idiots I was training alongside. I get back and she just asks how the field training went and does not talk about the incident aside from telling me telling me not to worry about it and that if it goes really badly that her Great Grandfather will find me a good job no problem. We'll just have to move to South Florida.
Tuesday morning I show up for PT and am immediately told to fall out of formation, go eat, get cleaned up and be standing by the Battalion Commander's office so I can be there as soon as he walks in for the day. (Fuck I'm fucked) The commander finally shows up and tells me to follow him into his office. I do so, report properly and stand at attention waiting for the worst.
"What are these?" As he hands me 5 letters.
"No idea sir."
"No idea, you are honestly going to tell me you have no idea about any of these?"
"Yes sir, because it's the truth."
"Shall I tell you what they are. Yeah why don't I Grunt. They are 2 tribal council letters, a Mayoral letter and 2 state senator's letters. I didn't even know you're Native American, it's not in your file and you don't look it. So rather than talk to me about this you had to go outside this chain of command? Why?"
"Honestly sir, I had no idea about those. I was told to go to the field exercise and this would be discussed today. So that's what I did sir."
"Really? Okay let me summarize them for you. They all basically ask why we are looking to punish you for trying to defend yourself against an assault by a senior officer who was holding a knife to your throat. Is that what you told people?"
"No sir. I didn't talk to anyone but my fiancee about the incident. I was waiting to talk to command." and that is when it hit me what she must have done. "She must have called my family sir." Now, I like to earn what is mine and not owe anyone anything. I like to make it on my own so between that and the bad blood I try to avoid my family whenever possible.
"What do you mean "called your family"?"
"Well where are they from sir?"
He looked at me disgusted as if I really should know. "Senatorial letters from California and Florida, the Mayors office of Miami and Tribal Council letters from the Creek and Cherokee nations."
"Oh, okay that makes sense sir. My fiancee must have called my parents; my father is in several lodges with our state Senator and probably called him up. The Florida Senator could be my via my Aunt who is some sort of court worker who I know has worked with a Senator's office regularly. It could also be because of my fiancee's Great Grandfather along with the Miami Mayoral letter. Her Great Grandfather is a big time retired South Florida union president. As for the tribal letters, at the time of my Grand father's death his brother was a sitting chieftain. My mother's family has ties to both tribes." I smiled and chuckled a little. "I look like my father sir, he is pure blooded German. They were not happy when my mother married him straight out thinning her blood, well my blood by half."
He sat there thinking for a minute. "What are we going to do about this Grunt?"
"I don't know sir. I would have never called them. Honestly I prefer to earn my own way in the world. I would have rather just dealt with this and moved on by my own rights. But they are involved now."
"Yes they are."
"How do you want to handle it sir?" He sat and thought for a couple minutes that felt like an hour passed until finally.
"This is what I would like to do. I'm going to write a letter responding to each thanking them for bringing this to my attention. You are going to write a letter to each thanking them for their help and concern but also explaining that you have not been punished in any way and are proceeding with your classes, uninterrupted, alongside your class. Express your sincere gratitude and even include your classes expected graduation date. Tell them it would be an honor and that any of them that wished would be most welcome to attend. You are also going to call each of these numbers" tapping the letters "and let them expressing the same sentiments as well informing them that official written responses will be following shortly."
"Are there to be any punishments sir?"
"Only that I don't want the 2 of you within 10 meters of each other and there is to be no further communication between you. Understood?"
"Yes sir."
"Then write down these numbers and go make those phone calls. I also want your letter for review tomorrow morning."
"Yes sir."
I was then dismissed, got the hell out and did indeed make those calls and write the letters as instructed. The Captain and I maintained our distances and yes, I did check with my fiancee as to what she had done. She had indeed called her Great Grandfather, my parents and actually my 1st cousin who grew up on a reservation and was an Air Force officer at the time.
So, one of my few positive family stories as well as an early lesson in not to ever really, REALLY piss off my now wife.
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2020.09.19 01:21 redit202 FDOT Project Weekly Updates - September 20 General road closures and construction. See more info about this project in Monroe County, Florida

Cow Key Channel Bridges Rehabilitation Project Update
MARINER NOTICE: The contractor has crews working in the water and overhead. Bridge spans 2, 3 and 4 are blocked by barges. In the coming weeks, work will be performed under both the inbound and outbound bridges. For the safety of mariners and the construction crew, mariners should use other spans for passage or consider an alternate route. Please use caution and pay close attention to the no wake zone signs. For more information please contact the Sector Key West Command Center at (305) 292-8727. For additional information, please feel free to contact Community Outreach Specialist Maria Alzate at (305) 560-8218 or via email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Work Continues Under New Seven Mile Bridge
SR 5/US 1/Overseas Highway/New Seven Mile Bridge (Moser Channel) (MM 40 to MM 46.8) Bridge Rehabilitation Project (Contract # E-6J97) Start Date: April 2017 Estimated Projected Completion: November 2020
PLANNED ACTIVITY: The contractor will continue work under the bridge this week.
Nighttime Single Lane Closure on Sept 21 and 22 at Missouri – Little Duck Key Bridge
SR 5/US 1/Missouri – Little Duck Key from MM 39.524 to MM 39.704 Roadway Rehabilitation Project (Contract # E-6M59) Project Start: June 2020 Estimated Projected Completion: September 2020
PLANNED ACTIVITY: On Monday, September 21 and Tuesday, September 22, the contractor will be having nighttime single lane closures to complete final roadway work. The work will be completed nightly between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Traffic flow will be managed by flagmen alternating traffic. Please exercise extreme caution when traversing in the project area and adhere to reduced speed limit and posted signs, for your safety and safety of the crew.
Hurricane Irma Permanent Repairs and Lighting Improvements Project
State Road (SR) 5/Overseas Highway from MM 0 to MM 6 (City of Key West) and from MM 47 to MM 53 (City of Marathon) (Contract # T-6492) Project Start: July 2020 Estimated Projected Completion: November 2020
PLANNED ACTIVITY: Work will be conducted outside of travel lanes and shoulders. No impact to traffic is anticipated.
Work Continues Under Old Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon
SR 5/US 1/Overseas Highway/Old Seven Mile Bridge from Knights Key to Pigeon Key (MM 46.8 to MM 44.6) (Contract # E-6L23) Start Date: September 2017 Estimated Projected Completion: February 2022
PLANNED ACTIVITY: The contractor will continue performing deck repair work as well as steel repair work under the bridge this week.
Hurricane Irma Bridge Repairs Project
Hurricane Irma Bridge Repairs at Various Locations Along State Road (SR) 5/US 1/Overseas Highway (Contract # E-6477) Start Date: August 2019 Estimated Projected Completion: September 2020
PLANNED ACTIVITY: The contractor will continue work at Bahia Honda and Snake Creek. Please exercise extreme caution when traversing in the project area.
Hurricane Irma Shoreline Restoration and Fencing Restoration Project
State Road (SR) 5/Overseas Highway from MM 8.27 to MM 32.53 (Contract # T-6490) Start Date: December 2019 Estimated Projected Completion: October 2020
PLANNED ACTIVITY: The contractor will continue chain link fence installation along areas in Big Pine Key.
Hurricane Irma Shoulder, Shore, and Path Restoration Project
State Road (SR) 5/Overseas Highway MM 59.73 to MM 84.96 (Contract # T-6485) Start Date: December 2019 Estimated Projected Completion: April 2021
PLANNED ACTIVITY: The contractor will continue the slope restoration this week.
Hurricane Irma Roadway and Fencing Restoration Project
State Road (SR) 5/Overseas Highway MM 109.20 to MM 127 (Contract # T-6487) Start Date: January 2020 Estimated Projected Completion: September 2020
PLANNED ACTIVITY: The contractor will continue the slope restoration and fence installation this week.
Hurricane Irma Embankment Washout/ Existing Shoulder Pavements Repairs Project
Repairs at Various Locations along State Road (SR) 5/US 1 /Overseas Highway between MM 33.644 and MM 79.732 (Contract # T-6489) Start Date: August 2020 Estimated Projected Completion: September 2021
PLANNED ACTIVITY: The contractor will continue working on the shared path between MM 79.316 and 79.732 on the ocean side. In addition, they will continue survey layouts, as well as silt fence and curtain installations this week along the project corridor.
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2020.09.19 00:42 lisagreenhouse Gary Michael Hilton, the National Forest Serial Killer, is known to have murdered four people. But his crimes and travels make it hard to believe there weren’t earlier victims. Are there more waiting to be discovered?

Who is Gary Michael Hilton?
Gary Michael Hilton, sometimes referred to as the National Forest Serial Killer, was a drifter who murdered at least four hikers in and around national forests in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina between 2005 and 2008.
Hilton was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison in January 2008 for the murder of Meredith Emerson, 24. After that conviction, investigators across the country began looking into unsolved cases that were similar to Emerson’s, and Hilton was charged with and found guilty of three more killings. In 2011, he received the death penalty in a Florida court for the slaying of Cheryl Dunlap, 46. In March 2012, he plead guilty to the murders of John Bryant, 80, and Irene Bryant, 84 and a North Carolina court sentenced him to four consecutive life sentences.
Emerson, Dunlap, and the Bryants shared no specific victimology, instead it appears he chose them at random when he needed money. Investigators agree that his were crimes of opportunity, and they believe Hilton may have committed more murders across the southeast United States in the years before his four known victims were killed.
Hilton was born November 26, 1946. He had an unstable home life and varied criminal record that stretched from childhood until he was arrested for Emerson’s murder at the age of 61. In 1959, when he was just 13, Hilton reportedly shot his stepfather in a jealous rage over his mother. His stepfather didn’t press charges, but Hilton did spend some time in a mental hospital after the shooting.
At 17, Hilton joined the army, and he served from 1964 through 1967, including a tour in West Germany. He was honorably discharged in 1967 after he had been hospitalized for hearing voices and diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Hilton was married at least three times, but none of his marriages were long—the longest was just two years. He isn’t believed to have any children. His third wife was a security officer at Stone Mountain Park, a 3,000 acre park near Atlanta that offers camping, hiking, wooded trails, lakes, and family attractions, including the massive peak at its center that is carved with the likenesses of Confederate soldiers.
Hilton loved the outdoors. He hiked, camped, and frequently lived in forests and mountains around the south and southeast United States. He loved dogs, too, and had a dog named Dandy (sometimes reported as a golden retriever, other times described as red in color).
He never had steady employment; after leaving the army, he worked as a chauffeur in Florida from 1970 to 1972, and he was arrested in 1995 for stealing books he was hired to sell from a door-to-door sales company. From 1997 to 2007, he worked off and on handing out advertisements and doing odd jobs for a Gwinnett County, GA, siding company, but he permanently lost that job when he threatened to kill the company owner if he didn’t pay him $10,000.
Hilton also had ongoing legal troubles. He was convicted of a DUI in Florida in 1973; in 1983, he was convicted for carrying an unlicensed gun and a drug charge; he was found guilty of theft and marijuana possession in 1987; and he plead guilty to 21 counts of solicitation in 1995.
Samuel Rael, an attorney and filmmaker in Atlanta, admitted that in 1995 Hilton helped him develop the plot for the movie Deadly Run. The movie is about a man who stalks, hunts, and murders women in the woods, a storyline that has similarities to Hilton’s crimes. Rael had defended him in court multiple times since the mid-1980s for crimes ranging from arson and trespassing to solicitation of false charitable donations. Rael said Hilton, whom he considered a consultant on the project, came up with the idea of the main character releasing women into the woods to be hunted like prey and that he also helped select that cast and found the cabin in the woods near Cleveland, Georgia, where much of the movie was filmed. Meredith Emerson’s remains were found approximately 30 miles from that same cabin 13 years later. Investigators have said that Hilton was not considered a suspect in any murders or disappearances during the time the movie was being filmed.

Confirmed Victims
Victims are listed in the order of their disappearances and murders. However, his final victim, Meredith Emerson, was the first to be linked to Hilton. His implication in her murder helped solve the others.
Irene Bryant, 84, and John Bryant, 80, disappeared after driving 20 miles from their home to hike and look at fall colors in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest on October 21, 2007. The couple had been married for 58 years and loved traveling, hiking, and being outdoors. Their active lifestyle meant that they were sometimes hard to reach, and it took time for their neighbors and family to realize they were missing. Their son Bob reported them missing on November 2. He drove from his home in Texas to North Carolina to help search for his parents and discovered their vehicle at a trailhead parking lot. Investigators subpoenaed telephone and financial records and discovered that Irene had tried to call 911 around 4 p.m. on October 21 but the call didn’t go through. They couldn’t confirm whether the call failed due to lack of service or interference by another person. Financial records showed a bank withdrawal from their account at 7 p.m. the day after Irene attempted the 911 call. Security footage at the bank in Ducktown, Tennessee, 25 miles away from their vehicle, showed a slender man man in a hooded raincoat using the Bryant’s ATM card. Investigators couldn’t identify the person, but it was neither of the Bryants.
Irene’s body was found on November 9, covered with leaves and sticks, just 100 yards from where the couple’s vehicle was parked. She had been killed by a blow to the head and her arms and legs appeared to have also been beaten. Investigators speculated that her attacker had lain in wait on the trail or in the woods just beyond the parking lot.
John’s skeletal remains weren’t found until February 5, 2008 when a hunter stumbled across them.
On October 26, 2007, Hilton was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy while trespassing on private hunting land. Hilton tells the deputy he’s a paratrooper on field maneuvers, and, when asked if he’s carrying any weapons, he shows the officer an expandable police baton. The officer checks for open warrants and then lets him go. However, Hilton did have an open warrant for a minor 1972 offense in Miami, and he should have been detained.
In March 2012, Hilton plead guilty to murdering the Bryants, and he admitted to camping out in the parking lot, scouting for victims. Hilton admitted he had kidnapped Bryant from the parking lot, drove him to the Nantahala National Forest, walked him 30 feet down an embankment, and shot him in the head. It’s believed Hilton wasn’t certain he could control both victims at once, so he chose to kill Irene at the location and then use her death to intimidate and scare John into cooperating and giving him the couple’s ATM PIN number.
In the days before the Bryants’ murders, other hikers reported seeing, talking to, and even photographing and confronting Hilton in the Pisgah National Forest in the area where the Bryants were murdered. Along with pleading guilty of ambushing and killing the Bryants, Hilton also plead to robbery and firearms offenses in their case. He again accepted a plea deal to avoid the death penalty and was remanded to serve four additional life sentences consecutively with the life sentence already handed down for Emerson’s murder.
The Bryants are Hilton’s first known victims, although he was sentenced in their cases after being tried for his later crimes.
Cheryl Hodges Dunlap, 46, was a mother of two grown sons and a nurse and Sunday school teacher, She was last seen alive on December 1, 2007. She had gone hiking alone in Apalachicola National Forest in the Florida panhandle just outside Tallahassee at about 9 a.m. Friends reported her missing after she failed to show up to teach her Sunday school class on December 2 or arrive at work on Monday morning, December 3. Three days after she disappeared her car was found with a flat tire, parked on the shoulder of Highway 319 just outside of the national forest. A search of the area revealed nothing of use. However, an investigation into her digital footprint discovered bank withdrawals.
A little over a week after she went missing, authorities released surveillance photos of a man successfully using Dunlap’s ATM card to withdraw money on December 2, 3, and 4, the three days immediately following her disappearance. Police could not identify him because he was wearing a rubber mask, gloves, and hat. Detectives staked out the ATM machine for the next week, but the man never returned.
Dunlap’s decapitated remains were discovered near Bloxham Cutoff Road in the Apalachicola National Forest on December 15 by hunters who noticed the presence of buzzards. Because her head and hands were missing, it took a DNA sample to confirm that the remains were hers.
Hilton was proven to be in the area when and where Dunlap disappeared because a forestry agent had run his vehicle tag number through the police database on December 7. After Dunlap’s body was found, a hunter also reported coming into contact with Hilton in the forest—driving a white van, wielding a knife and appearing disheveled or homeless. The hunter said he’d warned Hilton that the woods was a bad place to be during hunting season. This interaction allowed the hunter to identify Hilton in a photo lineup. A forestry agent had also questioned Hilton on November 17, 2007 and run his white van’s tag number through a database to ensure it wasn’t stolen. On December 28, another forestry agent interacted with Hilton in Osceola National Forest, about 160 miles from where Dunlap was last seen. Those sightings proved Hilton had been in the area before and then left after Dunlap’s murder. The final item of proof was one of Dunlap’s boots, which Hilton was attempting to discard in the dumpster with Emerson’s belongings when he was initially arrested.
Investigators believed Hilton kidnapped Dunlap from the Leon Sinks Geological Area of Apalachicola National Forest, where friends said she had mentioned going to read a book. He likely kept her alive for a few days in order to get money from her ATM card, finally killing her. Investigators say he burned her head and hands in his campfire, then left her vehicle by the road after puncturing the tire with his police baton. There was no physical evidence tying him to the crime, but investigators were able to recover audio tapes on which Hilton had recorded himself talking crudely about women and referencing killing women and hiding things. He said he was a sociopath who could disassociate from the act of murder.
Hilton was indicted on Thursday, February 28, 2008 for Dunlap’s murder, kidnapping, and two counts of grand theft. He was found guilty by a unanimous jury in February 2011 and sentenced to death. He unsuccessfully appealed the conviction.
Dunlap was Hilton’s third known victim; he was sentenced in her case after being tried and found guilty for murdering his last-known victim, Meredith Emerson.
Meredith Emerson, 24, was last seen alive on New Year’s Day 2008, with her dog, a black Labrador retriever mix named Ella. The pair had left home in Buford, Georgia, to hike one of their favorite trails on Blood Mountain. The location is the highest peak in Georgia’s section of the Appalachian Trail and is located on the border of Lumpkin and Union counties inside the Blood Mountain Wilderness and the Chattahoochee National Forest.
Concerned after she didn’t return home, Emerson’s friends and boyfriend reported her absence to local police. She was classified as an overdue hiker. The next day, friends and authorities searched the area where Emerson and Ella had been hiking but did not find either of them. A winter storm moved in that day, and authorities had to halt the search.
After her disappearance made news, witnesses came forward to claim that they’d seen her hiking with an older man, approximately 60 years old with a red dog, on a spur trail that connects the Appalachian Trail to the Byron Herbert Reece Parking Lot. One caller was a former police officer. He reported that while hiking he’d discovered a police baton, water bottles, sunglasses, a barrette, and a dog leash and treats scattered over an area of disturbed and scuffed ground. He had seen an older man with a police baton walking with a younger woman minutes before finding the items, and he recognized the leash as the one the young woman had been holding. At first, he’d thought they were father and daughter, but the scattered belongings and evidence of a struggle concerned him. While there, he talked with another group of hikers who had seen the man hiding in the woods, but they were unable to locate him after a short search. They gathered the scattered items and left them at a local store, but they didn’t call police at the time. The next day after seeing a report on TV about Emerson’s disappearance, the former officer called investigators to report what he’d seen and found the day before.
Also on January 2, John Tabor, a former employer of Hilton’s, called police to let them know Hilton matched the description of the man seen with Emerson on the trail. He said Hilton had called him a few hours before and had apologized for acting erratically and violently toward him, asked him for money, and told him he was near Blood Mountain. He’d asked Tabor to leave him a check at a business Tabor owned, but he never came to collect the check. Investigators noted that Tabor hadn’t called them immediately to inform them of Hilton’s similarity to the suspect or his proximity to the possible kidnapping.
Police also recovered surveillance images of Hilton unsuccessfully attempting to use Emerson’s ATM card. Investigators had hope that Emerson was still alive and they were now sure she was with Hilton, so they disseminated Hilton’s DMV photo to the media.
On January 4, another witness called police to report that he had encountered an older man and young woman camping near a white van. The witness was driving a lawn care truck when he got it stuck in a stream. He asked the older man for help, but he’d refused. The witness said it seemed like the man was trying to keep him away from the van. When the witness called police dispatch to ask for help getting his vehicle unstuck, the man quickly packed up and left the area in a seeming rush.
That same day, Ella was found wandering in a grocery store parking lot in the town of Cumming, Georgia, about 60 miles away from Emerson’s last-known whereabouts. Investigators also discovered bloody clothing, bloody men’s boots, and Emerson’s purse and wallet in a dumpster across the street from the store where Ella was located. A boot, later confirmed to belong to Hilton’s third victim, Cheryl Dunlap, was also recovered from the dumpster.
Later that evening, a witness called 911 to report that Hilton—whom he recognized as the suspect in Emerson’s disappearance from news reports—was at a local gas station cleaning out a white van. Police arrived and prevented Hilton from using a vacuum cleaner and bleach on the van’s interior; they also discovered bloody clothing and blankets he had attempted to discard in the gas station trash receptacles. Blood in the vehicle was later matched to Emerson, and Hilton was charged with her murder.
During almost five hours of interrogations, Hilton admitted that Emerson fought back against him when he attacked her, yelling and using her martial arts skills to fend him off (she’d earned a blue belt in aikido and was posthumously awarded a black belt). He said that she almost got away, but that he was finally able to subdue her when she lost her footing and stumbled. He said he’d chosen to attack her because she was a woman, and that they’d hiked together for a while before she outpaced him. He then stopped and waited for her down the trail, planning to rob her of her ATM card when she was returning to her vehicle. He admitted to taking Emerson from the parking lot in his van, returning at her request a few minutes later to pick up Ella, who had initially been left behind. He drove her to multiple banks and unsuccessfully attempted to use her ATM; police believed she was intentionally giving him wrong PIN numbers to buy time. Unfortunately, no one at the banks or law enforcement noticed the failed transactions or attempted use of Emerson’s ATM cards until January 4.
Eventually Hilton gave up and drove Emerson to a secluded location where, for three days, she continued to give him incorrect ATM PIN codes in an apparent attempt to give rescuers time to find her. Hilton told investigators that he tired of waiting for the correct PIN number, so he told Emerson he was taking her home; however, he admitted that he knew he couldn’t release her since she’d seen his face and vehicle and knew so much about him. Instead, while she was tied to a tree, he hit her over the head repeatedly with a car jack handle to kill her, and then he decapitated her. He covered her body with leaves, then drove to another wooded area more than an hour away, where he discarded her head. He said he was unable to kill Ella and decided to let her go. Disturbingly, in that same interview, when asked about whether it was hard for him to kill Emerson, Hilton stated, “It was hard … you gotta remember we had spent several good days together.”
Hilton offered to lead investigators to Emerson’s body if they’d agree to remove the death penalty option. An autopsy confirmed Hilton’s story: her cause of death was officially listed as blunt force trauma to the head, and she’d been decapitated postmortem.
He plead guilty to Emerson’s murder on January 30, 2008, and he was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 30 years.
The case was in the news again in 2010 when a writer for Hustler magazine submitted a request for crime scene photos for use in an article about Emerson’s kidnapping and murder. A judge blocked the request, preventing the Georgia Bureau of Investigation from releasing "any and all photographs, visual images or depictions of Meredith Emerson which show Emerson in an unclothed or dismembered state.” The Georgia House also passed The Meredith Emerson Memorial Privacy Act, preventing “gruesome crime scene photos from being publicly released or disseminated.” The Act, House Bill 1322, stops the release of all images in which victims of crimes appear “nude, bruised, bloodied or in a broken state with open wounds, a state of dismemberment or decapitation.”
Hilton’s involvement in Emerson’s kidnapping and murder drew the attention of investigators in other states. While she is believed to be his last victim, the successful investigation into her case resulted in his guilty pleas and sentencing for three other murders. A series of other unsolved crimes is also being investigated for ties to Hilton.

Possible Victims
Melissa Witt, 19, disappeared from the parking lot of a local bowling alley in Fort Smith, Arkansas on December 1, 1994. On January 13, 1995, her body was found by hunters in a rural area of the same county from where she disappeared. She was naked, and her remains were near a rock that’s been described as headstone-like. Her clothing was never located. Some investigators believe that there are similarities between Witt’s disappearance and death and those of Hilton’s known victims.
Judy Smith, 50, is considered a possible victim of Hilton’s because her remains were found near the location where Hilton would bludgeon Irene Bryant a decade later. Smith was last confirmed to have been seen by her husband, Jeffrey, at a Philadelphia hotel on April 10, 1997. The couple flew from their home in Newton, Massachusetts to Philadelphia the day before so that Jeffrey could attend a work conference. After arriving at the airport, Judy discovered she had left her identification at home and would not be able to board the plane. She returned home to retrieve her ID and took a later flight, meeting Jeffrey at their hotel. She planned to go sightseeing while Jeffrey was attending the conference, and Jeffrey confirmed she’d been alive and in their room that next morning. That evening, after the conference meetings had ended for the day, Jeffery could not find Judy. He searched for her and tried to report her missing around midnight, but investigators told him he needed to wait 24 hours.
During the ensuing investigation, there were a number of sightings of a woman matching Judy’s description in and around Philadelphia, several of which seemed to describe a person experiencing psychological problems or acting disoriented or disturbed. Other possible sightings were of a woman matching Judy’s description riding the bus, shopping at a mall, and sitting outside a gourmet grocery store. The Smith family found some of the descriptions and sightings credible.
On September 7, 1997, about five months after Smith was last confirmed to have been seen, hunters in the Pisgah National Forest about 9 miles from Asheville, North Carolina discovered scattered bones around a shallow grave. Some clothing and personal effects were also located. Cut marks and punctures found on the ribs and clothing suggested the victim had been stabbed. The remains were confirmed to be those of Judy Smith. Strangely, the clothes she was discovered wearing were not any she was known to have owned or reported by witnesses, and the family has no explanation for why or how she got to or was in Asheville. Later reports found that people in the Asheville area had seen Judy or a woman who resembled her. The sightings were deemed credible, but no one claimed to have seen Judy with anyone else. Money and jewelry was found near Judy’s body and belongings, so robbery was ruled out as a motive. Investigators came to believe Smith traveled to Asheville voluntarily, but they’re unsure of why or what happened to her while there. Hilton has been suggested as a possible suspect, but investigators have not publicly linked him to Smith’s case or named as a suspect.
Levi Frady, 11, was abducted from Little Mill Road in Forsyth County, Georgia, on October 22, 1997. The next day his remains were found partially submerged in a rainwater-filled pit in Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area in Dawson County, Georgia. He had been shot three times, once in the chest and twice in the head. Investigators consider Frady’s case open and active. Some have hinted Hilton is considered a suspect, but he has not been publicly named.
In April 1998, Jason Knapp, 20, disappeared. He was a student at Clemson University, and he was last known to have been seen by his roommate at around 10:30 p.m. on April 11, watching a movie at their residence. His vehicle was found on April 21 at Table Rock State Park in Pickens, South Carolina. The area is about 30 miles from the university and is very rugged. Investigators found a Wendy’s restaurant receipt inside the vehicle dated April 12 at 1:30 p.m. It is believed he drove to the park on April 12. He had also withdrawn $20 from his bank account that day; his bank cards, including an ATM card, were never found. The area around his vehicle showed no signs of struggle or foul play, and it is unknown whether he drove to the location alone. Searchers canvassed the area around his vehicle for two weeks and found nothing of interest.
Patrice Endres, 38, disappeared from her hair salon in Cumming, Georgia, between 11:30 a.m. and noon on April 15, 2004. She vanished during a gap of about 12 minutes between clients. The front door of the salon was unlocked and the cash register was empty, but there was money in her purse. Her lunch was in the microwave and her vehicle was parked at the salon.
Her skeletal remains were found in December 2005 behind a church about 10 miles from her salon. A woman came forward with a description of a man in a white van parked in front of the salon, but she later recanted the story. Serial killer Jeremy Brian Jones admitted to killing Endres and dumping her body in Sweetwater Creek in Douglas County, but authorities ruled him out as a suspect after her remains were found 70 miles from that location and when he couldn’t provide any additional information that wasn’t in the public record. Authorities looked at Hilton’s possible involvement, but they say he is no longer considered a suspect. There is no information as to why investigators have ruled him out.
Rossana Miliani, 29, lived in Miami, Florida, and disappeared while vacationing in Cherokee, North Carolina. She was last confirmed to have been seen at about noon on December 7, 2005, in the hotel where she was staying. She called her father and told him she was going hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Some reports say she was spotted in Bryson City, NC, where she rented a storage space, shortly before disappearing. Miliani is reported to have bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, but no details are available about whether she was on medication or if she was experiencing any issues at the time of her disappearance.
On the two-year anniversary of her disappearance, a clerk at a local store read an article about Miliani and called investigators to report that she’d sold a backpack or bag, possibly a sleeping bag according to some sources, to Miliani and a man who claimed to be a traveling preacher who visited campsites around the Appalachian Trail. According to the clerk, the man was about 60 years old, had hair greying at the temples and may have been wearing a hair piece because his hair looked unusual. The clerk claimed that Miliani appeared to be nervous.
A private investigator working on the case released a sketch of the unidentified man in June 2009. The man resembles Hilton, and he’s considered a possible suspect. Neither Miliani nor any of her belongings, including luggage and a camera, have been found; no money has been withdrawn from her bank account since her disappearance, but a deposit was made on December 31, nearly three weeks after her disappearance. No further information is available about that deposit.
Some sources say Hilton is known to have stolen and unsuccessfully tried to use Miliani’s bank card, but I was unable to find official corroboration of those reports.
A fisherman found the remains of Michael Scot Louis, 27, dismembered and stuffed in plastic garbage bags, in the Tomoka River at Ormond Beach, Tomoka State Park, Florida on December 6, 2007. His torso and legs were recovered, but his head has never been found. Louis was last known to have been seen on November 21 or 22, 2007, but when his remains were found 16 days later, the autopsy estimated he had only been dead for two to seven days. It’s unclear where he was or who he may have been with during the days he was unaccounted for. Days after his disappearance, his Firebird was found parked unusually far from his apartment in the apartment complex’s parking lot in South Daytona, Florida, with the keys still in the ignition and his dirty laundry and guitars inside.
Hilton was officially ruled out as a suspect after DNA testing did not implicate him, but some thought he should remain on the list as a potential suspect. In January 2018, Nelci Tetley, 67, was arrested for shooting to death and dismembering her then-boyfriend, Jeffrey Albertsman, 55. It was discovered that she had possibly also dated Louis, although she denied knowing him or having a relationship with him, and she’s been named as a suspect in his case.
University of Georgia student Cayle Bywater disappeared from Athens, Georgia on December 29, 2007. She was reported missing after neighbors became concerned when her dog was seen running loose outside her home. Meredith Emerson would be kidnapped three days later from Vogel State Park, about 80 miles north of Athens.
On January 11, Bywater’s body was found in an Athens lake. An autopsy listed drowning as her cause of death, but there’s disagreement about how she came to be in the lake. There were no traces of illegal drugs or alcohol in her system, but she had been prescribed medication to treat a mental disorder, reported by some agencies as bipolar disorder. The autopsy also found a previously undiagnosed heart defect, but that could not be proven to have played a part in her death.
A photograph taken by an undisclosed individual the day she was last seen alive shows Bywater in Memorial Park walking her dog on leash. Witnesses claim to have seen someone matching Bywater’s appearance walking a dog in the park near the lake where her body was later found, and some said she appeared to be disoriented or chasing the dog. No signs of foul play were discovered on her body or at the scene, but her family insists she did not wander off or commit suicide. In a news article dated January 8, 2008, ( her family was concerned that she may have been kidnapped by someone who saw her in a disoriented or confused state and took advantage of the situation. That same news article mentions the kidnapping of Meredith Emerson by Gary Michael Hilton but quotes an investigator as saying the local police department and Georgia Bureau of Investigation did not consider the cases related at that point. It’s unknown if Hilton is now or was ever considered a suspect in Bywater’s case.
Are there more? There are dozens of unsolved cases of missing and murdered people in the areas where Hilton was known to or may have traveled or lived. Someone put together this Google Map detailing known and possible victims of Hilton: . It’s a very interesting rabbit hole. I’m unsure who created the map or what criteria they used to include possible victims. If anyone on this sub has information about the creation of this map, please let me know and I’ll include more details.

What Don’t We Know? Discussion and Theories
Knowing what we do about Hilton and the crimes for which he was convicted, it’s hard to believe that Emerson, Dunlap, and the Bryants are his only victims. Investigators have pointed out that it’s rare for a serial killer to start killing in their 60s, and Hilton’s crimes seem to be the work of a confident killer. His lack of victimology—targeting victims based on opportunity rather than sticking to a certain type of person—and his large geographic footprint, transient lifestyle, lack of family and friends, and remote hunting grounds all point to the possibility that he’s been active for a lot longer than the short spree of four known victims.
There are so many missing people and unsolved homicides in the southeast corner of the United States that it’s not hard to think Hilton may be responsible for some of them.
What are your thoughts or theories?

A note of thanks: u/cspach2005 invited me to do this write-up on Hilton for an upcoming podcast on They covered my previous write-up on Timothy Bindner ( in this podcast,, so I was thrilled to contribute again. I’ll add a link to the podcast episode on Hilton once it’s done.

Park Predators podcast about Hilton:
YouTube video of Georgia Bureau of Investigation interview with Hilton (4.5 hours):
ThoughtCo blog from July 14, 2019 about Hilton’s crimes:
Murderpedia entry for Hilton, including text from news articles:
Timeline of Hilton’s life and crimes:
Strange Outdoors article from January 23, 2018 about Hilton and his victims:
CNN article from 2008 detailing how Hilton helped make a movie about a serial killer:
Wikipedia article: Murder of Meredith Emerson:
March 23, 2008 article detailing Hilton’s confession and Emerson’s fight to survive:
March 11, 201 article about judge barring release of crime scene photos in Emerson’s case:
August 2012 opinion piece by the journalist who requested Emerson crime scene photos explaining why he did so:
Wikipedia article about the Judy Smith case:
Rossana Miliani Charley Project profile:
Article from December 17, 2007 about remains found in Florida, possibly linking them to Cheryl Dunlap:
Article from February 28, 2008, announcing Hilton’s indictment in the case of Dunlap:
March 27, 2012 article about Hilton pleading guilty to the Byrants’ murders:
May 17, 2008 article detailing John Bryant’s autopsy findings:
January 4, 2018 article about the Bryants:
December 23, 2007 article about memorial service for Michael Scot Louis:
January 24, 2018 article about Nelci Tetley’s arrest, possible implication in Louis’ death:
January 13, 2017 article commemorating the 22nd anniversary of Melissa Witt’s unsolved disappearance and murder:
Jason Knapp’s Charley Project profile:
April 4, 2010 article about Patrice Endres’ disappearance and murder:
Google Map detailing known and possible victims of Hilton: (I did not create this map, nor do I know who did or what criteria they used when choosing which possible victims to include. I’ll gladly edit the post to include that information if someone knows more details about the map’s creator or creation.)
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2020.09.18 07:47 BarneyBuckley Journey to Skull Island (My Story)

Journey to Skull Island (My Story)

This is my story based on the actual journey to Skull Island!
Not so long ago, on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean… This island is nowhere to be seen on any man except for one special map. In order to get to this map they will have to go through trial and tribulation justifying the map and once they find the map it will take them to an island that is full of incredible creatures and will test ability to survive on the silent. This entire story is based on certain events and battles that are done on this island. The island is full of crazy unimaginable creatures we have gigantic dinosaurs such as the V-Rexes who are the main predators on this island there is only one threat to the gigantic creatures and then again the V-Rexes are a threat to him as well. One of the largest and known dinosaurs is called Apatosaurus you will see this on the island. There are giant slugs and spiders I live on the island. There are gigantic huge bats that live on this island.
We also have velociraptors run around and stare and run down dinosaurs as well. The most unique thing about this island is a gigantic spiders that are on this island this is a unique part of the story as well. There is also a huge gigantic prehistoric snake that eventually fights King Kong of this day is over 100 feet long and at least 25 feet thick around this thing is huge. This immense threats that this 25 foot gorilla has to deal with his got his work cut out for him and that is why he has become vicious and as a tenacious attitude and is extremely strong and is capable with his own strength of destroying anything he gets his hands on. His name is King Kong. So sit back and following through the many adventures and terrifying events that we go through once we go to Skull Island.
In Search of the Map
The crew of an archaeological expedition has been pondering about the existence of a map that could lead them to a mysterious island that is not located on any map to man. It seems according to legends and talk that there is an actual map that could lead to an island that is located somewhere 12° south and 78° east and it is located off of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Unfortunately many people have traveled those roots and have not seen no such island. It is rumored to have been said that this island is constantly underwater and above water and disappears underneath the water every few thousand years but never has been seen by man. The archaeological expedition as led by Jack Prancer who has a degree in archaeologically and has been studying fossilized units and dinosaur findings for at least 20 years now. He is followed by an excellent crew of his who also helped him in discovering new dinosaur findings. New bones and new species. He has always been fascinated with the fact that there might be an island that I could actually use it exists that of dinosaurs. Real dinosaurs! This is why he wants to find that map or if that map actually exists.
Jack is having a conversation with his second in command who is and has been by his side for better part of 10 years now so they know each other quite well and they know each other's intentions and he does know that Jack wants to find that map. His name is Samuel Harper. He too has been studying archaeology and also has attained a degree in archaeology but from a different University.
Jack-"Now Sam you know I want to find that map right? I just need to know where to start to look for this map."
Sam-"I do understand Jack and I also understand your need to learn and find out the truth about the so-called island that they call Skull Island."
Jack-"Yes same I have been trying to find this map in the last 10 years and as frustrating as it seems I think I am getting closer to making a connection and finding that map!"
Sam-"Jack I am with you all the way on this and if you do find a way to get to that map I'm right behind you because I am just as excited as you are and intrigue and hopefully this island does exist in what's on the island is yet to be known!"
Meanwhile Sam and Jack are diligently working there archaeological find out in the date which is located just southeast of Sumatra clear out in the middle of the desert. They're digging at what seems to be an underground mine or possibly a buried pyramid. They continue today as the rest of his crew are digging diligently and working very hard to get to the entrance of this mine or perhaps a pyramid.
It would be two days later they suddenly found something metal as they banged on it as a clear understanding dirt away they realize it is a door and they begin to clear the door completely free of dirt. Jack and Sam and over to the door which has a special locking key. In order for them to open this they need a special key and around the neck of Sam was a key and chain that was given to him by his late mother. The story to this key is his mother was an archaeologist and he followed in her footsteps and she gave him the key for keepsakes and it was the only thing that she ever gave him before she passed away. She never explained what he was about all what it was for, but suddenly he put two and two together. She was an archaeologist and it was a key.
Jack looks straight at Sam and looks down on his chest were the key is and then looked back up at Sam and Sam knew exactly what he wanted so without hesitation he pulled a key authenticity Jack.
Jack-"Is it really that simple you were given a key by your mother was an archaeologist and has been recorded to have not here and found some things and I believe this key might be a connection."
Sam-"All I can say is my mother gave me that key and for what reason I do not know but she did tell me you need to hang onto this comes one day you might need this. They didn't make any sense at first but today it does and I'm hoping that it is as simple as you say it is!"
Jack takes a key walks down the staircase to the door looks at the key and then looks at the slot in the door and carefully insert the key into the door turns into the right and the door starts clicking as you hear the tumblers drop. Jack's hand is shaking because it is possible it might have opened this door in his notes on was on the other side and he is completely excited with anticipation. Jack grabs a handle twisted to the right and it opens the door. He pushes it however it is very hard to push open because the door is extremely thick and heavy and possibly there is dirt and rock behind it stop you from opening.
So Sam and a few others push on the door hard and eventually it opens all the way up. They step inside and the first thing that happens is they get a whiff all the extremely old air that was sealed inside for so many years. They had inside and there are torches that seem to be already saturated with some kind of oil so they grab one and use a modern-day lighter and invited up and then light up with these as it lights up the hall in a work their way down to the main cavern. Which leads them to a table that is made of complete stone and it has hieroglyphics of Skulls in what looks like natives worshiping a giant gorilla.
They studied the hieroglyphics and see a pattern that possibly the map is not too far behind or is it. They look at the top of this table and the notice a box which is made of stone and it has a giant skull on top of it and then look at the box carefully to make sure there is no booby traps. You never can tell especially inside one of these things and as ancient as it is is always that possibility. Jack walks up to the box put both hands on the box and literally opens up the box with hesitation of course he then immediately let's go and steps back abruptly, but nothing is happening so we carefully walks back over to the box and he looks down inside and sees what looks like possibly a map but it is made of a special material it feels like skin, but it could be a leather material that the map is made up. He carefully grabs the map and immediately he gets an eerie feeling that something terrible is going to happen. He just senses it!
Jack-(all teary-eyed) "Sam I think we found it!"
Sam-(smiling) "Jack I believe you have! Are you excited now Jack!
Jack-"Guess What Boys! Guess Where We Are Going Boys! We Are Going to Skull Island!
Excited at their findings immediately step out of the pyramid or mine and immediately close it up and let anybody else's knowledge Jack gives them the order to bury back over. By doing this they are covering their tracks because from this point on there that I need to watch themselves because possibly there are people looking for the same thing so Jack is being very cautious right now.
Beginning of a New Journey
Jack and Sam and the rest of his crew would travel like three days to get to their destination. They are coming from the tip of Florida in a travel across the Atlantic Ocean which would take them three days then it would take another five days to travel along the coast of Africa in another additional four days from the tip of Africa to pass Madagascar straight to the Indian Ocean to reach its destination as they finally do reach Sumatra here is where they jump on board the steamship they call "the Bellecourt" Jack and Sam and the rest of the expedition are now getting ready to board the ship and she is a steamship that is roughly 250 feet in length she is pretty big for her size and for that year.
The captain of the ship is not that Capt. Mongo and he has been writing her for about 15 years and it is his ship because he finally purchased her and is very hesitant to that these archaeologists take her to unknown regions. After much debating they finally convinced Capt. Mongo to head full steam straight to coordinates 12° south and 78° East. With the map in Jack's hand he hangs on to this as if it were life changing and if he were to lose it would be the end of history. So he only looks at when he needs to and that he puts it back away in the small special metal box that he has hidden in his room for now. They would travel for additional two days and in this general area is where they would need to locate the island.
There are quite a few islands located in the general area of Sumatra and to find this particular island is like finding a needle in a haystack. They use a map to guide and throw any finally reach a destination where according to the map is where the island should be however all they see is a blanket of clouds which is kind of funny because normally the clouds are at sky level these are particularly at sea level. It is possible they could be releasing gases. Jack and Capt. Mongo discuss their situation and have to make a decision to actually travel blind through these clouds. They argue…
Capt. Mongo-"Jack I will not put my ship and my crew at risk for your greed! No way will I do that!"
Jack-"Capt. Mongo you need to listen to reason I need to know if the island is on the other side of this blanket of clouds!"
Capt. Mongo-"I told you Jack and not risking my crew for you!"
Jack-"Capt. I need you take a chance and hopefully we can get through this without much of a problem. I think this blanket of clouds is gas coming from the island so it houses don't think it's going to be hectic as we go into it is a great possibility they might send out until we get to the island if there is an island back there!"
Capt. Mongo-"All right we do this my way! We will venture into this cloudy substance, but we will do it at my pace and we will be careful! Do you got me Jack!"
Jack-"yes Capt. I do. We will do it your way! Thank you very much for your understanding and patience!"
The Bellecourt steams back up and head straight into the clouds but in a very slow pace and as they progress in it would be more like a half hour into it everyone is nervous because it feels very eerie because I can't really see anything. The Bellecourt steams on and eventually the clouds start to dissipate and thin out as they see a clearing up ahead they see something absolutely horrible as they see the island does exist in the first thing that they see is the gigantic mountain that resembles a Skull. The Bellecourt steams into position and as it is going pass on the jagged rocks there are certain carvings that seem quite recognizable to that of a giant gorilla or something that is warship on the island. It doesn't look like skulls it looks more like a gorilla.
The Bellecourt assumes position just 500 feet off of the shore of the island and the man prepare their equipment and their boats and they load them up and lowered into the water and proceed to row towards the shore. They start rowing to the shore when suddenly something huge was swimming by they don't know what it is but they are looking all around themselves frantically. Suddenly it swims by again and the crew begin to panic. Then there is a sudden calm there are three boats out on the water looking frantically and then suddenly splash directly out of the water comes a gigantic sea serpent it comes crashing down on one of the boats killing everyone in that boat.
The other two boats start rowing frantically as they managed to escape unscathed. They finally make it to the shore and they stand on the shore as a see this sea serpent just wondering around the Bellecourt. It is not harming the Bellecourt because it is too big but it is swimming around the ship as if he was going to do something to.
Crew Member-"Holy crap did you see that monster!"
Another Crew Member-"I don't think we can safely say it's a monster it is a prehistoric creature and it does resemble that of Elasmosaurus which is similar to a plesiosaur. Except it is a lot larger.
Jack-"I see that we have more than we bargained for if that is the first of the creatures that we are going to say that we need to definitely watch ourselves."
Sam-"I have to agree with you Jack I think we living in a world of dinosaurs now and that's a crazy shit!"
The men get their gear and they pack up and head into the islands once they break the first barrier of trees they are totally amazed at the architecture and other eroded monuments that are on the island. It is something that man has never seen. What they see is an extravagant populace culture it seems that the structures are of Peruvian culture. As they look around they notice very large rock formations that represent housing as well as theory statues of skeletons embedded into walls and a gross amounts of stick formations that are wrapped around these housings and there it seems that the state formation is a form of protection against something huge.
Among the most amazing of all the features that they see on this island, so far is a gigantic wall that stands around 75 feet tall and it seems to wrap the entire island. The thing is the way it is built it seems like it's holding something back on the other side of that wall. Now what is behind that wall we would soon discover really quickly here?
The Inhabitants
While Jack and his crew were checking out the entire structure on the island as well as the Great Wall which apparently will be holding something back but we do not know what it is because the doors that are leading to the wall are apparently close off on the outside to prevent something from inside coming out. Suddenly one of the cruel men see something dark and it is moving in a corner of one of the old Peruvian buildings. It apparently looks human however they distorted their body using certain mortification is to alter their body in a way. The crewmember carefully walks up to the native of the island and tries to lure her out because it is a female around 12 years old and eventually she eases her way out, but not too far from the building. Just so the crew can actually see what she looks like and one I mentioned body mortification you can see the eyebrows are peers with what looks like a very sharp bamboo toothpick like apparatuses.
They also have very gray colored pupils which honestly does not make any sense or how they got those pupils like that. Some of the high ranking natives do were headpieces that are cropped with feathers from: birds and their skin is very dank and very dark and oily. It seems these islanders or natives don't have the capability to stay clean and dry in this environment. Because of the lack of hygiene it seems the majority of the natives have a lot of chipped teeth so they look very wild in nature. Most of the natives their hair seems to be in dreadlocks that are very nodded and woven with what looks like yak hair. The last thing I want to mention is some of the higher ranking natives are wearing scrolls over there for heads and skeletal bones of small animals or possibly human we do not know around her neck. It seems these islanders have been here for quite a long time and have grown accustomed to their ways. They cannot speak any, language just moans and grunts.
Eventually we start seeing more natives as they grow comfortable with our presence, but at the same time they are very cautious because it's the first time they have seen any other humans on this island. The crew are not prepared or do they know how to interact with these natives as the natives begin to be very restless. The nervousness takes over as the natives suddenly rush off and hide to avoid any further confrontation with the crew. The crew suddenly looks around and they cannot find one native as if there were no natives on this island and all. This is how well they conceal themselves.
Into the Jungle
It is obvious Jack and the entire crew will no longer be associating themselves with the natives on this island because they are hiding from them because they just don't understand what they are aware they came from. So they make their way up to the wall which seems to wrap around the entire island with no way in except one gigantic two section door. It seems to be fastened and held back by two gigantic logs that slide across through hinges that go halfway across the door on both sides. The natives carefully peek at the see what the crew is doing as the crew climbs up to the level of the door locks on both sides six men on the side as they grab the logs they pull hard and they slide across easily because they are raised with some kind of heavy oil for lubrication. Jack and Sam make their way down to the basement door…
Jack-"Okay Sam when we push these doors open and as far as I can say this island is extremely huge so we need to stick together!
Sam-"yesterday I definitely agree with you that we deftly need to stick together! Because there is no telling what's on this island or with beyond these doors sort of speak!"
All six men three on each side of the two-sided doors push hard in the doors do swing open as they carefully walk in and they look around in case of any impending danger, but so far it looks safe so they grab their equipment and they head straight into the jungle. As they are walking into the jungle they noticed the vegetation as well as the trees are very different from what they've ever seen. One of the crew members is a paleontologist and has studied the plant life as well as the prehistoric bones so he has a great background in what certain things are. He starts popping off these crazy names of certain plants that he says do not exist today. That is setting the man in a different town they are already starting to be a little intimidated because now in the back of their mind their thinking possibly it could be like dinosaurs on this island.
They moved further and as a paleontologist notices certain trees he again says they are prehistoric in such and such an age. The crew listen but move on. As they venture into the jungle in the back of their minds they are wondering if there are any creatures of the ordinary on this island. They would soon find out that the creatures on this island or anything, but ordinary.
They make their way up to this to a range that is surrounded by heavy dense forest as well as huge stones that the men can look over and see a gigantic waterfall that leads down into a very green vegetative forest. It's an absolutely beautiful site. As they are looking they are hearing voices in the back deep in the forest where they came from the turnaround and wonder what is coming. They are petrified when they see a 25 foot dinosaur that resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex however this dinosaur is a lot heavier in muscle and has a gigantic huge head with a lot of huge gigantic teeth. It is bigger than a T Rex in weight distribution. This dinosaurs called a V-Rex which is called a Vastatosaurus Rex. It's easy crew and immediately started running after the crew and the crew runs towards the waterfall and they are cornered by this Vastatosaurus Rex at the same time they are looking over the waterfall because it seems to be the only way out.
They look down the waterfall ...
Sam-"Jack would you want to do here!"
Jack-"I think the only thing we can do is jump over that waterfall and that's a good 300 feet down. Whether we survive or not we are going to find out real fast!"
Sam-"Okay Jack just give us the word and we will jump!"
Jack-"On the count of three we all run and jump directly into the waterfall and hopefully we won't raise down into the rock down below!"
Crew Member-"Are you fucking crazy I am not jumping down that waterfall!"
Sam-" You will fucking jump or you will have to deal with this big guy. It's your choice you can stay here and he can have you for lunch or you can jump over that waterfall!"
The Vastatosaurus Rex carefully stares down all the crew as his mouth begins to water because it is lunch time for the Big V as he lets out a mighty roar and he spreads his legs so he can get ready to charge and snap up the crew for lunch.
Jack-"one, two, three, go, go, run!!!"
They run as fast as they can and without hesitation they jump directly into the waterfall falling directly down 300 feet into what they think is shallow water, but it is deep enough to save them however there are rocks and one of the crew members jumped in the path of that rock and smash his entire body on the rock below and now the entire pool of water below is turning red because his body is completely smashed and busted open. They managed to swim out of the water to the side as they look on as the one crew member did not quite make it and they grieve. Eventually they move on to their next destination what is in this lower Valley we do not know.
The Lower Valley
Jack and Sam and the rest of the crew are slowly venturing into unfamiliar territory again and this time there is no telling whether going to run into. It venture into the shallow part of the forest and they come across a very tiny field which is as high grass and it looks very peaceful, so Jack and Sam agree they will rest momentarily in this area. They break down food and drink as they rest for about a half hour. While they are resting they are hearing a distant cackling they can make it out but there seems to be several of those noises coming from the corner of the field. One of the men stands on a rock that is in the area and is checking out the area where they hear the cackling. He notices that the grass is moving rather rapidly something is moving in that corner and is moving very fast towards them.
The field has grass in the area that they are in is not as high as the grass going out ward as they hesitate they look on and they notice the strange looking dinosaurs that stand about 6 to 8 feet tall they resemble a Tyrannosaurus rex on a lot smaller and it seems they have feathers going down the top of their head to their neck. This is a strange creature is something they've never seen before. For obvious reasons. The paleontologist steps up and says no my friends we need to get here now they are velociraptors and they are predators and they are far worse than a Tyrannosaurus rex because they hunt in packs and the unique thing about these creatures is there very cunning and very intelligent. When you think you only see one they will attack you from the side this is how smart these guys are. We need to get here now. We are going to need to run extremely fast these guys are very fast and the thing is we need to get up in trees to avoid these bad boys otherwise we will not make.
The main thing is we have to climb trees and get up these trees as high as we can and there are trees directly behind us, so lovely turnaround and stray feathers trees and you climb them as fast as you can and get above that at least 12 to 15 feet. The men are scared as they're not sure if they can find this trees fast enough. They turnaround very slow and then suddenly they run as fast as they can straight up the trees. Two of them were a little overweight and could not climb as they struggle to find the trees velociraptors cut them to shreds and had been for lunch. One of the velociraptors because they have great jumping prowess literally leapt in the air while one of the men was climbing a tree and jump on the man with such impact that he crushed his head and he fell to the ground.
While the rest of the crew look on as they hang on for dear life in these trees. It would seem like hours before the velociraptors would eventually leave because they are he had enough to eat. So they left and was never seen again.
Gigantic Arachnids
By now the entire crew is extremely exhausted and afraid for their lives. They are at the point they are panicking now so it is up to Jack and Sam to calm them down.
Sam-"Okay then I know we've been through some serious trials and tribulations right now and we just lost half our group, but I think I need you guys to focus and try to put your fears aside so we can keep exploring this island."
Jack-"I thought there was some mystery to this island, but honestly I did not expect this and I know each and every one of you did not expect this."
Sam-"You guys need to understand this is no longer an expedition is a fight for survival. Not knowing we are dealing with a lot of dinosaurs in this "Lost World" fucking island."
Jack in the crew are traveling deep into the jungle now as the vegetation is starting to change to more rocklike formations in the eventually start traveling through a cavern which is very high and there is no way to climate however we need to get to the other side we will have to walk to this cavern.
Jack-"Okay men were not to break out the flashlights. Because we going to go to this cavern because there is no other way around this. I just hope for all our sakes that there is nothing crazy in this cavern."
Crew Member-"You are driving us crazy! This is such bullshit, and to think I was curious about this island and honestly I just want to get off this fucking island!"
Sam-"You my man. You need to calm down. We will get through this!"
The men turn on the flashlights as a walk into the cavern it has a very sulfuric smell. This is probably because the actual cavern is made out of a limestone. As a walking through the cavern the eventually do see a light about 1000 feet in front of them. As they are walking they are hearing shuffling noises. Like something is crawling on the ceiling and on the sides of the walls, so they point their flashlights in the areas that they are hearing these noises and they are seeing gigantic looking centipedes they have to be at least 3 feet long. They were huge.
Now scared again the men start walking a little faster however before the entrance there are an extreme amount of large arachnids crawling all the walls on the ground and on the ceiling they stopped. They watch the arachnids very carefully as to hope they are not poisonous. The arachnids are yellow and black in color and they stand at an average of at least 3 feet high they have extremely long legs.
Jack-"Men these arachnids are not overly aggressive as far as I can see if we tread lightly and walk very slowly we might be able to get out of here without being harmed by the arachnids."
Nervous Crew Man-"I don't know! I think we’re going to get it here. I just don't know! This is just crazy I want to get off this island!"
Sam-"We will get through this guys! You have to believe that there is a higher power! If you stick with me and Jack we will get you through this!"
The men carefully walk extremely slowly, so not to attract the arachnids. They inched their way through the tunnel and they are about to leave the entrance of the tunnel when suddenly one of the arachnids jumps on one of the crewmen's back and he begins to panic. Rifles suddenly light up as a fire on the arachnids and shoot like two or three of them while they are running. The one crewmen that had the arachnids jumped on his back he shakes and shutters and eventually shakes the arachnids off and starts running. They all make it through the cavern with no serious damage and the crewmen that got attacked by the arachnids he is okay he did not give bit he is just scared! Everybody gets their shit together and they journey further on into the island.
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2020.09.18 06:02 assessment_bot [ Fatal(2) ] [ 08/28/2020 ] Rockwell 500, Pembroke Park/ FL

On August 28, 2020, about 0902 eastern daylight time, an Aero Commander Aircraft 500-S, N900DT, was destroyed when it impacted a building near Pembroke Park, Florida. The commercial pilot and pilot-rated passenger were fatally injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 business flight.
According to preliminary Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ADS-B and audio information, after takeoff from Pompano Beach Airpark about 0852, the flight proceeded in a southeast direction to the shore, then flew in a south-southwest direction just offshore. About 0858, when the flight was about 13 nautical miles northeast from Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF), which was the destination, an occupant onboard the airplane contacted the OPF air traffic control tower (ATCT) and advised the controller that the flight was inbound. The flight was radar identified and continued in a south-southwest direction while climbing to 1,100 ft mean sea level (msl). At about 0859:49, or 1 minute 49 seconds after the initial contact with the OPF ATCT, an occupant advised the controller, "and uh november delta tango ah we have uh an engine problem, we [are going] to North Perry [Airport]." The OPF ATCT initially coordinated with Miami Approach and advised the facility that the flight was descending, with a last reported altitude of 300 ft. The controller then attempted to coordinate with North Perry ATCT.
About 0859:53, the airplane turned to a southwest direction, climbed to about 1250 ft msl. About that time a witness who was located about 2.8 nautical miles east-southeast of the flightpath when the airplane was flying in the southwest direction reported hearing the engines accelerating and decelerating which changed to a popping sound. The airplane continued flying and went out of his earshot.
The ADS-B data reflected that about 0900:47, the airplane turned and flew in a west-northwesterly direction until about 0901:58, when the flight proceeded in a north-northwest direction until near the accident site. Witnesses who were on a golf course north of the accident site reported seeing the airplane flying in a westerly direction with no reported engine sound. They then noted the airplane banked left and then descended. The airplane collided with the east face of a storage building in a densely populated area, then fell to the parking lot of the building. There were no reported ground injuries.
Preliminary examination of the accident site revealed an impact mark on the building which reflected the airplane being in a right bank. Examination of the wreckage revealed no evidence of pre or postimpact fire. The wreckage was recovered and retained for further examination.
Category Data Category Data Category Data
Event Id: 20200828X11258 Investigation Type: Accident Accident Number: ERA20LA297
Event Date: 08/28/2020 Location: Pembroke Park, FL Country: United States
Latitude: 25.994444 Longitude: -80.170834 Airport Code:
Airport Name: N/A Injury Severity: Fatal(2) Aircraft Damage: Destroyed
Aircraft Category: Airplane Registration Number: N900DT Make: Rockwell
Model: 500 Amateur Built: No Number of Engines: 2
Engine Type: Reciprocating FAR Description: Part 91: General Aviation Schedule:
Purpose of Flight: Business Air Carrier: Total Fatal Injuries: 2
Total Serious Injuries: Total Minor Injuries: Total Uninjured:
Weather Condition: VMC Broad Phase of Flight: Report Status: Preliminary
Publication Date: 09/16/2020
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2020.09.17 18:22 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr. 11, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
2-1-1988 2-8-1988 2-15-1988 2-22-1988
2-29-1988 3-7-1988 3-14-1988 3-21-1988
3-28-1988 4-4-1988 * *
  • Dave has results from the poll he put up before March 27. Out of 532 responses, 504 enjoyed Clash more, with only 20 liking Wrestlemania more, and 8 rating them roughly equally. 489 voted for Clash as having the better card, while 39 picked Wrestlemania’s card, and 4 thought the cards were equal in quality. Only two picked a Wrestlemania match for match of the night, with Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Savage and DiBiase vs. Don Muraco each getting a vote. FlaiSting got 245 votes for match of the night while Midnight Express/Fantastics got 242 votes, and the NWA tag title match got 36 votes.
  • Anyway, it’s a really slow news week. So with the complete lack of anything interesting happening, Dave is gonna hit us with a bunch of semi-organized thoughts and such.
  • Hulk Hogan and Sting are the two guys coming out of Sunday with the most buzz. The level of response Sting has been getting cements him as the #2 babyface in the country, jumping past Savage and the Road Warriors quite quickly. Sting’s a guy who never had a big push before a couple months ago, had never gotten a clean pin on a major star, he’s never even won a singles title in NWA. He’s good for his experience level, but he’s very unpolished, and he’s not a good talker. But the man has some kind of charisma and fans have latched onto it, and Sting/Flair is now the most viewed match in modern NWA history and potentially the most viewed match in U.S. cable tv history. Ric Flair deserves a lot of credit for the match turning out and for giving Sting the rub, but you can’t get over off a rub like that if you don’t have something to you. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of options for sustaining his push and keeping his momentum going. He’s worked Flair for four months now, and there’s no other heel he can have a meaningful feud with without cooling off. So Dave worries they’re going to whiff and fail to catch lightning in a bottle with Sting.
  • Wrestlemania’s numbers may be down, but ppv kept it from being a flop financially. Roughly 585,000 homes paid $19.95 to watch Wrestlemania IV, roughly a 6% buyrate (maybe as high as 6.5%), which means a gross of $11.7 million. With closed circuit, live gate, and the site fee Trump paid, the total take is an estimated $16.3 million, with WWF pocketing roughly $7 million. Merch may get them another million. We’ll see the real success or failure when WWF returns in a month, because they’re taking four weeks off. So we’ll have to see if it’s profitable to off-set other losses of income - house show revenue leading to Wrestlemania was down from the same period as last year, and the summer slump is coming.
  • Clash drew an overall 5.8 rating and 12.6 share, being viewed in 2,561,000 homes in an average quarter hour. It’s not quite Royal Rumble ratings, but interestingly the audience grew every quarter hour. You’d never see that in a modern Raw, that’ for sure. FlaiSting topped out at a 7.1 rating/15 share with 3,138,000 homes on average, with the final 15 minutes having just under 3.5 million watching. Quite possibly the most watched slot of wrestling ever on cable tv. No matter how you slice it (ratings services assume a household means 2.2 viewers, based on their averages). Dave figures for wrestling the number may be closer to 3 particularly for ppv, but no matter how you slice it Wrestlemania didn’t have near as many viewers as Clash.
  • Dave thinks there’s a criticism of Wrestlemania that isn’t really just: the card was too long. For what was billed (16-18 matches), it wasn’t too long, and the card only went 3 hours 40 minutes with a 12 minute intermission. Most matches were under 6 minutes, and cutting time would have made them even shorter. The card may not have been good, and it may seem long because of its badness, but any shorter and all the complaints would have been about the lack of wrestling.
  • For Clash, Dave thinks the criticism of there being too many commercials is a bad one. Seeing that quality a show for free? You can live with commercials and let the advertisers foot the bill. And they didn’t break any match up with commercials. Sure, the breaks were longer than usual, but they avoided cutting off the action so it’s all good.
  • For the most just criticisms of both shows, Dave thinks the Wrestlemania crowd and judging for FlaiSting take the cake. The crowd at Wrestlemania was papered with non-fans who didn’t know the characters and stories, and even WWF operates at a level of complexity above the ability to just grab a random off the street and expect them to grasp everything and react appropriately with no background knowledge. As for Clash, they botched the judging completely. Nobody clarified if a judges’ decision could cause a title change. Having one judge be a Penthouse Pet on Ric Flair’s arm the day before on tv strains credulity to the breaking point. They promised a winner and gave a draw. They never made clear that Jason Hervey and Ken Osmond weren’t actually judges and were just sitting at the judges’ table as celebrities. If Flair and Sting had been average or even bad, this judging stuff could have completely ruined the show in Dave’s opinion.
  • Dave thinks the best swerve related to either show happened the week before in Springfield, Illinois. Santana and Martel came out wearing the WWF tag titles for a match scheduled to air after Wrestlemania, which made Dave expect them to keep the belts. Turns out they got into it with Slick and chased him to the back, and the ring attendant brought the belts to the back, then they re-entered without the belts and the cameras didn’t start rolling until the second entrance. Clever work by WWF there.
  • Martel and Santana getting booed at Wrestlemania remains the most puzzling thing about the night for Dave. Even at the closed-circuit sites Dave got reports from, fans there booed them. At first Dave assumed it was because Demolition are kind of Road Warrior knockoffs, but reports Dave got indicate that they got booed a lot too, so Dave has no clue why fans aren’t feeling Strike Force.
  • WWF and NWA each have a candidate for “best case of assuming fans have memory loss” with their shows. WWF gets theirs for the evil twin Hebner angle. A few weeks back it was being hailed as a great angle, but once it became clear the tournament was flopping as an angle, they dropped all mention of it. Never got brought up at Wrestlemania, and Earl Hebner even refereed several matches in the tournament without any mention of his name, Dave Hebner’s name, or any referee even being named. Meanwhile, NWA’s handling of Steve Williams returning gets a mention as well. Not only is he no longer mentioned as UWF champion, they’re acting like the UWF championship has never existed. And we thought McMahon was the worst when it came to ignoring wrestling history. They also forgot his heel turn from before he quit and his feud with Barry Windham, since he and Windham are teaming on the April 17 WTBS Main Event show.
  • WWF still wins the PR game, even if they had less than a third the viewership on Sunday. All news media converge of the weekend in wrestling was about WWF. Even CNN, owned by Ted Turner, gave five minutes coverage to Wrestlemania and ignored the Clash, and several outlets went along with WWF’s claim of having 10 million U.S. viewers. USA today went so far as to claim 50 million. The lesson is obvious - NWA will be ignored in the media unless they start lying, and lying huge, just like WWF. And don’t blame WWF - until the media calls them on it, they’ve got no reason not to lie.
  • So back to USA Today and their claim of 50 million viewers in 38 countries, that’s just not true. 36 of those countries have to be fictitious, because the U.S. was the only country getting Wrestlemania on ppv, Canada was the only other country with closed-circuit, and no other countries had it on free tv. They’ll probably be on free tv in about a year in the Middle East (Dave’s comedian brother toured over there last year and WWF is big there, but they’re about 11 months behind on tapes). For Wrestlemania to have had 50 million viewers would require an average of about 90 people at every home that bought it on ppv.
  • Compared to previous Wrestlemanias, Wrestlemania was pretty bad on all fronts. The card was the worst yet by a large margin. It drew the worst on closed-circuit, only drawing half the numbers of Wrestlemanias 1 and 3. Due to the increased reach of ppv this year, it’s probably similar overall to Wrestlemania 3 in terms of overall money from ppv, but the buyrate was only a little over half the previous buyrates.
  • Most Quickly forgotten major attraction: The Rock and Roll Express.
  • Ric Flair gets spot of the night. At the 43 minute mark, he flipped into the turnbuckle and landed on his feet on the apron before going over to the other corner to come off with a flying body press that Sting reversed for a near fall.
  • Hogan wins the best smartass remark. When asked by a reporter whether him not winning the tournament meant he’d be going to the movies, he said “Yeah, I’m going to see Fatal Attraction.”
  • George Steele getting that green gets a note here for the best ratio of getting paid to doing work. Steele never even got in the ring or laid hands on anyone during the battle royal. Nevertheless, he surely got a handsome check. Get paid, Georgie.
  • Wrestlemania wasn’t supposed to be available on satellite, but was. Dish owners got the show descrambled, just without audio. Honestly, it’s probably an improved experience.
  • Dave poses a question and provides his own analysis: would Crockett and McMahon trade places? Crockett would surely take a $16 million gross for a show that is objectively an artistic failure, no doubt about that. Would McMahon prefer to have a great show that sabotaged his competition, even if he made less money? Very probably.
  • Dave makes a snide remark about what WWF can sell to counter the Four Horsemen vitamins (which he calls a total joke). For $39.95 you’ll get the perfect system you can use to calm “hyperactive children and put them to sleep, and help your own insomnia late at night.” Wrestlemania IV the video tape.
Watch: there's so little this week, so here, watch Wrestling With Wregret's review of Wrestlemania IV
  • Dave gives himself the worst analysis award. His read that Crockett couldn’t hurt WWF and that Wrestlemania would gross $25 million was so wrong it’s laughable, and his only solace is that he didn’t make the most ridiculous projections. That award goes to WWF. What this weekend really proved is that fans pretty much only care about personalities and belts mean nothing.
  • Big props to the Fantastics, because they worked their asses off.
  • Duggan being unable to have a good match with DiBiase is the saddest sight of the two shows for Dave. Especially sad considering the match they had in August that was pretty good, despite Duggn weighing over 300 lbs and blowing out his hamstring and blowing up within two minutes. And that was still a better match.
  • Dave says Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Bam Bam, and the Road Warriors all lost steam on Sunday. Savage is particularly notable, being the first guy to lose steam while winning a world title.
  • For years, Flair has lost a lot while Hogan wins all the time, which would make the average mark think Hogan is better. A mark watching both shows this past Sunday may well come away thinking Flair is a better wrestler.
  • Does this mean the wrestling boom times are over? Well, we’re down from the peak and wrestling is overexposed nationwide. Smaller promotions are not going to survive, and the big ones are drawing smaller crowds. Wrestlemania is probably just a stubbed toe for WWF. It’ll hurt for a short bit, but things will go back to normal soon enough.
  • Finally, Dave looks to the future. Crockett is undoubtedly the big winner on March 27 and they’ve turned momentum around by proving they can present a show right and give quality matches that lead to a show that WWF’s glitz can’t match. They won’t surpass WWF to become number one, but they don’t need to. Their success does not depend on WWF. Their success depends on their audience, and the enthusiasm of their audience has breathed life into them once again. And yet, they’re still making unforced errors. Saturday after the Clash, they have Flair and Sting headlining matches in both Baltimore and Philadelphia, having to rush a match in one city, drive to the other quick, and do it again. It’s a recipe for two bad shows. And as long as they keep doing stuff like that which makes their live shows bad, they’re going to fail to be what they can be and they’ll start to slide again. And they have a lot of potential. Given their ratings for Clash, they may not have as many fans as WWF, but for all WWF’s advantages NWA is far closer to WWF than you’d think they would be. They’re real competition at this stage, and it’s ironic because until Vince decided to pick a fight on Thanksgiving and again in January, they simply were not any kind of competition to WWF. Vince forced Crockett to have to retaliate, and it gave Crockett the motivation to take steps he never would have taken before. Still, we’re back to NWA being the Dusty Rhodes show. Every heel talks about Dusty in their promos and half the faces as well. It’s what hurt them last year, putting all their eggs in Dusty’s basket, and just as they begin having some success, they go right to the poisoned well again. Then again, their most recent main event show was really good, so maybe they are on the right track.
  • Nobody in Hollywood knows anything about any Hulk Hogan movie. So that whole biopic that we’ve been talking about for months? Yeah, that doesn’t seem to be a thing and won’t be for over 30 years when they cast Hulk Hogan properly: as a beautiful Australian man with the body of a Norse god. Anyway, Hogan’s definitely taking time off, what with his child being born soon. As for any momentum lost, WWF will probably mitigate that issue with clever sound editing to make Wrestlemania look like a success. What matters to WWF is image, not substance. If they can make their fans believe the show was a success, it will cease to be a failure. They’ve got some truly magical powers there, but there are problems they need to overcome. And the biggest is that nobody except Hogan is truly over. They spent months building angles that flopped (such as Heenan vs. Matilda) and nothing they’re hyping next has any kind of box office potential. Do you think after what we got at Wrestlemania people are going to want to see Rude vs. Roberts? JYD vs. Ron Bass? Duggan vs. Andre? Savage vs. DiBiase won’t mean anything.
  • In closing, Dave says the moral of the story is that WWF made good short-term moves that came back to bite them big. They destroyed Crockett on Thanksgiving, costing Crockett over $2 million of their potential for Starrcade and keeping them off ppv in a big way. On January 24, they ran a free show against the Bunkhouse Stampede to sabotage the show. Crockett’s retaliation in March, however, showed they have a cable audience nearly as large as WWF’s and they cost Wrestlemania several million dollars in lost revenue. It may be a lucky day for them. Maybe it’s a turning point for wrestling as a whole that we’ll be talking about years from now. But the main takeaway is Vince has nobody to blame but himself. Live by the sword, die by the sword, what goes around comes around.
  • As we all know, WWF ran an ad during Clash of the Champions. Apparently they bought five ad slots under a fake company name. Four of them were caught, but one made it to air.
  • Wrestlemania V is scheduled for March 19, 1989. That's all Dave knows.
  • Financial News Network has begun airing weekly main events from Memphis on Saturday nights. The April 2 show had Eddie Gilbert and Jerry Lawler from March 28, while next week will be Curt Hennig vs. Jerry Lawler in a stretcher match. NWF is scheduled to do a tv taping later this month for FNN which will debut in that timeslot, but for now Memphis will continue airing.
Watch: Eddie Gilbert vs. Jerry Lawler, parking lot brawl
  • This past Sunday NWA debuted their NWA Main Event show and it was good. The show was taped on March 31 and had a super invested crowd and it showed on tv. It really helps matches to have a crowd that’s going crazy for every spot (looking at you, Corpus Christi). Some production issues aside, it’s becoming a lot of fun to watch the NWA. Road Warriors squashed Super Destroyer and Larry Zbyzkso, Dusty beat Ivan Koloff for the U.S. title in a surprisingly good 6 minute match, and FlaiBlanchard/Anderson beat LugeWindham/Sting in an excellent match.
  • [AJW] Chigusa Nagayo and AJW toured Thailand two weeks back and drew big during their visit. Crowds ranged from 8,000-11,000 and the Bangkok newspaper called them “The new craze of Thailand.” Not everybody’s quite so impressed, though, Dave notes. One Thai reporter wrote this: “I didn’t know that women’s wrestlin[g] was drawing so much attention in Thailand. The visit of the Japanese wrestlers has created tremendous interest and according to promoter Sombhop Srisomwongse, a record crowd is expected tonight at the National Stadium. How surprising it is that a few women with about two months of training and especially big framework, a few flying kicks and some TV exposure could be a draw here when traditional Olympic sports like Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling failed to find a foothold.”
  • [All Japan] When Brody won the International Title from Jumbo Tsuruta on March 27, he went into the crowd and started hugging the fans. It got him over huge as a babyface. Brody’s one of the smartest guys in the business, seriously.
  • During an All Japan press conference with Tiger Jeet Singh and Abdullah the Butcher, Singh went nuts and started attacking reporters (?). I think it’s reporters. Dave wrote “reports” but the context of a melee makes me think reporters. Anyway, Butcher did stuff too once things got out of hand and wound up throwing a glass, which hit the head of a Gong Magazine reporter hard enough that he bled and needed two stitches.
  • The Malenko brothers met Mike Tyson when they were in Japan. Tyson’s “all the rage” over in Japan, and he thought they were the British Bulldogs. The Malenkos went along with it and pretended to be the Bulldogs until he asked if he could pet Matilda.
  • WCCW’s financial issues have caused significant cutbacks to tv tapings. They’re running shows in Fort Worth every third week now, a cutback from every other week and a far cry from the weekly shows they used to run dating all the way back to the 40s, and these shows are four hour tv tapings. The regular tv show is also taping only every three weeks.
  • WCCW may move the May 8 Parade of Champions show to the Cotton Bowl from Texas Stadium. Nothing certain yet, but there’s talk of some kind of triple cage gimmick.
  • The Penthouse Von Erich story has been dropped from the July issue. No reschedule has been announced.
  • Fabulous Lance still hasn’t shown up in WCCW because he extended his South Africa tour, where he’s a babyface. He’s even using the Von Erich name down there. There’s legit heat between him and Kevin and Kerry due to all the stuff that went down when he left and Fritz’s burial of him, and Dave just wonders how bad a Lance vs. Kevin match would be in the best of circumstances, never mind if they can’t stand each other enough to cooperate.
  • Not much details about the March 28 Memphis card, but Lawler threw fire in Eddie Gilbert’s face. The Bruise Brothers (Harris brothers) won the Southern Tag titles from Gary Young and Max Pain. The crowd had 5,500.
  • Memphis dropped ticket prices for students to $1 for the April 4 show to ensure good turnout for Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Hennig in a non-title stretcher match. Eddie Gilbert is also putting up a $25,000 bounty for anyone who can break Lawler's leg. Gilbert’s gone from the territory, but he’s supposedly going to keep sending promo tapes in to keep the bounty thing going as part of a working arrangement between Memphis, Continental, Jerry Blackwell’s Georgia promotion, and the Florida promotion Steve Keirn and Jerry Jarrett are talking about starting. Also, Missy Hyatt will be managing Hennig in the Lawler match.
  • WWF has announced a bunch of post-Wrestlemania shows with Savage/DiBiase headlining through the end of May, at the very least. No sign of Hogan anywhere through that period.
  • All of the letters are reactions to Sunday’s shows. Some choice quotes presented without other context:
“If someone had spent millions of dollars on an anti-wrestling propaganda piece, he couldn’t have approached the job that Vince did on himself this weekend.”
“Crockett smashes. Titan crashes.”
“$17 for pay-per-view and $20 for pizzas, pretzels and chips. And what did I get for it? Nothing. Wrestlemania was a bore, plain and simple.”
“Vince has sucked me into my last PPV. Never again.”
”The Crockett wrestlers put on one hell of a show. It was better than Titan’s They had to. They’re number two. But the booking still left a lot to be desired.”
”Titan usually learns from its mistakes.”
”I thought Wrestlemania IV was better because of superior atmosphere and the fact that the guys all tried to work hard.”
”Vince went for flash and name dropping. Crockett went for good wrestling. Crockett succeeded.”
  • Ron Simmons may be headed to New Japan in May.
  • Verne Gagne has started showing lots of pre-1984 tape of WWF main guys like Hogan, Ventura, etc. Why? To build his tv ratings by showing that he used to have the guys who get the ratings now. It’s a clear sign he’s pretty much giving up on house shows and is looking to keep alive through small sold shows enough to keep producing tapes for ESPN. The death of the AWA is a slow, pathetic thing that already feels really drawn out, and there’s still years left.
  • [NWA] The Dusty Rhodes suspension has been delayed and won’t be announced until this weekend’s television, and will go into effect April 16. The reason is to allow him to wrestle April 15 in Boston Gardens. They’ve already got Midnight Rider appearances booked for some shows, though.
  • Nikita Koloff will face Ric Flair on night two of the Crockett Cup. Sting would make the most sense, given how hot he is. Luger or Steve Williams would be hot, since they’ve never had the opportunity. Even Windham would at least guarantee a fantastic match. But Dusty’s giving the match to Koloff. Whatever reasons he has, they have little to do with making sense.
  • Magnum T.A. is being sued by Charlotte Memorial Hospital and Charlotte Rehabilitation Hospital for $56,692 in back medical care. His medical expenses have gone over $100,000, and his insurance coverage only covers $25,000. Related, a Toronto spinal cord expert has proposed an operation which he claims will give Magnum full use of his bad limbs and even a slim chance of returning to the ring.
  • Syndicated ratings for the week ending March 13 have WWF in 4th place with a 10.7 on 248 stations. Crockett ranks 6th with a 7.8 on 178 stations, and All-Star Wrestling (AWA, GLOW, etc.) ranks 9th with a 7.2 on 174 stations.
  • There’s a planned wrestling movie with Roddy Piper for a Christmas release. Nothing comes of this. But it’s nice that Piper has so many movie role ideas being thrown at him.
  • [All Japan] The thing with Tenryu and Hansen has made Stan Hansen’s popularity surge in Japan. They worked the shoot all the way to Tenryu’s hotel room, with Tenryu leaving the arena early and Hansen looking for him in the dressing room and later going to Tenryu’s hotel to try and find him, but Tenryu wouldn’t leave the room. Fans in Japan now believe Tenryu, the hottest wrestler in the country, is afraid of Hansen, which puts Hansen in that upper echelon of guys who come off as “real” like Brody and Akira Maeda.
  • Jim Shyman’s 976 wrestling hotline in L.A. was rated top 976 number in an L.A. publication. It’s the first time Dave’s seen anything pro wrestling top any chart in any category.
NEXT WEEK: Akira Maeda announces new UWF, another shoot in New Japan, WWF reveals internal Wrestlemania projections, and more
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2020.09.17 03:25 billdb [Week 2] ACC Football Predictions and Results

ACC Football - Week 2

Welcome back to ACC Football Predictions! Pick the winner for each game and I'll post the results in the following week's thread. Keep track of your record and see how you fare as the season progresses! These threads are posted every Tuesday-ish.
NOTE: Please do not edit your comment after the first game begins.
Date/Time (ET) Away at Home TV
Sat at 12:00 PM Boston College at Duke ESPN3
Sat at 12:00 PM Syracuse at #25 Pittsburgh ACCN
Sat at 2:30 PM South Florida at #7 Notre Dame USA
Sat at 3:30 PM #14 UCF at Georgia Tech ABC
Sat at 4:00 PM The Citadel at #1 Clemson ACCN
Sat at 7:30 PM #17 Miami at #18 Louisville ABC
Sat at 8:00 PM Wake Forest at NC State ACCN
UPDATE: North Carolina vs Charlotte has been cancelled due to Charlotte experiencing o-line depth issues from covid quarantining.
On Bye: Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, SEC, PAC-12, Big Ten
For optimal viewing, please visit from
How To Watch: ABC, ESPN, ACCN, and ACCN-X games can be viewed on Don't have a subscription or can't find a game? Try /cfbstreams!
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2020.09.17 00:02 TeamTeSPA The Overwatch Collegiate Championship is back!

Fall 2020 Overwatch Collegiate Championship


Welcome to the Overwatch Collegiate Championship: Preseason, where you and 5 of your classmates can fight against other schools in preparation for the Regular Season in the Spring!
Unlike the previous years, this year’s Preseason is separated into two splits. Split 1 is a 512 single elimination bracket. Split 2 is currently undergoing a format change and more information will be announced soon!
Sign up now for a chance to win a part of the $28,000 Scholarship prize pool!


  1. Be at least a part time college student in the United States or Canada
  2. Join up with 5 other students from your school
  3. Play!

Useful Links


Place Scholarship Amount Per Player (USD) Additional prize for each of the team’s three players, provided by Steelseries
1st $2,000 Apex 5 Keyboard, Sensei 310 mouse, Arctis Pro Wireless headset, Qck XXL Mousepad
2nd $1,000 Apex 3 Keyboard, Sensei 310 mouse, Arctis Pro Headset, Qck Heavy Medium Mousepad
3rd-4th $500 Apex 3 Keyboard, Sensei 310 mouse, Arctis Pro Headset, Qck Heavy Medium Mousepad
Disclaimer: This list includes incomplete teams and is up to date as of 9/16/2020 at 12:00 pm PT - if you see your school on this list and want to sign up, try contacting the team leader through Blizzard or Discord (these may be linked under “Aliases” on the team’s page). Even if they have other members in mind, you may be able to round out their roster! For more information regarding eligibility, check out the tournament rules page. For additional help and support, please join the Tespa Compete Discord Server or reach out to us at [email protected].

Current Incomplete Teams



























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2020.09.16 17:00 CFB_Referee Weekly SEC Discussion Thread

Hello everyone, welcome to SEC football 2020! In perhaps the strangest year of college football to have ever happened, this will be a weekly thread to discuss SEC football, the greatest conference in all the land. I, brobroma, will once again be hosting these threads this year. Everyone is welcome here to discuss all aspects of SEC football. Please keep all discussion civil. Let me know if you have any ideas for what this weekly thread should be - going forward it'll likely be a table of previous week results and next week's games, a review of poll standings, and some "Guessing Games." Please let me know if you have any ideas for future thread features or if I should pare it down. Thanks!
SEC Scheduling
The SEC decided to abandon all non-conference games due to the COVID-19 pandemic and instead do a 10-game league schedule for the first time in history. All teams were given an extra 2 cross-division games in additions to the ones already scheduled – all teams will play 10 games in 11 weeks, and then the SEC championship game will be held on the delayed date of December 19 between the winner of the East & West divisions.
Here's the SEC 10-game schedule at a glance.
SEC in the Polls
Alabama 3 3 2
Arkansas NR NR NR
Auburn 11 11 16
Florida 8 8 9
Georgia 4 4 3
Kentucky RV RV RV
LSU 6 5 6
Mississippi NR RV NR
Mississippi State RV RV RV
Missouri NR NR RV
South Carolina NR NR RV
Tennessee 25 RV RV
Texas A&M 13 13 13
Vanderbilt NR NR NR
  1. Who will the week 1 QB starter be for UGA, Alabama, and South Carolina?
  2. Will any of the week 1 games be delayed due to COVID concerns?
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2020.09.15 22:53 _mr0 test

Alabama Oct. 19th Doesn't have early In Person n/a County Absentee Election Manager's Office Received Nov. 2nd For absentee ballots, check "I have a physical illness or infirmity which prevents my attendance at the polls". All voters may request absentee for this year only.
Alaska Oct. 4th Oct 19th - Nov 2nd Absentee voting location Postmarked Nov. 3rd
Arizona Oct. 5th Oct 7th - Oct 30th same - sign up for PEVL when registering Dropbox (locations are on County Recorder's site) Received Nov. 3rd
Arkansas Oct. 5th Oct 19th - Nov 2nd County clerk's office; see website for other locations County Clerk's office Received Nov. 2nd
California Oct. 20th Oct 5th - Nov 2nd same - check "yes" for voting by mail when registering Dropbox Postmarked Nov. 3rd and received November 20th
Colorado Nov. 3rd (Oct. 26th for VBM) Doesn't have early In Person n/a All-mail election See County Clerk and Recorder's site Received Nov. 3rd
Connecticut Oct. 29th Doesn't have early In Person n/a Town Clerk's office Received Nov. 3rd
Delaware Oct. 3rd Doesn't have early In Person n/a Department of Elections office Received Nov. 3rd Delaware will mail absentee applications to all residents. If you need to complete the online form, choose Reason #3 "I am sick..." as your reason
Florida Oct. 5th Oct 19th - Nov 1st (varies by county; must offer at least one week Oct. 24th-31st) See your Supervisor of Elections' website Any early voting location during early voting, or dropbox on Election Day (see County Supervisor's office) Received Nov. 3rd
Georgia Oct. 5th Oct 12th - Oct 30th County registrar's office or a dropbox (see their website for location info) Received Nov. 3rd
Hawaii Oct. 5th or Oct 20 through Nov 3 in-person at a voting service center Oct 20th - Nov 2nd Any voter service center in your county (All-mail in 2020) Any voter service center or place of deposit Received Nov. 3rd Hawaii will automatically mail ballots to all registered voters - keep address up to date
Idaho Oct. 21st Oct 19th - Oct 30th See county clerk's website County Clerk's office Received Nov 3rd
Illinois Oct. 18th online or Oct 19 through Nov 3 in person at a grace period location Sept 24th - Nov 2nd County Election Authority's office, or a dropbox (see their site for locations) Postmarked Nov. 3rd Done separately by counties
Indiana Oct. 5th Oct 6th - Nov 2nd County Elections Administrator's office; possibly others (see their website) Same County Election Administrator's office Received Nov. 3rd at noon
Iowa Oct. 24th online or at Auditor's office through Nov. 3rd Oct 5th - Nov 2nd County Auditor's office County Auditor's office Postmarked Nov. 2nd AND received Nov. 9th
Kansas Oct. 13th Oct 14th - Nov 2nd See County elections officer's website County elections officer's office, or a dropbox (see site for locations) Postmarked Nov. 3rd and received Nov. 6th
Kentucky Oct. 5th Oct 13th - Nov 2nd See County Clerk's website County Clerk's office - website may have dropbox locations Received Nov 3rd All voters will be allowed to vote by mail in KY this year.
Louisiana Oct. 5th / Oct. 14th online Oct 20th - Oct 27th (Excluding the 25th) Parish Registrar of voters' office Received Nov. 2nd Must be high-risk for COVID-related illness, under quarantine, experiencing symptoms, or caring for someone high-risk to qualify for a COVID-based absentee ballot
Maine Oct. 13th online, up to Nov. 3rd in person Oct 5th - Oct 29th Town office or City Hall Clerk's office Received Nov 3rd
Maryland Oct. 13th, Same day Reg Oct 26th - Nov 2nd Any early voting or Election Day voting center, polling place, drop box, or your Local Board of Elections. See their website for locations Postmarked Nov 3rd
Massachusetts Oct. 24th Oct 23rd - Oct 30th Local Election Office or dropbox Postmarked Nov 3rd
Michigan Oct. 19th online, up to Nov. 3rd in person at City Hall,1607,7-127-1633_8716_8726_47669-175878--,00.html Sept 19th - Nov 2nd Clerk's office Clerk's office or dropbox Received Nov. 3rd Dropbox locations - may change
Minnesota Oct. 13th, same day Reg during early and Election Day voting Sept 18th - Nov 2nd County elections office; possibly other locations - see website County elections office (may include dropbox locations) Postmarked Nov. 3rd
Mississippi Oct. 5th Doesn't have early In Person n/a Clerk's office Received Oct. 31st in person, Nov. 2nd by mail MS has no special provisions to allow absentee voting during COVID.
Missouri Oct. 7th Doesn't have early In Person n/a Local Elections Authority (ABSENTEE BALLOTS ONLY - Mail ballots must be sent through the mail) Received Nov. 3rd Most mail-in and absentee ballots in MO must be notarized - can be done free at these locations
Montana Oct. 26th, or up to Nov. 3rd atdesignated locations Oct 4th - Nov 1st Elections Administrator's office Same Elections Administrator Received Nov. 2nd at noon
Nebraska Oct. 16th Oct 4th - Nov 2nd County Elections Office County Elections Official Received Nov. 3rd
Nevada Oct. 29th online, or same day at polls Oct 17th - Oct 30th See County Clerk's site (All-mail in 2020) Drop-off location (locations are on County Clerk's site), or Clerk's office Postmarked Nov 3rd and received Nov 10th Nevada just passed a law to mail a ballot to all voters, but this may be challenged in court.
New Hampshire Nov. 3rd Doesn't have early In Person n/a Clerk's office Received Nov 3rd
New Jersey October 13th Doesn't have early In Person n/a Same - check box on registration form County Board of Elections Postmarked Nov. 3rd and received November 10th (exec. order)
New Mexico Oct. 6th Oct 17th - Oct 31st See County Clerk's site County Clerk's office or Voter Convenience Center (see clerk's website for locations Received Nov. 3rd If the absentee ballot tracker doesn't work, check with your County Clerk
New York Oct. 9th Oct 24th - Nov 1st County Board of Elections, or any early voting or Election Day polling place Postmarked Nov. 3rd and received Nov. 10th
North Carolina Oct. 9th (or during early voting) Oct 15th - Oct 31st County Board of Elections or any early voting site (during early voting) Postmarked Nov 3rd, received Nov 6th Upcoming (by Sep 1) Online absentee ballot request and tracking portals upcoming (Sep 1)
North Dakota No voter registration n/a Oct 19th - Nov 2nd County Auditor's office Received Nov. 2nd
Ohio Oct. 5th Oct 6th - Nov 1st County Board of Elections (except Lucas and Summit counties - see site for info Local Board of Elections Postmarked Nov. 2nd and received Nov. 13th
Oklahoma Oct. 9th Oct 29th - Oct 30th. County Election Board County Election Board Received Nov. 2nd
Oregon Oct. 13th Doesn't have early In Person n/a All-mail election Drop box Received Nov. 3rd
Pennsylvania Oct. 19th Doesn't have early In Person n/a County Board of Elections Received Nov. 3rd
Rhode Island Oct. 4th Oct. 14th - Nov. 2nd Local Board of Canvassers' office Local Board of Canvassers Received Nov. 3rd
South Carolina Oct. 5th Doesn't have early In Person n/a Local Elections Office Received Nov. 3rd Absentees may not be allowed for the general election - they were for the primary.
South Dakota Oct. 19th Sept 18th - Nov 2nd County Auditor's office County Auditor's office Received Nov. 2nd
Tennessee Oct. 5th Oct 14th - Oct 29th See Local Election Commission's office n/a - must be submitted by mail. In-person delivery is specifically not allowed. Received Nov. 3rd
Texas Oct. 5th Oct 13th - Oct 30th Early voting clerk Received Nov. 3rd Not all voters are eligible for mail-in ballots in Texas
Utah Oct. 23rd Oct 20th - Oct 30th Same - check box on registration form Dropbox Received Nov. 3rd
Vermont Nov. 3rd Sept 19th - Nov 2nd Town Clerk's office Town Clerk's office Received Nov. 2nd All voters will be sent a mail-in ballot for November
Virginia Oct. 13th Sept 19th - Oct 31st Same Local registrar's office Postmarked Nov. 3rd and received Nov. 6th
Washington October 26th online; November 3rd in person Oct 16th - Nov 3rd All-mail election Many locations - see County Auditor's website Postmarked Nov. 3rd Washington will mail ballots. Make sure your address is up to date.
Washington D.C. Oct. 13th online. Nov 3rd in person Oct 24th - Nov 3rd Drop box Recieved Nov 3rd
West Virginia Oct. 13th Oct 21st - Oct 31st Contact clerk for more information Clerk's office Recieved Nov 4th
Wisconsin Oct. 13th online; can register in person at clerk's office until October 30th, and on Election Day at the polls. Oct 20th - Nov 1st Municipal clerk's office Municipal clerk's office or dropbox (see their website for locations) Recieved Nov 3rd
Wyoming October 20th Sept 18th - Nov 2nd County clerk's office County clerk's office Recieved Nov 2nd Contact your County Clerk
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2020.09.15 15:41 Rpres70324 Hidden Fates reprint information (speculativel

So I know there was some chatter about how Walmarts were sending out back stock and not a reprint. I also know there was some talk about how Targets were supposed to be getting tins today.
I went to three targets in south florida and came up empty. A few days.ago I found one Raichu GX box at a Walmart.
So far no signs of a reprint. But...
I also saw the listings at insane prices from Walmart itself (shipped and fulfilled by Walmart) for a Charizard GX box that is in stock . I bought one just now just to see what would happen.
That order says I will receive my package on the 25th of September which also coincides with people saying the reprint is on the 25th.
My thinking is that Walmart sent out the product too early if it wasnt back stock and the actual street date is the 24th or 25th for the reprint. I know Walmart does 2&3 day delivery so maybe even the 21st?
All I know is that this essentially confirms the existence of a reprint for those in the US. And that it puts the date closer to the 25th than it does for today.
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2020.09.14 18:35 CFB_Referee Hurricane Sally

Sally remains a hurricane and is moving slowly.

From the latest public advisory (as of 9/16 11:30 AM ET) Sally is likely to cause issues with rainfall, storm surge, surf, wind tornados, and flooding - including potential inland flooding.
Check your local weather or emergency management agency for more specific information where you are.
Please look to local news, local weather, and local and state emergency management agencies to find out more about how you may be affected, if you need to evacuate, and steps on getting prepared. Please everyone stay safe.
U Forecasts, Predictions, and Watches/Warnings
Tulsa Preparedness & Planning
College students should check out their university's emergency alert system - if you're not signed up to get notices, you should!
Useful links on: hurricane preparedness, emergency kits, emergency supplies for your car.
Louisburg Other things worth thinking about or getting:
  • General: A cooler. Fun/mental health stuff - books, games, etc. Cash. Weather radio and batteries. Flashlights > candles. Backup cell phone, laptop, or other batteries. Extra water. Hand sanitizer. Comfort items (a toddler's blankie, the puppy's favorite toy, your grandpa's watch you can't imagine losing).
  • Specialized: Transportation and assistive devices (think especially about children, pets, the elderly, people with disabilities).
  • Cars: Gas. Window breakeseatbelt cutter.
Gattaca Florida Safety:
  • Check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries!
  • Watch out for downed power lines. Never assume it is dead. Avoid it.
  • Assume floodwaters are deeper than they look. Turn around, don't drown.
  • Learn your flood and evacuation zones!
  • Food safety from the FDA and USDA.
  • If your home floods and you need to go up, head for the roof. Keep an ax in your attic to get out that way if you need it.
  • Be aware of potential 911 delays.
  • Evacuate! If you can, check on people you know to see if they need help evacuating if you can offer it or put them in touch with someone who can.
Hertfordshire Documentation:
  • Bring it with you.
  • Store it in a plastic bag to they are together and stay dry.
  • House deed/rental agreement/lease.
  • Insurance information (home, car, renters, medical, flood).
  • Identification (ID card/driver's license, passport, Social Security card, marriage/birth certificates).
  • Take photographs of your home before you evacuate and when you return. Good documentation of the damage may help if you need to file an aid or insurance claim.
For long-term preparedness, check out CERT training information.
Holland Evacuation
College Information
We'll be updating this list as we get information.
/CFB Ball Alabama
University Update Sources
Bishop State Community College All remote learning on Monday and Tuesday. All events cancelled Monday and Tuesday. 7
Coastal Alabama Community College Closses at 2 PM on Monday. In person classes closed through Wendesday. Online classes continue to meet. 5
Spring Hill College Classes cancelled after 1:30 PM on Monday. Classes online on Tuesday. 5
University of Mobile Move to all online instruction as of 1:30 PM Monday. Normal classes resume Wendesday. 5
South Alabama University of South Alabama Classes, events, and activities canceled Tuesday and Wednesday. 16
/CFB Ball Florida
University Update Sources
Gulf Coast State College All campuses closed Tuesday. 11
Northwest Florida State College Closed through Tuesday. 13
Pensacola State College All campuses closed Monday and Tuesday. 7, 17
West Florida University of West Florida All classes - in person and online - cancelled through Thursday. 18
/CFB Ball Louisiana
University Update Sources
Delgado Community College Online classes only on Monday and Tuesday. 8, 19
Loyola Operating normally until 4 PM on Monday. Classes canceled Tuesday. Classes resume Wednesday. 2, 20
New Orleans Theological Seminary/Leavell College Closed Monday-Wednesday. 8
Nicholls Nicholls State All classes online Monday-Wednesday. 4
Northshore Technical Community College Online on Monday. Closed on Tuesday. Decision on Wednesday pending. 8, 21
Nunez College Online classes continue. In person classes cancelled Monday and Tuesday. 8
Southeastern Louisiana Southeastern University All classes online on Monday. All classes cancelled on Tuesday. 14
Southern Southern University Normal operations on Tuesday. 9, 22
Tulane Tulane In person and online classes canceled after noon on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday classes TBD. 1
Holy Cross University of Holy Cross Closed Monday and Tuesday. 8
University of New Orleans Classes all online on Monday. In person, online, and hybrid classes canceled on Tuesday. 3
Xavier University Classes online after 5 PM Monday. Classes cancelled Tuesday. 8
/CFB Ball Mississippi
University Update Sources
Jones County JC Jones College All classes online through Wednesday. 12
Mississippi Gulf Coast CC Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College All classes online starting Monday at noon and Tuesday. 10
Southern Miss University of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Coast Locations All classes and events moved online starting at noon on Monday. 15
/CFB Ball South Carolina
If you know of any of these, please let us know.
University Update Sources
/CFB Ball North Carolina
If you know of any of these, please let us know.
University Update Sources
/CFB Ball Virginia
If you know of any of these, please let us know.
University Update Sources
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Touchdown Game Information Penalty Flag
We'll be updating this list as we get information.
This list includes all games played with teams in affected states. Many may not be affected, but given the ripple effects of things like travel and the particular complications of scheduling this season, we've listed them all here for reference.
Date Time Home Team Away Team Game Location
9/18 7:30 PM ET Coastal Carolina Campbell Conway, SC
9/19 12:00 PM ET Georgia State Louisiana Atlanta, GA
9/19 12:00 PM ET Tulane Navy New Orleans, LA
9/19 12:00 PM ET Duke Boston College Durham, NC
9/19 2:30 PM ET Notre Dame USF South Bend, IN
9/19 3:30 PM ET Georgia Tech UCF Atlanta, GA
9/19 3:30 PM ET Georgia Southern FAU Statesboro, GA
9/19 3:30 PM ET UNC Charlotte Chapel Hill, NC
9/19 4:00 PM ET Middle Tennessee Troy Murfreesboro, TN
9/19 4:00 PM ET Clemson The Citadel Clemson, SC
9/19 7:30 PM ET ULM Texas State Monroe, LA
9/19 7:30 PM ET Louisville Miami (FL) Louisville, KY
9/19 7:30 PM ET Southern Miss Louisiana Tech Hattiesburg, MS
9/19 8:00 PM ET NC State Wake Forest Raleigh, NC
Learn More
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2020.09.14 14:27 rusticgorilla Lost in the Sauce: GOP source has been a Russian agent for a decade

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.

GOP source is Russian agent

The Treasury Department announced new sanctions against Andriy Derkach, a Ukrainian lawmaker, accusing him of being an "active Russian agent" who is part of Moscow's interference in the 2020 campaign. Derkach has been actively promoting discredited anti-Biden materials for many months, including meeting with Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani to hand over disinformation (picture).
Between May and July 2020, Derkach released edited audio tapes and other unsupported information with the intent to discredit U.S. officials, and he levied unsubstantiated allegations against U.S. and international political figures
These tapes were laundered through Giuliani to OANN, the Senate Homeland Security Committee (via Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson), Don Jr., and the president himself.
Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden (D-OR) called out Sen. Johnson and Sen. Chuck Grassley (Chair of Senate Finance Cmte.) for collaborating with Derkach:
Derkach has been central in advancing the Russian disinformation that underpins Senate Republicans’ effort to smear Vice President Biden. For example, in April, the Republican chairmen of the Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs and Finance Committees requested information about purported calls between Vice President Biden and Ukrainian officials. Then in May edited excerpts of those same calls involving Biden were leaked by Derkach and Andrii Telizhenko, the Senate Republicans’ star witness.
...Senate investigations should not parrot conspiracy theories pushed by Russian agents under U.S. sanctions, and Senate Republicans should immediately abandon this blatantly political effort.

DHS Whistleblower

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee released a whistleblower complaint made by former acting Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Intelligence and Analysis Brian Murphy. Chairman Adam Schiff released a statement saying the complaint “outlines grave and disturbing allegations that senior White House and Department of Homeland Security officials improperly sought to politicize, manipulate, and censor intelligence in order to benefit President Trump politically.”

On Russia

Page 10: Mr. Murphy made several protected disclosures between March 2018 and August 2020 regarding a repeated pattern of abuse of authority, attempted censorship of intelligence analysis and improper administration of an intelligence program related to Russian efforts to influence and undermine United States interests. The relevant officials at issue were Secretary Nielsen and Messrs. Wolf, Cuccinelli, Taylor, and Acting Deputy Director for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Kash Patel (“Mr. Patel”).
In May 2020, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told Murphy to “cease providing intelligence assessments on the threat of Russian interference in the United States, and instead start reporting on interference activities by China and Iran.” Wolf told Murphy those instructions came directly from White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien, according to Murphy, who said he refused to comply because “doing so would put the country in substantial and specific danger.”
In July 2020, DHS chief of staff John Gountanis intervened to stop publication of an intelligence bulletin warning about a Russian disinformation plot to “denigrate” the mental health of Joe Biden. On July 8, Murphy said, he met with Wolf, who told him that the intelligence notification should be “held” because it “made the President look bad.” After Murphy protested, Wolf excluded him from meetings about the notification, a draft of which was ultimately produced that Murphy felt minimized the actions of Russia.
The complaint details dozens of instances in which Murphy told his superiors about the abuses of power and political interference. The complaints either went nowhere or resulted in perceived retaliatory actions against Murphy. Many of these complaints were given to Kash Patel, former staffer to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who played a key role in a Republican effort to discredit Mueller’s and the FBI’s Russia probes.
  • Related: NSC’s top legislative affairs official, Virginia Boney, was removed and sent to the Commerce Department earlier this year because she kept pressing the White House to prioritize election security efforts — and specifically the threat posed by Russia. To date, there have been no traditional NSC Principals Committee meetings — with senior Cabinet officials and the president — on the subject of Russian interference this year.

On white supremacy

Page 14: During multiple meetings between the end of May 2020 and July 31, 2020, Mr. Murphy made protected disclosures to Messrs. Wolf and Cuccinelli regarding abuse of authority and improper administration of an intelligence program with respect to intelligence information on ANTIFA and “anarchist” groups operating throughout the United States.
Murphy alleges that Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli ordered him to modify intelligence assessments to make the threat of white supremacy “appear less severe” and include information on violent “left-wing” groups and Antifa. The reason given was “to ensure they matched up with the public comments by President Trump on the subject of ANTIFA and ‘anarchist’ groups.”
After Murphy refused to change a draft report warning of the threat posed by White supremacists, Wolf and Cuccinelli reportedly stopped the report from being finished.

On immigration and asylum

In Dec. 2019, Cuccinelli expressed frustration with intelligence reports detailing conditions in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, and accused "deep-state intelligence analysts" of compiling the information to undermine Trump's objectives regarding asylum.
Page 9: The intelligence reports were designed to help asylum officers render better determinations regarding their legal standards… Mr. Murphy defended the work in the reports, but Mr. Cuccinelli stated he wanted changes to the information outlining high levels of corruption, violence, and poor economic conditions in the three respective countries...
Mr. Cuccinelli ordered Messrs. Murphy and [former I&A Under Secretary David] Glawe to identify the names of the “deep state” individuals who compiled the intelligence reports and to either fire or reassign them immediately.
Murphy also alleges that DHS gave false information to Congress last year about the numbers of suspected terrorists crossing the southern border. At the time, administration officials were repeating a 4,000 figure in an effort to justify the government shutdown over Trump's border wall. The true number was actually six. A DHS spokeswoman pressured NBC to take down a story exposing the lie last year.


Chairman Schiff has subpoenaed Murphy to testify before the Intelligence Cmte. on September 21. The Cmte. also seeks to interview high-level DHS officials including Matthew Hanna, chief of staff in Murphy's former post at DHS' Office of Intelligence and Analysis; the office's top official, Horace Jen; DHS chief of staff John Gountanis; and his deputy, Tyler Houlton.
The Senate Intelligence Cmte. issued a bipartisan request for all of the intelligence analyses that Murphy referenced in his complaint, as well as any notes and materials that fed into them. The House Homeland Security Cmte. issued a subpoena for testimony from Wolf at a hearing on Sept. 17, but DHS says that Wolf will not comply and offers Cuccinelli to testify instead. Also scheduled to be at the hearing: FBI Director Christopher Wray and Christopher Miller of the National Counterterrorism Center.

Russia still interfering

Facebook recently took down accounts and pages associated with a Russian influence operation posing as an independent news outlet. The operation published content described as “an attempt to build a left-wing audience and steer it away from Biden’s campaign, in the same way that the original IRA [Internet Research Agency] tried to depress progressive and minority support for Hillary Clinton in 2016.”
  • The same Russian operation tried and failed to infiltrate left-wing media outlets such as Jacobin, Truthout, and In These Times.
Bob Woodward reported that“the NSA and CIA have classified evidence the Russians had placed malware in the election registration systems of at least two Florida counties, St. Lucie and Washington. While there was no evidence the malware had been activated, Woodward writes, it was sophisticated and could erase voters in specific districts.”
  • Woodward’s book also notes that former director of national intelligence Dan Coats has "deep suspicions" that Russian President Vladimir Putin "had something" on President Trump, seeing "no other explanation" for the president's behavior.
Microsoft alerted SKDKnickerbocker, one of Biden’s main election campaign advisory firms, that suspected Russian state-backed hackers had gone after the company with a failed phishing attack.

DOJ, politicization, and resignations

A top aide to Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, federal prosecutor Nora Dennehy, resigned from the Justice Department and Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. Dannehy reportedly resigned “at least partly out of concern” that Trump and AG Barr were exerting improper political pressure on the team to release results before the November election.
Several officials said expectations had been growing in the White House and Congress that Mr. Barr would make public, ahead of the election, some kind of interim report or list of findings from Mr. Durham before he completed the investigation. Mr. Barr had wanted Mr. Durham’s team to move quickly, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Trump has publicly expressed impatience with the Durham investigation, saying there should be more prosecutions and disclosures of information that would damage his political rivals. “Bill Barr has the chance to be the greatest of all time, but if he wants to be politically correct, he’ll be just another guy, because he knows all the answers, he knows what they have, and it goes right to Obama and it goes right to Biden,” Trump said (clip).
Last month, Barr predicted “significant developments in the probe before the election” (clip) and he indicated the DOJ would not respect an informal policy against taking investigative steps 60 days before Election Day. It was for this exact reason that the Trump administration claimed it fired former FBI Director James Comey.
On Tuesday’s Fox News, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows appeared to claim that he has seen documents—relevant to U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe of the origins of the Russia investigation—which implicate several Trump and Obama administration officials in potentially illegal conduct.
  • Further reading: “Dannehy Resignation Confirms Barr’s Intent to Use Durham Probe for Political Ends,” Just Security.
Two other DOJ officials resigned last week:
Prosecutor John Choi resigned from Trump's law enforcement commission after expressing "serious" concerns that the intention of the commission was not to bridge the gap between communities of color and law enforcement.
Choi, a Democrat, said in his resignation letter that "it is now patently obvious ... that this process had no intention of engaging in a thoughtful and open analysis, but was intent on providing cover for a predetermined agenda that ignores the lessons of the past, furthering failed tough-on-crime policies that led to our current mass incarceration crisis and fueling divisions between our communities and our police officers."
Deputy Assistant AG David Morrell resigned on Friday, withdrawing from cases defending the government’s position on issues including the Census and the Portland protests.

The courts

A three-judge panel blocked the Trump administration from excluding undocumented immigrants from being counted in the census for apportionment. Trump’s order violates a statue saying apportionment must be based on everyone who is a resident of the United States.
District Judge Lucy Koh ordered the Trump admin. to produce internal documents connected to its sudden decision to end the 2020 Census count a month earlier. Two weeks ago, Koh temporarily blocked the bureau from winding down the count until a hearing set for Sept. 17.
Court-appointed adviser and retired judge John Gleeson slammed the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case against Michael Flynn, calling it a "corrupt and politically motivated favor.” A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Sept. 29.
"In the United States, Presidents do not orchestrate pressure campaigns to get the Justice Department to drop charges against defendants who have pleaded guilty -- twice, before two different judges -- and whose guilt is obvious," Gleeson wrote.
"Yet that is exactly what has unfolded here," he added.
A judge denied a bid to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that Trump's inaugural committee and the Trump Organization misused nonprofit funds to enrich the president's family business. The suit, brought by Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl Racine in January, alleges that the president's inaugural committee was aware that it was being overcharged for services at Trump's Washington hotel in 2017 and still spent over $1 million at the hotel.
The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control announced two settlements totaling $583,100 with Deutsche Bank to resolve investigations into violations of Ukraine-related sanctions. The resolution came as the bank hired “an old friend” of AG Barr to “help the bank navigate the political waters in Washington.”

Trump profiting

Federal spending records show that taxpayers have paid Trump’s businesses more than $900,000 since he took office. At least $570,000 came as a result of the president’s travel.
In addition to the rentals at Mar-a-Lago, the documents show that the Trump Organization charged daily “resort fees” to Secret Service agents guarding Vice President Pence in Las Vegas and in another instance asked agents to pay a $1,300 “furniture removal charge” during a presidential visit to a Trump resort in Scotland.
Additionally, the Trump Organization has received at least $3.8 million in fees from GOP groups for headlining a political event at one of his properties.
Last month, the Trump Organization received approval for a new trademark in Argentina, the third one in the country. Last November, Trump may have altered U.S. foreign policy to assist his company in obtaining approval for the two previous trademarks. “Shortly after the trademark opposition period ended in April 2018, the Trump administration lifted tariffs on steel and aluminum in Argentina. Once the trademarks were officially granted to his company in November of last year, Trump announced that he would reinstate the tariffs.”
Somehow, Ivanka Trump’s fashion business is still making money despite being shutdown. According to her latest financial disclosures, “All operations of the business ceased on July 31, 2018.” Also according to her latest financial disclosures, she made at least six figures from the trust holding that business in 2019.
We - American taxpayers - footed the bill for “anti-scale fencing” along the perimeter of the White House this summer. The wall, ostensibly to protect Trump from protesters, cost over $1 million. Trump has a history of charging taxpayers for barriers around his properties, including $17,000 for fencing around Mar-a-Lago and $12,000 for “privacy fencing” around Trump International golf resort.

Immigration news

About 8,800 unaccompanied children have been quickly expelled from the United States along the Mexico border under a pandemic-related measure that effectively ended asylum. In total, the Trump administration has expelled more than 159,000 people since March.
ICE officers on the West Coast wanted to suppress Black Lives Matter protests in DC. But they aren't allowed to travel on charter flights without detainees on board. So they brought some detainees with them. In the process, they fueled a massive, deadly COVID outbreak at the Virginia facility that infected over 300 detainees, killing one.
The Pentagon is restarting many domestic projects that were plundered by Trump for money to pay for his border wall. The decision to revive these domestic projects has provided cover for Republican senators who were criticized when their home states lost military construction projects to the president’s wall.


Corruption: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is bringing back his extravagant, taxpayer-funded "Madison Dinners."
Corruption: Medicaid chief Seema Verma has charged taxpayers $6 million in less than two years for expensive consultants, organizers, and events. The Republican consultants were paid by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to work on Verma’s personal image, obtain profiles and coverage from friendly reporters, escort her during travel, write opinion articles, and even draft her Twitter posts.
Corruption: The Trump administration secretly withheld millions of dollars from a program for 9/11 first responders.
Corruption: “Ukraine gas company to add Rick Perry pick to board” and “Rick Perry’s Ukrainian Dream
Protests: Trump endorsed the extrajudicial killing of the suspect in a deadly Portland, Oregon, shooting. . “This guy was a violent criminal, and the US Marshals killed him,” Trump told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro. “And I will tell you something, that’s the way it has to be. There has to be retribution” (clip).
Protests: A witness claims that the Portland suspect, Michael Forest Reinoehl, was not armed and was shot by officers without any warning.
Rightwing: “QAnon fans spread fake claims about real fires in Oregon” and “'Do not take action yourselves': Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office warns of illegal 'checkpoints' ”
Rightwing: Mark Zuckerberg says it's "just wrong" to consider Facebook a right-wing echo chamber driven by conservative voices. But data from his own company shows that’s exactly what Facebook is.
Environment: David Legates, a University of Delaware professor of climatology who has spent much of his career questioning basic tenets of climate science, has been hired for a top position at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Environment: How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled. Your plastic will not be recycled.
Environment: Trump’s Fire Sale of Public Lands for Oil and Gas Drillers: The Bureau of Land Management is rushing to auction off sites ahead of a potential Biden presidency.
World: The Iranian government is considering assassinating the US ambassador to South Africa in response to the killing earlier this year of Qassem Soleimani, according to highly classified intel reports. The plot against the ambassador, Lana Marks, is one of several options US officials believe Iran is considering for retaliation over Soleimani’s death.
  • Woodward reported that Sen. Lindsey Graham urged Trump not to assassinate Suleimani while on the golf course with the president. Graham warned Trump he would be raising the stakes from “playing $10 blackjack to $10,000-a-hand blackjack”. “This is over the top,” the senator said. “How about hitting someone a level below Suleimani, which would be much easier for everyone to absorb?”
World: Read some of the “love letters” Kim Jong Un sent to Trump.
World: Woodward also reported that Trump boasted that he protected Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after Jamal Khashoggi's brutal murder. "I saved his ass,” Trump said. “I was able to get Congress to leave him alone. I was able to get them to stop.”
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